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Top Ten Chocolates

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    74 Reviews
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      13.02.2014 22:20
      Very helpful



      From Cabury to Hotel Chocolat, take your pick.

      My top ten chocolate you say? This is very unfair, how on earth can I narrow it down to ten!?

      10. Dairy Milk - A British classic, sadly I'm sure the recipe must have changed as it really does taste a bit different nowadays. It's nice enough, but it has some serious competition nowadays.

      9. Galaxy Minstrels - A standard for any cinema trip for me. They have a very sqeet sugar shell and then lovely Galaxy chocolate inside. The only problem with them is that the shell is a little too sweet, especially considering how sweet Galaxy already is, and so if you eat too much you start to feel a bit sick :(

      8. Nestle Crunch - These should be higher up, but they're so difficult to find in my local supermarkets nowadays that I've started to forget how good they are. Lovely milk chocolate, filled with crispy stuff that I assume is rice. Yes I know I could just pour melted chocolate over rice crispies, but it wouldn't taste the same.

      7. Malteser Bar - These came out last year and are incredibly. Tiny pieces of honeycomb in the usual Malteser chocolate. Frankly I don't like Maltesers that much, but the chocolate they use is delicious, if you're in the right mood then this is a nice bar to have in the fridge ready for when you need it.

      6. Galaxy Counters - If you like Galaxy chocolate but you're not a fan of the Minstrel's sugar shell then you will love these. Great to nom on periodically.

      5. Hotel Chocolat Salted Praline and Caramel Selector - You get 6 square chocolates in a plastic holder with a plastic wrapper. The shell is milk chocolate, with a bottom layer of praline and a top layer of caramel. These are very nice, the chocolate and praline are thick enough to please, and the caramel is lovely. The problem with this is that I forgot there was caramel in it, it was quite liquidy caramel and it went all over my hand and chin. Delicious but not dignified.

      4. Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons - A blast from anyone's childhood. Nowadays you have a choice between the standard small pack (which were 30 pence when I was a child!) or the larger "Giant Buttons" bag. The Giant Buttons ones are expensive, but you'll often find them as part of a sale in Tesco. Then you get to have a childish chocolate, but in an adult size!

      3. Kinder Bueno - Chocolate over wafer, with a soft nutty centre. Very nice, incredibly moreish. Nowadays I tend to buy a pack of four and then only eat half of each one to keep them going a bit longer. I'd recommend you keep them in the fridge though, when it gets hot in the summer they go very melty very quickly, including the centre.

      2. Biscuit M&Ms - I love having these nearby when I need something sweet to nibble on. Crisipy sugar shell, chocolate and then a crunchy biscuit middle. Unlike a lot of biscuit pieces you'll find in chocolate, which tend to go quite stale, these stay crunchy all the time. It's just a shame you feel like you get to the bottom of the bag so quickly.

      1. Hotel Chocolat - Cookie Choc Chip Slab Selector - This is amazing, a bit expensive but well worth it and lovely as a treat after a rough week at work. The creamy milk chocolate is very thick, so thick that if it's refrigerated then it's incredibly difficult to break it. There's some little biscuit bits along the bottom and then more biscuit and chocolate chips scattered over the top. Biting in to this bar is like biting in to serious luxury. Highly recommended.

      I take no responsibility for you developing diabetes.


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        09.02.2014 18:07
        Very helpful



        Who cannot love chocolate?!?!

        1. Galaxy
        - cookie crumble
        - smooth
        - plain
        - caramel
        Yes, I love galaxy chocolate, I love the taste, texture, the feeling of it melting in your mouth, the caramel is the best one for the melting in your mouth! I have loved galaxy for years, it is heaven shall I say! When you get the big bars for £1 is the best, I buy a couple a week - I'm so naughty. Very naughty.

        2. Terry's chocolate orange
        The smell, chocolate orange is the best thing since sliced bread! (in my opinion!) The round oranges are so cool, the presentation is wonderful, pretty sad it doesn't count as five a day, it really should as orange is a fruit at the end of the day?

        3. quality street
        Been eaten by families for years, I love the variety you get and they all taste so nice, for my last birthday I bought a 250 gram for myself for £2, gosh I was terrible that day and yes, I felt guilty as! toffee, fudge, strawberry cream, orange cream, chocolate block, nutty - you name it quality street has everything!

        4. Dairy Milk
        The recent ones like Oero taste amazing as! I also like the fruit and nut, dairy milk, caramel, strawberries and cream for the wimbledon season was nice, but a little sweet

        5. Anything Thorntons.
        Its just nice chocolate. Too nice.

        6. Chocolate buttons (cadbury ones)
        They are so cool I feel like a kid with these, but the cadbury ones are so nice!

        7. Aero!
        The big ones when they are a £1, the orange ones (which are quite recent are nice, but sweet)

        8. the new rolo bars that have come out!
        They are amazing, who invented that idea needs a big high five!

