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Top ten favorite cars

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    16 Reviews
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      18.06.2009 14:04
      Very helpful
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      Now what about your favourites???

      Now you're talking! This is one of those very, very difficult questions for me but I would have to say that I'd choose the following (in no order!):

      1> Bugatti Veyron - It is a masterpiece of engineering and will remain an iconic motor for decades. A truly ground-breaking car with almost unfathomable levels of power (1000bhp).

      2> Lamborghini Reventon - Have you seen the pictures? If it looks that good in the flesh I will be very happy!

      3> Ferrari 330 P4 - one of the best looking cars of all time. Staggeringly beautiful and made by Italians doing what they do best. I first saw this on the cover of a car book when I was younger and instantly fell in love - if you've never seen one, google it and then make it your new desktop wallpaper!

      4> Nissan Skyline R34 GTR (Vspec II Nurburgring Edition) - OK, a bit of a nerdy one, but the skyline was (and still is) a truly ground-breaking car which brought electronic magic into the mainstream and made it affordable. I think the R34 is the best looking of all the editions from R32 to the current Skyline.

      5> Arial Atom - British engineering at it's finest. Get some scaffolding, put in a tweaked type-R engine and, hey-presto, you have a car that will do 0-60 in under 3 seconds for less than £40k!!

      6> Ferrari F40. Just because of the snuffling, flaming and booming exhausts...

      7> BMW M3 (Any series) - Every time I see one I always have a second glance, they are just great engineer's cars.

      8> McLaren f1 (GTR) - this did 240mph years and years before the likes of the veyron were even close!

      9> Mercedes McLaren SLR - amazing design, amazing heritage and amazing presence.

      10> Any Brabus Mercedes (apart from the smart car they did).....


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        12.04.2009 14:27
        Very helpful



        That's my own personal list, what's yours?

        This is my list of favourite cars and it may seem like a bit of an odd list. Everything from bottom of the range cars through to £300,000 cars. Favourites are a personal thing and here is mine:

        10. McLaren SLR
        This is basically a highly modified Mercedes SL. Yes, it is expensive and is worth much more than the average house. It is a proper supercar with nice luxury touches such are air conditioning that works, a nice sound system and an automatic gearbox. A luxury supercar, then. This may be getting moved off my list, since the new Mercedes SL AMG actually looks better and you will save around £150,000 if you buy the Mercedes version over the McLaren.

        9. Lexus IS200
        I almost bought one of these. Talking about the older model, made from about 1999. It is fairly square shaped. It looks like it means business. The interior is also very stylish and in this regard it is unusual for a Japanese car. TWell built, these are not too expensive at the moment, but I took a Mercedes C-Class over this down to the Lexus managing just 29mpg and the C-Class 37mpg for the same type of car as well as the Lexus insurance being more expensive (at least for me). The Lexus looks better, drives better and is built better than the C-Class however.

        8. Maserati Quattroporte
        These start at around £79,000, much cheaper than they actually look. They are a four door saloon car with a whopping great engine. But who cares what engine it has, who cares how fast it is? Take one look at it. It has so much style, even the Italians stop and stare.

        7. Smart Roadster
        Almost 'environmentally friendly', these have a tiny 700cc engine (0.7 litres). To give it some performance, Smart added a turbo. The turbo wizzes behind your head when you change gear as this car has the engine in the rear. The blistering performance can be beaten by most Vauxhall Corsas, but the handling of the Smart Roadster leaves a smile on your face for days! Just be sure to get one with the full automatic gearbox, the semi-auto will drive you mad! Unfortunately it doesn't have much boot space and only seats two.

        6. Lamborghini Gallardo
        The understated supercar. It really does look the business but doesn't have all the "look at me" spoilers. A little smaller than the Murcielago, this one has measurements that will fit down gaps in a normal road and will fit in a country lane without driving your left wheels in the shrubs.

        5. Volvo C30
        Yes, another normal car here. It looks amazing on the road, especially in white. Strange because I don't normally like white cars. I have got to admit that Volvo make good cars, but good looking cars are not the thing that first springs to mind. The C30 does look good, it also is reasonably priced and one day, one day I may just own one of these.

        4. Alfa GT
        The Alfa Romeo GT has been around for a long time now, however its looks have not dated. Alfa do not have the best reputation for reliability but they have a good thing for styling cars. The GT is only a four seater and has huge doors which may make it awkward in car parks. I find it looks very much like the loved Brera with the main difference being that your back passengers do not need to be contortionists throughout the journey!

        3. Mercedes C-Class Coupe
        I know, I know. Many people don't actually like these, but I do. There are a few problems with this car though. It is only a four seater, rear vision isn't brilliant. Having said that, early versions were built in South Africa where the standard C-Class is also built. Quality of their cars wasn't the best from this factory and within a year or so, Mercedes moved production to Germany to improve the quality. The reason is because this was the car that many first-time Mercedes owners were driving and Mercedes wanted them to have a good first opinion. Better built than the C-Class it was based on, the C-Class saloon and estated stayed in South Africa for production, it went on to either be loved or hated. I happed to love the car!

        2. Toyota Aygo
        The cheapest of the bunch, this car is really good! Everything has been designed to be built cheaply. This is different from designing a car and then working out where you can save costs by cutting corners. When Honda and Rover worked together, the Rovers were basically Honda cars with corner cutting, and you could tell! Look where Rover are now. Toyota on the other hand have made a cracking little car which is efficient, cheap to insure and small. A perfect first car. Before anyone states that this is the same as the Citroen C1 and the Peugeot 107, it isn't. Both the Citroen and Peugeot are identical cars, but are priced higher. Although you should be able to get the car cheaper from one of the French manufacturers, it does mean you will have to haggle. Further, Peugeot and Citroen are known to have higher depreciation than Toyotas. It will be interesting in years to come to see which are depreciating the most, being an identical car. You can't insult someone who drives one a Toyota Aygo.

        1. Maserati 3200GT
        ...and now my favourite. The Maserati 3200GT is the first car that was made when Maserati was under the control of Ferrari. So you expect it to be good then? Well no. It is unreliable, uneconomical, notoriously expensive to service, fairly poor rear visibility, some very dodgy colour schemes and depreciates faster than Royal Bank of Scotland's share price. Some of the colour schemes are so bad (there is an awful mid blue colour, non-metallic) that if you have an accident, the other person could not claim they never saw you! It has a Ferrari engine and traction control system, hence the unreliability (yes, Ferrari are known to be unreliable). I was quoted £3000 for a service when I was looking for one.

        Yet I still love it. The 'boomerang' lights at the back set this car apart but they were unfortunately dropped when the 4200 came out since the Americans decided the boomerang lights were too small. This car isn't the usual supercar either. Under £80,000, these things are now available at low prices. I have seen them for £9000, although usually they are more in the £12,000 - £15,000 range for an early model (1999). It seats four people, yes, that's right, four people even though it looks like a two seater. The design of the car is close to perfect, the lines look good from every angle. Inside is also very stylish, stitched material and again, a huge choice of colours were available so expect to find a silver car with a red interior out there!

        The Maserati 3200GT is available to almost anyone to buy. Running it is a different story. Expensive insurance, rip-off serving costs and poor miles per gallon. A shame, because I almost bought one!


        They are the cars I like and I am missing some that people may almost expect to be standard. Here's some and why:

        Bugatti Veyron - Boring
        This is the most boring car I think I have ever seen. It doesn't actually look that good and what's worse is the two paint colours on the car. I took a look at the website and it has a list of the colours. The only nice variation was black/black! Yes, it's fast. Yes, it's unusual but I can't help feeling that this is like buying a scientific experiment. There is absolutely no emotion from me to this car. It's like a Formula 1 car - you can respect it's speed, but it's still a bit ugly.

        Porsche 911 - All Look the Same
        Perhaps these do drive really well, but do I want to look like I buy a car from the most uncreative manufacturer out there? They all look the same. Everyone that likes me bores me to death with the difference between the GT2 and the GT4 and the 4x4 and the Turbo. I am sometimes scared to talk to people who own Porsches in case it is really possible to die from boredom.

        All 4x4's - Not as Safe as People Imagine
        SUV's, 4x4's, Chelsea Tractors. Whatever you call them it is simply a case of 'mine is better because it is bigger', or the best 'they are safer'. Unfortunately, according to statistics, you are twice as likely to die in a 4x4 off-road style car than a normal everyday car. This is due to the increased likelyhood of them turning over. ABS and other technological advancements have improved the safety but nothing stops them turning over due to other impacts in the event of an accident. Some models have a tendancy to turn over under sharp turning (avoiding an accident) - unfortunately this can mean that you hit the accident head on (literally) since the car on it's side can hit roof first. Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. You want a big safe car? Buy a Volvo V70 or something similar.

        All Ferraris - Bland
        I find Ferrari a bit bland these days. Like Porches, it's like everyone wants them. The two main make of supercar. Unfortunately, Lamborghini, Aston Marton and Maserati are making much better looking cars these days.


        Almost Unavailable Cars:

        And of course we all love some unavailable cars as well. Yes a Metro makes it into the list, the Metro 6R4 and the Audio Quattro (original Quattro with a capital Q, not an A3 quattro or A4 quattro etc...). These cars were amazing in their day, the days of B-Class Rally. Amazing, amazingly difficult to control - stupid speeds, poor handling. Unfortunately a string of big rally accidents saw an end to these cars though you do sometimes see them at rallys, still being raced. Very rarely, you may see one on the road, but they are so rare, I couldn't include them in my top ten.

        Electric Car:

        The last I will mention is the Venturi Fetish. I don't know huge amounts about it, but it was the first electric vehicle I ever know of that looks good and also has good performance. I am unsure that electic cars are the way to go since electic production creates lots of environmental concerns as well - so they are not 'zero emissions', they simply move the emissions away from the car itself. However, it could be the future and the future looks good!


