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Top 10 Video Games

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What are your favourite games of all time?

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    2 Reviews
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      20.09.2014 17:14
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      Top 10 video games

      I need to write something and contribute with my opinion upon this subject. I am 23 years old and I have been playing games since I was a child. We all love some videos games and this is my top 10 list. (I just want to say that this is my personal opinion).

      Number 10 : The Settlers collection
      This game started before even Windows 95 OS was released. The Settlers is a medieval era RTS game where the player must focus on many different areas to succeed. From fishing, mining and collecting gold to forge weapons for war. The detail of this game is fascinating, However, the gameplay is really slow and you must have free time.

      Number 9 : Age Of Empires
      Age of Empires is probably the best strategy game ever made. You start from the ancient era and move through time and try to dominate your enemies. It is a fast paced game and it is worth the time to play it.

      Number 8 : Assassin's Creed
      Assassin's creed was released after the Prince of Persia story ended. Ubisoft manage to keep all the pros from the Prince of Persia game and added much more features to this masterpiece. Assassin's Creed is one of the most popular video games and there is a reason for it.

      Number 7 : Metal Slug
      I don't know if arcade games is a whole different category but Metal Slug was one of the greatest games. Great game, too much action and too much money spent until I finished the game.

      Number 6 : Battlefield
      Battlefield was always on the top 4 FPS games out there. The competition always involves Battlefield, Call Of Duty, Counter Strike and Medal Of Honor video games. However my number 6 goes to Battlefield as the game allows vehicles, huge maps( 32 vs 32) and much more.

      Number 5 : Warcraft and World of Warcraft
      Despite the fact that I have never been a huge fan of WOW I have to say, they idea to use a well recognized game as Warcraft and make a huge MMO game was great. Blizzard games, WoW and Starcraft made the first step for the e-sports industry that exists today.

      Number 4 : Worms
      I still play this game sometimes. It is a funny, casual game. Great humor, great gameplay and you can enjoy it with your friends. Just get on the battlefield and kill some disgusting worms.

      Number 3 : The Elder Scrolls-Oblivion
      The Elder Scrolls Oblivion is one of the best games every created. It is HUGE. It is an open world RPG with swords, arrows, magic and monsters. They game is amazing and it took me a lot of time to complete everything.

      Number 2 : Pac-Mac
      This arcade game is the definition of a classic game. It will be a disgrace if I don't include it at all. We all know what a great game it is.

      Number 1 : League Of Legends
      I have to place League of Legends as my top video game because the game made a revolution. 30 million players online, great competitive game and made the e-sport scene that exists today. I advise everyone to play it.


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        27.10.2012 15:12
        Very helpful



        my top 10 games

        Eventhough in recent years I haven't had much time to play games as I used to I am a huge game fan and love playing them when ever I get a chance. I don't really mind what game I'm playing weather it is on the computer or console etc I still enjoy myself.

        My Top 10

        10. Pacman
        Pacman is a classic arcade game that I play ever now and then. I think it is really good and the main thing why I will always play in is because it's simple, easy and very addictive.

        9. Burger Time
        I came to know this game when I got one of those old tv games for Christmas back when I was about 6 or 7. The game basically you run up and down platform walking over food to create burgers. During the game you have to avoid the walking ingredients. This is a simple but fun game and I used to play it alot when I had my TV game

        8. Mario
        Ever type of Mario game I find fun to play. Weather it's cart or the classic it's always a time passer. The thing that I like about these games are that they never stop coming out so there is always something fresh and new to play.

        7. Guitar Hero
        The main thing of the Guitar Hero games that keep me playing them is jamming away to classic rock songs. The other thing even if I get bored playing on my own I can get out all the band materials and play as a group like a rock band with my sisters.

        6. Dark Cloud
        I had this game on PlayStation 2 and the main thing that I loved about it was building up my own little town. It was a bit of a nightmare going into the caves and fighting and fining the stuff but it was fun and worth it. Loved playing this game.

        5. Sims Bustin Out
        Well sims is a game that loads of people love and get addictive to do. The thing that got me addictive with bustin out was working your way up in the world and creating a life for yourself. In the adventure mode you start of at mums house so it was kind of similar to real life and fun.

        4. Spryro Season of Ice
        Had this game on gameboy advance and I love it and was addicted to it for a long while. Back then I wasn't even really good at the game and it took me a good while to actually know how to play the game probably and start passing levels lol. I recently just found it and played it and it was as good as I remember.

        3. Crash Bandequit
        Little orange fox running around crashing boxes, collecting and doing allsorts of things. This game was a game that I always used to play when I used to go to my uncles house on ps1 I think it was. Playing this game was what used to get me excited to go to my uncles.

        2. Pandemonium
        I had this game on ps1 and I really enjoyed it because it had so many levels and just felt like it went on forever so I always had something to play. Each level was different so I never got bored. the game was full of adventure and allsorts of things that where fun while playing.

        1. SSX Tricky
        What can I say this game is just great. It's funny because I have had this game about 10 times in my lifetime and I always trade in in then get it back soon after. It's just something I can't live without. It's a snowboarding game that you can get high scores and race what more could I want.


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