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Top Ten Sweets

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    60 Reviews
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      22.07.2012 22:32
      Very helpful



      Sweet About Me

      Okay, so here are my top 10 sweets in no particular order.

      1.Cola Bottles - I have loved these ever since I was young, despite not liking actual cola very much. Probably something to do with the fact that they are covered in sugar! The blue and pink versions and the red and black ones taste pretty damn good too.

      2.Flying saucers - These are fun. I like to eat the top and then have the middle separately. They literally melt on your tongue. I don't think the casing tastes that great, it's a bit papery. The middle is the best bit.

      3.Fruit sherbets - Again, I like these mainly for what's in the centre. Marks and Spencer do the best fruit sherbets around, I think there are about 5 different colours in a pack and they are so sweet!

      4.Sour pastilles - I've always liked sour sweets but the Rowntrees sour version of sweet pastilles are really something else. They're so tangy! They also do something called sour faces which I'm pretty sure are the same thing with different shapes and branding.

      5. Strawberry pencils - the ones with the white middles. I like to strip the edges off and see if I can get just the middle bit out. Yes, I do like to play with my food 

      6. Refreshers - the ones in the tube (not the chews). When we were little my friend and I used to drop these in our drinks and watch them fizz, pretending they were junior disprol. They bring back good memories of being little.

      7. Marshmallows - I am awful when I get hold of a bag of these. In winter we buy the little ones to go in hot chocolate but I also easily find my way through a bag of the Princess ones. I like to buy them when we have a BBQ too.

      8. Fruittellas - you don't see them as much now, but they used to be everywhere about 10 years ago. Lovely and fruity with several different flavours, these were like Chewits for grown ups.

      9. Wham bars - A childhood favourite that used to cost a mere 10p! These used to last me ages as I found it hard to bite bits off them. Think my mum used to buy me them to shut me up!

      10. Smarties - horribly moreish. There's something about them that just makes me want more and more and more!


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        15.07.2012 01:23



        memories from your past

        most of the sweets mentioned can still be found, sweet emporium at lowry centre on salford quays sell most of them 8 out of 10 of them, and more of the old fashioned and retro sweets.
        Not same price range as years ago lol but times and money has changed a lot since then.
        You can still get the liquorice one in the lion sweets like midget gems, fruit salads and wine gums.
        I liked the popping candy that jumped up and down in your mouth and the sweet tobbacco, can you smoke it the young people ask? lol Nooooo of course not. flying saucers mmmm, rainbow drops,cherry lips, black jacks, sweet peanuts oooh so much to choose from and a great trip back down memory lane.
        Call in and see for yourself, also do a american section of sweets and drinks and gift baskets to give to your friends and family to let them take a trip also


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        12.11.2011 13:10
        Very helpful



        the old ones are the best!

        I do have a sweet tooth but generally opt for chocolate over sweets but every now and again I do get tempted by sweets especially the more old fashioned ones. We also had a sweetie table at our wedding in September, which was a combination of mine and my husband's favourite sweets. So my top 10 sweets are:

        1. Copcops - my gran introduced me to these as a child and I loved them straight away. You can only find them now in specialist sweet shops but they are worth hunting down.

        2. Cough Candy Twists - again another old fashioned one, they do seem to help soothe your throat but to me are more of a sweet than a cough soother.

        3. Aniseed Balls - I had a bit of an addiction to these when I was younger, think it was something about seeing them change colour as they dissolved.

        4. Midget Gems - these are my mum's favourite sweets if she has a bag she will not leave them until they have all gone. I do really like them too but it has to be the original ones that are very chewy and the black ones taste like liquorish not fruit flavoured.

        5. Cherry Drops - again you can still buy these but they do take a little bit of hunting for. I used to love the strong cherry flavour of these.

        6. Black Jacks - These were just fantastic, you often get them now with a mix of fruit salads and guaranteed that the black jacks disappear first. You do need to be careful about getting a black tongue though!

        7. Peanuts - these are monkey nut shaped sweets which have a whole peanut inside. You can still buy these by the quarter in some sweet shops but you need to eat them quickly as they do go sticky.

        8. Fruit Gums - I love and hate these at the same time, love them because they are fruity and tasty but hate them because they stick to your teeth really badly.

        9. Foam Bananas - these have to be really tasty, the marks and spencer's ones are by far the best I have ever tried.

        10. Flying Saucer - I was never to keen on the outer paper like shell but it was worth eating for the sherbet inside!


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          26.08.2011 23:30
          Very helpful
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          I love sweets so much it was hard to choose!

          These are my favourite sweets;

          1) Haribo Gold Bears; These are my favourite sweets in the whole world, I love the juiciness of them and the fact that every flavour is really nice particularly apple which is my favourite flavour followed closely by pineapple.

          2) Jelly tots; I absolutely love Jelly Tots, they are so sweet and chewy. I like to eat them individually and then drink the sugar left in the bottom of the bag. (I have a sweet tooth)

          3) Jelly Babies; I like to bite their heads off then eat the rest! My favourite are the black, red and pink ones and there never seem to be enough of these colours in the packet!

          4) Foam Bananas; I think these are soooo yummy, I love how they taste of banana milkshake and they just melt in your mouth.

          5) Cherry Drops; These are my favourite boiled sweet I always have a packet of these in my bag they are so sweet and moreish.

          6) Haribo Tangfastics; I like sour sweets , I like to suck all of the sourness off before chewing them. The cherries are my particular favourite followed closely by the cola bottles.