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          07.04.2009 16:00
          Very helpful



          I would need a big garage to store all of these cars

          There are a bit of a mix of cars in here affordability wise but here goes

          10) VW Golf R32
          Starting off with an "affordable" car, I really like the shape of the Golf and I am a fan of German cars, as they (generally) don't fall apart quickly like some cars. I have driven a Golf for a few weeks as a company car and I liked it. But because it was a basic model it was very heavy and pulling away wasn't fun. My dad had a R32 about 3 years ago and I was allowed a drive of it in a car park at the dead of night. It was so much fun and very responsive, I wish I could have taken it for a longer drive. A potential for when I come to change cars in a few years if I can get one at a good price.

          9) Aston Martin DB7
          One of my friends Dad has a DB7 and I am so jealous that they even have one of these cars in their garage. Unfortunately my friend has told her that he won't ever let her drive it so I don't even stand a hope of getting a test drive. When her parent were out one night my friend and I did once sit in the car in the garage and took photos of each other behind the wheel posing. It's just such a cool car and if I could afford one I would definitely purchase one for my car collection...... I need to stop dreaming

          8) Spyker C8
          An expensive yet girly sports car. From the exterior the Spyker is pretty average but the interior of the car is amazing. It's so shiny and pretty with all the padded leather and chrome dials and dash board. The seating and upholstery reminds me of a padded Chanel handbag. I like the comment from Jeremy Clarkson when he was discussing the car and that if you crashed in one of these you would be most certainly be impaled on the steering wheel but would not care as the steering wheel is so pretty!

          7) Porshe Cayenne Turbo S
          The car is a bit of a footballers wife type car being a 4x4 but is a good looking 4x4 in comparison to a Range Rover Sport or a BMW X5. Inside, the car just looks comfortable and not only would I love to drive one of these I would love to be a passenger in one of these too. The car does 0-60 in under 5 seconds but is huge. I would love to take one of these off road but its so shiny and "bling bling" I would not like to get the car covered in mud!!

          6) Mini Cooper S
          My boyfriend and I bought one of these about a year ago and got rid of it after 4 months as although we loved the car, the drive and the look of the car (Mr Lools hated the interior of the car because of the dash but personally I loved it) the car was just not at all economical. Apparently the car does 45mpg , but we were finding the car was doing around 20mpg what you would expect from a BMW M3. For a small car it was costing us a fortune in petrol. I asked a guy at work who also had a Mini Cooper S who drove a similar route to work as I did and he was also having similar issues with his car. Despite costing a lot to run car was so nippy and just so fun to drive and a very good looking car ............ I was very upset when we got rid of my little blue mini and would like another one .... If someone else would pay for the running of it.

          5) Audi S3
          Ideally if I won the lottery tomorrow for everyday driving popping to the shops, going to work (as I would still do some form of work) I would buy an Audi S3 as I wouldn't want to look too flash, and driving around in a 2 seater sports car would be a bit of a pain (plus there are far too many speed bumps around . My current car is an Audi A3 and I love how it drives and the shape of the car (plus I can park it easily which always helps). The S3 is just a sportier version of what I have and looks a lot better.... In (quite) a few years time I can hopefully save up and upgrade to one of these.

          4) Audi R8
          It's technically a sports car but a more "sensible sports car" due to a lower fuel consumption and cost in comparison to my top three cars. The shape of the car is sleek and I love the two tone colour of the side panels. I imagine I would be able to park one of these too as it's not a huge bulky car that looks awkward and has too low suspension to get over speed bumps. I'm trying to drop hints to Mr Lools that I would like as a present to test drive one of these at a track day. Let's hope he picks up on the hints

          3) Koenigsegg CXX
          Another pretty sports car which I first seen on Top Gear. The shape of the car is quite square at the front yet has very smooth curves on the side panels so the sports car doesn't look box like which I feel Ferrarri's do (hence why they do not feature on my list). The car was also the fastest ever around the Top Gear rack so not only does it look good it drives well too. It's just a shame its another one of them cars that I will never be able to afford

          2) Lamborghini Gallardo
          Yep another fast sports car on my list. The shape of the car is so fun and looks so sporty. I had seen the car on Top Gear and not been too keen on the car. But seen one of these when visiting Brighton. I ended up waiting at the lights next to the car and fell in love with it. The shape and the general noise of the engine when accelerating sounded so loud and just how I think a sports car should sound. I don't think I would go for the yellow colour which so many people who own one of these have I would go for black.

          1) Bugatti Veyron
          Just for the pure speed 0-60 in 2.5 seconds owning one of these would be amazing... Providing that I had access to a large open space ...which if I could afford the car then I am sure I could afford a little bit of land to play on! .Not only do I love the fact the car but the whole shape of the car just looks amazing. I done a quick search on Autotrader and a dealer was selling these at £750,000. I can't imagine having the money to buy a car and I think this would be a car I could only own in my dreams.


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            30.03.2009 11:48
            Very helpful



            They all breakdown

            My top ten are not necessarily ones I have driven or purchased but just ones that I love to look at or make me chuckle. As March is car month on dooyoo then I thought I would make an offering.
            = = = Aston Martin = = =


            To celebrate the DVD release of the Quantum of Solace (its not very good), any of the Aston Martin DB range should make the list. James Bonds iconic coupe is quite simply the perfect sports ca and its mix of technology, power and mahogany wood finish makes it the perfect purchase for any red blooded male. I saw the Vantage the other day and was mesmerised by it, the sun catching the metallic spokes and rain drops in that way only the best cars can sparkle to. Even the old DB range has class and if I ever make millions it will be my first purchase.

            = = = VW Beatle = = =

            - - - - - - - - - - - -
            'A hippy is doing 70mph down a country road in his VW Beatle. Gets pulled up by the law. Cop gives him ticket for speeding. Bloke gives it back to cop and says can you make it out for 90 mph. Why says the cop. I'm trying to sell it says the bloke.'
            - - - - - - - - - - - -

            Which ever way you look at it women bought the new VW Beatle (spelt Beetle) because it had that flower in it. The German motor manufacturers brilliant but simple marketing campaign for the relaunched model made it the must have car for the trendy young female professional around town. Women seem to like small cars on some sort of twisted logic theory that they will be less likely to be involved in car smash, presumably because the other drivers don't see them to squash them.
            The original VW Beatle, along with the Camper Vans, was the traditional preserve of the backpacking hippy type, the workhorses been around the world more times than a demented Russian satellite. They were so reliable and with their ability to run on pretty much any cannibalised spare parts from other makers it made them the surfer's choice of shag wagons. Then Kevin Bacon made the VW Beatle cool in America with Footloose and now half of Mexico drives them it is in the world's most popular cool car bracket. When you see archive footage of Mexico City it does seem to be full of them.

            = = = The Ferrari 599 GTB = = =


            There are beautiful Ferraris and their chunky ones, but there are never ugly ones. The 599 GTB is one of the beautiful ones. I wanted to hyperlink a picture of it to show you how gorgeous it is but as usual dooyoos Mazda text editor won't have it.

            = = = Maserati Granturismo = = =


            Maserati were always the great Italian pretenders to Ferraris throne but couldn't quite attract the glamour of the blood red contenders. They are as equally stylish and fast and have those Aston Martin sexy compact curves that move through the air like a ghost. It was, along with the Detomaso Pantera, the coolest 'Hotwheels' car I ever had!

            = = = Lamborghini Countach = = =


            The familiar gull-wing doors to many who played Top trumps as kids define this Italian supercar. You would be lucky to get ten miles to the gallon from it, prowling around Milan's streets, but you would certainly get some good mileage of female action from it, although there's no back seat to get her ankles behind the ears. These noisy dickwaving super sports became so iconic of garish Italian performance cars it soon became labelled as tacky and cheesy. If you could afford one of these you certainly wouldn't buy one. Most are exported to South America were drug dealers growl around Bogotá in them and you just wouldn't be seen dead in one of these in Europe, if you wanted to be seen - if you see what I mean. If you wanted to beat it in top Trumps only the Bentleys superior wheelbase could nail it.

            = = = The Ford Mustang = = =


            Although American cars are notoriously uneconomic, chunky and angular affairs the Mustang stands alone as the class act for me. Its one of only two I have driven in my list and acted as my wheels for part of my coast-to-coast trip across America. Blasting through the Arizona desert in one of these is the true America car experience...wing and road kill in your hair. You can buy the new ranges for as little as twenty thousand dollars in the US and their performance and cool far out-strips most of its British rivals.

            = = = The Reliant Robin = = =

            The ironically named three-wheeler was my dads first car and so my first memories of being in one, which made for plenty of jokes about it.

            Q: How do you double the value of a Reliant Robin?
            A: Fill the petrol tank

            Q: What do you call a Robin with two exhaust pipes?
            A: A wheelbarrow
            Q: How do you execute a hand brake turn in a Robin?
            A: Stick your arm out the window and grab a sign post

            But it was also quite cool to get a lift by my dad to school and it would be often full of friends I had made through having a dad with a whacky car. Because it was full up it would indeed tip on the corners and the cheap fibre-glass bottom would drag and then bite like an ice-skate. It's on my list because it brings back good memories and it also reminds me of our Delboy and his yellow one. The boxer Ricky Hatton is also a big fan of Delboy and has bought one of the three yellow Independent trader Robins used in the sitcom and drives it around his local Manchester streets dressed in full Del garb after one punch too many. Can there be a more eccentric British car?
            As a senior citizen was driving his Reliant Robin down the motorway, his mobile phone rang. Answering, he heard his wife's voice urgently warning him, "Dennis, I just heard on the news that there's a car going the wrong way on the M42. Please be careful!" "Hell," said Dennis, "It's not just one car. Its hundreds of them!"

            = = = The Ford Model T = = =


            As most of you know the Model T was the world's first production car (Stephen Fry will probably buzz in here), but its not that I'm interested in. The Model T was also the Laurel & Hardy car, so demands respect, Stan & Ollie's inability to fit into one together the source of many big laughs from the comedy duo. Then when Ollie has to get his rather overweight girlfriend in along with Stan when the couple plan to elope the car can only be tested to the max. But it was pretty durable and even Laurel & Hardy couldn't destroy it, surviving a chainsaw at the saw mill, being sandwiched by two tram cars and being run over by a steam lorry!

