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Top Ten TV Programmes... Ever!

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    112 Reviews
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      17.06.2013 18:15
      Very helpful



      My top ten shows

      When I say I am a bit of a geek or nerd, what I mean is that I am a huge geeky nerd! So don't be surprised if this list is full of sci-fi and fantasy stuff.
      Also, this list is in no particular order:

      1) Battlestar Galactica (the remake) - After Cyclons attack the 12 Colonies the survivors must band together for the sake of humanity and to find the home of the 13th Tribe, Earth.
      This show is filled with flaws, plotholes and terrible amounts of storylines that go nowhere but I still love it and will forgive it for everything. I must admit to have not seeing the original (which I will get round to at some point) but have been told it has a completely different tone and goes in a whole different direction.
      If you like Sci-Fi shows and have enver seen it then I highly reccomend giving it a try.

      2) Buffy the Vampire Slayer - A girl is chosen as the Slayer to fight demons and vampires, while also trying to live a normal life of friends and dating.
      Buffy will always have a special spot in my heart because it was on TV as I was going through High School. I was at the right age to completely be immersed in the show, wait unpatiently for the next weeks show and then talk about it all week with my friends. I haven't watched it since as I am scared to damage my memory of it and what it meant to me.

      3) Angel - Spin off from Buffy about the vampire with a soul and his adventures in Los Angeles.
      Angel was a grittier version of Buffy, with more violence and different issues tackled. I enjoyed it for its darker tones but ability to also have fun. Come on, there's a green demon (not evil) who runs a kareoke bar and we see Angel have a go, what's not to love?

      4) Game of Thrones - Following the feuds, battles and adventures of an array of characters in the fantasy world of Westeros.
      I haven't read the books that came before the show as I don't want to ruin any surprises that may come along. There are moments where nothing seems to be happening at all in this show and then something comes out of nowhere and knocks you sideways. It has a bit of romance, fighting, sex etc and it just has me hooked.

      5) The Chase - Gameshow where contestants are pitted against the Chaser to win money. Hosted by Bradley Walsh.
      Completely away from other programmes I usually watch is The Chase. Sometimes I like to just watch something a bit lighter, something I can join in a little with, and The Chase does that for me. Light-hearted fun with great banter between host and Chasers plus some stand out moments that happen every now and then.

      6) The Pacific - Based on accounts by the soldiers who lived through it is The Pacific, a dramatisation of the events surrounding battles around stragetic islands in the Pacific.
      This follows a few of the soldiers who lived through stragetic battles in World War Two between America and Japan. At times it is brutal, heart wrenching and tear-jerking but there are also moments to make you smile. It isn't people sitting around in tents talking about strategies, it is soldiers in mud and filth being shot at and living a nightmare that doesn't seem to end at times.

      7) Criminal Minds - A team of Behavoural Analysists at the FBI take on cases around America to help catch some of the mot cunning, sadistic or notorious criminals.
      This is one my indulgances, a show that can be quite harrowing at times but keeps me coming back for more. Each character in the team has their own personality and back stories that keeps me riveted. I have watched every season so far and cna not wait for it to come back next year.

      8) CSI- A team of CSI's use their technology and intellect to solve crimes.
      What I like about CSI is seeing a TV show from a different veiw point. There are plenty of shows about cops and arresting people but this show takes you into the background and shows more of how they are caught. I like the dynamics of the team, even when it changes and introduces new characters it works.

      9) Charmed - Three sisters discover they are three Charmed witched and have to help keep the balance of good against demons and warlocks.
      When Charmed was on TV I was a teenager so it was really appealing to me. Watching it nowadays it is a little cheesy but I still really enjoy it. It sticks to a format that works and never tries to change too much. The show is simple with a small cast, it has adventures, fights, a bit of romance every now and again and good acting.