          7) Fruit Salads and Black Jacks; I like the multi-pack that contains them both, they remind me of being a child and going to the shop for a 10p mix.

          8) Flying Saucers; I buy these in bulk from Costco, I love to split them apart and eat the sherbet first.

          9) Maom Strips; I like these because again they have an apple flavour (my favourite) they take forever for chew and make your mouth water they are so delicious.

          10) Peanuts; I very rarely see these nowadays, they were shaped like a monkey nut and inside the sweet each end was a peanut. They tasted like peanut butter and I used to get a 1/4 of them at a time as a child from my local corner shop.


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            11.02.2010 03:25
            Very helpful



            Would love to see some of these back on the shelfs in shops

            My top ten sweets of all time has been a hard one to compile, simply because there are so many to choose from and I have had to ask myself over and over again "do i rate this one more than that one "so i have had to narrow my list down from around 50 different sweets to just ten , and believe me it has been tough.

            Number one, has got to be the all time classic of Love hearts, the little sweets with cute messages on them from be my love to big boy or even kiss me, they are divine, they are made up of compact sherbet and are made by the swizzlers Matthews, I know you can buy them online and i also know morrisons also do them for 89p for a pack of 4 , they really are a sweet i would have to have in my top ten, mainly because they remind me so much of when i was younger looking for the best message so i could give it to my sweetheart at the time!!

            Number two this again is another sweet from Swizzler Matthews and is called Parma Violets, and although i do love the taste of these but i mainly adore these for their colour , and smell they are lush , and i recall it was a colour that i always wanted my bedroom to be painted, I am unsure where you can buy these alone but i do know that you can get them in variety mixes various stores , if you look out for the ones made by Swizzler Matthews then you are bound to get a few packets in the selection.

            Number Three has to be the Dib dabs, the sherbet was all i bought it for when i was younger , we used to have competitions to see who could hold the sherbet in tier mouth the longest the tingling sensation on your tongue was rather strange as your mouth would water so much you would start to foam at the mouth, these are made by Barratt and can still be bought at asda, it is great to see these "Retro sweets" still going tough in 2010.

            Number 4 this has got to be in the top ten of my favourite sweets but sadly i do not know who made them as they just seem to come in a paper bag when i was younger and i have yet to see if they still sell them today, anyway they are the "Shrimps" those sweets to me always reminded me of compacted or crushed candy floss they were divine and if i knew where to buy them today i gladly would , but as i said i only recall them from being in a paper bag and costing at the time a penny.

            Number Five Black jacks has to be a favour of mine from when i was younger as me and my sister used to have competitions to see who could get their tongue the blackest which seemed to keep us occupied on long journeys but must admit i think it was the aniseed flavour that put me off them after a while, but i do occasionally pinch the odd one of my children if they have them in a mix up.

            Number six Tooty fruities, the little squares that all had a diffent flavour in a hard shell they were nice and alot better than the alternative rainbow drops , yuckk they were just basically coloured rice crispies to me with no flavour where as with the tootie fruities you had it all chewy centres different flavours and a crunchy outside yummy

            Number seven Drumstick lollies , they were nice and chewy with a flavouring of raspberry, this seems to be another one that i can only seem to buy if it comes in one of the variety mixes that i mentioned earlier , they are still pretty much the same design as they were in the 80s, but do not seem to taste the same to me , they infact taste more like plastic, i think my taste buds are going with old age!!!

            Number Eight, I'm going to cheat here and add two sweets as one choice mainly because i have number 9 and 10 but because they are along similar lines and made by the same company i think i can get away with just adding this as one choice, and it has to be Rowntrees fruit pastils and rowntree fruit gums, now i know they still do the fruit pastils but i have not seen the fruit gums they did for years so unsure they are still on the market , however i loved these because there was so many flavours in one tube and unlike those that could help it and not chew i was week and would gladly chew through a few packets of these yummylicious.

            Number nine, is the old fruit salad chew, i guess this had to come somewhere mainly because if there is a black jack around then you can bet there would be a fruit salad well it usually happened that way with the mix ups i got as a child but i did like these chews they were nice and seemed to take forever to chew.

            Number ten Bassetts Liquorice Catherine wheels these were great we used to get these unwind them then eat the centre and then slowly chomp on the liquorice, i don't think these are around either now but it is a shame.

            Well that is my top ten sweets, its just a shame i have not seen some of them for years, which i would love too , I'm sure lots can recall some of the chews taking forever to chew through them and being back on sale today would give some of the parents today a little peace and quiet.


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              22.01.2010 15:15
              Very helpful



              My Top 10 sooper dooper sweeties

              I adore sweets so will be hard pushed not to include every sweet on the market right now but I will try my best to do this top ten list!!!

              Ok lets start from the bottom:

              10) Strawberry Bon bons...I also like the lemon variety as well and the only reason they are at the bottom is because they rip your teeth out when chewing!!

              9) Fruit Salads- I used to have these as a kid in a small sort of square sweet situ going on but they are also nice in lolly form!!

              8) Popping Candy- As a kid I was fascinated by a sweet that crackled on my tounge!! Still love it...

              7) Bananas- Soft and squidgy and also nice covered in chocolate but they are hard to find these days

              6) Fried Eggs- Whilst roaming through a packet of Haribo I realised how much I love them!!

              5) Wham bars- I dont think they are called this anymore but they are sweet and sour and so many flavours in your mouth at one time!!

              4) Flying saucers- These without a doubt although not much to them are delicious!! i like trying to prise apart the saucer to lick out the sherbert...yes I am a strange girl!!