            = = = The Mini = = =

            A true British icon the Mini is a car that has crossed all social backgrounds and lifestyles, a rare feat in Britain and a car we are very proud to be the creator of. After its rebirth at the turn of the millennium sales were boosted by its appearance in the remake of the Italian Job, the movie that had made the cars reputation back in the 60s, its nimble selling point succinctly demonstrated. Ok it's made mostly abroad now but it was born out of British Leyland and it's a car that's as British in appearance as the Bolar hat and we shouldn't forget that we used to make great cars and the industry is worth supporting in these tough times. Once you mothball a production line its over.

            = = = The American Police Car = = =

            Whatever make they are the American police car is the workhorse of Hollywood, prepared to take the hits in every movie. Only in America can 25 of them manage to run each into each other in spectacular style and at ludicrous speeds on queue or role over 30 times for no apparent reason. If a British police car roles just once in a movie it's a rare event, half of London taped off for the stunt. The dumb American shefiff often makes a movie and what would the early 70s movies be without the tobacco chewing redneck highway patrolman...


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              31.01.2009 17:09
              Very helpful



              Can I have one? Please?

              Before I begin, I'd like to say that I'm going to struggle to put these in any kind of order, other than how they pop into my head. Cars are difficult things to compare - sure, they have plenty of 'Top Trump' figures, such as power, top speed, etc., but at the end of the day, only one thing really matters - the way it makes you feel. Almost everything is subjective, and comes down to personal opinion. With that out of the way, these are the ten cars I wish I owned.

              1 - Aston Martin DB5 - Possibly the coolest car of all time. Famous for being used in James Bond movies, it instantly became an object of lust for me. The beautiful, sweeping shape is as graceful as anything else, and the low-slung, traditional roadster style of it creates a fantastic look. The high quality, good looking feel translates into the interior, and while it isn't supposed to be particuarly brilliant in the actual driving department, perfection is always flawed. My favourite bit? The classic, unmistakeable front end.

              2 - 1960's Ford Mustang - I've got a thing for muscle cars, and this is the greatest of them all. Another achingly gorgeous shape, with a range of iconic paint jobs - you can't have a Mustang without racing stripes. On top of the stellar looks, the engine produces a magnificent grunt, and while it may not be the best in the corners, I know it would never fail to get my heart racing.

              3 - Ferrari 250GT Convertible - Reputedly the most expensive car in the world, with the few models left in existence being auctioned off for anything up to £5 million. To be honest, I'd pay that for the shell alone, and just let it sit in the corner of the room. For those who dispute that machines can be classed as art, I'd point them to this - arguably the best looking car ever made. The fact that it moves is irrelevant to me; I'd be too scared to drive it for fear of ruining it's beautiful face.

              4 - 1970's Alfa Romeo Spider - Another contender for the crown of best looking car ever made. The thin spokes of the wheels, the ladylike, curving shape of the beautiful body, and the wind in your hair - what more could you want? I've chosen the 1970's version, but it was a very close run thing between that and the current model, because of it's own undeniable style and modern good looks. However, the more feminine of the two wins this time.

              5 - Dodge Challenger - This time, however, it's the modern take on a classic that I've plumped for. It handles like a dining table, but other than that, it's perfect. Bags of power, a roaring engine, and those looks. Good luck passing by unnoticed in this - the aggressive, bold styling is guaranteed to turn heads. The exhaust burble isn't exactly subtle either - superb. No other car has the same sense of pride as this, and the modern Dodge more than does the original justice.

              6 - Lotus Elise - There has to be at least one true driver's car on my list, so I've gone for the little Lotus. It's small, cute and unashamedly stylish, but it's not the looker of this group. Instead, it's the driving experience that sets it apart - I get the feeling I'd end up driving this everywhere, and just looking at the others. On the right road, with lots of swooping bends, this agile little nymph is sure to gobble them up, resulting in driving heaven.

              7 - Lamborghini Murcielago - From the small and relatively discreet, to, well, this. Lamborghini's need no introduction - that's kind of the point. Each and every one is a creation of passion, a labour of love, and is bursting with character. My Murcielago would be bright yellow, convertible, and would scream down quiet village high streets on a wave of undiluted power. For me, that sums up everything the car is about.

              8 - Aston Martin DB9 - I've got a definite soft spot when it comes to Astons; something about them just makes me go weak at the knees. I think it might be the styling. Those beautiful curves, swooping lines, and the evocative nose - yep, definitely the styling. Although, they sound quite good too - like a gargling giant. The DB9, in particular, is good at both of these, and is also a supreme grand tourer. Hopping into this and simply heading off into the sunset would be a dream come true.

              9 - Maserati GranTurismo - I like Italian cars, as you may have noticed - this is the fourth on the list. They seem to follow a simple formula - drop dead gorgeous to look at, sound like thunder, and drive with soul, passion and character. This Maserati is no exception, and while it's not the most obvious of my ten choices, that's part of it's appeal. It's an underdog, it's keen to impress and above all, it just wants to have fun. I love it.

              10 - TVR Chimera - I like to think of TVR as a British Lamborghini - mad, bad and dangerous. They've got spirit, character, soul, and are totally unique. I imagine there's also a lot of fun to be had by living constantly on the edge - sure, it might end badly one day, but that's part of the deal. At least you'd go having the time of your life. It really is exciting enough to kill you. A bubbling, grumbling exhaust note that takes a lion's roar and gives it more oomph. And the looks - nothing else looks like a TVR, with those sweeping curves. It has one of the most beautiful bodies on this list, which is saying something.

              So, there we have it. I've surprised myself in some ways, but it appears I have a real weakness for a car that runs on passion instead of petrol. These cars all offer something slightly different; aching cool, terrifying excitement, sensous looks, or a noise that even God couldn't beat. One things for sure - they might be different, but I wish I owned even one of them.


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                17.01.2009 02:29
                Very helpful




                I have only just found this discussion section, and what better way to kick things off than my favourite subject - Cars!

                I'll list the 10 cars that would be in my perfect garage, and if these were the 10 cars that I had to own for the rest of my life. Note that they are in the order they pop into my head, not preference, each one is crucial to my garage :P

                Aston Martin One-77: As if a DBS (which would be here had the One-77 not been revealed) was superb enough, they release a 7.0 Litre, completely customisable, hand built especially for you Aston. I really don't think I need to say any more about why this is here, just look at it!

                Hennessey Viper Venom 1000 Twin Turbo: I've always had a soft spot for American muscle cars, okay they don't go around a track, they drink fuel, but let's be honest; who cares! I for one could not say no to an 8.3 Litre V10 Twin- Turbo producing 1,100Hp and 1,490 N*m of Torque. It does 60 in 2.72s, does 200 in 19.6s and Hennessey claim "The fastest and most powerful limited-edition street car in the world." In a shootout it was quicker than a Bugatti Veyron in all categories, including being quicker to 200! There's a rather nice one in Snake Skin Green for sale.

                Toyota Supra Twin-Turbo: Maybe it's too many films, but I love the way they look both tuned and unturned. Over 1000bhp is possible from that 3.0 engine when tuned, and is one of the ultimate street fighters, it was a close one between this and a Skyline, but this edged it.

                BMW M3 Coupé: I would need a practical car or two in the garage, and why not make it a quick one? Stylish inside and out, mean look from the front, and of course, a great engine. You can say what you like about BMW drivers but there's no denying that this is a fantastic car.

                Audi RS5: Will it ever be released? All I know is that the normal S5 looks beautiful, and I'd just have to have one, especially if it has a 4.2 Twin-Turbo like the RS5 is rumoured. Luxury, style and speed would be the order of the day when I was cruising in this. I like this and the M3 so much that although they are similar, I think it would be worthy to have 2 spaces in the garage with them.

                Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG: An executive convertible is required at some point, and the SLR roadster isn't really to my tastes. This fits the bill; it's comfortable, luxurious and has a 6.3 litre engine.

                Caterham Superlight R500: If you're having a road/track car may as well make it the ultimate! Unbelievable power considering the weight, apparently a huge laugh to drive too! I want one!

                Renaultsport Clio 255 V6: Just a Clio, but with now rear seats and a 3.0 litre V6 in the back for those occasions when you want a small car. No need to make it a slow one...

                Dodge Ram SRT-10 Twin Cab: I very much like the ridiculousness of this truck (which is the fastest production pickup when stock). They are just enormous when you stand next to them, then you notice it only has 2 seats! And as the 8.3 V10 probably isn't powerful enough, why not whack a Hennessey Twin Turbo kit on it to bump it up to over 1000BHP, like the viper venom above?

                Lamborghini Murciélago SV: Also liked this model in the LP640 variant, so when the SV is released all the better. Only comes in White as well, which suits me as I love white cars. There's just something about these which I can't help but like, and my collection wouldn't be complete without it!

                I doubt you'll find this little write up very useful, but I enjoyed writing it, maybe when my Euromillions comes through (or enough people say my reviews are useful) I'll have them.


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                  19.11.2008 10:41
                  Very helpful



                  Iconic cars which are now technologically obsolete but still have a place in my heart.

                  My instant reaction is to think of things like the Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari F40, Maclaren F1 (obviously the road going version), Aston Martin Vanquish, Jaguar XJ220 and the like, but let's face it, unless your name is Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond or James May (although I have noticed that he doesn't get to drive the super cars) then it is highly unlikely that you will ever get to sample such exotica.

                  Of course if you a an overpaid footballer, a so called celebrity or a successful business person with a passion for cars then you may have had an opportunity to try at least one or two of these vehicles.

                  If, like me, you are a mere mortal then the chances are that you have never seen these cars in real life, let alone sat in one or (gasp) had the privilege of driving one, therefore a magazine picture or a TV program is the closest you have managed to get.

                  How can I place a car that I have never driven, been a passenger in or seen in a top 10 of cars. Whilst they may be the equivalent of car porn, how can I comment on the comfort (or lack of it), the power, the smoothness and the driving experience? Correct. There is no way I could.

