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Top Ten TV Channels

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    22 Reviews
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      24.10.2013 23:44
      Very helpful



      sometimes there are so many channels but I hardly use 99% of them

      I used to love watching TV, but nowadays I find I am watching less and less as I find I watch the same thing repeatedly! This list is in no particular order, but these are the channels my TV most often gets flicked between:

      1. BBC One

      I don't watch an awful lot on here as I can't stand Eastenders anymore and it's been a while since Top Of The Pops aired! However, I love watching pointless which is a quiz show that comes on every weekday at 5.15pm. If I am not at home or my daughter is watching something I have it on series record as I can't bear to miss an episode! I also like to flick and see Strictly come dancing if I am in on a saturday night.

      2. E4

      I am a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory as the cast (mainly Sheldon) have me in stitches! How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement and old shows like Ugly Betty also entertain me on a weekly evening!

      3. ITV2

      I can't help but be a reality tv fan and my one weakness for certain is The Only Way Is Essex. I know its purely fake, rehearsed babble but for 45 minutes every Wednesday and Sunday night I forget all my worries and I am totally engrossed in the goings on of the TOWIE clan!

      4. More 4

      I live to watch Scandal every Thursday, and find it quite sad it has now been pushed back to a later slot of 10pm as it is my most interesting political drama show that I love watching now I have completed the entire box set of 24 and my beloved Dexter is no more! It also shows a lot of Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals which I enjoy watching for some new inspirational quick dishes.

      5. Nick Jr

      This is where my daughter controls the TV and whenever Max & Ruby or Ben & Holly or most recently the Bubble Guppies I get about 22 minutes of peace and quiet. Oh joy!

      6. Nick Jr Peppa

      Now this used to be called Nicktoons but Nickelodeon are really lazy and have made an entire channel dedicated to this piggy! This bodes well for me as she only has snippets of 5 minutes episodes so whenever I used to record it I spent half the time flicking from episode to episode and it means at all times of the day I can find some kind of cartoon my daughter is interested in!

      7. Channel 5

      I am a big fan of The Mentalist, and unfortunately at the moment this is the only channel (aside from 5* or 5 USA) that shows it so I make myself quite accustomed to record it! It also shows some documentary shows like one was called "Shoplifters and Proud" and I was amazed at the lifestyle the people were living!

      8. Viva

      I love old sitcoms that I used to watch when I was younger like My Wife & Kids and Fresh Prince of Bel Air which this channel shows. It also airs my new favourite - Real Husbands of Hollywood which is a satirical version of these typical reality shows which is absolutely HILARIOUS!

      9. ITV

      There isn't much I watch on ITV actually but Jeremy Kyle and X Factor are my 2 unmissable shows on this channel at the moment. ITV has soaps like Emmerdale and Corrie that my mum loves so if I'm ever at her house this is the staple channel the TV is always on!

      10. Sky Movies

      I love watching a good film, and whilst this isn't really narrowing down the list as there are a few movie channels e.g. Horror, Family and Drama I mostly love on a friday on Sky Premiere seeing which new movies are out and settling down on my day off on the sofa to see what it's all about since the days of me going to the Cinema are in the past! I do find a lot of these films are repeated and it can often seem like theres nothing to watch, but with some hunting I can always find a gem of a film and really enjoy it!


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      16.05.2011 19:34
      Very helpful




      In my opinion, the best TV channels are as follows:

      10. BBC2 - It has a few good shows like Masterchef but it's not the channel I spend the most time watching.

      9. Channel 4 - I like the Simpsons. It's one of the shows I always watch. Not much else on there that I watch though to be honest. Well, sometimes I watch Come Dine With Me as well actually.

      8. More 4 - This often has Ruth Watson's Hotel Rescue on it, along with Grand Designs and Time Team. I like these.

      7. ITV 1 - I watch the detective shows on there but not much else. Oh and Britain's Best Dish.

      6. Create and Craft - I know it's a shopping channel but they do a lot of craft demonstrations and I do a lot of various crafts (including jewellery making and card making) so this can be useful for getting new ideas. And it's free to watch so it's a lot easier than buying magazines to show you what to do.

      5. PickTv - I like Road Wars and other various police shows like that and PickTv has a lot of these which is why I like it.

      4. Channel 5 - I like NCIS, CSI, The Mentalist and Law and Order so therefore this channel is basically one of those I watch a lot in the evenings.

      3. BBC 3 - I love Family Guy, American Dad and several other shows on there as well so I tend to spend a lot of time watching this channel in the evenings.

      2. Kerrang Radio's TV Channel - I like the presenters and the songs that are played on there so in general I'm likely to listen to this channel more than any of the other radio shows.

      1. ITV 3 - I like all the murder mystery shows on there, such as Poirot, Rosemary and Thyme, Taggart, Midsommer Murders, Wycliffe, those sorts of things.

      So that's my top 10! Hope you enjoyed reading it!


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      02.05.2010 13:15
      Very helpful



      Get out and enjoy the sun guys!

      This is not my top ten but ten to make up a list. In fact I don't even know why I wrote this I'm that bored of writing this month. The snooker and the warm weather has been distracting. And how naughty has been John Higgins!

      - - -BBC 1- - -

      However much stick people want to give the BBC-ranging from left wing communists to right wing zealots- the station is objective and they try to be as honest as possible, many journalists turning down bigger salaries with commercial stations to honour that ethos. You won't find a more objective news station on the planet. Commercial news like ITV run and tweaks stories so they tie in with their adverts and the emotions they evoke and so not as accurate as they should be. The next time you watch Sky or ITV news, and indeed their dramas, see how the adverts in the break seem to offer solutions to the grim stories in the news and shows cast.

      I think the BBC are a bit behind with news readers and Channel Four do it best with a more younger ethnic mix and fewer dolly birds, the BBC always feeling preachy and formal in the evenings. BBC2 has also increasingly used 'autocuties' to complement the Rottweiller that is Jeremy Paxman.

