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Top Five Superheroes

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    12 Reviews
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      03.02.2010 21:50
      Very helpful



      My fave Superhero's, in a nutshell

      The Punisher

      Ever since watching the Punisher brought to life by the team of Jonathan Hensleigh (Director) and Thomas Jane (Actor) I have been in awe of this great Superhero. He started off as a Marvel character and made his first breakthrough onto the world scene in 1974 in The Amazing Spiderman #29 (comic). The main reason why I love this antihero, is simply that - he acts where he feels the law falls short and at times I do think a person like him would be handy in real life.

      When he first took human form he was played by Dolph Lundgren back in 1989. Obviously not as popular as your mainstream Superhero's due to having a touch of the 'dark side', but in my eyes, he is one vigilante I have taken a liking to.

      From the skull blazoned t-shirt he wears, to his ruthless perspective of criminals, he is one amazing dude. His background is U.S Marine Corps, meaning that he has superior skills when it comes to dishing out justice.
      He is more believable than other superhero's, as he doesn't have any super powers' as such but has access to an arsenal of high tech weapons and sheer brute force. Frank Castle has an exceptionally high pain tolerance and is in peak physical condition. The torture he is subjected to in the movie serves to reinforce his desire to carry out his mission.

      The Beast

      AKA Dr Henry Philip 'Hank' McCoy is one Superhero who stands out, mainly due to his electric blue exterior. I first saw him in an X-Men cartoon, although he was actually created in 1963 and made his debut in the X-Men #1 (comic). Again, this is one who probably wouldn't hit the top 5 for many, but his superior intelligence, combined with his superhuman strength make him a force to be reckoned with. In my eyes, he really came to life in X-Men: The Last Stand where he was played by Kelsey Grammer (yes, Fraiser - even I had to look twice to ensure I'd read that right!lol!)

      He is, by nature, a mutant, similar to his X-Men colleagues and longs for a cure to return to 'normality'. His inner struggle makes him more likeable, as it shows vulnerability. From being super intelligent, the transformation to a savage beast is a heartbeat away whenever needs must. On most occasions he is a civilised character and has a sense of culture which is liked by the other X-Men. He is renowned for being the brains of the team and sometimes where's specs which reflect this.

      According to the comic, his mutation occurred pre-birth to his father who worked in a nuclear power plant. His exposure to nuclear radiation meant that Hank was born with uncanny long arms, legs, hands and feet, which resulted in him being nicknames 'Magilla Gorilla'. In an effort to change what he is, he becomes a research scientist at a genetic research facility. Unfortunately, he left it too long, and his transformation into this blue beast is complete.

      He can read whilst hanging upside down from the ceiling, which is an outstanding talent in itself and offers a point of humour in the X-Men movie.


      Originating way back in 1825, he was actually born as James Howlett, although he is typically known as Logan. He made his world debut in Incredible Hulk (one of Wolverine's mortal enemies) #180 (comic) and since seeing him in action, portrayed by Hugh Jackman, he is most definitely one of my top Superhero's. Jackman has the character down to an art form and I don't feel that anyone else would have been so 'made for the role'. In the cartoon's he always had an angry and tormented persona and this is reflected exceptionally well via Jackman in the box office hit movies.

      His powers revolve around an armour of near indestructible metal alloy adamantium which is infused with his skeleton. Along with his super strength, the metal alloys give him his trademark retractable metal claws. As like most Superhero's, he also has superior healing capabilities, allowing him to recover from almost any trauma caused by his foes. He has a rough and ready demeanour - from his wolf shaped hair (based on the 1950's duck tail) to his unkempt stubble. If you want to style your hair to be more like this amazing Superhero, pop over to http://www.ehow.co.uk/how _5820130_ comb -hair-like-wolverine.html where you can learn how to comb your hair like him.

      For those of you who are die hard Wolverine fans and want something to reflect this - forbiddenplanet.com has a range of Wolverine merchandise, including a 17" figurine for £244.99! I am a fan, but at this price, I think it's a little too hardcore for me! He is most definetly my favourite Superhero out of these 5.


      The name's Wayne, Bruce Wayne. He made his initial appearance in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939. He has a tormented past which involved him, as a child, witnessing the murder of his parents. This spurred him on to dish out justice and fight the criminals of the world.
      I remember, back in the day when the Tv series was aired and the comic effects of the fight scenes was incorporated into the programmes with onomatopoeic 'POW, 'SOCK', 'KLUNK' 'ZAP', and 'KAPOW's to mention a few. Even then, Batman has a certain je ne sais quoi about him that compelled me to watch as he solved crimes and dealt out punishments.
      When it came to his visual depiction one interesting bit of information i found was that he was 'designed' to wear gloves so that he didn't leave his fingerprints at the scenes of any crimes.

      By day he's a multimillionaire playboy and by night he's the caped crusader who gets to the bottom of crimes and ensures that the villain of the piece is brought to justice. Due to his superior intellect, he always seems to be one step ahead of his rivals. Combine this with his brawn and superior weaponry, and you have one mean son of a gun. Although, like The Punisher, he doesn't possess any unnatural superhero capabilities, he makes up for this with his skills in martial arts and close quarters combat training.

      With Christian Bale playing this role, he added a darker side to the caped crusader. Personally, i felt that Bale played the role to perfection, others who have played the Marvel character have been Michael Keaton, George Clooney and Val Kilmer. the latest Batman has taken more of a an adult theme compared to the previous release which were more in line with family audiences.

      Throughout the comic world, Batman and Superman have been known to be firm friends. In the 1993 edition, the 'Death of Superman' Batman attended the sad affair of Superman's funeral.

      If you've ever wondered how Bale got from his anorexic physique to his stunning super fit bod in Batman in just six weeks, check out this link: http://www.motleyhealth.com /articles/2008/07/christian-bales-fitness-workouts- for-batman-the-dark-knight.html


      Last but, by no means, least I give you Bruce (in the movies)/David Banner (in the series), AKA The Hulk. Making his first appearance in The Incredible Hulk #1 in May 1962, he is one Superhero who I am in awe of.
      He developed his superhero powers after accidentally being exposed to gamma rays during a test detonation, depending on where you read it. There are discrepancies in the movies/comics and series - the mentioned scenario occurs in the film version starring Eric Bana.