                  My top 10 cars are cars that mean something to me. Most of them are, in my opinion, iconic cars of the late 1980s and early 1990s and are cars that are in the reach of everybody. You don't need a second mortgage to own one of these, you can park them almost any where without some low life scum trying to pinch them and you can actually use them all on a daily basis.

                  These cars are from the original "hot hatch" period and it was .......

                  *A time when insurance companies hiked up the premiums so high that many young men (including myself) could not afford to insure many of these cars.
                  *A time when it was considered cool to drive in a spots cap and have the back of the seat so low that you could barely see over the steering wheel.
                  *A time when MDF stealth shelves fully loaded with 6x9 speakers were all the rage complete with 2 or more sub woofers (of at least 10 inches) amped up to the maximum. Forget about the all round quality of sound it was all about the bass.
                  *The time that kicked off the boy racer culture.

                  So, in no particular order I present my top ten cars:

                  1) Ford Orion 1600i Ghia

                  The 1600i Ghia was the top of the range spec of the Orion series. I had a G reg model, which was the last ones made, with the more reliable and efficient EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system. The interior was better than the standard Ford and it came with a full electrics package consisting of an electric sunroof, windows, mirrors (they were heated as well) and a fuel computer (which wasn't any use because it was so inaccurate but it was a gadget that none of my mates had). It didn't have a heated front screen which was a pain on those frosty mornings.

                  I loved driving my Orion and covered over 25,000 in the first year of owning it, despite being in full time education and living 5 miles from sixth form. I had a part time job and all my money went on petrol. We just used to drive for the sake of it, and my word we had some fun in that car. There are so many memories.

                  The Orion was not a sports car, far from it. The suspension was loose, there was lots of body roll at roundabouts and it didn't handle. But that was the fun of it. It did, however, have really good brakes and my proudest (and most stupid) was out braking a Toyota MR2 at the Brundle roundabout on the A47.

                  I bought a body kit for mine consisting of bigger front and rear bumpers (to get it closer to the ground and give it that sporty look), side skirts, splitters and a spoiler. The body kit was so ill fitting (it was a cheap mould of a mould but still cost loads of cash) that only the bumpers, splitters and spoiler fitted. The skirts did not and I was gutted. Due to small rear end shunt and an incident with a fox the bumpers had to be replaced with standard ones within a few months.

                  The time came when it was going to start costing me money to own and the decision was made to sell it. I was distraught but it was the right thing to do. Where for art thou G387 VPP?

                  2) Ford Fiesta XR2

                  Whilst there were 'hotter' Fiestas to have such as the RS or the RS Turbo (although these were exceptionally rare and expensive), in my opinion this was the hot hatch to have, but only in the 'boxy' Mk2 shape. I never actually owned one of these because of insurance reasons. Even as a named driver on my mothers policy there was an age restriction of 21 and you needed to have held a full licence for a minimum of 3 years. Damn you CIS insurance! I could get an Orion 1600i (hence the above) with a better engine and higher spec which made no sense to me.

                  When we hit 20 my friend bought a Mk 2 in gun metal grey and I was really jealous. This was a car I had pined for when I was 17 to 18 and I never got the chance to own one. The XR2 was the boy racers car. It had such attitude and the pepper-pot alloy wheels and spot lights really set it off.

                  It was only a 1600cc and it had twin carbs (no fuel injection here) but it did have a twin choke which I believe worked like an on-off switch (Please forgive me here as I am not that technically minded). These weren't the fastest of cars but they weren't slow either.

                  The XR2 is different from the other Fiestas in that it had a bigger engine but was more sporty as it included bigger bumpers, side skirts and a tine spoiler. All the body parts were colour coded as well for that extra pose factor.

                  3) Ford Escort XR3i

                  The bigger brother of the XR2, and like the XR2 there were 'hotter' versions out there including the RS, RS turbo and the Cosworth (the ultimate Escort), however all of these were pricey to buy, expensive to run and maintain and are true enthusiasts cars.

                  The XR3i was available in 1600cc or 1800cc variants and was different to other Escorts because it came with the spot lights, bigger bumpers, side skirts, a better spoiler, dog leg alloy wheels and all body parts were colour coded.

                  In standard form they weren't much different to drive than a normal Escort although they were quicker. Once lowered these were a different animal altogether and handled like they were on rails, which was quite dangerous. With the Orion there was body roll which led to a lot of feeling. The car could be pushed and as soon as it felt to loose you had the chance to back off. This was not the case with my lowered XR3i. It was either on the road or off the road. I can only liken it to driving a go kart whereby one minute you're going straight and the next you are having a spin.

                  4) Renault 5 GT Turbo

                  This was the best worst made car ever built. Old style Renaults were really poorly built, probably to the standard of a baked bean tin. The 5 Turbo had a 1.4 turbo driven engine and due to its light weight had an immense power to weight ratio.

                  The top speed wasn't particularly fast but the acceleration was amazing. They were great fun to drive and handled really well, whilst they were still working. My 5 Turbo was the most unreliable vehicle I have ever owned (including the Aprilia RS250 motor cycle) and was a complete money pit.

                  The most famous 5 Turbo will be that featured in the Ali G Show and in the film. That bright blue 5 turbo with the yellow interior is the show car of Charisma (specialist car tuners) and it is a gorgeous vehicle. I was lucky enough to see it at the Motor show in Birmingham back in the early 1990s.

                  5) BMW Z3

                  If you want pose factor get one of these. The competition, if you can call it that, includes the MGF and the MX-5 and the build quality is not up to the standard of German produced cars.

                  The Z3 with its long reaching bonnet and short squat rear end is the classic 1990s style and I love it. It has been replaced with the Z4 which I don't think it looks as good but I guess it's a personal preference thing.

                  The Z3 has a full electrics package, including a power hood, as well as a leather interior and the BMW badge. My Z3 was a 1900cc which was not fast but still looked sporty which enticed attention from other road users. If I had the money, and personal circumstances were different, I would go for the 3000cc version which is a better all rounder.

                  The only reason I got rid of my Z3 was because some low life scum decided to take a screw driver to the paint work and etch a line from the bonnet all the way to the boot lid.

                  If you want to read my full review on the Z3 then it is available on Dooyoo.

                  6) Toyota Celica GT4

                  This was an awesome car which I bought as an alternative to an Imprezza.

                  It is cheaper to insure, cheaper to buy (although they are rare and hard to find), cheaper to run and not as common as an Imprezza although they are just as rapid and fun to drive (it handles like it is on rails) with a twin entry turbo and 240bhp on tap.

                  The Celica does not have the same attitude as an Imprezza (I don't think that is such a bad thing as a lot of Imprezza drivers do have a certain reputation and are pigeon holed) and it does not sound as good as the Imprezza (but then nothing does in my opinion).

                  If you want to read my full review on the Celica GT4 then it is available on Dooyoo.

                  7) Vauxhall Astra GTE

                  Available in 1800cc or 2000cc variants the Astra GTE was the hot hatch to have and was very desirable with attitude.

                  The larger engine (most hot hatches were 1400cc to 1800cc) meant that this car was capable of ridiculous speeds and was a target for joy riders and car thieves. If you watch older Police Camera Action programs then you will often see a police chase involving the Astra GTE.

                  The insurance on one of these cars was absolutely ridiculous and pushed it out of the reach of many would be owners, myself included. It was the car for older drivers, those in their mid to late twenties and older who should have known better.

                  I never actually owned one of these but my friend brought one when we were 24 years old. It had always been his dream car and he arrived at my house with a big grin on his face and just said "I told you that I would buy a GTE one day". It was a shame it was 6 years later than he saw it and the hot hatch period had died. He had bought a dinosaur for nostalgia purposes which had obviously had a very hard life (like most of them) but it did have a digital dash and it was still really fast.

                  8) Peugeot 205 GTI

                  This is another classic hot hatch of the late 1980s. Available as a 1600cc or 1900cc version these were quite rare and due to high insurance premiums pushed them out of the reach of most would be owners.

                  A genuine 205 GTI was fast and handles really well. I think they were too fast for many and out of the number of people I know who owned them all but one ended up writing their car off through driving beyond their capabilities. Most are lucky that they did not seriously injure innocent third parties, or themselves for that matter.

                  Of these who could not afford a genuine GTI many had the smaller 1400cc XS and then changed them to look like a GTI. This involved many trips to the breakers yards to find crashed GTIs so they could rip out the interiors and any other body parts that weren't damaged in the crash. This was a very common thing to do and getting hold of genuine GTI parts was a real challenge since they got snapped up so quickly. The lack of supply and high demand meant that it was very expensive as well.

                  9) Nissan 200SX

                  Nissans were never really that readily available and to get a sporty model, such as the 200SX usually meant going to an importer or scouring the national magazines and travelling a long way to see many poor examples.

                  The 200SX is a fantastic car with a 2000cc turbo driven engine. It is also rear wheel drive making it good fun but very twitchy around tight corners and very, very dangerous on wet or icy roads unless you're very careful with your right foot. In the dry it is a dream to drive.

                  The interior is really good, which is unusual for Japanese cars since this is the area that usually lets them down. The seats are leather and the 2 + 2 arrangement is strange given the dimensions of the car. It is massive (like most Nissan sports cars) and can only be described as a boat.

                  10) Fiat Punto HGT

                  I know a Fix It Again Tony car in my top 10 but this was a really nice car, despite its build quality and reliability.

                  The HGT was the top of the range Punto and boasted an 1800cc engine (it was very rapid), full electrics package, race style bucket seats, a great interior, sat nav as standard (this was very early sat nav and was no where the same standard as the portable systems of today but it was a rare gadget none the less) and a close ratio gearbox.

                  All this did come at a price though of just under £14,000 new which, for a Punto, is stupid money and there were a lot better cars out there for the same money and less. This was not a vehicle I owned (I did not have that sort of money lying around and if I did I would not spend it on a Fiat Punto) but my friend did.