      TV wise I hardly watch BBC1 as C4 is more my level. The Beeb has been 'dumbed' down to attract female and working-class audiences to justify the license fee but occasional gems do show up, Life on Mars and Spooks to name but two. Apart from that it's not for me, Question Time my only visit this week. Saturday night is just too camp for words though and unwatcahble now.

      - - - ITV - - -

      I'm sorry but this station is purely for working-class people and idiots, the chance of an intelligent or challenging show on here about the same as John Prescott turning down the sweet trolley. The news is watered down and commercial, the soap operas and dramas aimed at pacifying the working man than inspiring him or her to better their lot. The shows are designed to make you feel inadequate so you buy the products in the gaps to fill a void you probably don't have. Its sole purpose is to help sell you crap you don't need. Even the sport is sponsored by beer and fatty foods, making sure the gap grows between you and your sporting hero's through bad diets and drinking habits....so you worship them more.

      I don't think I have seen on decent sitcom on here for thirty years and as adequate as their drama shows are I know its just sucking an hour out of my life if I watch them. If it wasn't for their excellent Champions League coverage my channel three number would be unused in our house.

      - - -SABC- - -

      South Africa Broadcasting Cooperation

      I lived and worked in South Africa in the early 1990s as the whites reluctantly handed over power to the blacks and TV was the clearest denominator of who was running the media back then. The white newscaster would be handsome with shiny white teeth and the female one would be busty and prim, letting the blacks know who runs this country. Then Mandela took the helm and black newscasters and presenters started to appear more and more, Afrikaans broadcasts hacked down from 57% to 3.8% by 1997. But the presenters looked roar in those days, like guys on their first day on a job they really weren't equipped to do, very nervous, shuffling around in a suit two sizes two big and the wrong colour attire for regional television presenting. Red shirts with yellow ties and brown trousers was quite a sight.

      The TV at the hotel where I worked had a red button on it, which, if you pressed it once you get the news in Afrikaans and if you pressed it twice (quickly) it would be the local black dialect, in Cape Town a very obscure tongue. What made it extra odd was I had two black fellas working with me who used to press that button on the TV, but the local black newsreader looking exactly like my gardener, which I would tease him about, saying he records the news and then rushes down here to cut our lawn. He was lovely young guy and I would always give him 15% of my wages as he was paid a pittance from the hotel and he had two kids to support whereas I had accrued some savings from back home to bare the loss. With TV and the media breaking down aphartied on Mandela's arrival that young man's wages would soon go up as word spread on TV of the two tiered wages system through things like a more 'democratic' news service. In general the TV was terrible though and again to avoid dreadful Arian soaps and dramas it was US and British imports that entertained me or it was turned off. African TV is quite surreal a times and watching Blackadder and Rising Damp in the middle of neighbouring Namibia was an interesting experience.

      - - - ABC - - -

      Australian Broadcasting Cooperation

      I spent a year in Oz in the 90s and the TV was awful, again the only notable shows being British and American imports. I suppose because Aussies are out and about types there's no real need to have serious telly, and good sport and a music station will suffice. I quite liked the Steve Vizard sport Show-their Jonathan Ross-but that was it. ABC news was always an interesting affair, the male newscasters far more gruff, subjective and outspoken than our guys and girls. If a criminal get shot they cheer, if a girl is sexy on the news report they jeer. Aussie news is unique. They even fart on air if they so chose, rarely apologising. 'That was me mate!' very Ron Burgundy.

      - - -HBO- - -

      Home Box Office

      The US pay cable station is purely there to make challenging and intelligent TV, its remit, and the Time/Warner budget rather large so to achieve that. You name any great US TV series of the last 15 years and these guys will be behind it, The Soprano's, The West Wing and Sex in the City to name but three. Channel Four used to do the same thing here by showing HBO stuff and trying to ape it but of late the station has gone all camp and girly and gone with Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty over The Wire and the rest of the West Wing series. But with 40 million US subscribers it shows there are thinking people over the pond still.

      - - - C4 - - -

      C4 has gone down hill of late as they spent too much time on reality TV and Big brother, chasing a more mainstream young audience. Back in the day it was risky, always being naughty and non-conventional. From the alternative comedy boom it helped to create to in your face documentaries like Dispatches, always pushing against convention, these the guys who found out about the rampant MPs expenses fiddling and also the ones that discovered the police and intelligence services were monitoring half the 7/7 bombers long before the blasts. They go were the other stations wont and bring you the real news and the intelligent investigative show that expose the worlds grubby underbelly we refuse to acknowledge or even take part in ourselves.

      The Ricky Gervais Show and Fonejacker are great fun as far as new output goes and I'm also getting into The Good Wife, a big budget court room US Drama from HBO. C4 news is the best, Cutting Edge the best irreverent documentary series by far on British television. It sad they have lost The West Wing and wont show Curb Your Enthusiasm in their terrestrial but they still come up with stuff people want that's not on main telly, C4 great for gay audiences with camp stuff like Ugly Betty and Friends over the ears.

      - - - Sky Sports - - -

      Without Sky there would be no Premiership and without the Premiership there would be no Sky, the two, like China and the USA, locked together whether they like it or not. Sky have built up their port and entertainment portfolio off the back of football and Murdoch looks set to decide the next PM of at least 15 countries, media moguls the most powerful men and women in the world.

      Its HD service is kicking in and they skilfully left that out of the recent contract talks with the government over selling their TV to wholesalers like Virgin and the pub industry, a full package now costing £700 a month in some London pubs. They have agreed to drop the prices on some deals but are now still able to bid for stuff like the Cup Final and the Open Golf. Saying that their sports coverage is exciting and different and without them we would not have access to some top events. I would never pay for subscription TV on a tight budget though.

      - - - C5 - - -

      Still no signal on analogue after 17 years in Northampton!

      - - - CBS - - -

      I suppose I'm picking these guys as the best US station to avoid any mention of Fox (Doh!), the truly awful right wing station one step too far from Murdoch. He pushed for war in Iraq purely because wars sell huge advertising space on cable and they are reported to have made $2 billion dollars from its bias coverage. CBS, on the other hand, is more middle of the road affair and have some great shows like the Late Show with David Letterman - and the now departed Conan O'Brien - and great for local and city wide news. The thing with American news is that the headlines tend to be whatever the sky copter catches with its camera lens, rather than world news. American TV is notorious for ignoring the rest of the world and would prefer to lead with burning house or car wreck than earthquakes in Haiti.