      His feelings of anger, grief or often terror propel his body into a huge green (which, interestingly, wasn't his original colour - it was grey!), ripped 'monster' which catches the attention of the authorities due to its destructive nature.

      Again, like the Batman series, I followed The Hulk as a youngster and saw him played brilliantly by Lou Ferrigno (in his Hulk state). He, like Wolverine, has regenerative healing powers, so his enemies cannot keep him down for long, even when they do get hold of him. He has super strength capabilities as well as speed and stamina. I thought this was delivered outstandingly in the latest movies - jumping in the canyons outside the maximum security military base.

      He has a soft side, which is typically female led and gives him the likeability factor. His frustrations, and how they manifest themselves into his body can be related to by many as that whole 'seeing red' scenario. As time goes on, Banner is able to control The Hulk within, but at times, when things come to a head, he explodes into this magnificent creature.
      I love the fact that despite him increasing so much in height, his trousers always remain on, in the form of shorts - pure class!

      The movies have made him more cartoon-like and sticking to the original comic character, with his height being around 15ft. In the series, however, he is played by 6ft 5 Lou Ferrigno, who is, put simply a man, minus the aid of special effects to boost his standing. Talking of the movies - i did find it disappointing that the Director changed from Ang Lee to the virtually unheard of, Louis Leterrier. The main character change from Eric Bana to Edward Norton did not appeal to me either, although they put in separate A class performances. Personally, I would have liked to have seen Eric Bana develop in the role, but hey ho, you can't always have what you want.

      I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite Superhero's. I could have gone on to include others, but alas, the 5 limits me somewhat.

      Thank you for reading.


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        18.08.2009 13:54
        Very helpful
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        A quick look at my top 5 super heros

        Im not a huge cinema goer or comic book fan, dont get me started on "graphic novels" as they are just comics still. Nothing against adults enjoying comics but its not my thing and never will be. As a result my top 5 super heros are all pretty mainstream and well known, or for lack of a better word, a bit boring.

        I know the movie is dire, to be honest every one does, never read the comic so dont know much about her back story or anything like that. So this really is a shallow choice but its the reason we got to see the stunning Jennifer Garner in a tight red garment that looks drool worthy. Add in shes playing a femme fatale and is a kick ass ninja and thats a fantasy played out on the big screen.

        I have a bit of a thing for Christian Bale to be totally honest. Batman isnt really a super hero, he has no super power, just lots of money and a sense of vigilantism with cool toys. The caped crusaders lack of super power is the reason why hes only ranked at #4....having a butler and a gay sidekick dont make you super.

        Clark Kents alter ego had been one of the shows I loved to watch in the Adventures of Lois and Clark that used to be on with Teri Hatcher before she went all weight problemmy. This is pretty much the only reason the man of steel with a stupid dress sense is on this list.

        The nerd in me loves Spiderman who shows that even nerds can be awesome. Also the fact he has managed to get off with Kirsten....lucky man. Im jealous of any guy who gets to squirt women with white sticky stuff and not get chased by the boys in blue for it...

        Can you get any cooler than the metallic skeletoned hot head? Hugh Jackman plays the aggresive violence loving hero brilliantly...and wolverine is in a Tony Hawk game...is there anything he cant do with those huge sharp finger nails of his.

        A very limited selection of super heros that are my personal favourites and why...even if the reasons arent great.


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          07.12.2008 11:24
          Very helpful



          The greatest superheroes of all time

          What defines a superhero? When deciding on top superheroes, this is the first question that must be answered. In my opinion superheroes need to have three basic attributes to one extent or another, that include;

          i) Some "thing" that is over and above that of a 'normal' human being. Be it a sixth sense, the ability to fly, turn invisible, immense strength and the like. It needs to have a 'super power'.

          ii) A superhero needs to have a purpose that helps out the lesser mortals, such as crime fighting or stopping someone from ultimately taking over the world, as well as every thing in between.

          iii) A superhero needs a secret identity and an individual costume. An individual/group of individuals that are selfless will win the public over a lot more than some glory hunter with a big ego.

          Whilst there are loads of superheroes out there my top 5, in no particular order, are as follows:

          1) Spiderman

          The story of Peter Parker being bitten by a spider and then gaining the 'powers' of a spider including the ability to climb walls, the ability to spin webs, super strength and the spider sense (allowing him to see things in slow motion and take the appropriate action) is so simple that it is genius.

          Peter had the opportunity to stop an armed criminal but decided to let him go. The armed criminal shot dead Peter's uncle during the escape. Peter realised that he could have stopped this of happening and then made a pledge to protect the public of New York to avenge his uncle's death.

          Peter remains true in his pledge, even at the expense of his own happiness, and has many epic battles with some great enemies including the Hob-Goblin and Doctor Octopus.

          As Spiderman Peter's attire is a skin-tight blue and red suit with a web across the chest. A mask finishes off the costume to ensure that he remains totally anonymous. Peter's identity is constantly at risk as the editor of the New York Times makes it his mission to reveal the true identity of Spiderman whatever it takes.

          Spiderman began life in the comics but as his popularity grew he appeared in loads of mini cartoon series across various children's TV channels before making it to the big screen.

          The success of the Spiderman movies, along with all different sorts of merchandise available including action figures, lunch boxes, duvet covers and pillow cases to name a few, demonstrates the popularity of this superhero.

          Satisfying all the attributes of a true superhero Spiderman is the ultimate and, in my opinion, one of the best.

          2) Batman

          Batman is Bruce Wayne, a millionaire that lives in Wayne Manor (a large mansion) located out of town. The only people who knows the identity is the butler, Alfred, and his sidekick and fellow crime fighter, Robin

          Batman's secret lair, the Bat Cave, is located underneath Wayne Manor and is where the Bat Mobile is stored, along with the main computer system.