                  I got to drive it on many occasions because my friend was the sort of bloke who used to drive, decide he wanted a drink and then hand his keys to his friend to drive back, which more often than not was me because I was never bothered about the beer.

                  This car was really fast and could out accelerate many boy racer cars but this is down to the power to weight ration. It was great to see the look on many faces as you would pull away at the traffic lights with a sportier car and still keep up with them. Many people didn't like being beaten by a Punto.

                  So that's it. My top 10 cars are boy racer cars from an era when the boy racer culture began. Whilst we did some silly things we did them in the right places which were out on country roads when there was little traffic. We were never stupid around towns and cities since we respected our licenses too much and if I did hit someone I would never drive again.


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                    03.05.2006 16:49
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                    I Need some Money.

                    I am not a big fan when it comes to driving as I am a little bit too nervous and just can’t relax so I absolutely hate it. When it comes to cars though I like everybody else can recognize what looks nice and what looks nasty. My top ten list below includes some of my dream cars but then some that are simply in my top ten because from experience I know that they are reliable and that in my view gets them into a top ten list anyway. Right on to the review.

                    10: Toyota Celica.

                    My boyfriends Dad has just got one of these and may I say it is one of the sexiest looking cars up close. The whole way it slants is sexy and I love the fact that when you sit inside it, your body just melts into the leather on the seats. My favourite part about this car though has to be the alarm which if you simply look into the car will go off and this has made me laugh on many occasions when I have seen people being nosy.

                    9: Renault Clio.

                    I think that this make of car is reliable from what one of my friends has told me. I spent every day for six months traveling to work and back with her in this car and it was great. The new style that has just come out is fantastic and looks amazing. The main reason I love this one though is because they drive so smoothly you can hardly feel the road surface which is just amazing. Great safety features and a good amount of space within the car gets it in my list.

                    8: Fiat Seicento.

                    Don’t laugh at me immediately for putting such a small (tin can as my Dad would call it) car in my top ten list but this is my car and it is going in for being 100% reliable. I got it because it is quite slow and I do not go on any fast roads so I do not need the speed to be amazing. It looks very compact and there is enough space in the front and back for people and the boot is bigger than you would imagine. I have had it almost two years and it has never broken down on me or had any problems. I have left it standing before in the cold weather for weeks and then come to start it and it has been fine. It makes my top ten for reliability and is a car I would recommend for someone as their first car.

                    7: BMW Z4.

                    Blame my sister for getting me to like these cars but purely for the way they look they deserve to be in this list. If I had lots of money I would buy one for the image it portrays because in my mind they look sporty but not overdone and inside they look pretty cozy. They are the only BMW cars I do like and my sister is obsessed with the Z series but as a dream car then they are great so there they go at number 5.

                    6: TVR Griffith.

                    Ok another dream car here and to be honest I only took a look at this car because of the name. I like the look of this car as it looks very sporty and to be honest that is the only reason I like it because I would like to think if I had the money I could get the car with the same name as me so it is in my list but for vain name purposes only.

                    5: Mini Cooper.

                    This is my Moms car and I can only say it is wonderful. She has a snappy little red one with white stripes and it looks superb and everyone who sees it wants it including me and I have to look at it every day. The actual car inside looks like a spaceship with how it is laid out and the seats are so comfortable. When it drives it is silent and speeds up well and automatically locks the doors for you as it hits 10mph. The car has many safety things and I love being in it as it is fun.

                    4: Fiat Punto.

                    Yes some of you might say why has she put another tin can in her list but these are the cars that my boyfriend has always had and they are great. He has had two and both have been extremely comfortable, reliable and above all they actually do look quite nice. The one he has now which is two years old is lovely and has multiple airbags for safety and a great stereo system even though it is a tape player. A fantastic car if you do want one that is reliable and is a pleasure to be in.

                    3: Ford Fiesta.

                    This is a fantastic car and goes into my list because my Mom had one for years and it was a fantastic little car. It never let her down and the actual car drives very well indeed. In about six years that she had this car it never did wrong which led to our families trust of Ford. The actual Fiesta in my opinion has a good look about it and an even better reputation and now you can even get them in a lot more shapes and styles and speeds so more choice for everyone. For reliability then this car is a must.

                    2: Audi TT.

                    I love these cars because they look so cool. In my opinion I think that the Audi TT looks like it is a lot more expensive than it actually is and I actually like it a lot more than any Porsche I have ever seen although people tell me Audi have been copying their style. My Uncle has an Audi and he loves it so I would trust it to be a good make but this is one car that I am putting in my top ten purely because it looks good. I haven’t even seen inside of one though so I would probably be disappointed.

                    1: VW Beetle (New Style).

                    Whenever anybody talks about winning the lottery at work the first thing that is asked is what car would you have? My answer is always the same, a VW Beetle in the new style and I always get joked at because I wouldn’t go for a big sports car but I can’t help it I just love them. What I love about them is the way they look. Every car on the road in my opinion looks extremely similar because most of them are the same shape with square windows and nothing about them looks special. The beetle in my opinion looks like it is worth driving because it is so different.

                    Other things I like about the beetle are the little details such as the small vase to put flowers in in all of the cars. Also I love the way that they drive as the one I managed to be in was ever so quiet and was so smooth. Everybody I know who has a VW have said they are very reliable cars so the beetle is sticking as my number one.

                    So there you have it my top ten list and now I have got myself thinking about cars I may for the fifteenth time check my finances to see if I can afford a beetle but I do think they are going to tell me to get real like always. If anybody wants to buy me a beetle (preferably in electric blue) then please feel free but for now I am going to go back to the real world.

                    Thanks for reading.



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                      11.02.2004 11:34
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                      I saw this topic and couldn't pass it by.These are my top ten though I'm going to sneak in more than ten by using a couple of dodgy headings to get a couple in - well you just have to do these things.This isn't a straight review so there won't be any prices etc and general data may be patchy as this is straight from my head.Some of these I've owned,some I hope to own and others are just fantasy.Also they're not set out in any particular order just the order I jotted them down in on a scrap of paper - at first I couldn't think of all ten now I've a list of some twenty odd so here goes - 1. Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 2WD.Here's a car I've drooled over owning for years now.I never really thought that much of Sierras when I was a kid but this car is different.The XR4i with it's plastic sides never caught my imagination and the rest of the early ones were pretty dire looking cars,no replacement for the Cortina or that's what I thought at 10 or 11 when they first appeared.Then the original RS Cosworths arrived with that huge whale-tail spoiler,brought out to satisfy the homologation rules for rallying these beast never really managed to revive the sucsess of the MK1 and MK2 Escorts but you could never deny their presence.With the face-lifted Sierras came the 4-door Sapphires and demise of the 3-door version along with the barnstorming original 'whale-tails' but in their place they brought out the much more understated Sapphire Cosworths in RWD and later 4 wheel drive versions.Anyone remember Jimmy Nail in 'Spender' driving one of these.With a 2.0 16v turbocharged YBB Cosworth designed engine they were good for 150mph and a 0-60 in the mid 5 second bracket.I want one and intent selling my soul to my bank manager later this year to get one.I have driven one and they are amazing. 2. Lotus Carlton.170mph 0-60 in 4seconds and a recomendation from the police that they should be banned outr
                      ight(or so the legend goes).Ferrari beating performance in what is basically a large Vauxhall - give me some of that!!!.All in black with around 400bhp from a staight six turbocharged engine this car is a legend and rightly so.Never driven one and probably never will but you can live in hope. 3. Ford Capri 2.8injection.I had one of these and it was one of those cars that actually lived up to my expectations.How the Capri should have been from the word go I've had allsorts of them from an MK2 1977 R-reg 1600GL to a 1980 MK3 2000S and many others but the 2.8 was the one that left it's mark.Always remembered for the 'Professionals' the Capri seems to have got a label as a poor mans Porsche and a reputation for loose handling catching you unawares and sending you sideways at roundabouts and junctions but with the 2.8 the handling was finally tamed and I raced a 944 down the A9 and left it well behind - you cam keep your Porsches give the 2.8 anyday.The 2.8 V6 cologne engine wasn't exactly refined and with siamesed exhaust ports didn't like high revs but with 150bhp still alot of fun.Trouble was if you played with it you could actually see your petrol needle fall as it drank fuel!!! 4.Vauxhall Cavalier.Along with the Capri and Fiesta I've had more of these than the local dealership.I presently have an N-reg SRi16v which is undergoing a rebuild but it's the GSi2000 16v which I nominate here as this was a real charger.Front wheel drive,I can't be doing with four wheel drive cars,it was quick with 156bhp and handled lovely also I'll mention both one of my MK2 SRi130's a red 4-door that was a beauty of a car and also the ultra-rare Caliber I owned.These were based on the same 4-door SRi130 as above but with a smart Irmscher bodykit,lowered Jamex suspension and mine had a real nice set of Imola alloys. 5.Ford Escort.Now I've had a few of these aswell a 1984 A-reg XR3i and an A-reg RS1600i both these ca
                      rs featured the 1.6CVH engine with fuel injection but the RS had solid tappets and a smart twin-coil ignition system which transformed the way it drove.XR3i's were rated at 105bhp while the RS had 115bhp but the set up of the RS made it a much faster car and it's quicker then the later RS Turbo with it's 132bhp - but that's a matter of opinion.Bhp figures are far from the end of the story though and don't always show the real on-the-road picture.When I was a schoolkid all the wee lads wanted to own a black Trans-Am after 'Smokey and the Bandit' and kind of thought me a little odd when insisting that the car I wanted was a MK2 Escort but they were and still are a car that I want and have yet to own outright.I'm torn between an RS2000 with it's droop-snoot twin headlight nose or an RS Mexico with the conventional front end.Twice I've been left,money in hand,watching while someones got there before me and drove away in one of these but I WILL HAVE ONE YET!!! 6.Vauxhall Astra GTE.This is the car that changed this die-hard Ford owner into a Ford/Vauxhall enthusiast.I borrowed one for a weekend when my XR3i was off the road and had to admit that in every way it was a better car.The most important way was the engine it may have been just an 8v 1.8 giving just 7bhp more than the XR but it revved and revved and wanted to rev more.At the same time my best mate's sister bought one and after a year and a half of nagging she sold it to me.This thing was magnificent it would rev to 7000rpm and still go.It was a MK2 with the LCD dashboard that would read upto 125mph and then stop even though the car had another useful 1000rpm to go.I came round a corner one stormy night to be blinded by a police car facing me with it's full beam on - too late I saw the tree blown down across the road and piled into it at about 60mph.That was the end of my GTE but it changed my car owning outlook completely. 7.Ford Fiesta.These dink
                      y little cars were what I learned to drive in - on the road that is because me and a few mates at age 12 used to rod spares and repairs cars around fields etc.My first car was a 1978 T-reg (SST178T) MK1 1.1L and although it quickly gained an XR2 'kent' engine with a 1300 g/box was a great car to start your car-owning career with.4-speed box,no head rest and a foot operated pump for the washers,life was frugal with the 'foosty' but fun.Bedecked with spotlights,rubberised hatch spoiler and I also put one of those black plastic louvres on the back window it was an agonizingly bright shade of 'signal yellow' and would go straight off the clock with the needle pointing vertically down.I always wanted a MK1 1300S and an XR2 but never got one I had many MK1 1300's L's,GL's,Ghia's and also a MK2 XR2.The MK2 while a nice little motor just lacked the style of the MK1 mind you with the full sports exhaust and manifold and a brace of DCNF's it was pretty damn quick and handled like it as permantly on rails - Henry Ford II was reputedly quoted as saying these cars were 'demented roller skates' and he wasn't far wrong. 8.Ford Cortina.I had a V-reg MK5 2.0GL in the same eye-aching yellow as the Fiesta what with blacked-out rear lights and chrome weller wheels this thing looked cool in a way the later Sierra never could.Never mind the fact that the boot floor was about to fall out this thing had it all.I blew the rear-diff after a day.I took my Mum down to the post office in it and on the way back smoke poured out from underneath I'd spent the first night of ownership doing reverse wheel-spins and burn-outs to impress the local girlies and over loaded the thing I suspect - still I put on a new axle and even won one of the girls so that was good.Plus there was far more scope for fun and games with said girl in a Cortina than ever possible with a Fiesta!!!! 9.'69 Chevrolet Camaro.This is the first o
                      f my fantasy cars.The shape and lines to these cars is truly amazing - especially the ones with the hideaway lights.The style also inspired the MK3 Cortina which is a car in 2-door trim I would love to get my hands on.Later Camaros don't have the same style and their cousins the Pontiac Firebirds and Trans-Ams just don't appeal in the same way. 10.'70 Plymouth Roadrunner/Dodge Charger/Challenger.The Roadrunner is just an achingly beautiful car.For me it's the highest expression of that whole American muscle car thing and although everybody who loves muscle cars has their favourite this has to be mine - a true stunner and with a Hemi engine a true racer an'all.Yee Ha!! To all them good ol' boys - anyone remember the 'Dukes of Hazzard' well I couldn't do this with out a mention of the 'General Lee' a '69 Dodge Charger.At age 9 or 10 a saturday moring wasn't complete without the 'Dook boy's,Roscoe P Coltrane and long-legged cousin Daisy'.The film 'Vanishing Point' is a favourte of mine so I've got to get a word in for a '70 white Dodge Challenger - go Kowalski!!!Oh yes while I'm at it I loved 'Starsky and Hutch' and the famous red Ford Torino GT with the white stripe which probably started the whole muscle car thing for me and probably my love of funk music aswell with that wah-wah guitar music going on in the background and 'Huggy Bear' of course.For what turned out to be a bit of an anti-American like me I did love American cars and TV shows as a kid.I've often thought of owning an American car and they're not as bad a move economically as you may first think I saw one recently and the way it dwarfed an old MK2 Granada made me realise that they actually look pretty stupid on our roads.