        9. Boast bars.
        The inside of the bar is amazing!

        10. Cream eggs!
        I know its early, but they are the best thing about easter!

        I know I have more chocolate loves, but these are my top ten!


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        21.04.2013 21:37
        Very helpful



        who doesn't love a good piece of chocolate?!

        I thought I'd write about something fun as my internet at home is still down (I know I miss Dooyoo so much! BT need to come round and sort it asap!) and was flicking through the lounge when the word chocolate caught my eye! Now, when all else fails, a good piece of chocolate is always nice to make me feel much better or suppress my nibbling cravings so here are my top 10! (In no particular order really, I love chocolate too much to only have one fave!)

        1. Ferrerro Rocher

        Mmmm who doesn't love a hazelnut covered in smooth creamy chocolate, in a wafer ball, covered in more succulent chocolate with embedded chopped up nuts inside? These little chocolates are way too addictive for my health but they are annoying in that if I buy one of those mini packs of 3 I instantly want more but if I was to be given a large box for my birthday/Christmas and I can only eat a handful before they get too much and it takes me a few days to get through the box!

        2. Mint Aero

        This is an absolute favourite of mine and has been since I was about 14 and I used to not be able to go a day or so without buying one! I do love a good piece of chocolate, and mint chocolate ice cream is one of my favourites so this combination is absolutely delightful and I could eat it over and over. Something about the creamy, green mid-centre coated in milk chocolate is sooo yummy!

        3. Milkybar

        I do like white chocolate from time to time and a milkybar is just the right treat to give me a sweet tooth! Back in the day the little 10p bars that used to exist were a favourite purchase of mine after school.

        4. Galaxy

        I am quite weird, as in the past me and my daughter have made some Rice Krispie cakes with melting galaxy chocolate and I have found eating a melted galaxy bar is so much more fun than just eating a regular plain chocolate bar. For some reason a galaxy bar is so much more thicker, richer and creamier than cadburys and lots more pleasurable to eat too!

        5. KP Dips

        I don't know if they count but in my books they do! They are little pots of a treat with usually about 4/5 little biscuit sticks and a pot of milk chocolate although they also come in the white chocolate variety. There is something incredibly moreish about these little chocolate treats and I really can't get enough!

        6. Maltesers

        Little balls of chocolate treats are popular with everyone and I find these lovely for having over for guests as a nice nibble. Relatively inexpensive a box can usually be bought for £1 or so and are nice for sharing.

        7. Lindt Truffles

        This chocolate is a nice milky chocolate and the Truffles are irresistible and really rich and milky and enjoyable. Made from Swiss chocolate I think the quality and taste is completely different and better than ordinary chocolate and worth the extra expenditure.

        8. Kinder Bueno

        To me these sticks basically taste like a ferrero rocher but in a bar! There is definitely something about creamy hazelnut chocolate that I am a sucker for and these really are a treat that go down well with moi.

        9. Kinder Surprise

        Call me a big kid but Kinder Surprise eggs are so nice and the double sided chocolate egg is to die for! The toy inside is also a really fun surprise to play with whilst the chocolate melts on the tongue delightfully.

        10. Mini Eggs

        Even when it's not easter these crunchy little chocolate eggs are absolutely lovely and are so much fun to pop in my mouth and munch! Made from Cadburys chocolate with a crispy chocolate outer shell I can't help but keep eating these little chocolates once I've started but it's a shame as I really only see these on the shelves out and around easter when I can eat these all year round!

        So this is my little chocolate feast and has now made me crave a nice little bar of chocolate! Uh oh! May have some chocolate spread on toast to cure my fix ;-)


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          20.03.2012 18:31
          Very helpful



          Some happy chocolate memories

          Yum - don't we all love chocolate?
          And this love usually starts as children - and as I was a child of the 60s many of the chocolates listed are from that era:


          Now no longer available but it would have five fruity centres (orange, raspberry, lime, strawberry and pineapple), as opposed to the minty centre in the Fry's Chocolate Cream you can buy these days.


          this was three layers of chocolate - a dark layer sandwiched between two milk layers. As a chid I always disliked the Bournville dark chocolate as being too bitter, but when the dark chocolate was sandwiched between milk chocolate it was a nice novelty.


          These seem to be on everyone's list of favourites - and its no surprise. I think we all love them. These lovely little balls of malted honeycomb biscuit covered in chocolate have been a firm favourite of mine as far back as I can remember - and the boxes were always part of your Christmas presents off someone - and you only had to give them a rattle to find out which were the Maltesers! Being only partly chocolate they are not too sickly to eat.


          Cadbury of course! They are delightful - and I stiill enjoy them. The chocolate seems to taste nice when devoured as buttons rather than in a large bar - why is that?

          KIT KAT

          Another old favourite - half biscuit and half chocolate. Again the combination means that it is not too sickly. I only like the original Kit Kat - I don't like the different flavoured ones or the chunky bars.

