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Top Ten Singers

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What are your top ten singers of all time?

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      25.10.2012 16:50
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      list of great artists

      When it comes to the type of music I listen to it stretches over many decades and genres. Some people wander how I even know half the singers I listen to since I am only 20. The answer is I feel today's music just doesn't satisfy me there is too much of all that club/Ibiza/fist pumping stuff what I'm not really into at all. The way I solved this and found musicians that I enjoy listening to is taking a look at some of the oldies and it was probably the best thing I every did. Can't lie though there are a few people out today that I really enjoy listening to.

      Carrie Underwood - (2005-present)
      Genre: Country, Pop
      Favourite Song: Cowboy Casanova
      Carrie Underwood was the American Idol winner from 2005 and to my surprise her career is still going quite strong today. Coming from a talent show it's quite good that she has still managed to be selling records and touring 7 years after her triumph. I like her because I'm quite a country music fan and she never fails to deliver good songs.

      Alicia Keys - (1997- Present)
      Genre: R&B, Soul
      Favourite Song: Woman's Worth
      I came to like Alicia Keys after hearing her songs on TV all the time when I was younger. As I got older she stuck with me as one of my favourite singers because her music has meaning and she always sings songs ever now and them about empowerment women should feel. She sends positive messages to women and that is one of the things that makes me like her so much.

      The Carpenters - (1969-1983)
      Genre: Pop, Soft Rock, Adult Contemporary
      Favourite Song:Close To You
      Richard and Karen where brothers who had be singing together since they where kids and they got a record deal and started making hits together. They both had problems Richard with drugs and Karen with anorexia. I think they where a great band together and there music is soft relaxing and always good to listen to for me. The band came to an end when Karen died in 1983.

      Jerry Lee Lewis - (1954- present)
      Genre: Rock & Roll, Blues
      Favourite Song: Great Balls Of Fire
      I came to know Jerry Lee Lewis after watching a movie on his life story and ever since then I have loved his music. His fun and has lots of energy which is the main reason why I enjoy his songs so much.

      The Doors - (1965-1973)
      Genre: Rock
      Favourite Song: People Are Strange
      With The Lost Boys being one of my favourite movies and me loving the soundtrack there was no way I would not search into The Doors and see what other good song I would like of theirs. People Are Strange was on of my favourite songs from The Lost Boys and after finding out it was The Doors that sang it I developed a love for quite a few of there songs since then. I think there a great Rock band.

      Iggy Azalea (2011- present)
      Genre:Rap, Hip Hop
      Favourite Song: Murda Buzniss
      A new Australian female rapper on the scene that brings something a little different and most of all sticks to rap and doesn't turn to pop to fill her fan base. I like her because she brings something totally different to todays rap world. She's white, she's Australian, she'a blonde and most of all she has raw talent. She defeats all the stereotypes rappers face and for me she is one of the most talents rappers I have seen in recent years.

      4. Nelly - (1993-present)
      Genre: Hip Hop, Pop, R&B
      Favourite Song: Get Back
      Although I am not really to fond of his newer stuff Nelly is really an artist that I will never stop listening to because some of his old stuff is just classic for me and will always be on my iPod. I think for me his peak and his best Album to date has got to be Country Grammar that was released in 2000.

      Lana Del Rey - (2010- present)
      Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Pop, Sadcore
      Favourite Song: Dark Paradise
      I love Lana Del Rey she has a great voice her music can come across a little depressing but I think she tells stories and captures them with feeling very well. I think all her music is really classy and I like the classy look that she has going on.

      Taylor Swift - (2006-present)
      Genre: Country, Pop
      Favourite Song: You Belong With Me
      Taylor Swift is an all round down to earth singer and her music is a bit of a mix between country and pop and she always manages to bring something a little different all the time. I like the way she is a good role model for her fans she started young but still has not got lost in the media like some stars that start out young.

      Pat Benetar - (1972- present)
      Genre: Rock
      Favourite Song: Heartbreaker
      For me this was no question who was going to be number one on the list. IN my opinion I think Pat Benetar is probably one of the greatest female Rock singer of all time. She has a string of hits under her belt and till today people still look back at her as a female rock legend.


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