              3) Rhubard & Custard- Easily hits the top 3...love this good old fave and reminds me of being young!!

              2) Pink Shrimps- Strangely as much as I love these they can only be a certain taste...Some shops do sell them but they arent the same as what I had as a kid!!

              1) By far the best sweet of all time in my eyes ''White Chocolate Fish & Chips''...they are super great and my favourite sweets of all time



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                30.10.2009 11:47
                Very helpful



                In the Candy store with 50 Cents

                With hundreds of these retro sweet stores online and yours truly in need of writing something that can't possibly offend anyone on dooyoo I have decided to list my A-Z of sweets for Halloween. With the increasing Americanization of this pagan holiday over here where you send your kids out to 'trick or treat', here are the sweets I would give them and some I would keep for myself. They can have the white wine gum, the Turkish Delight and the Cracknel from the Roses tin though without argument.

                A is for Acid Drops

                When you went around your nans on Sunday you would hear the rustle of sweets and out plonked these and the Pear Drops, the depressing world of boiled sweets. When ever I see them in the shops I think of Sunday nights, one bar on the fire and school the next day.

                B is for Bazooka Joe

                Its weird but when you chew gum you feel really cool, as you did when you smoked a fag as a kid. Smoking was a rebellion so fair enough but it baffles me why you feel naughty when chewing gum. Maybe it's some long buried genetic and subliminal mating ritual to do with chewing shrubbery when we were caveman chasing girls or something to impress her or induce a narcotic. Who knows!

                Bubblicious and Hubba Bubba where the pack of five alternates back in the day and then there was the 'Anglo Bubbly', a boiled sweet like wrapped singleton that just didn't quite have the taste of Bazooka Joe, always found in the penny chews section. It also didn't have that nostalgic waxy cover and of course that little joke inside. In those days-the 70s- anything with bubblegum in it had waxy paper. You could buy football or baseball cards (In England?) and there was the bubblegum rectangle. But Bazooka Joe is the king of gum because it made you feel like you hade just stepped out of a B17 after bombing Japan, aviator glasses catching the sun, your green pilots suit and the wings atop the pocket. For one pence per gum you could be American for about thirty chews (the flavour was gone by 29)!

                C is for Caramels and Curly Wurley's

                Two scrummy bars go together here because you can buy both now in multipack form in the pound stores...5 Curly Wurley's for a quid and 4 Caramels for a quid, obviously.

                D is for Double Decker

                Modelled on the bus, of course, this ambitious one had two layers; one of crispy style filling covered in milk chocolate and then totally ruined it with this coffee tasting nougat. I was going to put the Drifter bar in for my 'D' but the idea of flavouring a chocolate bar with coffee is disgusting and so deserves berating here!

                E is for Eggs

                Licking a Cadburys Cream egg is like licking out....a wooden spoon full of ice cream. You really have to get your tongue right in there to get the full pleasure and wiggle and swirl it around until you grown with pleasure. Sure, just as many people hate the eggs as people love them, the sickly centre not for everyone, but once the tip of your tongue flicks the centre its pleasure all around, especially for women. But at 50p each they are expensive.

                F is for Flake

                What a rip off! Most of it ends up on the floor and it wouldn't surprise me if someone from Cadburys comes out at night and collects up all the flaky chocolate and sticks it back in the yellow wrapper. It certainly feels like that when you open it up. The ice cream trucks are on to this when they stick the 99 into the cornet. As soon as you have licked down the cream it's revealed you only have half the Flake! Double 99 my ass! They say the name 99 came from Italy where the mafia would take 99 Lira for each box from ice cream makers to make sure their trucks got to where they were meant to go, the protection racket. That explains why the Flake is such a rip off and the two chocolate sticks seem to be flicking the Vs at you.

                G is for Golden Cup

                Whenever I look at these lists the Golden Cup never appears. I can't understand that as it's a stunning piece of confectionary. With its volcanic toffee caramel eruption and the perfect thickness of chocolate crust it's just gorgeous. This and a threesome are the two things in life you must try before you die.

                H is for Haribo Coca Cola bottles!

                Of late I prefer the fizzy ones as you get more of a Coke tang. I think it's fair to say everyone likes Coca Cola bottles and if there was only one country where these were made the Americans and British would have invaded it by now or at least got their own dictator in to keep the price down of these scrummy treats. My local market square does about 30 for 50p!

                I is for Ice pops

                I know they are not sweets in the true sense but I gave my first girlfriend a red one and so it deserves a mention. Ice Pops were purely frozen fruit juice in a plastic tube and cost about 1p to make and sold for 10p.

                J is for Jelly Beans

                Again, the red ones are always the nicest and when ever I go on a date I always buy the girl jelly beans, the ice pop not suitable for handbags. Girls love the sugary taste and if we get 'jiggy' I can roll them down between her boobies and over her tummy for some jelly bean golf .lol.

                K is for Kinder Surprise!

                The surprise, of course, is there's no flipping chocolate there, a plastic egg thing the size of a golf ball that has yet more plastic inside, usually a toy or something. If I wanted a Christmas cracker gift I would buy a Christmas cracker! What are we supposed to eat here? It's made somewhere obscure in central Europe where all the houses are made of chocolate and candy and is just too expensive to bother with any more.

                L is for Lucky Bag and Love Sweets.