          WALNUT WHIPS

          These are still around but I have not had one for many years. Back when I was child these were a real novelty. The little pyramids of thick chocolate filled with vanilla mallow, the walnut on the top - and also I think there was a nut when you got down to the bottom of the whip - but I think they no longer do that.


          I used to love these boxes of chocolates as they were so colourful. Not only did you get chocolates but jelly sweets too - orange and a lemon slice. This was in the late 60s early 70s, The box was white and colourful - a change from Black Magic and Milk Tray.


          These long thin sticks of chocolate came out in the late 60s - in a gorgeous minty flavour - very enjoyable.


          I have always liked the smooth creaminess of Galaxy bars - so much nice to me that Dairy Milk for some reason.


          In all their different shapes and forms!
          My sister knows I love minty things so I almost always get a box of these from her at Christmas - this is great for two reason - firstly - I love them - and start eating them while cooking Christmas lunch - and secondly - because chocolate mad son does not like minty stuff - so they are safe for me to enjoy without having to hide them! And yes I have hidden things - even a spare buttons Easter egg for myself on top of the wardrobe - but when I went to eat it all I had was the empty box - I'm sure he can sniff stuff out!


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            19.11.2011 21:08
            Very helpful



            My 10 favourite chocolates

            Up until a couple of years ago, I had zero interest in chocolate and would never, ever have bought a chocolate bar, much preferring crisps and other savoury treats. However as the years go on I finally am beginning to understand the chocolate cravings people get. As I am trying not to put on weight, I rarely succumb to the desire for a chocolate bar, but obviously as a female there are particular weeks where I really need a chocolate fix. When that happens, these are the bars/sweets that give me a chocolate fix...

            1. Daim - brittle almond/caramel covered in a thick layer of chocolate. Crunchy, chewy, tastes great with a cup of tea.

            2. Milka with Daim - a thick bar of classic, smooth Milka chocolate with chunks of Daim in it. Tastes delicious when melting on the tongue.

            3. Hersheys Cookies & Cream - I like Hersheys chocolate in the UK, the US kind isn't particularly nice in my opinion. This is a thinnish bar of rich, sweet white chocolate with bits of cookie in it. The cookie is like tiny bits of Oreo. YUM.

            4. Galaxy Cookie Crumble - Fairly similar to the above bar but with smooth Galaxy milk chocolate. Tastes ridiculously sweet and unhealthy but is positively gorgeous.

            5. Maltesers - When I was at school I used to buy a packet of these every day, and they remain a huge favourite. Smooth milk chocolate coating delicious melt-in-the-mouth honeycomby balls. They taste great if you just crunch them down, they taste great if you eat all the chocolate off first, and they taste great if you just pop one in your mouth and let it melt.

            6. Hersheys Peanut Butter Cups - I adore the peanut butter/chocolate combo and these are the ultimate. Chocolate shaped a bit like a small bun case, but filled with smooth, sweet peanut butter. A classic.

            7. Lindt with Sea Salt - Not to everyone's tastes but I love this. Dark chocolate with little flecks of sea salt in it. Letting the chocolate melt on your tongue only to then taste the sharpness of a little chunk of salt is unusal but delicious.

            8. Galaxt Fruit & Nut - The Cadbury's version is nice too, full of crunchy nut and juicy raisins, but I much prefer Galaxy chocolate.

            9. Peanut butter KitKat - Sadly no longer available, which is a shame because these were lovely! A typical KitKat chunky, with wafer and thick, thick chocolate - but with added peanut butter. Delicious and much missed.

            10. Star Bar - My absolute favourite. Caramel and peanut, covered in milk chocolate. Extremely chewy, sweet and tasty. Probably the worst for you, but I guess you could enjoy them in moderation... if they weren't so addictive, that is.


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              09.11.2011 20:06
              Very helpful



              yummy, yummy

              I have a very sweet tooth and although I do like sweets I much prefer chocolate, especially milk and white chocolate. In order to compile this list I have had to think very much about how to narrow my favourite chocolate down to just 10!

              So here it is my top ten favourite chocolates:

              1. Dairy Milk - I know it is very plain and simple just being chunks of milk chocolate but it is a bar that you cannot go wrong with.

              2. Kit Kat Chunky - I absolutely love these, there is just something so nice about the thick milk chocolate surrounding the lovely crispy wafer.

              3. Aero - I really enjoy the way the bubbles melt and although I am not normally a nestle fan preferring other brands instead I do find Aero very rich and creamy chocolate.

              4. Malteasers - 'The lighter way to enjoy chocolate' I love these little malty balls. Especially the creamy mars chocolate that they are coated in. I can even manage to eat a whole box on my own!

              5. Toffee Crisp - I just love the combination of the crisped rice, toffee and chocolate giving a great combination of textures and flavours.

              6. Thornton's Viennese bar - this is my favourite luxury chocolate bar, I will treat myself to one of these every now and again. The truffle wrapped in chocolate is just delightful.