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                        08.05.2002 22:50
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                        I am not going to be boring and write about Toyota Yaris's and Ford Focuses (hhmmmm, not sure if i got the grammar right there). NO, i'm going to write about MY FAVOURITE CARS! That's right, pure unadulterated automobile praise. If you don't like cars then you're a bit odd, and if you just think a car is a car then ........... you're a bit odd. A car is an extension of oneself. You are in control of a beast and have ultimate control, driving is an experience uncomparable with any other .......... oh, who am i trying to kid! All of that is a load of rubbish, but cars are cool, and here are the coolest, in various categories: NUMBER 1 - Ferrari 360 Modena (fast and furious) This is one of my all time favs. I'm not really a ferrari man. The 355 annoyed me. Maybe that's because loads of people at my prep school had them, but the 360, my god, what a beautiful car. The Italians have done themselves proud on that one. I haven't driven one i'm afraid, but i've sat in one, and when i'm rich i will own one, and so will my sister, and my plates will say 8RO (bro, to any stupid people) and hers will say SI5 (sis)! That'll be nice won't it? NUMBER 2 - Humm V - Hummer (big and brutal) Oh yes, the American beast will be parked in my garage for sure in my millionairedom. The hummer is an immense vehicle. Designed by the American army to go just about anywhere it is the ultimate boy's toy. I've heard that the military issue Humm V won't fit down the average British road lane, but luckily for me, it's so strong that any cars that get in my way will know about it .........and i won't! What fun! I'm all excited! NUMBER 3 - Maybach (luxury personified) The Maybach 2002, as it is currently called can be viewed at the following site: www.maybach.ru If both the interior and exterior pictures don't speak for themselves then i can't
                        help you. This car can be made to your spec. It will probably have a base price of around £250,000, but then look at the thing, my god it's incredible. Yep, when i'm rich i'll be driven around in one of these, sitting in the back in pure, unadulterated, champagne-fueled, luxurious ecstacy - wow! NUMBER 4 - Peugot 206 Cabriolet (small and sexy) We now return to earth to witness the wonderful 206 cc. It's a great car, i've always loved the 206 and the cabriolet is brilliant. In a deep blue with black leather this is the ultimate car for buzzing around in the city. I want one, and i'm gonna get one, sometime! NUMBER 5 - Bentley Azure (Babe magnet) On the topic of cabriolets, this one is to die for. about £200,000 more than the peugot, the Axure is incredible. That and the Rolls Royce Corniche, which is very similar. I will have one of each parked in the garage of my mediterrenean villa, as I feel that the cote d'azur is the best place to drive around one of these. Thy combine power, with luxury, with style, and i lOVE it! NUMBER 6 - 1956 Jaguar XK Roadster (British beauty) The more observant of you will see that this is the car which features in the film 'Cruel Intentions', and i love it more than i love the film - that's a lotta love, believe me! It's awesome styling combined with a sporty look, and pace i'm told, make it a must for my garage under my penthouse suite in New York. This car is truly beautiful, and a born and bred Brit as well. The ultimate cruising car is definately worty of this list! NUMBER 7 - Lotus Elise (boy's toy) So maybe it isn't the most reliable car, or the fastest of the fast cars, or the most comfortable, but who couldn't resist the awesome styling of this beauty. I'd definately have one of these just to have fun in. Just a little toy for the weekends. Who cares about comfort when you'
                        re inches from the road travelling at 100mph plus - not me! NUMBER 8 - Aston Martin DB7 (speed with luxury) What can i say about this one. Well it's British, in theory, and Astons are the classic James Bond car. It's awesome looking, incredible power, sheer luxury inside, and i want one! NUMBER 9 - Ford Mustang GT (American racer) This is a pretty cool car. My dad used to have one of these when i was living in Kuwait - electric blue in colour, it was awesome. We used to do do 0-60 tests on empty roads, burning rubber and having fun. A fantastic American roadster, a must for any car lover NUMBER 10 - Jaguar XJ220 (show off) This is a fantastic car. I've never actually seen one in the flesh but it's beautiful in the photos and on TV. It never really hit it off on the market, probably due to the price, but it's definately one of hte ultimate sports cars. I'd have this just to see heads turn in the street! There we go. Not sure if you had as much fun reading that as i had writing it. I'll update this in a few years to tell you what all the cars are like to drive, when i own them. Cheers, Guy


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                          15.01.2002 06:04
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                          1. 1978 Chrysler LeBaron station wagon. This Amerind guy named Gary Turly had one of these cars and we used to drive it around. It had a cool 318 cid engine and a 4 barrel carb. One time we were out in the country and we saw a dead raccoon on the road and we were going to peel out on it and this guy named John-John (Satans Sanchez's brother) was directing us back to get the rear whell on it and Gary peeled out and splatted John John all over with dead carcass. John freaked out and jumped in the river. 2. 1974 AMC Gremlin. The Gremlin and its sister the Pacer are the most hated cars in America so I love them very much. I have fond memories of riding around in this guys Pacer who lived in Subsy housing and could play Stairway to Heaven on a guitar. We were supposed to be a band but we drove around drinking little kings instead of practising. Then once a famous band called Slaughter came along we quit playing altogether since that was our bands name too. Plus our drummer didn't have any drums. 3. 1971 Pontiac Lemans Sport. My first car (and almost my last) all responsible fathers ensure their sons have a muscle car for their first car. It is very safety minded to see your 16 y.o. son has a drag racing car with a 396 cid engine that produces 325 bhp. A very practical car. By the way the engine was from a 68 Chevelle. 4. 1971 F-85 Olds Cutlass. Apparently I did not learn my lessons from the Lemans. I needed another car with a 350 Rocket. The timing belt broke and stranded me in Toledo in a bad area of town. It sucked. 5. 1978 Dodge Aspen. I bought this car for $200 from some dirty guy who lived in a shack. There were mice living in it and the car was cancerous with rust. So we painted it up like a stock car with spray paint. The paint job was classic. I even painted "225" on a super bee stripe on the back quarters. I used them black plastic stickers that you buy at the hardware store for your house numbers. It looked
                          cool. And it ran good then some dumb migrant worker smashed into it while I was driving down the main street I called the cops and they did nothing even though I had the plate number, their excuse was that the farmer who owned the car would just lie about it any ways. The problem was I called the migrants a bad name when reporting it to the police and the cop was a Hispanic himself. Incidentally it was the same cop I was going to fry when I got called for jury duty in August (BTW I just got my August Jury duty check of $15 yesterday) 6. 1978 Cutlass 442 Salon. It was one of those funky sloped back cars. A humpty back idiot car I could say. I got tired of it and its pathetic 260 v-8 and parked it in a barn for 10 years until the woman who owned the barn got mad and had it sold for scrap. 7. 1964 Buick Skylark convertible. Popeye had this car. It was like the rappers cars but before they had them. It had a 400 cid engine built by a race car driver. Munchie m-22 Hurst shifter. Popeye went 92 miles in Cedar Point's parking lot with this car. But it was too powerful and twisted the frame while he was driving it one day. 8. Maserati Bora. My day shall come. 9. Crown Victorias. Lots of my finest nights on earth have ended up in the back seat of Crown Vics. I will let you people figure that out for yourselves, sadly it ain't about banging babes either. 10. BMW 735i. read my story on road rage to learn about all the trouble I got into with this car.