                As a kid after I had got my five packets of Panini football stickers the remainder of my 50p pocket money was spent on one of these. They were stuffed full of goodies, everything from those polystyrene like Flying Saucer things to the Love Hearts, my favourite being those solid lollipops made of candy cement, that rock hard stuff you bit into that tasted like sherbet. I would give Kamrikha one of those hearts if she would let me.

                M is for Minstrels

                The biggest problem with these is they are marketed as posh chocolate sweets which means you don't get many for your buck. I counted them in the packet last week and I got just 14 of the little buttons for 55p! But they are lovely and when the thin chocolate shell breaks the insides are just as yummy.

                N is for Nougat

                Like Cadbury Chocolate Éclairs, this stuff has one mission and that's to pull your fillings out.

                O is for Opal Fruits

                For some reason they changed the name to Starburst and people stopped buying them. Again the red ones were scrummy and for once the orange ones too. Orange and chocolate is like nuts and chocolate-it should never mix. But with Opal Fruits the chemicals finally tasted like fruits for once. They had just the right chew ratio too. Not too quick, not too slow.

                P is for Poppets

                I don't actually like Poppets but they are the only sweet named after the packet they are in, now the only cardboard box sweets on sale. Biodegradable choccies girls!

                Q is for a Quarter of...

                Pick n mix was the way it was done back in the day, a small white paper bag full of what you fancy what we did. A quarter pound of Mint Imperials would seem heavier than a quarter pound of Coca Cola Cubes for some reason but it still felt a lot. Now you get just those 14 Minstrels for 55p. You can still buy a quarter in some shops although it's not actually a quarter. Humbugs were my fav!

                R is for Revels

                Revels are one of those sweets you can't take a risk on as the centres have different stuff in, everything from a gorgeous toffee middle to a puke inducing peanut thing. For some reason I really hate peanuts and the smell of them and if a packet is broke out at Christmas I will hide them.

                S is for Sherbet Fountain

                It was insure is the Sherbet Fountain was meant to look like a stick of dynamite or to get kids addicted to cocaine, like those candy cigarettes were clearly to prepare kids for smoking.

                T is for Tootyfruites

                As I said it's a well known fact that the red sweets are always the nicest. Whatever sweet you can name, from wine gums to Smarties, reds the best. Black and that transparent wine gum colour, on the other hand, are always the most horrid tasting sweets on the planet. Tootyfruites are cool because you can make them last, plenty of sucking to take in the different flavours but also some chewing and nibbling to be done, just how girls like it!

                U is for the U Bar

                The U-Bar is completely fictitious and made it up because I couldn't think of an X. But if it was real it would be a Cadbury Cream egg style filling with a Yorkie type thick milk chocolate with a very hard dark chocolate base.

                V is for Victory

                As with all A-Z list this one is deteriorating towards the end and I can only think of a throat pastel, which never taste nice. The worst thing about getting coughs and colds is having to eat Tunes every day so Victory's do offer something different.

                W is for Wine Gums

                Again, the red ones are the nicest and the white ones the worst. In Nottingham political correctness reached a new low when the proprietor of a newsagent refused to sell a boy a packet because he was under 18. There is, of course, no wine in wine gums.

                X is for the X-tra Strong Mints

                One reader picked my X and in it goes and she is as hot as X-tra Strong Mints!

                Y is for Yorkie Bar

                A quite clever piece of marketing saw Yorkie sales boom when an ad company did men only commercials for the chocolate, saying it was just too chunky for delicate girls, this for lorry drivers and builder sonly, meaning girls went out and bought it and got chunk, ironically. I still think this is where the obesity crisis began in young women.

                Z is for ZZZZZZZZ


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                  19.08.2009 01:43
                  Very helpful



                  Sweeties seem to evoke lots of memories for me, I hope they do for you too.

                  By sweets I am assuming they mean actual sweeties and not chocolate bars..... Most sweet shop sweeties remind me of being little, in school or at the shop buying a 10p mixture!

                  So, all of these sweets have some kind of memory or sentimentality attached. They're great ways to remember your childhood!

                  In no particular order...

                  ~~~Parma Violets~~~
                  That violet perfumey taste is just brilliant. These sweets take me right back to being 7 years old and eating a tiny wee packet of them in the back garden. They also remind me of my dad because he loves them too!

                  ~~~Rhubarb and Custards~~~
                  These are fantastic! So sweet and brightly coloured. I actually love the texture of these, they're kind of unusual. I worked in a playscheme this summer and we bought these for the tuck shop... the kids just didn't seem to get it!

                  ~~~Flying Saucers~~~
                  I LOVE these. I don't know anyone who doesn't like them. That amazing thin wafer with the sweet tangy sherbet. I used to try to split them open and eat the sherbet first, then pretend the wafer bits were Communion. This is how we practiced for making our First Communion LOL! My dad still calls the hosts Flying Saucers hehehe.

                  Does anyone remember whoppers? They're kind of a little grainy, fudge consistency bar about 4mm thick and 4 inches long. They're like a very thick cocoa and icing sugar paste that has been left to dry in a sheet and cut into little bars. They were truly brilliant. I loved them, they used to do them in a shop near me and we'd go on our bikes and buy some of these and some water bombs.

                  ~~~Chocolate cups~~~
                  Ooo so sweet and cheap chocolate tasting! These were great. Little colour foil cups with chocolate which has been poured in and allowed to set. They always seemed to feel colder than they should be in your mouth. These remind me of a big birthday party my mum and dad had for me, I think I was 8 or 9. The table was COVERED with different bowls of sweeties and food. These were a favourite.