      10) 10th Kingdom - A world of fantasy and reality collide when fairytales spill over into New York and a girl has to enter the Nine Kingdoms to save a Prince.
      Before Grimm and Once Upon a Time there was 10th Kingdom. Bucking the fairytale sterotypes of girls falling for Princes but still keeping enough of them in the story (evil witches, magic, trolls etc) this show has to be in my top ten. I was devastated when the show was cancelled after one series but it may have been a victim of timing. If this show was remade now I think it could do a lot better than it did originally. If you do like Grimm and Once Upon a Time then watch 10th Kingdom.


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        24.07.2012 22:33
        Very helpful



        My favourite TV

        In no particular order:

        1. Friends - Whenever I need cheering up this is sure to do it. Despite knowing all the lines and having watched each episode dozens of times over the years, I'm still not fed up. For me, nothing has come close since it ended.

        2. The Inbetweeners - A wealth of one liners and sayings that my friends and I use are all thanks to the Inbetweeners. Funny and also a bit gross at at times, these four 'frwends' never failed to make me laugh.

        3. Brothers and sisters - Full of drama and with a great cast, always left me wanting more.

        4. The Big C - An unlikely subject (cancer) at the centre of a comedy series, but it surprisingly really works. Just the right mix of funny and sad. The characters in this are superb.

        5. University Challenge - My guilty pleasure, but since I did my OU courses I realised I could actually answer some of the questions!

        6. The Simpsons - I rarely watch this nowadays but as a child I was absolutely obsessed with the Simpsons, and it was still a relatively new programme. When I watch it now I realise there are jokes, etc that I never noticed or understood.

        7. Will and Grace - I'm sad that they either don't put this on tv much anymore, or else maybe I just don't have the right channels. Either way I miss this, as a teenager I used to watch it every morning when I was supposed to be getting ready for school.

        8. The Big Bang Theory - Can you tell that I like my American sitcoms? This is always on E4 and a couple months ago I just finished watching them all from the Pilot.

        9. Eastenders - although I hat to admit it, I always keep up with what is happening on here. If there's something big going on then I make extra effort to make sure I watch it.

        10. Revenge - so far I've only seen halfway through the first season as it's a new show on e4. I'm finding it really gripping. Full of twists, turns and revelations.


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          21.07.2012 21:37
          Very helpful



          my top 10 TV programmes.

          I'm a huge fan of watching TV and over my lifetime there have been so many TV programmes that I have enjoyed watching and it's very hard for me to just pick ten but here we go:

          10. 21 Jump Street (1987-1991)
          21 Jump Street starred Johnny Depp in his younger years and it was a police drama about rookie cops going undercover as school kids to bust crimes. It's common for crimes series to have a few undercover episodes but this was a whole series based around going undercover in schools so I thought that was good. I love crimes shows there one of my favourite pass times that's another reason why this makes my top ten.
          *Favourite Episodes - Besieged (Part 1) & Besieged (Part 2)
          *Number of episodes - 103
          *Episode Runtime - 45mins

          9. Unfabulous (2004-2007)
          This is probably the cheesiest TV show on my list but I used to love it when it used to come on. The show is about a freshman in high school Adi Singer who tells stories of how she survived high school. There is lots of bad singing of cheesy songs sung by Adi and I just thought it was fun to watch. The show stars a younger Emma Roberts and I think she did a great job of playing a fun loving unpopular teen.
          *Number of episodes - 41
          * Episode Runtime - 22 mins

          8. CSI: Miami (2002-2012)
          Out of all the CSI TV series I think this one definitely has to be the best. Although all of the are quite similar this one has the sunny setting and has the best crimes in my opinion. It sad that it is finishing this year I really would have liked it to carry on but I guess there are loads of other crimes series that I can get into so it aint so bad.