      Now I have my new digital aerial I can enjoy More4 on Freesat, a recent addition by C4 to its free to air stuff. It has great US shows like The John Stewart Show and even showed the latest series of Curb Your Enthusiasm a whole year before it came out on DVD, which is next June. It is a great channel with fantastic documentaries and that kind of left wing political content we need to hear. I would get freesat or free view just for this, guys. We all have to go digital soon and there are decent stations like BBC 3 & 4 and this to entertain.

      - - - BBC2 - - -

      These guys have single handily save British TV for me, a decent mix of thoughtful documentaries and factual shows wrapped around some excellent comedy always entertaining, BBC2 usually the first to break the next generation of comedy greats, Ricky Gervais and Steve Coogan securing their comedy A-Lists status on the channel with the best two comedy series of the last twenty years. Sadly not much has come through of late, comedy wise, and apart from the Peter Serafinowicz Show and Bellamys People its now all being road tested on BBC3 so we never get to judge it unless we have digital.

      The science stuff is good and I enjoy the travel logs and documentary wise I enjoy Storyville and Horizon, always intelligently done and geared to a wider audience if they are prepared to engage. BBC2 never feels patronizing line BBC1 does. The snooker has been fun over the years and even the odd cookery show is watchable, especially if the gorgeous Nigella Lawson is massaging her scones.


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        17.02.2010 18:20
        Very helpful



        These are the channels where you will find us most of the time.

        I was thinking about saving money they other day, as you do, and it occurred to me that a good place to start might very well be our TV service. We're with Virgin Media and have their cable TV service, amongst others, and have always had the XL package.

        However, we also have a digital Freeview aerial on the roof, as a back-up in case Virgin lets us down, and I had this thought that we mostly seemed to watch channels that were delivered by Freeview, even if we were watching via Virgin. So, I sat down to try to work out what were our most popular TV channels, and here's the list.

        1) BBC2 - BBC2 has some brilliant programmes and more often than not it's where we find ourselves in the evening. Apart from the superb Heroes, now in it's 4th season and rumoured to be the last, it has my regular winter skiing fix - Ski Sunday. It's currently where you can find the Winter Olympics transmissions. And then, of course, there's Top Gear. BBC2 would probably come top for that alone. BBC2 is also where the only interesting historians, like Simon Schama, quite the best in the business (why, oh why didn't we have a teacher like him at school?) and David Starkey do their stuff. Andrew Marr's recent History of Modern Britain has taught me things I never knew. And then there's a regular dose of Stephen Fry's QI.

        2) Sky1 - Yes, OK, maybe we can't entirely do without Virgin! After all, where would we be without House, Bones, Fringe, Stargate Universe, to name but a few. Although I say Sky1, it would probably have to include 2 and 3 as well because Sky seem to switch shows between channels at will.

        3) BBC3 - For no other reason than Being Human! Isn't this just the greatest show on TV at the moment, on any channel! There are, of course, plenty of other reasons as the Beeb, like Sky, also seem to swap programmes around between the channels, so include 4 in that as well.

        4) FX - I'm addicted to Burn Notice... and Life though sadly now, that's been pulled And then, of course, there's True Blood. God I love that show. Series 2 starting on 26th Feb. Yes!!!!!!!

        5) BBC1 - No, I don't watch soaps, so it certainly isn't because of Eastenders, nor do I watch So You Think You Can Dance/Sing/Skate/Act/Ride a Unicycle/Tame a Lion... However, be that as it may, I do seem to find we watch at least one and often two programmes on BBC1 every night. The range varies from the compulsory viewing that is anything David Attenborough makes to the current remake of Survivors plus the brilliant New Tricks (make that anything with Alun Armstrong in it). And, of course, there's Doctor Who. Really looking forward to seeing how the new Doctor pans out... and Torchwood. They really must bring that back for another series.

        6) ITV2 - I have a confession - I'm a huge fan of Billie Piper's Secret Diary... Don't tell the wife! I'm also getting in to The Vampire Diaries. I nearly dropped it after the first couple of episodes but I'm glad I didn't as it's starting to get some real meat to it. It'll never be a True Blood, a Being Human or even a Buffy but it does look like it has potential.

        7) SciFi - Mainly because of Warehouse 13 but also for Dollhouse (sadly also now terminated it seems) though I can definitely give Legend of the Seeker a miss!

        8) Five - For FlashForward, Fifth Gear, The Gadget Show and for repeats of Numb3rs, originally shown on sister channel, FiveUSA.

        9) Channel4 - If for no other reason than that when I can't find anything to watch on any other channel, Channel4 usually comes up trumps. It also tends to be where the eminently watchable Kevin McCloud's programmes are first shown, such as Grand Designs, Big Town Plan and the recent Slumming It. It also hosts programmes by Tony Robinson, such as Time Team, Catastrophe and Man on Earth. Robinson is always good value for money so, well done Channel4 for sticking with him.

        10) BBC News 24 - And, in between all of the other channels, when there's maybe a break between shows, this is where the remote points us. Apart from keeping us up-to-date with what's going on in the World better than any other news channel, it also has the excellent technology update - Click - every Saturday morning.

        Honourable Mention
        British Eurosport - My sporting preferences probably include sports that are not considered mainstream, such as Cycling, Badminton, Skiing and Squash but which Eurosport always seem to pick up.

        So, no, can't get rid of Virgin yet. However, 7 out of 10 are Freeview channels so I do have to wonder if it's worth it for those channels you can only get by satellite or cable. After all, most of these shows get shown on free-to-air eventually so what I'm really paying for is viewing them on first UK showing.


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          17.02.2010 14:13
          Very helpful



          My favourite ten channels to watch

          This time last year, my top ten list wouldn't really exist, as at the time we had freeview - or rather a temperamental freeview which only let us watch E4 on days with a r in them. But with the advent of a Sky + box in our living room, the true beginnings of a couch potato are made.