              7. Boost - My dad introduced me to these when I was younger and I have always loved them. The chewy caramel and crunchy biscuit pieces work together just brilliantly.

              8. Snickers - I still remember these as marathon bars, it's such a shame they changed the same. But I much prefer these to mars bars, I love the contrast of the slightly salty peanuts with the sweetness of the rest of the bar.

              9. Milky bar - I love white chocolate and there is nothing better than the good old milky bar, especially not they do larger bars too!

              10. Twirl - pure Cadbury chocolate, just like a flake but without the crumbly mess and two fingers instead of one!


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                22.08.2011 00:31
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Who doesn't love chocolate?

                I love chocolate it is a simple pleasure in life my top ten chocolates are;

                Galaxy; Sometimes the simple things are the best, the taste is so smooth and creamy and it is sickeningly sweet.

                KitKat Chunky; It has to be the chunky variety I love the end of the bar where the chocolate is really thick, it's also nice to dip a KitKat in your tea. I used to like the peanut butter version but it appears to have vanished :-(

                Mint Aero; I love mint Aero it is so light and quite refreshing for a chocolate not too sickly. It's one I don't see very often though.

                Turkish delight; The Fry's variety is so nice, it tastes a bit like perfume but I really like it, I like to eat all the chocolate from around it until only the 'Turkish' part is left! and it's 92% fat free what a bonus!

                Boost Bar; I love the fact that it's so chewy and in the middle are the little biscuit pieces. The only problem with this is it is heavy on calories and fat but oh so yummy!

                Kinder Bueno; I love Kinder chocolate but I think I am a little old for the eggs, I love this version because the inside reminds me of Nutella which I also love.

                Creme Egg; This is an all time favourite I like to bite the top off eat the fondant and then the rest of the chocolate. I love the fondant the best. It's a pity you can't get them all year round.

                Maltesers; I love the fact that I can take a long time to eat a whole packet. I like to suck them until the chocolate has gone and just the crispy centre is left.

                Revels; I like the counters the best followed by the Maltesers. I like the mystery of not knowing what you will get next. I even like the coffee one!

                Finally last of all is Galaxy Minstrels; being the strange individual I am I like to suck them until the shell disappears before letting the chocolate melt on my tongue.

                This is a list of my favourites, but to say I love all chocolate would be an accurate statement!


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                  07.02.2011 16:23
                  Very helpful



                  Read review :)

                  Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! Mmmmmm! I don't think I could ever go a day without it. I think this is one of the hardest 10 choices I have ever had to make! I love many, many, many different kinds of chocolate I just know i am going to struggle picking my favourite 10!! Here goes....

                  1) Cadbury Chocolate Buttons-
                  Personally I love the Giant Buttons.. but I also love button Ice Creams, Easter Eggs, Normal Buttons.. you get the picture!!! They are little drops of milky chocolate heaven. Usually a bag of normal sized Cadburys Buttons will cost around 50p and are so worth it!!

                  2) Ferrero Rocher-
                  These are chocolates I usually get for Christmas/Valentines Day/Birthdays, They aren't a chocolate I would buy for myself everyday, generally because they are quite expensive, but they are LUSH! I could eat them everyday. They are individually wrapped nutty chocolates, they are soft filled with a creamy chocolate and a hazelnut in the very centre. For a 200g box containing 16 chocolates, it will usually cost you around £4.

                  3) Kinder Bueno-
                  I think these little beautys should be called 'Chocolate indulgence', They are absolutely delicious. As you can tell I like chocolate with a little bit of wafer in them to crisp them up a bit! Kinder Bueno's are just that- A light wafer, filled with a creamy almost nutty filling which almost reminds me of Nutella Chocolate Spread, but its not quite at thick and sickly, and the bar is covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate. The chocolate comes in two individually wrapped bars so you can eat one and then save one for later- yeah right like I'd ever do that!! For a packet (containing 2 sticks) you will usually pay around 60p but I always manage to pick these up for the local supermarket on offer in packs of 4 for about £1.

                  4) Terrys Chocolate Orange-
                  Another one that my family buys for me every Christmas but I never buy at any other time of year. I'm not a fan of those orange and strawberry creme filled chocolates you get in a tin over Christmas, But Terrys Chocolate Orange puts a twist on orange chocolate. I never find Terrys Chocolate Orange too sickly, and can always go down well with a cuppa tea! You can pick up the choccie oranges for £1-£3 depending on where you buy them from.

                  5) Cadbury Chocolate Finger-
                  I don't know if you'd class these as a chocolate or a biscuit. But either way they are delish! I love to dunk choccie fingers in a nice hot cuppa tea. Only problem is they are a bit moreish and I can't put them down!! They cost roughly between 99p-£1.50 for a small box.