          As the leader of the "dynamic duo" Batman is the caped crusader that has taken it upon him self to protect the residents of Gotham City from numerous enemies including The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguine and Poison Ivy amongst many others. When there is a problem Batman is contacted by the police commissioner by a spotlight containing an image of a bat (in the movie and cartoon version) or the red bat phone (in the TV series).

          Batman does not have any superhuman powers as such, but he does have the utility belt full of gadgets that is used to combat crime. The belt includes items such as explosives, smoke screens and 'batarrangs'. All the things needed to fight crime. So with two out of three of my criteria satisfied, do I class him as a superhero? It's a bit contradictory but I have to say yes. Well, he did have the utility belt and how many 'normal' people, can claim that?

          Batman started off in the comic books but as he became popular the stories moved to a mini cartoon series that was aired across several children's TV channels, a mini TV series (more on that later) and the big screen.

          I think Batman is a really clever concept. Many people think that millionaires are usually surrounded by maids and servants and do little for themselves, let alone anyone else. They are perceived to be selfish and only look out for themselves. Bruce Wayne, and the story of Batman, dispels these assumptions.

          Personally, I think that the TV series was brilliant, and whilst I have enjoyed all the Batman films I much prefer to sit and watch the feature length TV version. The costumes were cheesy and really 'camp' and the narrator asking "what will the dynamic duo do now?" and other questions is brilliant. It was a series of pure innocence and great family viewing since it was suitable for all ages. The on-screen violence was censored by cartoon bubbles displaying words such as "Thwack", "bosch" and similar made up words during the fighting scenes.

          Based on the camp TV series above I have to say that Batman is my favourite hero.

          3) Wonder Woman
          Wonder Woman is a member of a fictional, all-female tribe of Amazons (based on the Amazons of Greek mythology) who is sent to man's world as an ambassador. Among the Amazons she is known as Princess Diana (being the daughter of Amazon queen Hippolyta) and in man's world she takes the secret identity of Diana Prince.
          Her superhuman powers were given to her by the gods and godesses of Olympus and include super strength, speed, stamina, flight and great hand to hand combat techniques. If injured her body will heal immediately although she can be killed by a weapon that is made by the gods.
          In addition to her powers Wonder Woman has numerous weapons at her disposal with the most famous being the Lasso of Truth (a lasso that makes the captured person tell the truth), a pair of bullet-deflecting bracelets, and an invisible plane.
          She sports the sexiest superhero costume ever made and consisting of a pair of hot pants, tight top, tiara and knee high boots it is a fantasy costume for many men.
          She does not have the vast array of villians to defeat, unlike other heroes. Her main enemies are Nazis but she is also a general crime fighter.
          Like all superheroes, Wonder Woman started life in the comics. There was a cartoon made but this never really took off. Wonder Woman is most famous in the TV series where the gorgeous Lynda Carter took on the lead role.
          Wonder Woman is iconic in that she was dreamt up during a time when women were lower than men in the social hierarchy and the though of a superhero women was really unlikely.
          4) Superman
          The planet Krypton was in ruin and started falling apart so Kal-El, a child was put in a protective capsule and sent to Earth by his scientist father, Jor-El.

          The capsule landed in Kansas in the United States of America. The local farmer discovered the capsule whilst out in the fields and took Kal-El home and raised him as Clark Kent. As Clark grew older he developed his superhuman powers (including super strength, fast reactions, laser vision and the ability to fly) and decided he would use these to help humanity.

          Clark moved to New York to work as a journalist alongside Lois Lane, who later becomes his love interest, and help the people of New York.

          Superman's protects his identity by wearing a blue and skin-tight suit displaying a big "S" on the chest. This is finished off with red boots and a red cape. Unlike many other superheroes Superman does not have a mask of any description and his face is always on display. It amazes me how people do not link Clark Kent to Superman.

          The relationship between Lois and Clark is a saga that continues throughout the stories. It is a 'love triangle' consisting of two people. Clark falls for Lois, but Lois falls for Superman.

          Superman's main enemy is Lex Luthor, another individual intent on taking over the world. In my opinion, other than Lex, Superman does not have many interesting enemies.

          Superman's only weakness is kryptonite, a rock found on his home planet of krypton. If Superman is subjected to krypton he becomes weak and may be defeated.

          Like the best heroes, Superman started out in the comic books but a cartoon series soon followed and then the movies. The movies were very popular and rocketed Christopher Reeve, who played the hero, to instant fame.

          I have to admit that whilst I like superman he is not my favourite superhero. The story of an alien sent to earth that grows up and helps out mankind is a nice story but it is not as good as that of Spiderman. Whilst impressive, Superman's powers are mundane in comparison to Spiderman.

          5) The Phantom

          The Phantom, known as "The Ghost Who Walks", is a crime fighter that resides in Skull Cave deep in the African Jungle country of Bangella. The Phantom is a powerful and indestructible guardian of the common people and because he has lived for generations many believed he was immortal.

          In reality the Phantom's son becomes the next Phantom and so on, with each taking the oath to devote their life to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty and injustice.

          Sporting a purple skin-tight suit and mask it was the Phantom that set the standard spandex clothing attire donned by all superheroes. His weapons of choice are two pistols held in a special belt with a skull like buckle.
          The Phantom's superhuman powers are his wits, physical strength (where he calls for the the strength of ten tigers) and skill with his weapons. In addition he also relies on his fearsome reputation.
          The Phantom never had specific enemies instead he was a general crime fighter that had three helpers, a mountain wolf called Devil, a horse named Hero, and a trained falcon named Fraka to assist him in keeping true to his oath.
          Unlike other super heroes the Phantom manges to get a the girl of his dreams, get married and have a family. The Phantom's family have always played a significant role in the series and his romance with his one love has been an ongoing part of the sotry since the beginning.
          The Phantom first appeared in comic books and then on the small screen as a children's cartoon TV series and finally the big screen. Whilst it had some following the popularity of the Phantom never reached the same heights, nor did it capture the imagination of the public that Superman, Batman and Spiderman did.
          Choosing my top 5 superheroes was a difficult task since there are so many to choose from, however, looking back I think I have nailed it.
          Thank you for reading.