                  ~~~Fizzy cola bottles/cherries/bears~~~
                  These just can't be missed out, they're classics. I've put them together because technically, they fall into the same category. I love fizzy cola bottles and when I was wee I used to always eat the "glass" bit first, then the coke bit. Weirdo child.

                  ~~~Sherbet Dib-Dab~~~
                  Those orange and pink packets with the cartoon boy and girl on the front eating their very own Sherbet Dib-Dabs! I hated the swizzle lolly thing you got with it, but it was a necessary evil if you wanted to get the sherbet out. I used to mix the orange into the pink and it ended up tasting kind of...marzipan-ish? I can't describe it, but I loved these. Reminds me of sitting on the couch up at my uncle Eddie's.

                  ~~~Foam Magic Mushrooms~~~
                  I recently rediscovered these in passing the aforementioned whopper and water bomb shop. They're kind of raspberry flavour, soft and a little chewy. I'll always remember going in for my little friend up at my Gran's house. She wasn't in, but her Gran worked in a shop and she gave me a big huuuge bag of these in a white paper poke (that's a paper bag for anyone who doesn't know). When I got back to my Gran's house she was mad that I had accepted them - she was quite old fashioned about these things. I got to keep them for after my tea though.

                  ~~~Dyna Stix~~~
                  Ah these are great. I'm not sure if this is what they are called or just what we called them. They are red liquorice tubes filled with white sugary soft stuff running through the middle. They are about 20cm long and 0.5cm diameter. If anyone knows the proper name please let me know! We used to get these from the ice cream van outside our school.

                  ~~~Werther's Original~~~
                  Another recent rediscovery. They're so sweet and buttery and if I have one, I have to have another and another. They're great for a sugar kick at any moment and one sweetie takes about 9 minutes to finish! Brilliant!

                  Sweets that I love which didn't make the list include...

                  Summer Fruits, Popping Candy, Candy Pans, Puff Candy, Millions, candy sticks, sugar paper, fudge, coconut ice, tablet, macaroon bars.


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                    13.08.2009 16:06
                    Very helpful



                    So whos coming to Scotts sweets store?

                    Being a sweet toothed sweet loving sort of guy narrowing a list down to just 10 types of sweets is something im going to cheat on a little. I think theres a lot of sweets that are pretty much the same as something else and these will only count as one in my list just so I dont need to pick between them. These are what I would have in my own personalised sweet shop.

                    Scotts Super Sweet Shop Stock

                    Flying Saucers
                    The sherbet filled fizzy Saucers that appeal the young much more than the old will have a timeless appeal with myself. Simple and just the right size for a small ones mouth...unless you want to see how many aliens you can eat at once. Unbelieveably I do know some people that dont like them.

                    One rule I decided to enforce was not to use chocolate bars at any point. So this is of course vanilla fudge that can be made in the good or bought at any good sweet stall or newsagents. A sweet and smooth bag of clotted fudge can be just bliss on a warm summers evening, though it can be sickly in large quantities.

                    Haribos lovely little jelly strawberries often seem to get over looked for their other options and as a result are the most underated of the companys sweets. Tasting brilliant, well made, and as we all know with Haribo they are gorgeous.

                    Moam Stripes
                    Coming from Haribo are these gorgeous soft flavoured chews that are brilliantly innocent and wonderfully enjoyable. Each wrapped individually to stop them sticking together and keep them fresh and great.

                    Cola Bottles
                    The classics are always the best, we know that and these are one of the greatest ever sweets. A little bottle shaped sweet with various flavours available, though the cola flavour will always be the best. Id also have the blue ones, pink ones and white ones available.

                    Fizzy Sweets
                    I know thats a cop out but it beats listing 7 types of them. Ranging from the fizzy colas to the sour and fizzy cherrys almost any form of good jelly sweet have been given the fizzy treatment to a great result.

                    Multi coloured and flavoured balls of sweet brilliance that you get a lot for with your money and they can last quite a while. Sadly my shop would be out of stock quite quickly as the owner would likely have eaten them all.

                    Black Jacks
                    Back to the classics once more with the immortal penny Black Jacks. Dont confuse these with the thick square ones that out a few years ago, the original thin oblong ones always were the best and still are. Though they can be hard to find now you local sweet stall on a market should have some.

                    Cinder Toffee and Chocolate covered Cinder Toffee
                    The middle of a Crunchie makes for a great sweet though it looks ugly it tastes like sweet based sex. Either crunching your way though the nuggets or sucking on it until it goes soft in your mouth this stuff is great.

                    Wine Gums/Sports Mixture/Fruit Salads
                    I can neve decide between these three top treats to they tie. All of a them NEED to be the traditional sweet shop ones as the others taste cheap and vastly inferior in comparision. Ill have a quarter of these now please.

                    Just missing out but still stocked:
                    Chewy bars
                    Jam centred cherrys


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                      23.06.2009 19:00
                      Very helpful



                      A LIST OF MY TOP 10 FAVE SWEETS

                      Here is my list of top 10 sweets they aren't in order as it changes with how I feel at the time - I do eat my sweets in a peculiar way?!

                      Strawberry laces:
                      My dad and I use to race to eat a packet of these when I was younger we use to tie a knot in the middle and race to get to it a lot of fun as a kid. Even now when I eat these I have to play with them and make knots or tie loads together and eat them really stupidly! You can buy a pack from most supermarkets for about 40p - but you will probably eat the whole pack!