          1) E4 - it has to be. With daily showings of Friends, plus with now daily showings of my new favourite, How I Met Your Mother and now Glee and the new series of 90210, I sometimes wonder if there are any other channels worth watching.
          2) Living - I admit it, I am a little sad and find myself watching endless repeats of America's Next Top Model, Four Weddings and other such programmes.
          3) Dave - like E4, constant repeats of funny programmes but in this instance mostly BBC. So you can Mock The Week over and over again.
          4) BBC One - I prefer the BBC news to any other channel so always watch at least the news. I'm currently dipping into Eastenders (lining up for the big reveal on Friday!) and although not on at the moment, Waterloo Road amongst others.
          5) ITV - Not a big fan of ITV as I don't rate their news nor their drama series very well but I am currently watching it for about 3 hours on a Sunday night due to Dancing on ice and Wild at Heart.
          6) BBC Three actually gets a lot of good TV programmes but gets less press coverage. Gavin and Stacey was shown on this channel and there are some brilliant documentaries and comedies which aren't quite mainstream. Not to mention the constant repeats of Family Guy! At one point this was the only channel I could get in my bedroom so I became quite a fan LOL
          7) MTV - The Hills, repeats of Gossip Girl and My Super Sweet Sixteen, coupled with brilliant music!
          8) ITV2 shows a lot of good American dramas that are quickly becoming popular- Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries for example.
          9) Channel 4 - Always good on a Sunday with a hangover. Bless you T4
          10) Any of the +1 channels. I think + 1 is the best idea in the world ever. Missed the start of a programme? Don't worry, wait for an hour. Brilliant. And Living has now got a +2 as well. Bring it on....


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          07.04.2009 18:08
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Top Ten TV Channels

          Top Ten TV Channels? Where do I even start? Not even sure I have a Top Ten. See even with the Virgin media package added to the original five channels I am still struggling, trying to rack my brain what channels I watch the most. It is actually making me think is it really worth paying extra for loads of channels I don't actually watch and maybe how bad the quality of TV programmes have actually got, or that all these additional channels just show endless repeats. Well let's have a go at what channels would feature in my Top Ten.

          1. Hallmark - This is where I get my crime drama fix. Contains the majority of my favourite programmes: Monk - the OCD detective, Psych - a pretend psych and side kick to help the police solve crime, all the Law and Order series and Jericho when it was on. I was just loving the triple bill of Law and Order on weekend afternoons till it got cut to one episode on weekend afternoons.

          2. Channel Four - Usually watch this channel around 5pm till 7pm cause it normally includes The Paul O'Grady Show, sometimes Come dine with me, Simpsons and then the getting weirder by the day Hollyoaks. Why I am still watching Hollyoaks I will never know, some of the storylines are getting a bit weird at the moment but it is good when they cover the more serious storylines. I also watch this channel in the evenings if Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives or a decent movie is on.

          3. Five - Has The Wright Stuff for good discussions and advice. I still watch Neighbours and Home and Away, it's just something that has stuck with me, but if I miss an episode I'm not going to be devastated or anything. Also like watching Everybody hates Chris, House, NCIS, and all the CSI series but please Five get rid of the Steven Seagal movies!

          4. Zee TV - My parents watch this more than I do. A Hindi entertainment channel that occasionally has a few good Indian serials on, can catch up with News from India and see what Bollywood movies are out and what the recommendations are.

          5. Paramount Comedy 1- Collection of comedy shows past and present, usually good to flick to when nothing else is on, which tends to be most of the time. Usually like to watch reruns of Frasier and Scrubs, but they usually on at odd times when I can't watch it because mum wants to watch some other boring thing.

          6. ITV 1- For me this channel usually features in the mid morning slot usually for This Morning which I seem to dip in and out of. If it's something interesting like personal stories, fashion, Dr Chris with health issues and Alison with star interviews, but turned off due to the coverage of Jade Goody on a daily basis.

          7. BBC2 - Occasionally I will watch this channel. Use to watch Heroes but now I am kind of lost along with its plot. I like Grow you own drugs but where on earth will I get most the stuff he uses to make these home remedies. Mum was like they must sell it in health food shops but I have not seen this stuff before, not even in Holland and Barrett.

          8. BBC1 - Mainly to keep up with the News, Dip in and out of Eastenders (Find it odd that I can miss a few months of this at a time but still know what is going on), maybe watch Dr Who, Spooks when its on, or tune into Saturday kitchen show with James Martin on the look out for interesting tasty recipes. Did use to watch Strictly come dancing when it was on, but after about 2 seasons now, I am not really into it any more.

          9. E4 - Usually repeats of past programmes, good to watch if you missed an entire series. I usually use this to catch up with Hollyoaks at the weekend if I missed an episode. Ended up watching Brothers and Sisters on this because I missed it completely on Channel Four.

          10. QVC - Sad as it may seem, my mum tends to have this on daily either to watch a certain section or to have a quick look at the schedule to see if anything of interest comes up. Usually it is either look at the gem jewellery or the cook's essentials range. Since she has it on I seem to be drawn to the Gem jewellery and end up ordering sometimes. Though now I have tried to cut down on even visiting this channel as looking at the jewellery makes me want the whole lot because it looks so gorgeous. Funny thing is I have never worn some of the pieces I have purchased, it just sitting there looking nice in the box. Definitely need to get out more!


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            15.03.2009 22:44
            Very helpful



            I need to turn off the TV and do something less boring instead.

            It seems a bit strange to be compiling a list of my Top Ten TV Channels, considering that we only had five to choose from less than two years ago, when we finally admitted defeat and signed up to Sky TV. Choosing my final ten was much more difficult than I'd imagined, probably because we have 50 channels listed in our Favourites section and I had to whittle them down to just ten. Which all suggests that the TV is on far too much in our household and we should switch off and do something less boring instead.

            Here's the final ten, anyway (with my favourites at the top of the list):

            1. ITV1
            The original ITV channel and still the best. I always check the up and coming listings for ITV1 as I know I'll find some excellent dramas, documentaries, entertainment programme and quiz shows. This channel is the original home of the best soap on TV - Coronation Street, alongside modern classics such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire and the X Factor. Even with all the weird and wonderful channels to choose from, ITV1 is always my first choice.