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            26.06.2008 01:04
            Very helpful



            Everyone should have someone to look up too!!!

            The eternal struggle between good and evil has been with us since the earliest days of cinema.

            Before I start, I'd like to give Batman's sidekick, a sidekick, I don't think Superheroes need a mucker to help them fight crime.

            Superhero number 1-

            Matt Murdoch, aka Daredevil, the blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen dishes out his own brand of justice to the menaces and henchmen who have allied themselves with the Kingpin, he is as blind as bat, but has extraordinary heightened senses of the four remaining, smell, hearing, touch and taste (though I'm not sure what tasting someone could do to them?), Daredevil also has "Radar" which makes up for his loss of sight.

            Superhero number 2-

            James Howlett, aka Logan, aka Wolverine. A mutant who was scientifically engineered within the Supersoldier program, with Adamantium welded to his bones he has a healing process which makes him almost impossible to kill, Logan was born in the 1800's to Canadian parents, his claws are not Adamantium unlike the rest of his body, but are made from bone.

            Superhero number 3-

            Supergran, aka Granny Smith, with her magical bike, Supergrans arch-enemy was Scunner Campbell, the programs theme tune was sung by none other than Billy Connolly

            Theme Tune-*"Stand back Superman, Iceman, Spiderman, Batman and Robin too... Don't wanna cause a ruckus, but B. A. Barracus have I got a match for you... She makes them look like a bunch of fairies... She's got more bottle than United Dairies... Hang about... Look out... for Supergran" *(www.thebubbleburst.co.uk)

            Superhero number 4-

            Austin Powers, he's the spy who will not only save you, he will also s**g you (A bonus for us guys 8S), Power's arch-enemy is his long lost brother, Dr Evil, both men are inept as hero and foe, with number 2 and Frau Farbissina as Dr. Evil's, evil planners of parody plotting, Austin Powers uses his mojo and sexual innuendo to save the day.

            Superhero number 5-

            Hellboy, another Scottish Superhero, not actually born in Scotland (Tarmagant Island), but Made in Scotland (probably from Girders), Hellboy has one mean clobber of a mitten on him, a haymaker from the Hellboy will have you hurtling towards the heavens.
            Nazi Occultists and scientists were tasked with having Grigori Rasputin make the ultimate weapon to change the course of Hitler's war effort, Hellboy was the result of this, though falling into allied hands, Hellboy makes a stance against all that is evil.


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              13.06.2008 16:07
              Very helpful



              Hope you enjoy it!

              Ok here we go, the top five Superhero's are (in reverse order)...

              5) Spiderman - He is kind of cool but there's too many feelings for me. I really like his web slinging antics and the films with him really made him look like a cool superhero. He had a wicked suit and the way he used his powers against enemies was very cool. The one thing that put me off him was the fact that, in the films at least, there was too much rubbish about feelings and stuff. To be honest I don't really care if he gets together with Mary Jane and if he gets married or not. Not that I normally mind this kind of thing but in an action film I want to see the hero start off well, get beat up a bit and come back and win. It's a simple formula and generally people have stuck to it fairly well but when you start involving girlfriends and dying uncle's then I loose interest.

              4) Superman - Who cant like Superman? Since the days of Christopher Reeve to Dean Cain, and to that new bloke, Superman has always been the man of steel. With his ability to fly, super strength, x-ray vision and his only one weakness to Kryptonite he will generally be on most people's top 5 list. Luckily his programs are more about action and his relationship with Lois Lane never got too in the way of him kicking ass!

              3) Dangermouse - "Oh yeah, I loved him" I hear you say. Well I loved him too. With his eye patch and his trusted sidekick Penfold (who apparently was a hamster) he frequently defeated his evil foe Baron Greenback in his little yellow car that used to appear from underneath a post box. And of course who can forget the man who gives him the missions, the legendary Colonel K who would ramble on about nonsense after giving DM his mission. The great thing about DM is that he had plenty of action and had a fair bit of humour to go with it. In each shortish episode DM would protect the world from something lethal and at the same time would help Penfold who would always do something that would make him say his famous lime; "CRIPES!"

              2) Batman - The Caped Crusader. Batman was top of my list for a long time until I remembered about the person who came top of my poll. The great thing about Batman was the fact that he wasn't actually super! He had no special powers but instead had a desire to protect his beloved Gotham City. He was very cool! He had his black suit on and the Batmobile was awesome! He was often joined by his sidekick, Robin who was never quite as cool as Batman but worked quite well. Batman also had the bat symbol which Gotham city could light up if they needed help from him. Batman never used to have a lot of one liners and didn't really have much of a girlfriend so the story was often about him kicking the bad guys ass! The movies have also helped Batman's cause greatly.

              1)Without giving away the name, all I'll say is....

              "This is 29 Acacia Road...
              And this is Eric - the school boy who leads an amazing double life...
              For when Eric eats a banana, an amazing transformation occurs...
              Eric is Bananaman! Ever alert for the call to action!"

              If you raised your voice as you said the main line "Eric is Bananaman" then you will probably have a wide smile on your face. Bananaman was a legend. He was this young lad called Eric who turned into Bananaman when he ate a banana. This was by no means a long cartoon, it was on for about 10 minutes but that was long enough to appreciate how much of a legend he was. His main foes were General Blight and Doctor Gloom but, of course, he always defeated them with a smile on his face and a funny comment to make the victory even sweeter. As most of the other hero's, he was not alone. His allies were a crow and Appleman. Very unusual I know, but its all part of the show. From his origins as a newspaper cartoon strip he found his way through to his own TV show and proved, to me at least, that without a shadow of a doubt that he was the best TV superhero.

              So there you go, there's my list of the top 5 superhero's. I hope you agree with me on at least some of them but I do feel that it is worth giving a mention to some of the other hero's who didn't make it into my list. These were Sharkey and George (the crimebusters of the sea), Scooby Doo (who didn't make it because of that damn cousin of his, Scrappy) and the wonderful Inspector Gadget. I don't need to say anything else about that!