          7. 90210 (2008-present)
          90210 is the reboot of the series Beverly Hills 90210 from the 90s. I think this is a fun series and because the people in the show are of a similar age I can relate to most of the things that go on making it more enjoyable to watch.
          *Number of episodes - 92(so far)
          *Episode Runtime - 45mins

          6. True Blood (2008-present)
          I was a bit sceptical about this series when I first heard about it because I thought it would have been naff like that Twilight rubbish. After watching it I fell in love with the series because it has some realistic vampires. I think they have did a good job of portraying what a world would be like if humans and vampire like next door to each other. The other thing I like is that they have introduced lots of other mythical creatures such as shapeshiffters and werepanthers that aren't really in many other shows.
          *Number of episodes - 54 (so far)
          *Episode Runtime 45mins

          5. Footballers Wives (2002-2006)
          Footballers Wives was one of my favourite shows of it's time when it was out because it was just full of drama and I loves it. Tanya was by far my favourite character because I loved how evil she was it was great to watch. The series was definitely entertaining and seemed realistic to what a footballers wives life would really be like. I wasn't gutted when it ended because it did go down hill by the time it got to series 5 but it was still good to watch all the way to the end.
          *Number of episodes - 42
          *Episode Runtime - 45 mins

          4. Bad Girls (1999-2006)
          This was definitely a great series what more could you ask for fearless girls in a corrupt prison. I loved the mix of characters they had a great mix of criminals in the prison. What I liked about this series is when Tanya left Footballers Wives she ended up in Bad Girls prison which was a great twist. I was also happy to have Tanya's character back on screen in my other favourite show at the time I think Bad Girls is one of the best British dramas of my time.
          *Number of episodes - 107
          *Episode Runtime - 60 mins

          3. Kenan & Kel (1996-2000)
          My god where those boys were funny as a pair. I loved this show because they just cracked me up in every episode and all the trouble they used to get in made me laugh. I like this series because it was funny and something I can watch over and over and still find funny.
          *Number of episodes - 65
          *Episode Runtime - 25mins

          2. Nip/Tuck (2003-2010)
          Drama is what I love and Drama is what this show was full of. I think Nip/Tuck was absolutely rammed with drama and the series definitely had a sexy cast. Christian and Shaun are best friends and plastic surgeons and the series follows the on the journey of keeping up their Plastic Surgery Clinic. The series contains drama inside and out the clinic and these surgeons hardly known the meaning of Ethical. From murder, sex, cheating, diseases, drugs, disorders to crime everything you want to see on TV is somewhere in this series.
          *Number of episodes - 100
          *Episode Runtime - 45 mins

          1. Desperate Housewives (2004-2012)
          This is by far my favourite show that has ever been showed on TV. I just love the diverse mix of characters that they put in this show and it always kept me guessing. The series follows four neighbours of wisteria land and each series has a mysterious character that has a big secret. The series is narrated by a fellow resident that killed herself because of the terrible secret she was keeping. Bre is by far my favourite resident of wisteria lane because I loved her confidence. I was so sad when the final episode aired but I think the show definitely went out with a bang and has left a good impression on TV.
          *Number of episodes - 190
          *Episode Runtime 45mins

          Theses are definitely shows I will always remember and love. Lets just hope the ones still airing continue to amaze me.


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            14.06.2012 19:09
            Very helpful



            Ten of my favourite tv progs

            In no particular order, ten of my favourite tv programmes:

            *** Green Wing ***

            This comedy series ran for (sadly) only two series from 2004. It was set in a hospital and featured a cast of quirky and dysfunctional characters as the doctors and office staff (patients had little to no presence).

            Loosely, the over-arching storyline of the series is the arrival of new doctor, Caroline (Tamsin Grieg) and her will-they-won't-they relationship with Mac (Julian Rhind-Tutt). This is subject to the interventions and machinations of jealous Sue White (Michelle Gomez) and Guy Secretan (Stephen Mangan), amongst others.

            My particular favourites amongst the characters are the deranged Sue White and the uptight Dr Alan Statham (Mark Heap). The show makes me laugh so much: bizarre happenings that no-one comments on, like Sue White dressing in strange costumes, the speeded up or slowed sequences, Alan Statham swinging his white coat... It's a gloriously subversive, anarchic comedy.

            Some of the events are in questionable, boundary-crossing taste and it can come from a fairly dark place - it's not one for everyone. It is rated 15.

            The Definitive Edition DVD boxset contains both series and the Christmas special and is available from Amazon at £16.37, new, presently.