                  6) Daim bar-
                  I remember these from when I was a kid, I love nibbling the chocolate off them and then eat the crackly toffee centre. I can't seem to pick these up very often from shops so usually are my mega treat when I go to Ikea as they sell them in bags of little ones! I can't remember how much they are but they aren't majorly expensive.

                  7) Walnut Whip-
                  These remind me of my great nanny when I was little. She used to eat these all the time and I thought they looked disgusting with that big revolting looking thing on the top!.... Since growing up I've become to love these... including the nut! I love the thick chocolate outer layer and the soft whipped creamy centre. I love the whole eating it part with a walnut whip, I like to bite off the top and use my finger to scoop out the gooey cream and then your left with the shell which by this point has melted all over your fingers! You can pick up a box of 3 for roughly £1-£1.50

                  8) Galaxy Ripple-
                  Usually I am not a big fan of Galaxy Chocolate but on a late summers night with a cold glass of milk, a galaxy ripple goes down like a treat!! Its creamy chocolate and flaky and it just crumbles in your mouth! YUM YUM! I haven't brought a ripple for a while so have no idea how much they cost to be honest, but they are well worth the money you do pay for them!!

                  9) Biscuit & Raisin Yorkie-
                  Not for girls!... I don't care if it's a mans chocolate... I love it. I think the biscuit and raisin complement each other well, the chocolates nice and chunky, it can get a little bit sickly so usually only end up eating a couple of chunks. But those couple of chunks are like pure heaven!! You can pick up a Yorkie for no more than 60p.

                  10) I could put so many under this last one, but I'm going to say Cadbury Crunchie Rocks-
                  They defiantly give me the 'Friday Feeling!' With pieces of crunchy honeycomb and cornflakes mixed in with chocolate, they look almost similar to a chocolate cornflake cakes but taste absolutely delicious! For no more than £2 a bag they are a great little treat!


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                    21.05.2010 14:18
                    Very helpful




                    1. Cadbury Diary Milk - the classic glass and a half of chocolate. This creamy blend of chocolate really is my all time favourite chocolate bar. I could eat this any time and any place.

                    2. Galaxy Minstrels - these little, shiny button like, smarties like chocolate have it all. Gorgeous chocolate surrounded by a crispy shell that makes me want to suck each one individually until they completely melt in my mouth.

                    3. Cadbury Caramel (diary milk) - a mixture of lovely chocolate and caramel that is gooey and more(ish) but very sickly if you have too much. I could eat this most days, but favour something less sickly on hotter days, but this doesn't stop this being one of my all time favourite chocolate bars.

                    4. Cadbury Crunchie - this has minimal chocolate and is full of crunchy honeycombe, if you like honeycombe, you'll love this, it is shaped in to a bar and covered in a thin layer of chocolate, it's definitely for that Friday feeling.

                    5. Mars Malteasers - delicious little balls of bubbly biscuit coated with chocolate, another sucking treat, but with these the biscuit ends up melting and collapsing inside your mouth. These are good for diets and when you need a fix but are watching what you eat, they are low in calories.

                    6. Nestle Mint Areo - I'm a mint lover, and this bubble fest hits all the right buttons, minty bubbles surrounded by chocolate, in a bar that can be broken in to pieces and shared, if you're lucky.

                    7. Nestle Toffee Crisp - not a traditional chocolate bar this has crispies inside covered in chocolate, in between chocolate with a layer of toffee topping it off. This bar is very tasty and although a lot of chocolate, doesn't taste sickly.

                    8. Mars Mars Bar - this is a space filler, so solid and heavily made to be full of chocolate, and all the other goodness it is the chocolate bar I eat when I've either exhausted myself with exercise or when I'm hungry and I need a hole filled.

                    9. Cadbury Wispa - this is my diary milk alternative, when I fancy some chocolate but don't want anything too heavy ( in the summer months), I opt for this, it is the same but contains bubbles and has a different texture, although it tastes quite similar.

                    10. Cadbury Creme Eggs - I know these aren't bars but I had to put this on here. The crème egg is just absolutely delicious!! It is all sugary gooey splodge with a hard, thick, chocolate shell. I don't need to say anything other than I am an addict and between January and April I try to consume as many as possible.

                    Conclusions, chocolate goes with anything and it should be tried - try a fondue and make your own chocolate style mixes!


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                      21.05.2010 00:48
                      Very helpful




                      Working in a chocolate shop, I don't really eat too much of it anymore but there are some chocolates that I just cant resist. Here are my top 10 in no particular order:

                      1. White Chocolate Crunch bar - I have no idea who actually makes these and I can only buy them from the vending machine at college. I am really going to miss these if I cant find them in Nottingham anywhere. These bars have rice crispy type things in the middle of a solid bar of white chocolate. I used to love these as a teenager and then they just seemed to disappear off the face of the Earth...or just the shops in Grimsby. I was so upset when I couldn't find these anymore but when I went back to college I got so excited and my friends couldn't really understand why.