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                17.08.2006 02:24
                Very helpful



                for outstanding bravery n the face of personal tragedy,I give you.....

                First of all,if it wasn't for superheroes,surely all these super villians wouldn't keep emerging from the woodwork with plans to defeat them all the time and show they're cleverer than the heroes?And second,who gave them the right to go around dishing out what they feel is justice?And thirdly-what about all the property,buildings,cars and such-like that is damaged when heroes and villians fight-is that covered by my insurance?
                These are just some of the questions I lie awake at night thinking about but seeing as i don't have any answers here are my top 5 favourite superheroes.....


                With great power come great responsibility-nuff said.He has known pain at losing those he cares about,he lives life with everyone thinking he's just a science geek and he gets to swing through the streets of New York like a deranged bungee jumper on pcp......all while cracking quips and wisecracks!!
                The most insecure superhero of them all-and more down to earth than many of those other costume types!!!


                The archetypical loner with a past he can barely remember where he was used as some kind of ultimate weapons programme.As a mutant he knows how it feels to be treated with prejudice and would die for those he loves and cares about in an instant!!The angriest of the x-men,he is also the most faithful recruit-his only character flaw his temper!!
                Don't get between him and his claws-his most tender moment-when Magneto,in the comic books,uses his magnetic abilities to draw out Wolverine's metal,adamantium skeleton from his body leaving him a bloody mess that challenges even his advanced healing propeties...


                Another hero who has known personal pain-not gay as Serberus suggests though I'm none too sure about his Bruce Wayne persona-that is a bit gay!
                Also has the best villians-joker,Scarecrow and of course the sometimes ally,sometimes not elusive cat woman-much more sexier than spidermans version Black cat who always comes across as a little too desperate for my liking.
                who wouldn't want his mansion with its secret bat-cave,his car(have you seen batman begins?) and his long line in bubbly beauties that grace his arms at social occasions as Bruce Wayne,millionaire playboy!!


                Unable to touch skin with another human without temporairly stealing their powers,this x-girl is a firm favourite of Wolverines and is ultra sexy and sassy with that white streak running through her hair.Doomed to spend much of her life apart from others,can never feel true intimacy with anyone due to the curse of her abilities.
                A tough chick to handle but always one of my faves....

                5*the thing*

                changed from ordinary Ben Grimm to The thing when the Fantastic Four's shuttle was exposed to radiation-has one of the best catchphrases "its clobbering time".
                only felt love from colleague The Torch's blind sister,Alicia and even she ended up leaving him eventually in the comic books. The best of the fantastic 4-better even than the torch whose only catch phrase was ever "flame on"-well like duh!!
                Spent much of his time-like Wolverine as a loner-not as photogenic as the other,better looking members of the FF who got all the press!!!


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                  16.08.2006 19:11
                  Very helpful



                  Top five superheroes

                  I had to scratch my head a bit for this one as for some reason I struggled to come up with five at first but anyway here goes.


                  He is my number one mainly because in the films he has a vulnerable side which is nice to see rather than just being all macho all of the time and his non super hero persona of Peter Parker is rather down trodden and gets my sympathy. The only downside is the pretty naff outfit that he wears but on the plus side being able to swing from tall buildings is a pretty neat trick.

                  The Incredible Hulk

                  This guy has to make it into number two because the amount of times I have wished that I had his ability to turn green and get some serious muscles, particularly when someone is being rude to me or I’m having to put up with awful service in the bank or a shop. It would be nice just to be able to let rip and smash the place up before making good my escape and then returning to normal, it would all make PMT bearable.


                  Wolverine from the X-Men has to make the top five as he is such a hunk and would be great at getting the wall paper off and picking up leaves in the garden with those claws but to be honest he is in the top five on brooding dark looks alone.


                  The great Dangermouse and his trusty sidekick Penfold has to make my top five, one of those cartoon characters from my youth this was a hilarious cartoon when he battled against the evil toad Baron Von Greenback. The voice for Dangermouse was supplied by David Jason and it was a very funny cartoon. Other than being a mouse he did not really have any great powers to speak of other than far too much confidence in his own ability.


                  Batman is my fifth and last choice and is in their because of his longevity and also the fact that all of his powers are self made rather than as the result of an accident. He is also probably the most flawed of all the super heroes in the list having a preference for dishing out his own form of justice.

                  That is my top five thanks for reading.


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                    27.07.2006 13:16
                    Very helpful



                    An alternative list of the best superheores.

                    So what is a superhero? Most people would give Superman or Spiderman as an example, fictional characters that perform incredible feats of courage using abilities that are beyond those of ordinary humans… a skintight gaudily coloured costume also helps. Usually but not always they appear in comic books but some were originally seen in books. However I think the Superhero label can be extended a little and rather than giving a list of the best known I’ll give you some of my favourite alternatives maybe less clearly identifiable superheroes and bear in mind my tongue might be very firmly in my cheek…

                    1. Tarzan

                    A character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs 1914 did not start in comic books but in a more literary adventure novel. Originally known as Tarzan of the Apes the character became hugely popular. A total of 23 sequels to the original story appeared in print and by the 1920’s Tarzan had become a newspaper strip illustrated by Hal Foster and later was taken up by Hollywood in a number of feature films. But wait I hear you cry how can Tarzan be a superhero he doesn’t have any special powers? Well I beg to differ he was raised by apes and learnt how to communicate with a variety of animals. He can easily best a lion or crocodile in hand to hand combat and can swing through he trees with most able of the apes. Is that not special enough? And of course he has his own particular costume the loincloth.

                    In the original stories Tarzan meaning (White-skin) was the English aristocrat John Clayton, Lord Greystoke. When his parents die in the jungle the young infant is raised by Kala his ape mother and becomes Lord of the Apes. Later he meets the beautiful Jane and with her he tries to make a life for himself in England but he becomes disillusioned with civilisation and eventually they return to Africa. Burroughs intended to write an adventure story set in Africa, which at the time was still a mysterious place to your average English reader. But a swell as providing entertainment I think the character is saying something about cultural attitudes to class and breeding. The idea of Darwinism was still contentious and setting the young infant to grow ups amongst apes and yet still retain his morality and sense of honour was a definite statement of nature over nurture.