            2. BBC1
            Apologies for not being particularly exciting so far but another classic terrestrial TV channel is still one of the best of the bunch. (The second best in my opinion, actually!) I don't follow many of the classic BBC programmes really (Eastenders, Casualty etc) but BBC1 has the best breakfast and news coverage and, obviously, no advertising.

            3. five
            The newest of the 'original' terrestrial channels, five has been a bit of a slow-burner for me. When it was first launched with all the hype and publicity, I found the content of the early stuff pretty poor. (Although I did used to watch that quiz show on there 100%. Anybody else remember that or was I the only one watching?!) Recently, I think the quality of channel five programmes has improved drastically and they seem to have a bigger budget so have managed to steal classics such as Neighbours from the BBC. (Okay, I admit it, I have Neighbours on series link so I never miss an episode!)

            4. Channel Four
            Yes, in at number four is channel four. It's almost as though it was meant to be there. Admittedly, the home of such dross as Big Brother nonetheless Channel Four produces some excellent programmes, notably Grand Designs, Relocation, Relocation and the fascinating Cutting Edge and Dispatches series.

            5. Dave (Sky Channel Number 111)
            This channel used to have a typical TV channel name (although I can't remember what it was) which is probably exactly why the name was changed to Dave. Who can fail to love a channel that sounds like the nice bloke who lives next door? Luckily, this channel has Top Gear and Dragon's Den on pretty much a continuous loop, both of which are my husband's favourite channels so we do have a reason to like Dave and not just for the name!

            6. Dave ja vu (Sky Channel Number 158)
            This is cheating slightly as Dave ja vu is the new name for the Dave+1 Channel. (Basically showing exactly the same content as Dave but exactly one hour behind.) Great for those moments when you realise you've missed the start of something good over on Dave and can sky plus it on Dave ja vu. Worthy of an inclusion in my list for the witty name alone!

            7. CBeebies (Sky Channel Number 614)
            Obviously, my youngest is always being stimulated and never allowed to watch TV at all *cough* but if he were allowed, say, a limited amount of TV time whilst Mummy tries to get on with some household chores (not to mention having a wee or, god forbid, a cuppa), CBeebies, especially In The Night Garden, would be my littlest's channel of choice.

            8. More4 (Sky Channel Number 138)
            This is the channel that is guaranteed to have something worth watching, whether it's a re-run of Deal or No Deal or repeats of Location, Location, Location and the like. It's basically Channel Four programmes at a time that suits us better.

            9. Challenge TV (Sky Channel Number 125)
            I love quiz shows so a whole channel dedicated to quizzes is perfect. In the days before we had Sky, I used to get excited about staying at a friend's house where we used to watch Challenge for hours, especially repeats of Family Fortunes. (The celebrity version on ITV1 recently wasn't a patch on Les Dennis's series. Why wasn't Les asked to present it?)

            10. DMAX (Sky Channel Number 144)
            We've been watching this channel a lot recently, mainly because my husband is a big fan of a series called Miami Ink (and its spin-offs, LA Ink and London Ink.) These shows are reality TV programmes set in a tattoo parlour. I have to admit that the programmes are really fascinating as they focus on the reasons behind the customers having their particular tattoos and not just on the tattoos themselves. I won't let my husband read this as I always have a moan when he wants to watch this stuff although I'm secretly quite engrossed!

            So, that's my top ten. If you enjoy soaps, dramas, documentaries and quiz shows have a look at my suggestions; there's always something worth watching.


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              12.03.2009 17:39
              Very helpful



              This is what we watch on TV

              A selection of the channels that get the most air-time in our household...although half the time the TV's just on for background noise!


              This seems to be the channel that gets put on in the background of an evening if nothing else is on, or if we're busy doing something else. It has a lot of programmes that we don't particularly tune in for, but can tolerate watching them. We do however make sure BBC1 is on if there are new series of 'Old Tricks', 'Silent Witness' or 'Waking The Dead'. I'm also currently enjoying 'High Altitude', the series where ex downhill skier Graham Bell, and snowboarder Ed Leigh attempt to complete a number of mountain/winter based challenges. We also love to laugh our socks off at 'Not Going Out', as Lee Mack and Tim Vine dish out the double-entendres and one liners.


              We mainly watch BBC2 for its fine selection of comedy panel shows, sit-coms and sketch shows. Our favourites are 'QI', 'That Mitchell & Webb Look', 'Mock The Week', 'Gavin & Stacey' and 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' although we've gone off the latter recently as it just seems to be a stage for Simon Amstell to take the proverbial out of everyone...Which gets very boring, very quickly.

              Sky Sports 1/2/3

              As a massive sport fan, I can usually find something to watch amongst this group of channels. It'll either be English Premier League, Spanish La Liga or Champions League Football. I also watch England International matches and International Test Match Cricket whenever they are televised. There are however, a number of other sports screened regularly including more obscure sports such as Sailing, Pool and Poker all the way through to Boxing, Rugby and Motorsport. The only problem is, it can be quite pricey as they are all subscription channels.

              Sky Sports News

              This is my saviour on a Saturday afternoon as I usually watch Soccer Saturday presented by Jeff Stelling (Also host of Countdown on C4!). This programme features a panel of footballing 'greats' including Paul Merson, Matt Le Tissier, Phil Thompson, Charlie Nicholas and Alan McInally. The panel all watch a match and are invited to comment on the action whenever anything of note occurs. They also have reporters live at other grounds including Chris Kamara, Tony Cottee, Tony Gale and Alan Smith. They provide a great service and the programme is also very comedic with Chris Kamara's constant cries of 'Unbelievable Jeff!', and Paul Merson being unable to cope with any player names over 2 syllables!

              UKTV Style/Food/Gardens

              I had to include this one although it's the other half that watches it. I don't mind the cooking, housing and DIY programmes, it's when you've seen them for the 5th time I start to get annoyed! This channel shows a variety of programmes including 'DIY SOS', 'Under The Hammer', 'To Buy or Not To Buy', 'Market Kitchen', 'Saturday Morning Cooks' and 'Masterchef'.