            *** Jeeves and Wooster ***

            This production of the PG Wodehouse stories from the early 1990s features Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie as Jeeves and Bertie Wooster respectively. Both inhabit the roles perfectly: Laurie the foolish but good-hearted master while Fry is the perfectly correct, intelligent servant but power behind the throne, who always gets his own way in the end. It ran for four series of 6 episodes each. The later series set in the US are slightly less appealing, but still work.

            The almost hour-long episodes mostly consist of Bertie finding himself (or one of his dopey friends) in a scrape, usually the threat of marriage to some nice gel or the demands of an angry aunt, and Jeeves having to work out some clever plan to extricate him. It's beautifully done, gently funny and does justice to Wodehouse's books. I adore the theme tune.

            'Jeeves & Wooster' is repeated during the daytime on ITV3 and all four series are available in digitally remastered DVD sets for around £15, new, on Amazon.

            *** Being Human ***

            This is a supernatural drama/comedy series from BBC3, first shown in 2008. It had its fourth series this year, although I don't know if a fifth is planned.

            The basic premise is that supernatural creatures/people do exist and three of them find themselves living together in a shabby house in Bristol. These are Mitchell (Aidan Turner) a vampire, George (Russell Tovey) a werewolf and Annie (Lenora Crichlow) a ghost. The relationships between the three friends and their attempts to stay human or regain their humanity are what makes the series. At times it can be very funny, for example where the two male characters displace their anger and pain onto the mundane, over-reacting to the change in scheduling of 'The Real Hustle'. Sometimes it can be very dark as well. It is quite gory, with swearing and violence at times and it is rated 15.

            The series is shot in a realistic way, although with special effects for werewolf transformation and the like.
            The fourth series suffers from unavoidable but major cast changes and I'm afraid it lost me as a viewer towards the end, but I will try to catch up at some point. If there is a fifth series I will give it a shot. The first three series, however, I was hooked on.

            The boxset of all four series (six episodes each) is available on Amazon for around £35, new.

            *** Supernatural ***

            This is another supernatural series in which mythical creatures are not so mythical after all. This time it's a US series that began in 2005, featuring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester. The boys were brought up to be hunters of supernatural beasties by their father, who is out to avenge his wife's death.

            The brothers' at times strained relationship is the lynchpin of the series and the chemistry between the two actors is appealing. Each series has an over-arching storyline of some big evil that needs thwarting, interspersed with occasional 'filler' episodes that don't necessarily contribute to the main plot. The boys spend much of their time on the road in Dean's pride and joy car, going to the next threat, living in dingy motels.

            It's a good mix of humour and danger/action, held together by the personable characters of Dean and Sam. It's slicker and bigger budget than we can do over here and many more episodes per season (20-odd). It's on its seventh season presently.

            You can buy series 1-6, rated 15, in DVD boxset for around £50, new, at Amazon.

            *** Buffy The Vampire Slayer ***

            Unlikely heroine, schoolgirl Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) discovers she is the chosen one, the vampire slayer, whose role it is to fight back the forces of evil.

            It was a US series, which began in the late '90s and ended mid- 00s. Each season has a new (and worse) Big Bad to confront in the over-all storyline. Buffy's struggle to accept her destiny, her on-off relationship with Angel (David Boreanz) and her friendships with Xander (Nicholas Brendon) and Willow (Alyson Hannigan) are the most interesting and abiding parts of the show. The series grow gradually darker and more adult, although there is always a leavening of humour or the absurd.

            I really loved this when it came out over here, although my daughter was just a baby and her grouchy time used to perfectly coincide with when it was shown on BBC2! Hence the need to buy it all on video.

            All 144 episodes from the seven seasons are available in DVD boxset from Amazon at around £100, new.

            *** MisFits ***

            This is pretty much a British take on 'Heroes', only darker and grittier, where an unlikely group of people acquire superpowers. Our group consists of five youth offenders working out their community service. The main characters are the "weird kid" Simon (Iwan Rheon), disgraced athlete Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), manipulative minx Alisha (Antonio Thomas), hard-faced toughie Kelly (Lauren Socha) and motormouth provocateur, Nathan (Robert Sheehan). These are the eponymous misfits.