                    Of course over the years the character has changed and in recent times the comic strip versions present a more recognisable superhero that thwarts evil criminals and protect the natural environment form scrupulous developers.

                    My next choice is also British

                    2. Dan Dare

                    I bet not many of you would have thought that a list of superheroes would contain any Brits!

                    Colonel Daniel MacGregor Dare was first seen in the British Comic the Eagle in 1950. He is an officer in the Interplanet Space Fleet and the best space pilot known. His special powers may seem very impressive but his highly resourceful nature and piloting skills seems to get him out of many a scrape and to achieve superhero status in saving the world on many occasions. However his true superheroes credentials are shown in a later incarnation in the 200AD comics of the 70’s and 80’s. In one story Dan Dare is left for dead in space and is rescued by the evil Mekon and alien being from Venus, needing Dare’s help to save his own life the Mekon trick the amnesiac Dare into helping him steal the Crystal of Life and then uses it to cure himself. Dare is now a fugitive but as his memories return he gains possession of the Cosmic Claw which gives him great destructive power and he begins to hunt down the Mekon in order to clear his name.

                    Dan Dare was originally a vestige of the second world-war fighter pilots updated to space and he embodies all the stiff upper lip British characteristics of those war heroes. In a time when Britain’s supremacy in the world was fading Dare was a reminder of what had once been great about the country; in the early episodes he even had a faithful batman (not the superhero) from Lancashire.

                    3. Diabolik

                    Next we have another superhero who against isn’t American, I’ve got nothing against American superheroes really…Although is real identity is unknown I will call Diabolik Italians because that ‘s where the comic strip was first produced. I first came across this character when I was growing up in Italy and I think the appeal is that the character is quite dark and not obviously moral. He is human and possesses no superhuman powers as such but he more than makes up for it with is super intelligence and general skills. He is a criminal mastermind, superfit and has a variety of high tech gadgets at his disposal. What makes him a super ‘hero’ rather than a super baddie is that he targets the criminal underworld ably assisted by his lover the beautiful Eva Kant. Of course life is never easy for a super hero and the police in the shape of Inspector Ginko constantly hunts Diabolik.

                    Diabolik first appeared in 1962 in a pocket sized comic book created unusually by two sisters Angela and Giuliana Giussani and drawn by Gino Marchesi the character was in part based on the French arch Criminal creation 'Fantomas'. The aspect of Diabolik that made him attractive to some but unpalatable to other is his lack of moral rectitude when dealing with his criminal elements. Extreme violence is meted out at regular intervals when needed.

                    There have been film adaptations of the stories but Hollywood has never been involved since Diabolik was always viewed as too ‘risky’ for American sensibilities.

                    Diabolik created in the 60’s was one of many fictional creation that arose in the more liberal climate that tended to blur the dividing lines between good and bad, not quite an Anti hero Diabolik was nevertheless a darker character and provided more interesting ambiguity of feelings in the way the reader related to him.

                    4. Captain Scarlet

                    Ok now for some I’m going to stretch the definition even further by including a puppet on this superhero list the indestructible Captain Scarlet.

                    Captain Scarlet real name Paul Metcalfe was the creation of Gerry Anderson also responsible for Thunderbirds. Captain Scarlet is an officer in Spectrum an international organisation operating out of airborne Cloudbase dedicated to protecting the Earth from alien attack.

                    In 2068 on a mission to Mars Captain Black mistakenly destroys a Mysteron base. The Mysterons declare a war on Earth and begin to infiltrate Earth’s forces and sabotage aimed at the industrial, security and military establishments on Earth. The Mysterons are able to take over humans and use them to do their work. Scarlet along with a fellow agent Captain Brown is killed by the Mysterons and replaced by a duplicate but when the duplicate falls from a tower the original personality of Scarlet regains control and becomes immune to alien control. He also is left with the duplicates powers the ability to detect Mysteron agents and the retro-metabolism that allows him to regenerate and heal if he is injured or killed thus the tag ‘indestructible’. With these new superpowers Scarlet becomes the best agent Spectrum posses and the safety of the earth against Mysteron plots largely depend on him.

                    The original puppet or Supermarionation series was recently updated successfully into a CGI TV series and Scarlet is still going strong. Scarlet is again of it’s time, the discovery of space and the moon landing where a very exciting preoccupation in the 60’s and then it was imagined that after the Moon mars would follow. What dangers would lurk there? The character was more complex than the Thunderbird brother in that Scarlet is actually recreated by the Mysterons the original scarlet being dead. The original TV series was also very 60’s in its look bright brash colours and psychedelic setting for the Mysteron gave the series cult status amongst children and adult. Captain Scarlet was a British Superhero of his time a James Bond for the space age generation and of course we can’t forget the ‘Angels’ surely the sexiest puppets on TV.

                    5. Flash Gordon

                    Ok so eventually I think we should include an American superhero…what about Flash Gordon?

                    Originally he featured in a comic strip and he along with his beautiful love interest the feisty female reporter Dale Gordon and the eccentric scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov fight to save the Earth from coming under control of the evil vicious tyrant Ming the Merciless from the planet Mongo.

                    Flash Dale and Zarkov make a journey to the planet Mongo in Zarkov’s new rocket there they are stranded on a planet with warring cultures but dominated by the evil Ming. Flash aids the suppressed peoples of the planet including the deposed rightful leader Prince Barin and fight to stop Ming and his forces.

                    This is all classic 1930’s space opera science fiction and Flash Gordon is the typical hero of the time more brawn than brains but greatly adaptable and resourceful in being able to adapt his talents to using what weapons he finds against the overwhelming forces of Ming.

                    The comic strip later spawned a number of novels, TV series, film (including a porno movie the wonderfully titled Flesh Gordon)!) and was also said to have inspired George Lucas to make the Star Wars films.