                      2. Galaxy Caramel - I'm not quite sure why I prefer this over Cadbury's. The chocolate seems to be so much smoother as does the caramel. This caramel chocolate has the feel and taste of luxury and I think that is what Cadbury's is missing.

                      3. Smarties - Not the orange ones though because my Mum used to tell me they were illegal for kids when I was young...just because they were her favourites.

                      4. Thorntons Viennese Truffle - even though I work at Thorntons, this has been a favourite of mine since I was quite young. Whenever I used to go and see my Nanny and Granddad, they always seemed to have a box of Thorntons continentals. This was the only chocolate I was ever allowed to have but I have liked them ever since.

                      5. Cadbury's Whisper - I was so happy when these were brought back on the market. I have no idea why they were ever taken away in the first place. The chocolate is so smooth and bubbly that it melts in your mouth.

                      6. After Eights - I am not a dark chocolate fan because it is normally way too bitter for my tastes but these I love. Having mint included is the only way that I will eat dark chocolate because it seems to take the bitterness away a bit. Problem is, these are extremely mooreish and the box might not last long.

                      7. Malteaser Teasers - Hmmm Celebrations. If I ever get a tin or box of these for Christmas, or anyone else in my family for that matter, I always dig out these chocolates first. I have no idea how they can taste so different compared to regular malteasers but they are a lot nicer in my opinion.

                      8. Thorntons Catalana - These have to be one of the most divine chocolates that I have ever tasted. Catalana's are a mix of chocolate, caramel and honeycomb pieces. The honeycomb is quite small in each chocolate so it just gives it that extra little crunch. It baffles me why Thorntons don't sell these in bags on their own as they are one of our customers' favourites.

                      9. Fudge bar - Fudge on it's own is fantastic but add in some chocolate and you can't go wrong. The best thing about these is that they are only 15p!!

                      10. Munchies - I hate that these are so small but I love the taste. I could easily eat a couple of packets in one sitting although I do stop myself. One never seems enough for me!


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                        12.05.2010 11:02
                        Very helpful



                        Just my top 10 !

                        Ok.. I am a chocoaholic and here are my top 10! (updated for 2013!)

                        1: Thornton's Viennese Truffles
                        My absolute favourite. These are a milk chocolate truffle with a light whipped vanilla centre inside a chocolate shell with a dusting of sugar on the outside. They are soft in the centre and really need to be savoured for the full truffle experience. Very recommended.

                        2: Maltesers
                        Occasionally, if I see a box of Maltesers on offer, I will buy a box to keep in the fridge. For me, these are the perfect snacking chocolate (as you can eat as many or as few as you like once the box is open).

                        3: Animal Bars
                        These remind me of when I was younger. I love how they have characters on them and still have a little puzzle inside the wrapper. The chocolate is made by Nestle, so it has a different taste to Cadburys or Mars chocolate- another reason I like to buy Animal Bars once in a while.

                        4: Creme Eggs
                        Seasonal favourites-- These used to only be on sale between December and April but now it is quite easy to locate a creme egg if you really fancy eating one "off season'. I prefer the normal sized creme eggs to the smaller creme egg mini's as there is more fondant- to - chocolate in the standard creme eggs.

                        5: Milka Happy Cows Alpine Bars
                        This is a Milka Chocolate bar that is alpine milk chocolate with patches of white chocolate on the top to give the bar a cow print look. The squares are larger than on the standard Milka bars- but this usually means it is too easy to eat a whole bar in one sitting.

                        6: Milka normal milk chocolate bars
                        Milka Alpine chocolate is just lush. I love how it has that Swiss/ Continental chocolate taste (ie no Vegetable oil- and lots of cocoa butter used to make it instead).

                        7: Galaxy Ripple
                        An old favourite. Mars' equivalent of Cadbury's dipped flake. I prefer a Galaxy Ripple to a flake bar nowadays, but find the ever increasing chocolate prices a slight put off as one Ripple can set you back 79p in a corner shop!

                        8: Malteser Teasers from Celebrations
                        These are only in Celebrations- it is an oval shaped sweet and inside it are small ovals of honeycomb- this is a different experience to an actual Malteser but you still get the malty taste sensation.

                        9: Galaxy Truffles from Celebrations
                        These used to be sold as an easter treat in a creme egg sized egg which had two halves. Unfortunately Mars have taken this off sale as a product you can buy in its own right- this used to be ok as the Galaxy truffles were included in the Celebrations tubs for a while. Alas, these have now been replaced by Twix.

                        10: Galaxy Caramel
                        I used to moan that Galaxy Caramel could not be bought in large bars or multipacks, then Mars brought out the large bars of Galaxy chocolate with Caramel in it and, yes, I went a bit crazy as our local Co-op had it on offer at £1 a bar and have now sickened myself. So I have learned to be careful what I wish for in future!!


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                          10.05.2010 21:35
                          Very helpful



                          WOULD YOU LIKE A CHOCOLATE????