            It's funny and dark, with violence and swearing at times. I loved the first series, shown in 2009 on Channel 4, while the second I enjoyed but thought pushed it a little far, what with superpowered primates and all... I don't like to shout 'jumped the shark', but it did put me off a bit and I haven't watched series 3 yet. I probably will give it a go, however.

            It's rated 18 and the three series are available in DVD boxset from Amazon at £18.97, new.

            *** The Tripods ***

            This is a series I remember fondly from my childhood. It was shown during the '80s and was heinously cut short when the budget gave out or the BBC lost its tiny mind.

            The world had been conquered by the Tripods, who mind-control most of the people left, using brain implants which are put in during the teens. Our hero, Will, and his cousin are prime for this procedure and run away, hoping to find an underground of free humans. But the Tripods aren't just going to let them go...

            Wonderful sci-fi for its time, and a great storyline.

            The two series are available together on DVD for £12.77 from Amazon, new.

            *** Babylon 5 ***

            It's ten years since the humans 'won' the war against Minbar. Babylon 5 is the fifth attempt by the human race to build a space-station for trade and diplomacy between Minbar, themselves and other alien species in troubled times. Previous Babylon stations were destroyed by saboteurs and the fourth vanished completely, so it's not an easy task ahead. The show follows the main crew of Babylon 5, led at first by Michael O'Hare's Cpt Sinclair, then in further series Cpt Sheridan played by Bruce Boxleitner.

            At first, it seems the main challenge will be dealing with infighting between the various alien races, but an emerging threat to all from a mysterious and powerful opposition, the Shadows, soon concentrates minds.

            This series was innovative in that it was written with a five-year framework in mind. The storyline and effecs were really interesting and my favourite characters were Ivanova (Claudia Christian) and Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle). G'Kar (Andreas Katsulas) and Londo (Peter Jurassik) had a great antagonistic relationship developing into an unlikely uneasy friendship of sorts. There were films and other material made apart from the main 5 seasons.

            The complete boxset is available from Amazon at around £50, new.

            *** Strictly Come Dancing ***

            A bit of a guilty pleasure this. It started in aid of Children in Need, getting celebrities to learn to ballroom dance and compete against each other. It's hosted by Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly. Each celebrity is paired with a professional ballroom dancer and has to perform a different dance each week. A mixture of votes from a panel of judges and phone-in votes from the public decides who stays in the competition. Sometimes really bad dancers stay in because the public like watching them.

            I'm not sure why I like this. I kind of like making authoritative-sounding judgements on someone's performance without knowing the first thing about ballroom dancing!

            It's more of a pleasure to watch than other talent shows, to my mind, because it's celebrities who are used to being criticised and passed remark on, than amateurs who are pinning their hopes on stardom. You also don't get the manipulative emotional button-pressing of things like X-Factor, where you can see what they're doing with their 'human interest' sob-stories, but still somehow get sucked into it. I really hate that and I avoid watching those shows because of it.

            It's had some interesting moments, memorably John Sargent dragging Ola across the floor like a sack of spuds, and a morning tv presenter now forever known in our household as 'head-butty man'. It's also had some questionable results, such as the apparent rehabilitation of character Anne Widdecombe has had in the eyes of the public, from a political pariah to national treasure? Hmm.

            It's on every year in the weeks before Christmas. Fans can see the live tours or there are DVDs of the best of the series, tours or even fitness ones.

            ***I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here***

            Another guilty pleasure, this time putting celebrities through absurd tasks in a jungle setting in Australia. Most infamous for its eating trials where they are expected to consume odd and gross items, from wichity grubs to kangaroo testicles. Other trials might consist of crawling through places alongside rats and beasties, and fish guts and slime. It's a grown-up version of the gunge tank, really. It's presented by Ant and Dec, who bring a cheesy charm to proceedings.