                      The circular ones out of liquorice allsorts and are also inside the liquorice Catherine wheels:
                      These are liquorice flavoured jelly sweets with loads of 'bobbles' on. Sometimes I used to pick all the bobbles off then eat the amazing clear but liquorice tasting jelly or pop it in and chew like mad. I started eating these when my granddad offered me one as he doesn't like them which is good as I don't like any of the other liquorice allsorts (except the plain black one) Every time my granddad has a packet he saves me all of these ones still now!

                      A square chewy sweet often sold in a long pack or a share bag. These chews are similar to starburst (opal fruits) but seem to taste creamier. I prefer the red and purple ones and usually give away the other colours unless I am being greedy.

                      Beer bottle sweets:
                      These were like cola bottles but bigger, looked like a pint of beer and tasted of 'beer' or so I thought I now know they don't! I used to eat the top white bit first (the head) and then pretend to drink the beer before eating the brown bottom. Sill not sure what they taste like but I can still sometimes find them at the local corner shop at about 2p each. Whenever I see them I cant resist but have only a few now.

                      Sour cherries:
                      These were also out of the pick and mix sweets as a kid they weren't the sour variety then but still just as nice but I do prefer the ones you get in the haribo tangfastics now which are covered I sugar and are sour. I generally eat each cherry separately then the stalk even though it all tastes the same!

                      Sherbet fountain:
                      A tube with sherbet at the bottom and a liquorice stick to eat it with. Always remember to hit the bottom of the tube to break up the sherbet otherwise you generally just have one big clump of it. I usually suck and dip the liquorice stick each time taking a small bite. After about 10 dips the stick would be finished and then I would turn the packets upside down and have a huge mouthful of sherbet!

                      Pineapple rock:
                      I used to buy these after school out of one of those jars I think I used to get a quarter. These were small chunks of rock and pineapple flavoured - YUM. I eat these like a normal person and just suck them till its gone and then pop another one in!

                      Strawberry bon bons:
                      Another one bought in quarters from the corner shop I prefer the strawberry flavoured ones and would suck off the powdered coating before trying to chew these hard little sweets.

                      Blackcurrant Liquorice:
                      A hard-boiled sweet which usually comes in a purple wrapper. I suck these behind the counter at work and after a while...surprise a nice chewy liquorice centre.

                      My top 10 sweeties!


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                      17.06.2009 22:44
                      Very helpful



                      All my favourites

                      As a rule I don't eat so many sweets, well I didn't. But after living in a house with a 5 year old for going on a year and tasting all of his delicious treats I've rediscovered my sweet tooth! From jellys and boiled sweets to the new inventions and the old favourites there is a bit of everything on my top ten. In no particular order;

                      1.Liquorice Catherine Wheels
                      For anyone who doesn't know, these are a strip of black liquorice that is wound around a jelly button to form the shape of a wheel. I always eat these by unwinding the liquorice strip and scoffing that first before eating the jelly button last. They are delicious and a real old-favourite that has withstood the test of time.

                      2.Flying Saucers
                      These are made of saucer shaped edible paper and contain wonderful fizzy sherbert. They are often brightly coloured and "artificial" tasting but that doesn't make them any less appealing. Once I open a bag of these I find it very difficult to stop without finishing the lot. Delicious but no doubt packed with additives and artificial colours.

                      3.Treacle Toffee
                      Again another old-favourite but this time a sweet aimed more at adults and older children. If it is of a good quality it tastes beautiful and my favourite is the Thornton's brand which is both tasty and not too expensive. Very chewy and can leave your jaw aching but still a great sweet.

                      4.Chocolate Lick
                      Chocolate lick is a mixture of various types of ground down chocolate. Whenever I eat this it reminds me of junior school and walking to the top of the road to buy "50p worth please." Good memories! To be honest it's just sentimentality that puts this on my list and I rarely eat it any more. It's not something you can buy in supermarkets but can still be found in many corner shops.

                      These are very small chewy streets that come in cola, bubble gum and strawberry flavours. They can be bought in little packets or in weighed out measures and corner shops. Another choice from my schooldays these are very very sweet and so definitely appeal more to children than adults. That said when I fancy a bit of a sugar rush I always turn to millions!

                      6.Drumstick lollies
                      The drumstick original lollies are vanilla and strawberry flavour and can be bought for either 5p or 10p depending on the size. They are so chewy and an absolute pleasure to eat. My only problem with them is that I tend to pull the sweet off of the stick by accident which can be a bit of a pain. I'm certain that they will always be popular with kids and they are still a party bag favourite.

                      7.Fizzy blue coloa bottles
                      Despite being called cola bottles these sweets don't actual taste of cola and instead have a bubblegum flavour. I've always found that the smell is much stronger than the taste but the fizziness makes up for this. They are slightly sour and can be bought from most supermarkets own brands.

                      8.Love Hearts
                      Love hearts are hard, fizzy sweets that have an almost tablet shape to them. There are twenty sweets in each pack and they are all embossed with a little message. I probably like these more for their novelty factor then anything as the taste itself. The taste is a little unusual as it is definitely fruit-based but no specific flavour stands out.

                      9.Black jack
                      An aniseed flavoured chewy sweet that will undoubtedly leave your lips and tongue black. There are 15 individually wrapped chews in each pack and I'd recommend you keep them out of the sun as they melt very easily. They are a great piece of confectionary as the taste is not too over-powering.

                      10.Jelly Beans
                      They come in numerous flavours including strawberry, cinammon, pina colada, apple, watermelon, pear, candyfloss, vanilla etc and are shaped like kidney beans. The massive range of flavours is the thing that makes jelly beans preferable to other sweets for me. I love the texture of these little gems with their hard outer shell and chewy interior. They are not the cheapest sweet and some of the premium brands such as "Jelly Bean" can be quite expensive but as an occasional treat they are worth it.