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                            15.01.2002 05:26
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                            This opinion is my life story told through the cars that have influenced it most. 10: The Morris 8. This was our family’s first ever car, bought from my auntie for £5.00. It came complete with a starting handle for emergencies, a windscreen that you could wind open in hot weather and indicators that shot out of the side like waving hands. But the highlight for me and my brothers was to bounce up and down on the back seat to help the car to get up hills. I’ve never felt so much at one with a machine since. 9: Hillman Minx. What a change from the Morris. It had a bench seat at the front and you could fit 4 people on it with a squeeze. Of course, this was when we thought that cars made you invincible. It also did about 10 miles to the gallon and, sadly, had to go. 8: Hillman Imp. It was a pale blue, rear-engined, rally-proven heap of crap. It broke down every week and sprung oil leaks from places where there shouldn’t have been oil. But I learned to drive in this car - several years before I was legally entitled to - and it earns a special place in my top 10 for that alone. 7: Austin A40. I had a naughty friend who used to bring home an awful lot of different cars and let us under-aged kids drive them up and down the street. I think there’s a name for this today … but enough of that. My first drive in a white A40 resulted in me missing a brand new Escort by about an inch and driving along the footpath for about 50 yards before finding out how to stop the car. It scared me shitless and taught me to respect cars more and to wait until I got a licence before driving. Incidentally, the A40 is an excellent car for driving along footpaths. 6: Morris Minor. Ah, the Morris Minor! Those slippery leather seats. Now, how can I put this? I had one of those coming of age experiences in the back seat of the Morris … while my girlfriend’s brother was driving. I remember so
                            well the thrust of the acceleration, gliding effortlessly over the bumps. The car was good too. 5. VW Beetle. What a car. German engineering, rear, air-cooled engine, 1100cc of pure mechanical genius … and a 6 volt battery that meant you couldn’t see more that 6 feet in front of you in the dark. This was the car I did my test in and I loved nearly everything about it, from the sliding tail to the need to hang out the window to see where you were reversing to. 4. Fiat 127. I was Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction. It happened when I borrowed my parent’s 127 to see some friends. They had been drinking and wanted to go to another bar, so I packed three into the back seat. In the middle was a girl I did not know well. A minute into the journey and I heard the words “I’m going to be sick”, followed by the unmistakable splash of pints of vomit all over the back of the car. My friend gave me the key to her flat, directed me to where I could find a cheap bottle of perfume and I began the most efficient valet you could imagine. It worked. For years my parents complained about the smell of rotten milk in the car (they didn’t drink). Sadly, my friend never spoke to me again. You see, I was not familiar with the world of perfume in those days and failed to identify the difference between a £2.00 bottle and a £50.00 bottle (1977 prices). By the way, vomit and very expensive perfume smells just like rotten milk. The car was fun to drive, but rubbish. It needed a new engine within 18 months. 3. Renault 12. This was a one-night stand. One of my friend’s dad owned the Renault. He was a teacher and never, ever drove above 30 miles and hour, even on the motorway! He had passed his cautious ways to his son. One night I was on driving duty and took the keys to bring 4 friends safely home. When I put the keys in the ignition, the pristine Renault gently whispered to me to please fre
                            e her from the captivity imposed by my friend and his cruel dad. I couldn’t refuse the heart-breaking pleas of this beautiful damsel in distress. The Renault 12 does 96 mph with five on board. 2. Ford Fiesta. The very first car that I bought for myself. This two-door, beige beauty taught me everything I needed to know about cars. Like how to fill holes in the bodywork; how to re-spray; to change and adjust points in 5 seconds flat; to repair hoses; to change ignition leads, fan-belts, starter motors etc. etc. I never learned how to prevent the boot filling with water, but became an expert in draining it. But love is blind and my first real car will always hold a place in my heart. 1. Saab 9000S. This really is my top car. It broke my heart and the bank, but I loved the way it made me feel like I ruled the road. Other cars are afraid of Saabs because they are really de-commissioned tanks. Even boy racers keep out of your way and no other driver ever gives you the one- or two-fingers. The seats are made by elves who understand the dangers of back-pain, and despite the massive weight, even the non-turbo engine gave good performance and reasonable economy. But this guardian angel of the roads also had a devilish sense of humour. I’ll never forget the moment the clutch-gear went, thrusting the car forward at full-pace uncontrollably. Or the cost of replacing the clutch assembly which was marginally cheaper than buying a house. I drive a modern, clinical Mazda now that has none of the Saab’s vices, but it doesn’t have its charm either. So that's my list and my life.


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                              12.12.2001 02:44
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                              Cool, a section where I can dream. Ok, maybe not. Anyone can real off 10 cars they would 'like' to own. Mine would run, Mclaren F1, Ferrari F50, Aston Martin (Don't care what type), 67 Ford Mustang (yes it is a Ford, but this was before they got rubbish), Nissan Skyline, Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru Impreza, Ford Escort Cosworth, New VW Beetle. (Hey, they are cute, come on) But unfortunately, due to a bank manager with no sense of humour, these will remain a dream. So I figured I would pass some time away, and just run of the top 10 cars I have had the pleasure of driving, or working on. Now in my old job, I got to drive some pretty exotic cars, including Ferrari, Jaguar etc., but I wont count them, as I didn't really drive them hard, for fear of damaging them. I would still be working there for free to this day if I had. So, propping up the top 10 is 1998 Ford Escort 16valve. Yes it was a Ford, and yes I don't like them. But this car was fun to drive. Fast little motor that would handle fairly well. Reliability was typical Ford. Running costs were typical Ford, and workmanship was typical Ford, but even so, it was fun. Number 9 is yet another Ford. A 2.0 Ford Sierra. Aqua planed like it was on ice in the wet, and had more trouble than it was ever worth. But it was fast, and also comfortable. Eventually sold it after the flywheel lost a tooth, so a case of get rid of it quick. Following closely at number 8 was Mercedes 280TE, 1984. 2.8 V6. Electric everything. Pulled anything. Went anywhere. Belonged to my Grandad. It was gold coloured with a cream like colour interior. Hand brake was hard to use, as it was a handle you pulled out from the dashboard. Number 7 sees the Mitsubishi Eclipse 2000 model. Only driving experience I had in it was managing to fool a salesman into thinking I could actually afford it and he letting me take it out for a test drive. V6 engine, and ran well. Little slug
                              gish for a V6 of this size, but had all the trimmings. Brakes were awful though. A 150foot oil tanker would out brake this thing. Looked the part though for sure. Number 6. Well this I have to say is the car I am still getting to drive now, and just wrote an opinion on. The Chevrolet S-10 Pickup. I love this thing. Never would have thought I would get so much fun from a metal box with no back to it. But this box packs a punch. Only available in the States as far as I know (well maybe Canada) Fast, powerful, heavy duty tyre shredding thing, but you gotta love it. Halfway mark number 5. This is my first car I had after passing my test. A 1984 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 in Moss green. Colour was ugly. Interior wasn't much better looking. But I loved it all the same. Very fast and very reliable. Still remember the day dad brought it. Sadly it met its fate when a 'friend' drove it and lost the back end in the wet (they were pigs in the wet). Spun it twice and took out Henry the Hoover in a shop window. Both Henry and my Cav went bye bye *sniffs* Nummmmmmmmber 4 This is old Bimbo. 2.8V6 Ford Granada 1985 model. Estate. Automatic gearbox. If it could move, it was electric. If it didn't move, it probably had an electric circuit in it anyway. This car was probably the car with the most character. It drove well. Was very very fast, and so comfortable you could fall asleep in it. You get in, point it in the direction you wanted to go, and pressed play. As long as you didn't go to Derbyshire. She hated Derbyshire! Got old and went off to the Granada enthusiasts club where they are in the process of restoring her. Propping up the top 3 is a Land Rover. Belongs to my friends dad, who owns a farm. Land Rover Discovery, short wheel base, in bright green. Interior is not much to look at, but then it is a farm vehicle. But take it off road, and you can't beat it. Almost unbreakable and will never rust. In my opinion
                              the only 4x4 worth having. All these other 4x4 so called 'off road vehicles' are just playing at it. Land Rover is the king, or Queen as the case may be. Number 2. This is my Vauxhall Calibra 2.0 16valve. Always wanted a Calibra from when they were first introduced. But could never afford one. Finally got my self one and love it. So much fun to drive. Fast, comfortable, reliable and handle like a dream. Little heavy for its size, but apart from that. I love it. And yes, Number 1. Some of you have probably worked this one out by now. It's my little baby. My Vauxhall Nova 1.4SR Brought her in a sorry state, and restored her then modified her. If you have ever owned a Nova, you will probably understand why I love it so much. Never had a car that was so much fun to drive. Even though I have the Calibra now, my little Nova is still sitting in the Garage. And passed her MOT last month. Not bad for a car that's been standing for 8 months! Unfortunately she will have to go, as she takes up to much space. I just need to find a good home for her. If I still have her when I move to the states for good, she will come with me I think. Well that about sums it up. Plenty more cars I could list, but 10 is enough for now. I am sure I will change this top 10 often. Especially with all these American Sales men here who seem to think a British lad is very rich and keep offering me all these nice cars to test drive :o) Got a Mustang Cobra lined up, and trying to get a Corvette :o)