                    In the 80’s Flash makes an appearance along with his teenage son Rick in the classic Defenders of the Earth, where after Dale’s death at the hands of Ming, Flash joins forces with other superheroes The Phantom, Mandrake The Magician and Lothar to fight against Ming.

                    Flash doesn’t have special powers as such but his almost super human skills as an ace space fighter pilot and his resourceful nature and courage does make him a worthy superhero and of course he wear a colourful outfit.

                    So there you have it an alternative pick of top Superheroes, but Superheroes nonetheless!


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                      19.07.2006 23:44



                      superman is the best

                      super man

                      super man has got to be the Ultimate super hero he is fast strong and nothing can tuch him with every posible super power u could want he is the best by far super man comes in at number one..


                      wolverine with his metal skeltion and razer sharp claws, super fast healing powers and thug Attitude and superior stength, make a very stong hero he comes in at number 2...


                      the hulk with his beastly muscel and gigantic size he is able to crush anthing and can take a beating he comes smashing into number 3...


                      batman dose not realy have any super powers but better gadgets than james bnd and a better car a big house. but his enermys are realy week so he only gets number 4...


                      spiderman bit by a spider and turned he can clim walls and sling web well hes not realy that good is he so he gets number 5....


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                      17.07.2006 21:05
                      Very helpful



                      It's another lovely list

                      As a kid I was always a sucker for my superhero comics. Yep, I can still remember queuing at Clare newsagents to buy my DC sponsored “Superman” complete with perfectly built Adonis with a big “S” on his chest. Good ole’ Superdude was my very first superhero although, upon reflection, probably the dullest. “Is it a bird, is it a plane?” went the question as we were compelled to look up into the sky to see the man of steel flying high. It’s probably quite harsh to accuse the main man of being a dullard but he was y’know. Probable virgin, general do-gooder and with impeccable morals, Superman did everything by the superhero book even though Lois Lane was clearly desperate to get into his superpants and Jimmy Olsen could only stand by and look jealous. With yet another blockbuster movie out to celebrate our hero and written from a very different perspective, we can only hope that Brandon Routh maintains the macho exterior that goes with the man of steel. For the super-geeks that need to know more, Superman is widely regarded as the most famous superhero of all time. He was created by Canadian artist Joe Shuster and American writer Jerry Siegel in 1932 and sold to Detective Comics, Inc. in 1938. He first appeared in Action Comics in June 1938 and his archenemy is Lex Luther (played by Kevin Spacey in the latest movie). I didn’t really fancy “Superman Returns” but it has got some good reviews at the weekend so maybe it’s worth a trip to the cinema after all!

                      If there were a pecking order then Blade would be in there somewhere. Created by the immortal Stan Lee, Blade is a vampire-hunter who spends his twilight world infected with the vampire virus. Half-human, half-vampire after an attack on his mother before he was born, Blade has to take drugs for the duration of his life to control his condition. He has a pathological hatred of vampires which unleashes all kinds of glorified violence and it’s this gothic majesty that defines all 3 movies made about Blade as well as the half-light synchronicity of both his weapons and his moves. If you haven’t seen any of the movies yet then I’d recommend all 3 although the original is clearly the best and both of the sequels being good considering that they are sequels. Wesley Snipes is at his very best as Blade and the whole anti-hero things works well in both movie format as well as all the other media that Blade is covered in.

                      At the risk of sounding boring, Batman just has to be in there. I grew up with the colourful Adam West-centric TV series and all the on screen “Kapows” and “Karums” during the fight scenes always made me smile. “Holy catfish, Batman!” was the standing joke as his sidekick Robin would utter numerous “Holy fill-in-the-blank” exclamations. Batman (originally referred to as the Bat-Man, and still sometimes as the Batman) is another DC Comics fictional character. He first appeared in Detective Comics 27 in May 1939 and has since become one of the world's most recognised superheroes. Batman was co-created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, although only Kane receives official credit for the character. Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne, billionaire industrialist, playboy, and philanthropist. As featured in at least 2 of the movies, Batman witnesses the murder of his parents as a child. This results in him training himself to fight crime. Unlike many other superheroes, he does not possess superhuman powers or abilities; he makes use of intellect, detective skills, technology, and physical prowess in his war on crime. Most of the movies have done a great job in telling the Batman story and I thought that the most recent movie, "Batman Begins" with Michael Caine doing an able job as the Batman’s butler was particular good. However, in the case of Batman, it’s the criminals that work the murky world of downtown Gotham City that make the franchise so colourful. Who can forget Burgess Meredith as the Penguin or Frank Gorshin as the Ridler? My personal favourite is the fabulous Jack Nicholson as The Joker in the Tim Burton “Batman” movie. I seem to remember that even Vincent Price got in the act as Egghead and we also had a villain named King Tut running around in the colourful TV series. Camp, debonair and a whole lot of fun, Batman has kept us entertained for years.

                      Wonder Woman would have to feature in a top 5 list of mine, somewhere. In December 1941, William Moulton Marston's creation made her debut in All-Star Comics #8. Following this Wonder Woman appeared in her own slot in Sensation Comics #1(January 1942). It was never the myth that surrounded Wonder Woman or anything about her Amazonian links or whatever it was. It was simply that Lynda Carter was one hell of a babe and for a young man in the thrust of his youth, watching her transform into that tight-fitting outfit was all too much too bear. The stories were irrelevant, her powers instantly forgotten, her uniform savoured and served many a lurid fantasy. Of course, this may be considered sexist compared to the reverence paid to the other characters above but bear in mind that this was my “Baywatch” of the day and I was a teenager when WW was in her pomp *distant sigh*

                      Last but not least it simply has to be good old Spiderman. Bitten by a radioactive spider or some other nonsense, Wimpy Peter Parker suddenly develops the power to spin webs and swing from tall buildings. Here again, I would go out and buy the comics when I was a kid and loved all the fights he would have with Doc Octopus and The Green Goblin (sounds like a vacuum cleaner doesn’t it?). Another Marvel Comics creation, the movies have been pretty cool too so far with some splendid effects and a reasonable story line. As ever, Our hero is consigned to a life of chastity and you do wonder what life would be like if more superheroes had a life of domestic non-bliss like the rest of us. Y’know, returns home to the wife and screaming kids after a hard days hero-bashing and has to clean the table and take the unruly kids to bed. Maybe that’s where all the latest story lines are heading; a bit like “Medium” which features a psychic with a husband and 3 kids.