                      None of them are good for your waistline but they're all good for your soul!


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                        17.05.2009 14:37
                        Very helpful



                        Who ever said vegans are healthy? We can scoff plenty of sweets too!

                        Everyone thinks vegans miss out on indulgent and tasty foods, but they're wrong! There are loads of vegan alternatives and many 'accidentally' vegan foods too.
                        For a sweet to be vegan it can't include gelatine, milk, egg, cochineal (red food dye), beeswax, honey or shellac.
                        Here's my list of my top 10 favourite vegan sweeties (including chocolates) in no particular order.

                        1. Trebor Soft Mints
                        I prefer the spearmint ones but the peppermint ones are vegan too. Great for giving your breath a quick freshen up but I always find I can't just eat one and, as they're chewy, they disappear too quickly!

                        2. Fry's Chocolate Cream
                        Dark chocolate with a wonderfully sickly fondant centre. These are one of my favourite comfort foods.

                        3. Jameson's Raspberry Ruffles
                        Raspberry flavoured coconut coated in chocolate. Small, sweet and a perfect little snack.

                        4. Whizzers chocolate beans
                        A bit like Smarties (chocolate in a candy shell) but they don't taste anything like them, especially as they don't have all those nasty artificial colourings.

                        5. Haribo Cola Breeze sweets (cola bottles)
                        Not all Haribo sweets are vegan but many of their Halal varieties are. You can get them in health food shops, online and sometimes in the speciality sections of supermarkets.

                        6. Fabulous Fudge Factory Coconut Ice
                        The best coconut ice I've ever tried! A bit expensive though so I only get it as an occasional treat. They make delicious fudge too.

                        7. Millions
                        You know, those little sweets that come in long packets, shaker tubes or you can buy them from jars at traditional sweets shops. Chewy, sweet and they come in some yummy flavours like cola and bubblegum.

                        8. Organica White chocolate
                        VERY sweet and vanilla-y. This is how all white chocolate should taste!

                        9. Starburst
                        Formerly Opal Fruits! Fruity and chewy, they make a good travel sweet or something to pop in your mouth if you're bored.

                        10. Jelly beans
                        Not all jelly beans are vegan, you have to watch out for beeswax and shellac usually but the occasional brand might also contain gelatine. If I'm remembering correctly Mike & Ike's are vegan but I've also found some own or cheap brands tend to be vegan too - the less shiny they are, the more likely they are to be vegan!

                        There are lots of other vegan sweets out there, and not just in health food shops, these just happened to be the ones I buy the most of.


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                          09.04.2009 16:31
                          Very helpful



                          A great treat

                          My top ten favourite sweets

                          I grew up in a street near a shop called the chocolate box. I remember it sold sweets, ice cream and milk and don't remember anything else but I am sure it must have done. My mom would send either my sister or me to the shop to fetch her pint of milk and would get a 10p mix as a reward. I actually do remember been so excited about getting my 10p mix that I came back from the shop with my sweets and forgot the milk.

                          This is a list of my favourite sweets some are from childhood a few I still eat occasionally.

                          1 fizzy cola bottle

                          These have a cola flavour with a real zingy kick to them. They are covered in sugar.
                          These are now widely available in bags from the supermarket own brand so relatively cheap. They do a non sugar coated version but in my opinion are missing the sugar.

                          2 kola cubes

                          I loved these cola flavoured cubes when I was a child they have a hard outside case and a chewy flavour inside. When I was pregnant I spent about two weeks desperately wanting some and when I finally found some I put one in my mouth and immediately spat it out. It wasn't the taste I had in my mind at all. I haven't bought any since and am not sure if it was just how my taste buds had changed during pregnancy but it has put me off

                          3 Tooty frooties

                          These have a crispy shell and come in different colours; yellow, orange, pink, purple and green. They do have fruit flavours but m favourite are the purple ones. I cannot imagine what fruit it comes from though. Inside the case is a chew sweet.

                          4 jelly beans

                          These are crisp candy coated beans that do come in a variety of flavours. I love the mall except the black ones which I will happily give away. Last year while I was on holiday I went into a branch of Sainsbury's that had a pick a mix of various flavours of jelly beans made by the jelly bean company. Some were really nice some weren't but others were disgusting.

                          5 space dust

                          It comes in a sachet which you sprinkle on your tongue. IT crackles in your mouth and sends shocks through the head. A few years ago crunchy bought out a limited edition with space dust in which I promptly purchased and ate on the way to the video store. I knew the DVD I wanted but had to browse the store as I couldn't speak with all the popping in my mouth. I think I would have enjoyed it more at home. I have also seen this put in puddings on come dine with me.

                          6 refreshers

                          These are rectangle shaped chewy sweets with sherbet in the middle as you bite into them. Now days you can get them in long thin bars as well.

                          7 Fudge

                          I love and still love fudge. I think dairy milk fudge is the best. I don't want my fudge messed around with by putting raisins rum or chocolate in it. When I was child I do vaguely remember making fudge out of a kit which actually worked. I have since tried to make it but it didn't set not evening the freezer so I think I am probably better off buying it from the shop.

                          8 sherbet fountain.