            For the first week or so there is no voting anyone out, the public phone in to choose who to put through trials (usually the least popular/most annoying). After that, it's a case of voting each day to keep the most popular in and last man/woman standing is crowned king/queen of the jungle.

            Part of the programme follows the celebrities during their mostly tedious days and nights in camp, usually pared down to the bickering and tension between personalities. Generally each year at least one celebrity does him or herself no good at all in the eyes of the public, like Gillian McKeith or Pat Sharp, while others shine. The apparently thoroughly nice ones tend to win.

            I have watched it several years running, sometimes wondering why on earth I was, but still watching anyway. I'll probably watch again this year. It's usually on in the autumn on ITV.

            You can buy highlights DVDs, the board game and video games.

            *** Conclusion ***

            It seems I like sci-fi, supernatural and celeb torturing programmes!

            Honourable mentions should go to 'FarScape', 'BattleStar Galactica', 'Star Trek Deep Space 9', 'BlackAdder' and 'Red Dwarf'. 'Come Dine With Me' and 'CountDown' nearly made it too.


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              06.02.2012 19:19
              Very helpful



              My top 10 shows

              10. Come Dine With Me - Dave Lamb, enough said. Even when I am sorely disappointed in the contestants, I cannot bring myself to change the channels as Dave's enthralling wit draws me back in every time. Never before have I watched a TV show purely to hear the narrator's dialogue. Dave chimes in at just the right time to mock the contestants and provides a much needed comedic narration when the people themselves just aren't charismatic enough to carry the show themselves.

              9. America's Next Top Model - It's the drama of this show that keeps me coming back every week for over 15 cycles! For a TV show about wannabe models, the host, Tyra Banks, makes you feel as though you're watching the results of a Presidential Election with the serious tone of the final 10 minutes of each show. The basic premise is that a group of young women who all 'dream' of becoming 'America's Next Top Model' fight it out to stay in the competition and win some prizes at the end of it. I have no interest at all in modelling but that's what makes it so addicting, as the girls will stop at nothing to get what they want and you end up caring more about who's the nicest person than who is the best model.

              8. Keeping up with the Kardashians - This American import of pure escapist TV may have you rolling your eyes but bear with me please! This 'reality' show follows the lives of a very glamorous Los Angeles family who are famous for being famous, essentially. They fight a lot and get worked up about the mos ridiculous things but ultimately you can't look away. It's perfect car crash TV! You have to take it with a pinch of salt because the way that the Kardashian family act will make you screech with anger if you take it seriously because they are definitely one self-absorbed, albeit entertaining, family.

              7. Sherlock - Martin Freeman is the reason I have completely fallen in love with this series! He is the perfect Watson and Benedict is a fantastic Sherlock, as the acting is really what sets this adaptation apart from any others. The writing is sharp, fast and witty and the pace of the episodes constantly makes you second guess yourself as you try, but ultimately fail to try and solve the case. My only complaint is that 3 episodes per season isn't nearly enough Sherlock to keep me happy as I am desperate for it to return soon!

              6. The OC - I loved this American drama when I was younger and it is still entertaining to me now. It follows the lives of some very rich and very beautiful families living in Orange County, California and was a hit with teenagers everywhere in the early noughties. Once again, I watched this series to find out about the lives of the very privileged and the dramatic storylines always held my attention. You follow the often turbulent lives of teenagers Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer as they fall in and out of love in a very exotic setting.

              5. Tori and Dean - Yes, another American reality show has made its way onto my list but this one I would honestly recommend to anyone looking to relax and not think for about half and hour ha! It focusses on the life of former 90210 actress Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott as they try to manage a hotel, expand their family and find a new house in Hollywood. Both Tori and Dean are perfect for the camera as they are wonderfully witty and like to tease each other, but when you see them struggling during hard times you really sympathise with them which is what a successful reality show should do, in my opinion.