              Dave/Dave ja vu

              This is also a subscription channel that used to go under the name of UK Gold 2 or UK G2. This channel shows a lot of repeats of BBC entertainment programs and is aimed I guess at Men, judging by the name? A typical sample of programmes include, 'Top Gear', 'A Question of Sport', 'Dragons Den' and 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks'. We watch this in bed after 10pm for our 2 favourites 'Mock the Week' and 'QI' repeats.


              We usually put this one on before 10pm as it shows a lot of old BBC sit-coms. Early evening you're likely to see 'My Family', 'Only Fools and Horses', 'The Vicar of Dibley' and 'Open All Hours'. A bit later on you will sometimes find my favourite sit-com of all time, 'Men Behaving Badly'!


              We love psychological and detective drama's so Alibi is a brilliant channel for us, although strangely we always seem to find something else to watch?! This shows repeats of 'New Tricks', 'Rebus', 'Silent Witness' and 'Waking The Dead'. As well as older stuff we don't watch like 'Taggart' and 'Maisie Raine'!!


              Suppose I better include ITV as it does show Champions League Football and also won the license to show FA Cup games this season. Apart from the sport, it's usually stuff on a weekend that we'll watch like 'Harry Hill's TV Burp', 'Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway' and 'Al Murray's Multiple Personalities'. ITV is also responsible for my first views of a couple of favorite adverts. The Dairy Milk advert where the 2 kids raise their eyebrows in time to the young boys watch alarm. I can never stop myself raising my eyebrows along to that one! The other is comparethemeerkat.com...classic!

              Channel 4

              Another one for the missus here I'm afraid! Lots of lifestyle programmes suited to the ladies such as '10 Years Younger', 'A place In The Sun', 'Grand Designs' (If only we had the money.....), and 'Supersize v Superskinny'. Channel 4 does have redeeming features for me though as some of my favourite comedy originated from here, 'Father Ted', 'Spaced', 'Max & Paddy Road To Nowhere', 'Phoenix Nights', 'Peep Show' and 'IT Crowd'.

              There you have it. A mix of Sport, Lifestyle and Comedy rule our TV, but to be honest I'm getting a bit bored of watching repeats and would like some original programming for a change!


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                11.03.2009 13:45
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                Each to their own.

                Top Ten Channels, i'm going to enjoy writing this but will be brief as not to bore you.

                Okay sky have far to many channels so i've imagined if i could only have ten channels what would they be..........

                1. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHY CHANNEL (526)
                A varied documentry channel that can very educational which broadens your horizons. Love the wildlife and its good seeing that there are beautiful places out there.

                2. SKY SPORTS 1 (401)
                Great range of sport from the big bad world, maybe to much football. The coverage though is exceptional no matter what the sport is. Alway in depth and they get the viewer involved.

                3. SKY NEWS (501)
                A great news station which brings the news to you in an honest format so you can conclude your own thoughts. Which is rare in this hyped up media uk

                4. VH1 (356)
                Maybe the only music channel that will educate on music. Remembering the old and keeping with the new. Although some shows can be over repeated.

                5. SKY POKER (865)
                Freindly presenters which make the game enjoyable. Offers great advice and they make it so easy to learn, sometimes you feel part of the studio!! Sad i know.

                6. SKY PREMIERE (301)
                Always giving two new films weekly, ranging from kids to more adult drama (i dont mean porn by that) and they are played all that week, just incase you are busy on the saturday night.

                7. SKY ONE (106)
                Great series like lost, prison break, 24, new simpsons, need i say more. Okay Ross Kemp in Afgan.

                8. C4 (104)
                Good comedy shows from peep show, shameless, and even though i will never watch it they do good coverage of BB so ive been told!! They'll even offer a great documentry from time to time. Their team are good.

                9. EUROSPORT (410)
                Purely and only because they cover the world and british superbikes.

                10. PARAMOUNT COMEDY (127)
                Enjoyable shows from sitcoms to stand up comedians. Nice easy friendly laughs during the day with all time classics such as Frazier and Cheers.


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                  07.03.2009 23:03
                  Very helpful



                  I need to get out more!

                  I have to admit that I am a bit of a telly addict. It's on in the background as I type. Unfortunately there isn't a lot to do when my daughter is in bed, so I have become some what of an expert of the running order of the TV schedule. I'm not into soaps, I gave them up when I realized they were taking over my life! I prefer anything that is a bit light hearted, and funny.

                  My favourite channels are:

                  1. E4 - I find myself watching this channel when I can't find anything else I fancy watching, you're always guaranteed to find something watchable on E4, be it one of the many repeated episodes of Friend's (still makes me laugh though) or Scrubs. But they do have some of my favourite's on there at the moment, like, Skins, Samantha Who, The Big Bang Theory.

                  2. BBC3 - Much like E4 there's usually always something watchable on (although it doesn't start until 7pm). I am liking Grownups, although this has just finished but in it's place, starting this Tuesday is Horne and Cordon, The trailers look good, and I can't wait to see it. They are also doing repeats of Gavin and Stacey at the moment, and there is Family Guy which is pretty funny too.

                  3. ITV2 - There are often some light hearted films on this channel. I used to watch Entourage on here, but it's finished, although they are showing repeats quite late at night. The second series of Celebrity Juice has just started too which is hilarious.

                  4. Channel 4 - Much the same as E4, but also with a few documentaries thrown in. I quite enjoy dispatches, it can be very informative and Big Brother.

                  5. BBC1 - If only for Friday night with Jonathan Ross, The guy is great at interviewing, and has a pretty impressive list of guests. There are also great shows like The Vicar of Dibley.

                  6. ITV1 - I like watching Taggart and also Tonight, they take on new challenges, like trying to teach us to change Brands when shopping to save us loads of money, I love to save money!

                  7. Living - Loads of Great American shows, I was loving Lipstick Jungle but the series just ended. There is always loads of CSI on as well, although they can be repeats.