                          Oh a perfect topic for a sweet tooth me!

                          I love chocolate, well the truth is, I love most things sweet but like most people, I have my favourites. I do not like dark chocolate, I think it tastes vile but I do love milk chocolate and I especially love white chocolate though there isn't as big a choice as with the milk variety!

                          One point to remember is that I may not be a food snob..but when it comes to my chocolate, I can't eat that cheap stuff that some advent calenders and Easter eggs are made with!

                          Here are my top 10 chocolate products in no particular order...

                          Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles - yummy balls of thick, creamy chocolate filled with a tasty truffle centre. These are expensive and very moreish though sickly so should be ate in moderation. If someone were to ask what chocolates I want for my birthday or Christmas then these would be my choice! A perfect gift.

                          Milka Happy Cows - delicious bars of Swiss milk chocolate combined with white chocolate pieces. It is smooth and creamy and full of chocolate calories and sugar! The bars are a lovely size, not tiny and not massive and just perfect for me as hubby doesn't like it.

                          Cadbury Creme Egg - my Easter and well many other months sweet treat. We all know what these are, egg shaped chocolates with a gooey and overloaded with sugar fondant filling. Is it just me or do these get smaller every year?

                          Galaxy Caramel - a perfectly creamy and smooth chocolate with runny caramel. This is my PMT choice and hubby knows this and knows to avoid me when I ask for one of these haha :)

                          Terrys Chocolate Orange Bar - not usually one for fruity chocolates but this orange infused chocolate bar is all mine! I had a huge craving for these during my pregnancy and took a bit of a hissy fit in the shop when they had ran out. The shopkeeper explained to me that I had cleared them out the day before and they were waiting on more coming in. Thank goodness they didn't ban me though I wouldn't blame them to be honest!

                          Cadbury Snow Flake - now these have been discontinued but I would like to start a petition to bring these back. A rather smooth flake with a white chocolate centre and totally delicious and mouthwatering..bring them back Cadbury!

                          Milky Bar Chunky - my son loves regular small Milky Bars but they are too thin and boring in my eyes..I love the chunky variety that you can really get your teeth into its milky goodness...calcium in my eyes!

                          White Chocolate Crunch - I believe these are made by Nestle. Little rice puffs fused together with creamy and melting white chocolate. You can get this in milk chocolate but I am not as keen on Nestle milk chocolate.

                          Milky Way - a chocolate outer casing filled with a soft and tasty nougat filling. A cheaper option and one which I really enjoy. I bite off the outer chocolate and slowly devour the remains! Yummy!

                          And last but not least Cadbury Dairy Milk..there have been many versions of this extremely popular and perfectly tasty chocolate bar but my heart lies with the original. It has only improved with age as is a firm favourite!

                          Have I made your tummy rumble?

                          Thanks for reading and have a chocolate on me :)


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                            29.03.2010 20:40
                            Very helpful



                            I love it!!

                            Ok Hands up, I admit it. I'm a complete chocoholic. I do not want to be cured of my addiction as I enjoy it too much.
                            But I will confess my sins. Sometimes I hide chocolate around the house or put it in high up places so it is not so easy for me to get at. Once I ate the Easter egg I had put aside for my son! But it was a chocolate emergency and I did buy him another one.

                            The only chocolate I can't eat is plain chocolate as it gives me terrible migraines. I once ate a whole box of Green and Blacks plain chocolates and was ill for two days. Yes I know, it serves me right.

                            Every New Year I resolve to give up chocolate - well cut down, yes that's more realistic. I have cut down (waist watching you understand) but I still like to treat myself sometimes. This is is my top ten chocs.

                            ** Galaxy **
                            Nothing beats the smooth, creamy taste of a bar of delicious Galaxy. Perfect with a cup of tea after a long day.

                            ** Cadbury whole nut. **
                            I reckon I can get away with this one as it is not really chocolate if it contains nuts. Well not in my world anyway.

                            ** Minstrels **
                            Galaxy chocolate in a crisp shell. Perfect if you don't want to get covered in chocolate or want to eat them in the car without getting it all over the seats.

                            ** Maltesers **
                            Lovely and easy to eat and only 190 calories per bag. You can hide a packet in your pocket and eat them in secret. Also they are fun to throw in the air and try to catch them in your mouth.

                            ** Aero **
                            I love the bubbles and the creamy taste. It comes in mint and orange flavour too but I just like the milk chocolate variety.

                            ** Milky Bar **
                            I remember the Milky Bar kid adverts from my childhood. I still love milky bars. I'm not sure if this counts as chocolate as it's white. I think it's a candy bar so I can eat it.

                            ** Flake **
                            Difficult to eat without looking like a porn star. Remember the TV adverts, they should have been X- rated!
                            Very crumbly chocolate but delicious. I like to fold the wrapper up and tip the last few fragments of chocolate down my throat.