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                                02.12.2001 01:12
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                                A poor mans choice! I will stick to cars I have actually owned rather than the Lagonda, Rolls, Ferrari etc I would like to own. Kickin’ in at number ten would be the second car I ever owned, a Chrysler Avenger. This one I bought for the princely sum of £75 from a guy I used to work with. It came complete with an inexhaustible supply of spare parts, the guy I bought it from used to work in the Chrysler car plant in Linwood, when they closed the plant down he managed to procure every conceivable spare part he thought he may need, then he lost his licence through illness and the car became mine. The thing I remember most about this vehicle was not the sleek lines, the snazzy vinyl roof or the eight track, it was the trouble it caused when I brought it home. I picked it up after working a night shift, I drove it quickly home and parked in the communal car park. I instructed her indoors to get some insurance quotes and retired to bed. I had just dropped off to sleep when my subconscious told me that was a commotion going on at my front door. I could hear shouting and banging which I just couldn’t ignore. Wrapping my dressing gown around me I peered down the hall towards the front door to be met with a pair of angry eyes peering at me through the letterbox. “I know yer Fekkin’ in there” an Irish voice shouted at me, “Get that car moved out of Fekkin’ space!” I quickly opened the door and just as quickly a fifty year old Irish Harridan fell into my hall. The language made even me blush, then I just got plain old angry. After letting her know ,in my best French, that I was going back to my bed and the car was staying where it was, she left shouting that she would be sending her man along to “sort me out”. Needless to say I left the car there for a week, just to annoy her, even though my wife was threatening divorce because I wouldn’t use it to pick he
                                r up at Tesco’s. Sometimes you have to make a stand. (Her man did indeed come over to sort me out, we sorted it out over a couple of beers and mutual condolences at having to put up with her, his advice was to leave the car where it was:-) Number nine, my hand painted Nissan Cherry. This was a belter of a wee car, that is I belted it every other day for being a heap o’shite. Things fell off with monotonous regularity, wing mirror one day, and rear bumper another day, door handle, number plate, and the neighbours cat...... The only good thing about this car was the engine, I never had to do anything except the usual oil checks and stuff. Sitting tight at number eight would be my very first car the Mini. This one I got for nothing, it only had two wheels and four bricks holding it up when I first saw it so a trip to the scrap-yard was the first priority. I had great plans for this car, unfortunately it was too far gone to be saved. I did get it roadworthy, in a manner of speaking, and when the weather was fine so was the car. When it rained it was a washout though, every time I approached a puddle I had to yell at anyone sitting with me to “Lift yer feet!”. The floor pan was so rotten that when I drove through a puddle a wave of dirty water would skoosh into the foot wells, sometimes splashing as high as my knees. At seven would have to be my old Escort Estate. Not a lot to say about this, erm..... it had four wheels (one at each corner), would only start if I gave the starter motor a clubbing with a two pound mash hammer and due to a leaky petrol tank I could only put £3 worth of petrol in at a time. Languishing outside of the top five was my Rover 216. I would reckon that this was my first decent car. By decent I mean “Dealer bought” It was actually a nippy, reliable (Took me to France and back) and comfortable car to drive. The down side
                                to this and many of the Rover range, was the body work. The car was only a couple of years old when I bought it and after I had it for a few months the rust started showing itself with a vengeance. Time to get rid of this one and go onto the top five. Moving up to number five would be my wee multi coloured Fiesta. Another car bought from a friend, this car gave me possibly the most fun. I say multi -coloured, it was actually red with blue doors and grey primer on some patches. On the day I got this we had to push start it as it had lain idle outside my friends house for a couple of months. In our attempts to jump start it we bent the spindle betwixt the gear-box and engine and so spent the next two days, lying in the snow fitting a new one (Gear box that is). In at number four would be my Peugeot 405. I can’t say enough about this car, it was a 405 GLD, that’s a diesel to the uninitiated. This car was a drivers dream, it held the road like glue, and it was roomy enough for the whole family and the dog. It was economical. It was French. It was red. I loved this car and was genuinely sorry to part with it. On to number three. The Fiat Brava. This is one cool wee car to nip about in. The reason this one is at number three in my list, and not languishing at eight or nine, is because of the huge amount of fun I had a couple of winters ago with this car. I live at the top of a steep hill,(well almost at the top), I also have a particularly steep driveway down to my house and this wee car coasted up these snow covered hills as if the roads were dry. I could weave around and by all the other cars, struggling to move in the foot deep snow, and all with ease and a smug grin on my face. To add to it my kids would wave as we passed countless irate, cold and frustrated drivers. At number two is my current car, the Vauxhall Omega. This is, for me anywa
                                y, the comfiest car I have driven. It is not particularly fast, it’s a bit sluggish actually but it is comfortable and has masses of room in the back and the boot. It is looking a bit sorry for itself at the moment. Someone reversed their Landrover into it last week and It goes into the Garage on Monday to get a new boot lid and light cluster. Well here it is peeps, my number one car (sniff), the car that “floats my boat”, the one I am most sorry about parting with, it’s the Mazda 626 2Litre GLXi Automatic. This was a big, safe, luxuriant car. You virtually just pointed it in the right direction and away it went. It had all the toys I wanted, it was the right colour (maroon), it had alloy wheels and a snazzy wee spoiler. It was very fast for being an automatic (a sports box), and was as quiet as the quietest car could be but not as quiet as this one. I was the envy of my mates, my dad loved it and he’s always been a Ford man and I really miss it! I am open to suggestions for my next car, just two provisos, 1- It has to be maroon and 2-It has to be a Mazda 626 automatic with lots of toys.


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                                  I'm just a silly girl and I know nothing about cars. I know what I like though... 1) Red and Yellow Kiddies cars You know the ones I mean. Well I never had one and I am very jealous of little kids that have one, along with millions of other toys. My neice has one but I can't fit into it as I am too big, so I just watch her having fun racing around the living room in it. 2) Bumper cars Nothing gives me pleasure like banging into someone else. I can't stand it when they call them dodgems and tell you off for "bumping". It ruins the whole point. Hopefully the fun fair will come to sunny Cardiff soon so I can vent my road rage on others. 3) Minis I am quite mini so a mini would suit me really well. When I play Grand Turismo I usually play with a mini and get laughed at because I could have chosen a lambourghini or some other fast boys toy car. I help out in a local school once a week and we go up there in my friends mini, we squeeze 4 girls (sometimes 5) into her mini and zoom up the A road. You can feel all the vibrations and it's very exciting, much more than boring new cars where you can't feel anything. And of course if I had a mini I would paint a union jack on the front and have a furry steering wheel cover and furry dice, because you have to, don't you? 4) Big Yellow Taxis I have never been in a New York taxi but of course I have seen them in many films, the most significant of which has to be Taxi Driver, one of my favourite films. I saw a NY taxi in a local shopping centre once and it was huge. Most American cars are a lot bigger than cars over here. One day I will go to New York and have lots of adventures in yellow taxis. 5) Limo People hire these out for birthdays or balls. In Birmingham they drive up and down Broad Street, showing off, leaning out of the blackened windows and shouting. I think they are idiots, but I would still like
                                  to have a limo one night and drive around in comfort whilst drinking champagne. 6) My imaginary ideal car My ideal car would be bright red, and would drive itself, or if I chose I could drive it myself. So I would have lots of time to paint my nails and plait my hair like a typical girl. It would have to have a surround sound stereo system so I could blast out angry rock music whilst driving round my estate, throwing eggs at people I didn't like the look of. It would have a really loud horn, so I could beep at any nice men I happened to see. The interior would have to be cow print, and the back seat would be like a sofa so I could get up to lots of mischief if I wanted to. On the backs of the seats would be big TV screens so the people in the back can watch DVD's on long trips (like in the film Spy Kids). There would also be mini fridges in the doors to keep drinks (non alcoholic if I was driving, or spirits for the self controlling drives) and nail polishes. 7) Ford escort with spoilers I saw a car like this in Fast car magazine. It was owned by a nice young man called Wayne who lives in Essex. I would like to visit him and go for a drive in his classy motor. His car was blue, it had the suspension lowered so it was very close to the ground. It had many spoilers on it which are like extra chunks of metal stuck on the outside of the car to make it look pretty. He said he drives very fast and likes to play UK garage that goes Boom Boom Boom. I think I have found my ideal man. If anyone knows him, please email me his number. 8) Remote controlled car I never had one of these either but I always wanted one. You could use it to fetch your paper or a cup of tea. Kevin Spacey buys one in American Beauty as part of his mid life crisis. I am not having a crisis, I just want one. I could perform lots of fun tricks and scare my poor cat with it by dressing the car up as a do
                                  g. 9) BMW motorbike/car crossbreeds I don't know if anyone else has seen one of these, they are like motorbikes with a roof. I know it is cheating a bit to put it in my top 10 cars, but it is gorgeous. If I had one of these, I could do my hair in a beautiful style and get to where I am going without getting all wet. They have a stereo inside, perfect for listening to Westlife and S Club 7, my favourites. If I had one, it would attract attention, and I could zip through the traffic very quickly and splash pedestrians which would be a lot of fun. It would also save me from having to give people lifts as there would be no room what with my fat arse. 10) Triumph Spitfire convertable My boyfriend has this car, he is doing it up to make it road worthy. It is cream and an old fashioned sports car, a bit like an MG. It has a soft top, a hard top, or you can have no top (like me on the beach). I can't wait till it is finished so we can go for Sunday drives in the lush valleys of Wales. We can wear flying jackets and I can have a head scarf like Bridget Jones. Then everyone will look at us and be jealous.


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