                  8. Paramount Comedy - Always plenty of great comedies on here, although they are repeated a lot. Shows such as Two and a Half Men, Scrubs, Frasier and That 70's Show.

                  9. Film 4 - There can be some good movies on here. I don't subscribe to any extra movies channels, so it will have to do. They're usually not too bad.

                  10. Disney Channel - I don't normally have a choice when it comes to watching this, my daughter takes over the remote on a Saturday. As a result I have become quite familiar with show's such as, The suite life on Deck, Hannah Montana and many more. They normally have a few movies on over the weekend too, such as, High School Musical, and Cheetah Girls. It's great to keep the Kids busy for a bit, And I hate to admit I quite like the new show, The suite Life on Deck.

                  These are my favourite channels, I've tried to put them in order, but can vary at times, I probably watch more of the Disney channel in a week than I do Film 4, but you get my point.


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                    07.03.2009 22:20
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                    Either you'll like them or you wont!

                    I must admit that I don't watch as much TV as I used to what with having a full time job & well... a life! Having said that, when I do get time to watch TV I tend to watch, what a lot of people call rubbish! My top ten TV programmes are:

                    1) Channel 4

                    There's really only one main reason for that & that's Big Brother, I know so many of you hate it but I get really into it, granted it has gone a bit downhill in the last couple of years but I still try & watch it as much as I can especially the nomination night! Channel 4 also shows a lot of Friends which is my favourite programme.

                    2) Living

                    I don't actually watch this much, this is probably my least favourite of my top 10, when I do watch this it's generally for America's Next Top Model as it's on ALL THE TIME! I think it's on everyday of the week, which unfortunately I don't have time to watch but I've actually seen all 10 series & currently they're showing cycle 11 which I'm really starting to get into. Living also show Maury, Maury's like an American Jeremy Kyle but sooo much more entertaining. If you think the people on Jeremy Kyle are bad then you need to take a look at Maury, some of the people that he has to deal with are unimaginable & the stories are simply unbelievable. When I have a day off work & I'm up early enough I always tune into this as I strangely find it quite compelling!

                    3) ITV2

                    ITV2 tends to show pretty good films so quite a lot of the time I'll check the scheduling to see if they're showing anything decent for the week ahead as quite often they are. ITV2 is also the home of the amazing Gossip Girl... enough said!

                    4) Paramount Comedy

                    This isn't a channel I watch much as a lot of the stuff I'm not really into. The only reason why I really watch this is because they're constantly showing re-runs of Sex & The City which I'm quite obsessed with!

                    5) E4

                    This is one of the channels that I probably watch the most out of all of them. E4 shows Friends episodes everyday at 5pm until 6pm which is about the time that I get back from work so I'll always turn this on to watch while I relax. E4 also shows Skins every Thursday at 10pm & if you haven't seen Skins then I highly recommend it, the stories are brilliant & it's really a necessary programme to watch for anyone under the age of 25!

                    6) E!

                    This I imagine is probably the lesser known channel out of my top 10, E! stands for entertainment channel. I'm pretty obsessed with celebrity gossip & I'm also fascinated to know about who's lost weight, who's put on weight, which celebrities are in a relationship etc! So I tend to watch this quite a lot.

                    7) Sky Movies

                    This, I imagine is pretty self explanatory but these are the movie channels that Sky provides, I wouldn't be able to live without Sky+ I pretty much rely on it for everything! Sky Movies have about 10 different categories which consist of: Sky Premiere, Sky Action, Sky Comedy, Sky Family, Sky Indie etc so there's pretty much something for everyone. Whenever I check there's always something showing that appeals to me & I either watch it there & then or I'll record it.

                    8) Film 4

                    This is on my list for exactly the same reason that Sky Movies is, infact Film4 often shows better films than Sky Movies so this is definitely a channel to look out for as there's always something for everybody.

                    9) MTV

                    This has so many programmes that I love including: The Hills, The Fabulous Life Of, Making The Band, My Super Sweet 16 amongst others. I'm sure a lot of you will never have heard of half of them & to be honest they're all just trashy programmes that are so fake it's funny but they're really entertaining. They're all aimed at a younger generation probably people under 25.

                    10) KISS

                    Unless you've got Sky then you wont have heard of this. This is a music channel which only plays hip hop & R&B music which is my favourite style of music so whenever I'm doing something I always have KISS on in the background. The only downside is that there's adverts all the time!


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                      07.03.2009 18:07
                      Very helpful



                      I Like 'Em

                      My Top 10 favourite Tv channels, in no particular order :

                      10. Sky1 - This was the first channel which popped into my head, because it has the majority of the big shows on it. Including - Lost, Prison Break, 24 and The Simpsons.

                      9. Sky Sports - I don't know what I'd do without Sky Sports. The highlight of my week is watching the mighty Barcelona. Along with Spanish football I also watch the Engligh games, cup games and the tennis. Oh, and i can't forget my go to channel Sky Sports News.

                      8. Comedy Central - There's usually always something on this late at night when other channels are putting on their lesser material. South Park, King of Queens and the stand-up shows (Lee Evand, Just For Laughs) are just a few of the shows I watch on this channel.

                      7. Channel 4 - The best channel on terestrial TV in my opinion. A lot of shows aimed at the younger age group (Balls of Steel, 8 out of 10 cats, Shameless) make this one of my top 10 favourite channels.

                      6. E4 - Always good for watching the Channel 4 shows a week in advance. Not to mention the fact it has Friends on everyday and Skins and My Name is Earl.

                      5. BBC3 - Constant repeats of "Two Pints of Lager" and "Family Guy", amy annoy some people, but not me. I can't get enough of these shows. It's a shames "Being Human" is finished.

                      4. Sky Movies Premiere - Number one for movies. I always look forward to seeing what new movies are being screened on Saturday. I've seen most of them, but this doesn't stop me watching them again.

                      3. BBC 1/2 - Between them there are some good shows. "Not Going Out" which is current;y my favourite show is on this channel. Other shows which I watch include QI and Match of the Day.

                      2. ITV 2 - I'm starting to run out of ideas. There's usually a good movie on here at the weekend.

                      1. Dave - The place to go for repeats. Daily repeats of Top Gear and Mock the Week means I always check this channel to see what's on it.