                            ** Cadburys Choc buttons **
                            Lovely chocolate that reminds me of my childhood.

                            ** Crunchie **
                            I love the crisp honeycomb centre. The chocolate could be a bit thicker though. It's lower in calories that most bars which must be a good thing.

                            ** Milky Way **
                            This has a light nougat centre. Do you remember the advert, 'Milky way, the sweet you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite'. Who were they kidding! Six of these bars and I'm full!

                            Well that's my list. Women NEED chocolate and that's a fact. Now where did I hide those Minstrals?


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                              03.11.2009 16:57
                              Very helpful



                              Miss it miss out (I lie!)

                              In no particular order people, as you will be able to tell by now, I just love writing lists, chocolate isnt even my favourite thing, Im more of a savoury girl, but when I am in the mood, these are my top 10!

                              1. Nestle White Crunch
                              Where on earth have these gone? Havent seen them in shops for ages, they only tend to stock the milk ones. Urgh, they are gross, they taste like Advent Calender Chocolate! So after craving a white chocolate crunch for months, I went to Macro and bought a box! Needless to say after a few I felt sick, so I give them to the children of the family who visit our house now!
                              2. Alpini - Thorntons
                              The nicest single chocolate ever. When I am in town shopping, I just go in and get 2 in a bag (no shame) and walk around town eating them. I can only eat two, otherwise I get toothache, but they are out of this world.
                              3. Rocky Road Slab - Hotel Chocolat
                              This is the ultimate in sickly loveliness. I can only ever afford these as a treat though, so it tends to be a once a year feature on my Christmas list. I do sit and eat the whole thing in one go which is absolutely grotesque!
                              4. Red Lindt - Lindor
                              Again, this is like Alpini, one or two satisfies my craving for chocolate for a long time. And any more hurts my teeth, no matter how much Sensodyne I coat my teeth in to force more chocolates in!
                              5. Fudge
                              You cant beat a fudge. Cheap, cheerful, small yet satisfying. I buy one almost everytime I go in to my local shop. 3 fudges a week isnt good for anyone really, but I cant help it, they are my guilty (but cheap) pleasure!
                              6. Milka
                              Yummy, Milka is the bomb. Totally delicious and you can happily gorge yourself on this without the pain of toothache or it becoming sickly. I went to Amsterdam with my partner, and people were bringing cigs and drink back. I brought two huge bars of Milka!
                              7. Cadbury's Fruit and Nut
                              If I fancy a little bit of crunch and something a little bit different, then I will treat myself to a Fruit and Nut. Good thick chunky Cadbury Chocolate, with plenty of mixed nuts and raisins in it. Out of this world.
                              8. Wispa Gold
                              When these came back and everyone was going crazy for them, I thought well what's all the fuss. It's just another come back exploiting the consumer in the Credit Crunch to make money. Well, that was until I had one! I forgot how immensely gorgeous they are!
                              9. Champagne Truffles
                              Consumption of these have to be limited to one! Otherwise sickly doesn't even come in to it. It's a problem that, having a taste for the finer things in life, and not having a sweet enough tooth to enjoy more than one!
                              10. Milky Bars
                              Another terrible guilty pleasure like my fudge! They remind me of nicking sweets of the children I used to babysit for when they went up to bed - perhaps I should be ashamed - I'm not!


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                                29.10.2009 12:04
                                Very helpful
                                1 Comment



                                love chocolate love yourself

                                Chocolate isn't just the domain of the frustrated mid twenties/early thirties woman (we all know what its supposed to be a fix for) but plenty of men love chocolate too. I've been a dedicated and almost devoted eater of chocolate since I can remember, I can't eat nuts so please excuse the lack of nut and chocolate in the list.

                                Here's my top ten.

                                1. Kit Kat

                                My all time favourite, fab chocolate, biscuit hmmmmm and love the big fat chocolate on the edge of the chunky fingers.

                                2. Drifters - Like grown up twixs, all chewy and a real treat

                                3. Giant buttons - Only if they have been kept in the fridge for a while and are hard and you can crack them in your mouth.

                                4. Chocolate fingers, all crunchy and perfect for eating whilst watching TV with a cup of tea.

                                5. Chocolate coated hobnobs - the king of biscuits, is it allowed here? Not sure but putting it in anyway.

                                6. Mars - Mars is a strange one for me because I can go for weeks absolutely loathing them then I'll eat one and can't eat enough of them for a weel or so before returning to the loathing stage. Must the combo of chocolate and caramel?

                                7. Minstrels/Maltesers - Put these two together because the only time I eat them is at the cinema watching a film. Love them both but probably prefer minstrels.

                                8. Flakes - crumbly, lovely velvety chocolate and the adverts used to be great as well.

                                9. Dairy milk chocolate - the best chocolate around for me.

                                10. and I know I said I can't eat nuts but almonds aren't really nuts so toblerone is my guilty pleasure, especially the white chocolate version.


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