                      Oh well, there you have it; my reminisces of my encounters with superheroes. I could go on and list the players that brought home the European Cup in 1982 but that really would be living in the past and if only there was a Superman out there, hard enough to do battle with Villa chairman, Doug Ellis. Now that *would* make a great movie….

                      Thanks for da read



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                        16.07.2006 23:03
                        Very helpful



                        Top 5 superheroes

                        Pretty much all of my super heroes are ones that I have come across through films as I have never been much of a comic book reader apart from the girlie ones like Cosmopolitan although I did used to sneak a read of some of my younger brothers comics they never really grabbed my attention.

                        My number one super hero has to be Wolverine as he is such a total hunk with those brooding good looks and is the sole reason for watching the X-men trilogy. I also reckon he would be very useful around the house as he would be able to strip the wall paper with those claws and would also be good at picking up fallen leaves.

                        Number two has to be Spiderman as his alter ego Peter Parker is quite a sensitive soul and he would be great to take with you on a shopping trip as he could lift up us you swing from store to store and also he would be able to get you home quite quickly and avoid the jams.

                        The third best super hero is Superman himself after all he has the ability to turn back time and save the earth almost at will. He might transform from mild mannered Clark Kent into a rather camp outfit but he does have a great body and the ability to take a girl to the heavens and back, literally.

                        Number three is Batman, one of the few men that can look good in a leather outfit and a cape although having Robin in tow is not a good thing. I also like Batman because any super powers that he does have are all of his own making and not because of a spider bite or quirk of nature.

                        Finally the number five position goes to Judge Dredd because he is dark, mean and moody and has a big gun which he not afraid to use in his battles against crime. The only downside to this character is the fact that Sylvester Stallone played him in the movie which meant he talked as if he had been twenty rounds with Mike Tyson.

                        That is my top five, I look forward to reading others choices.


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                          16.07.2006 01:16
                          Very helpful



                          Great to Watch.

                          Ooohh I love a good superhero, I mean they are powerful enough to fight for you, strong enough to carry you over the threshold and handsome enough to make the opposite sex go weak at the knees. I think we all love a superhero as they are something we wish we could be and let’s face it they are extremely fun to watch on screen. I am a big superhero fan and so I have had a good think and watched a few of my favourites in action and here are my top five.


                          Mr Incredible:

                          Quite a new superhero to grace our screens but also quite a famous one now, Mr Incredible is hilarious and this on its own is why he is in the list. He is not particularly clever and he is definitely not handsome but for entertainment values he cannot be faulted.

                          He has the power of strength mainly which would be quite fun but he is a superhero that we can identify with as he has a family which is more of a task than the bad guys sometimes and who can’t identify with that. Plus he thinks he is the best in the world so I love his optimism and also he always wants to do good and protect everybody he loves so he is just a nice guy.


                          Jean Grey:

                          Now Jean Grey from the X men is just amazing and if you ever want a superhero that you would be scared to face in a fight then it is Jean Grey. She basically kicks ass and due to her ability to move things with her mind and telepathy makes her a very valuable asset in a fight.

                          The reason I like Jean Grey is because she is one of the most dangerous superheros to be written in comics in my opinion and I think that is fantastic for a woman to be feared by so many. She is one of those characters that are mysterious and you know they have secrets which makes them even more scary.



                          Now the reason I think spiderman is so good because he has powers that actually look like they could be a lot of fun. This may only be me but I love swinging whether it be on a swing or a rope and I always have. This is why I think the way he is able to swing for so long on buildings is great. It must feel amazing and it must feel fun to do even when you are chasing danger because you can get quite far in a short space of time.

                          Of course the other thing he can do is walk up walls which again looks like great fun and I think I could cope with the occasional baddy or love interest to have fun with those powers. He is powerful though which is always useful in a superhero and although he is quite weedy he gets the girl which is quite good.

                          I think spiderman is one of those that you would like to be but I am not sure I would prefer him to rescue me over the others in my list.



                          I cannot imagine many best superhero lists being without superman and he is in my list because any man who can still look handsome in skin tight spandex fluorescent blue and red suit with a big S on the front gets my vote any day. Of course one of the reasons I love superman is because of the way he dresses which in my opinion shows how powerful he is. I mean you don’t see him trying to hide or sneak up incognito to his enemies do you?

                          His powers are great though as I would love to have the ability to be extremely strong, fly and then have laser eye beams and also be able to be not effected by things like fire. If superman was real then I can imagine lots of women would be calling out at him to save them as he seems he can do everything.

                          The final thing I love him for is his canny ability to get changed in the space of two seconds. What a talent as imagine how much that would make life easier if we all had that speed to get ready. Fantastic!



                          I love batman as I think he probably looks one of the best superheroes. He is strong, resourceful and has lots of gadgets and I think that is what I would like the most about being Batman, the gadgets. He has the suit, the lair and the car and he also has the pick of some of the most beautiful women as Bruce Wayne as he is a great business man and is extremely handsome.

                          The best thing about Batman though has to be the suit as I would just love to try it on. The main thing I think about is whether you feel a draft where the little ears are and I know that sounds strange but I bet you wonder it now the next time you watch Batman. Also the nipples was a great thing about the suit which they have cruelly left out the new film.

                          Batman though lets face it kicks ass and also gets to meet the best and most interesting enemies. You don’t see people like the penguin and the joker in anything else and also Batman is so cheesy and has been from the start which makes it great. All of these reasons however just make me love and want to be rescued by Batman.


                          So there you go my top five superheroes. They are funny, interesting, powerful and just fantastically good to watch. They get themselves into romantic situations and then terrifying and dramatic which is great fun and all of the ones I have chosen I think will be around entertaining people for years.

                          Thanks for reading.



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