                      So there you have it, my Top 10 favourite TV channels.


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                        05.03.2009 22:01
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                        Telly Addicts.

                        I'm wouldn't say i'm a telly addict, i'd rather be outside or on the computer, but I love watching the odd murder mystery, dramas and comedy, as well as a few other bits. There's some good TV Channels, but with not a great deal on, but anyway here are my top 10...

                        10) BBC3 - Alot of great comedy stuff on this channel, alot being quite new and unique, I always find different things to watch on here when theres nothing on the other channels.

                        9) Living - Jerry Jerry Jerry, A range of chat shows, and different sorts of factual entertainment. A pretty wide spread genre channel, with mostly something watchable on.

                        8) BBC1 - A very old but good channel, with the likes of Eastenders, Gavin and Stacey, and some very good dramas. A great channel with no adverts.

                        7) Dave - A newish channel, sort of entertainment drama, the home of witty banter. Shows such as Dragons Den, Ray Mears Extreme Survival and Louis Theroux Weird Weekends.

                        6) Paramount - Alot of good American comedys, my top favourite being Frasier. It's on every day, which i mostly watch. It has other great shows such as Two and a Half Men, and with old stuff like Mr Bean.

                        5) UKTV Food - I love cooking/baking. It's a massive hobby of mine, not only do I like doing it myself but I like watching others do it, to give me ideas and inspiration and this is a great channel for me. It has a great range of different cooking shows which is good, with such shows as James Martin: Sweet and Rachel Allen Bake, also at Christmas time is shows the old Fanny Cradock shows which is nice.

                        4) G.O.L.D - Packed full of the old classic comedys, such as Only Fools and Horses, I can watch this and it saves getting the Del Boy videos out of the cupboard to watch. Other great shows it has on, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Harry Enfield, Open All Hours and Porridge.

                        3) SkyOne - It has the Simpsons, what more can I say. It's a great channel with lots of American shows, some are good some aren't but we can't have everything.

                        2) ITV1 - My second favourite channel as it has the likes of I'm A Celebrity, X factor and Britains Got Talent. It also has a range of murder dramas, and has had plenty of great dramas over the years, such as Bad Girls, At Home With The Braithwaites and Fat Friends.

                        1) Channel 4 - With the great comedy drama such as Shameless all the Channel 4 documentaries, and the likes of Big Brother and the great Simpsons, it's a channel I love. There's alot of great shows on Channel 4 and is my number 1 top TV channel.


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                          08.01.2009 16:23
                          1 Comment



                          My favourite tv channels

                          Here you go, my top ten tv channels:

                          1. Sky One for the latest in my favourite programmes- stargate, battlestar galactica, lost, 24
                          2. Living for all those top model moments, and greys anatomy/private practice.
                          3. Virgin One a new channel for me, but a must now it has the sarah connor chronicles.
                          4. More4/E4/Channel4 for ER, and lots and lots of repeats of Location, Location Location and Grand Designs.
                          5. Channel 5 for Neighbours and the occasional Deal or No Deal, and House when it's on
                          6. Hallmark good for the occasional afternoon (weepie) movie.
                          7. SciFi it does exactly what it says on the tin! Science fiction repeats mainly but ok if nothing else on.
                          8. BBC2 at the moment for Masterchef alone
                          9. BBC1 for Saturday night telly and by this I mean doctor who and Strictly come dancing. No X factor for me!
                          10. ITV1 for giving me Harry Hill TV's burp and his You've Been Framed commentary.


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                            05.12.2008 12:46
                            Very helpful




                            It is really hard to choose which TV Channels are my favourites because I watch so much TV that my top shows are on varying channels. But I've narrowed it down to ten.

                            1) Sky One - I love Sky One for the simple reason that it brings us shows such as Prison Break, Lost and 24.
                            2) Hallmark - Hallmark is full of drama, from McLeod's Daughters to Law and Order, Gilmore Girls to Jericho. A variety of films are also shown, ones that you would not necessarily see on the Sky Movie Channels.
                            3) FX - It would be a crime for this not to be in my top ten channels list. I watch so many programs on this channel. Love JAG, even though I have seen at least every episode once, I never fail to get bored. NCIS (JAG spin off) is now one of my ultimate favourite shows. Then you just add to the list of programs Burn Notice, Dexter,
                            4) E4 - As a fairly new channel you don't tend to expect too much of it, but as a spin off of Channel 4 I love it. I always, without fail, watch Hollyoaks First look and others shows like Samantha Who and Desperate Housewives.
                            5) Sky Sports News - This is such a good program to watch as a time filler. If there is nothing on telly, then put on Sky Sports News to get all the latest sports, in particular football news. Squad and injury updates before matches are a particular favourite feature of mine.
                            6) Five US - For the simple reason that I love all crime and thrillers and this channel is packed full of them. CSI is one of my favourite programs to watch, and Five US is always the first to bring you the first look of the series. It brought to our screen a show that I really enjoyed aswell, the nine, about a group of people that were held hostage in a bank.
                            7) BBC One - Had to add BBC One for the simple reason that it brings us Eastenders, Holby City, Casualty, Survivors, Watchdog, Crime watch and many more! And what more can you ask for, than no breaks in-between your viewing!
                            8) ITV 1 - ITV one along with BBC is the best 'poor mans tv' channel. The Bill is the best program ever made (IMO) so that alone warrants me including ITV. Emmerdale and Coronation Street are also ITV soap favourites as well as bringing us reality tv shows X factor and I'm A Celebrity!
                            9) UK Living - This channel airs Army Wives, Dirty Dancing (Searching for the stars), Criminal Minds and Lipstick Jungle!! Sublime watching.
                            10) Dave - May be a strange choice from a female but I love Dave. Top Gear repeats are of this channel in abundance and my favourite Live at the Apollo is always repeated, never a bad thing when the show is as good as it is!!

                            The most annoying thing about all of these channels but BBC One is that they have adverts and interrupt my viewing time... not such a problem not that I have Sky Plus!! =P


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