                          The packaging has not changed on these since I was a child they are in a yellow tube full of white sherbet with a stick of liquorish the pops out the tip. The idea is that you suck the stick and dip it in the sherbet and the two together taste fabulous with the tang of the sherbet and the sour taste of the liquorish

                          9l lemon bon boons

                          There are toffee flavoured balls with a lemon powder coating. You initially get the tang from the lemon and then the chewy toffee to follow. I used to buy these in quarters out of glass jars as a child

                          10 black jacks

                          Black jacks were also 3 for 1p chew that are aniseed in flavour but have the distinct advantage as a child that they turn your tongue black. It is a sweet I haven't eaten in a long time but was definitely top of my pick a mix bag

                          There is a lot of debate about healthy diets but we all ate sweets as children and people need to learn the art of moderation and learn to say no when kids want more and more. This way we can all enjoy a treat.


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                            03.04.2009 23:51
                            Very helpful



                            Sweet teeth :D

                            My top ten sweets: here goes, the reason that my teeth will rot and one day fall out!! :D

                            1) Parma Violets

                            Little round violet coloured sweets. They smell almost of perfume and have a strong taste to them. The majority of people I know hate these- good news for me as I dont have to share hehe. Yes, I was one of them children who used to pretend that that these sweets were infact 'tablets' and that I needed to eat them in order to get better (I wasn't ill in the first place).

                            2) Black Currant and Liquorice

                            Hard boiled sweets that are purple in colour. These tend to taste of blackcurrant mainly until you bite into the shell to reveal that liqourice centre. These sweets are ideal if you are hungry and trying not to snack too much as they last for ages.

                            3) Gobstoppers

                            I used to purchase one of these every saturday. The gobstobbers were so big they wouldnt fit into my hand. Costing 50 pence. However, I did get banned from purchasing these after I accidentally swallowed one whilst it was still too large which resulted in me choking. Luckily my dad was near to retrieve it! Even after this incident I still love them!

                            4) Jelly Tots

                            Yes, they are aimed at children however, I still love them. The black and reds are the best flavours. The best part about Jelly Tots is the sugar that has gathered at the bottom of the pack which I eat after all the sweets are eaten. My poor teeth!

                            5) Haribo

                            The best versions of Haribo are the 'Original Mix' and the 'Kiddie Mix'. They do sell a Tangfastic variety. The sweets are rather sour- too sour for me. I dont have that much of a sweet tooth!

                            6) Bananas

                            The soft foamy bananas that can usually be purchased in Pic n Mixes. They are bright yellow and have a soft texture. Must have as part of a pic & mix!

                            7) Teeth & Lips

                            A mixture of both teeth and lips in one packet. The teeth are made of 'foam'. The lips are bright red and are like jelly. I used to try and pretend that they were infact my real teeth and lips haha.

                            8) Aniseed Balls

                            Usually bought on the way home after school. Purchasing 50pence worth. Aniseed balls are small brown balls. They are solid and I never managed to bite them & break them. Instead you need to suck them until they get smaller. They would change colour after some time in your mouth and would eventually end up white!

                            9) Black Jacks

                            Long bars. Completely black. Usually used to leave me with black teeth, lips and tongue! Could never deny eating a Black Jack. They used to cost just 10 pence however, I think they now cost 15 pence which is also very reasonable.

                            10) Drumstick Lollies

                            These used to be sold at a standard size for 5pence. Now however you can buy 'Super size' ones for around 25-30 pence. These are cream and pink and used to last some time. They are chewy and make your teeth stick together.


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                              24.03.2009 23:40
                              Very helpful



                              Can't resist them!

                              I'm not so much a sweet person, I'd much rather have a savoury meal but at certain times I do feel slight craving for something sweet. After every meal I have at dinner, even if I'm stuffed full, I always have to have my dose of chocolate with a glass of milk. But sweets are always a great little treat sometimes and here's my pick going backwards from 10 up to the best at number 1:

                              10. Drumstick lollies - enough to pull your teeth out!

                              9. Chocolate raisins - I can't have chocolate nuts because I'm allergic but chocolate raisins are actually really tasty and rather addictive.

                              8. Iced Gems - used to love these when I was little but I haven't had any in ages. My husband's parents usually keep a stock of them so whenever I go round there and they ask if I want anything to eat it's always Iced Gems.

                              7. Strawberry laces - they taste delicious and they go on forever!

                              6. Milky chocolate ice creams - like the chocolate mice but the ice creams have either a strawberry or vanilla top so they taste better. I like licking the top part first like an actual ice cream!

                              5. Chupa Chup lollies - strawberry and cream is the best and my second favourite is chocolate and vanilla. I think these are quite pricey though for just a lolly but they're still delicious.

                              4. Strawberries - the pick and mix ones. Oh my god these are yummy!

                              3. Cadbury's Crème Eggs - I just can't wait for Easter to come around every year so I can have my share of Crème Eggs. I eat all the chocolate off first so that I end up with a big dollop of cream left on my finger at the end!

                              2. Peanut M&Ms - yes I know I said above that I'm allergic to nuts but these, along with a few other nutty bits, I can eat. Don't ask why but M&Ms I'm fine with - thank god because I love them. And thank god they bought the blues back cos they're the yummiest ones!

                              1. Skittles - while I was backpacking I started to pick up a big packet of Skittles for a long coach trip. Since then I have become completely addicted. I stock up in Poundland whenever I'm out shopping and if I find I'm out I go completely mad. I need a few after lunch and dinner and I absolutely have to have a pack at the cinema or when watching TV. The red ones are the best by far. Couldn't live without them!

                              Ooh look I see my skittles are on the table next to me, I may just have to have a few more!


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