              4. Eggheads - I am a TV quiz show enthusiast but I managed to limit myself to including just one on my list. Eggheads is the only TV show that I make sure I watch every day as I love to challenge myself and see whether any group of Challengers can actually defeat the formidable force that is the Eggheads. Kevin, Barry, Daphne, Judith, Pat, CJ and Chris make up the team of quiz champions whilst Jeremy Vine asks the questions and keeps the game going. It is always exciting for me but maybe I just need to get out more.

              3. The Apprentice - I don't know how anyone could resist the abrupt, yet charming, force that is Alan Sugar and his sidekicks on BBC's The Apprentice. The challenges are always well thought-out and the producers aren't afraid to make the contestants look well and truly idiotic as they fumble with orders and accounts. Although I think that Karren Brady is perfectly fine as Lord Sugar's new assistant alongside Nick, I really do hope that Margaret decides to come back sometime as I miss her hilarious and totally unique facial expressions.

              2. House - Hugh Laurie shines in this TV drama about a curmudgeonly doctor and his team at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. I really love this show because of the great acting from all of the cast and the razor sharp dialogue that the writers provide for the show's lead. The storylines are always unique and although the format is formulaic and rarely strays from this structure, it works. You find yourself smiling when House finally solves the case that you always knew he would solve but it still surprises you every time. The secondary characters are also great and my personal favourite, Dr Wilson, is the one character that you always sympathise with as he remains House's best friend despite the hideous yet hilarious way in which he is treated. A good, solid show for anyone who enjoys the fast paced world of medical dramas.

              1. That 70's Show - I had to put this American sit com as my number 1 as it is the only show that I can honestly say I will never get bored with. I must have seen each episode over 10 times each and they are still humorous to me! It follows the lives of 6 teenagers living in a town in Wisconsin, miles away from the rich and beautiful characters of The OC in every sense. That's why I love it so much. The characters are much more relatable as they go through things that every teenager experiences such as love and heartbreak but they do it all without glamorous houses or speedboats. The characters are Eric, Kelso, Donna, Jackie, Hyde and Fez and they are all perfectly sculpted to be funny in their own special way and you grow to love them despite their flaws. Over the 8 seasons of the show you get so close to the group that it hurts when you realise it's all over. This is one sit com that I would recommend to anyone as my parents enjoy it having lived through the 70's and everyone can appreciate its personable characters and skilful writing.


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              14.01.2012 23:41
              Very helpful




              A countdown of all my favourite tv programmes ever!

              10. Eastenders.
              I'm not a soap person and I'm not a faithful Eastenders fan and watch it everynight, but when there's an interesting story line, i'll waver and watch it. Despite the bad reports about the Ronnie stealing Kats baby
              dilemma, I thought it was a really interesting and powerful story line which really touched me. I thought that Eastenders recently has been a really interesting watch with the mad doctor trying to burn Zainab and burning Tamwar in the process.

              9. Mock the Week.
              It's a group of comedians who basically mock events that have happened during the week such as mocking politicans or celebrities. The comedians also have discussions and do a bit of stand up on a particular subject. My favourite part of Mock The Week, however, is the 'Things you would hear' at the end where a phrase would come up on the screen, such as things you wouldn't hear on the Olympics, and the comedians run in with hillarious things to say.

              8. Ugly Betty
              I'm really gutted that Ugly Betty has ended, cause it was honestly awesome. It was the story of Betty Suarez who, despite not being the most fashionable person in the world, ends up as an assistant editor for a magazine, as she was hired by Daniels father, so that Daniel wouldn't sleep with her, like he did all his other asssistants. It shows how Betty grows and at the end, loses her glasses, her braces and falls in love with Daniel. 'Tis a great programme and worth the watch!

              7. Friends.
              Friends is just one of they programmes that you can never get bored of. It's a comedy about the lives of best friends Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica and Ross living in NY. Jennifer Aniston is one of my favourite actresses of all time, and she's just hilarious in this. Whenever I'm having not such a great day, i'll fling the dvd, and have a chuckle.

              6. NCIS
              Follows Naval Criminal Investigative Service team made up of Leroy Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo, Tim McGhee, Ziva David who are assisted by Dr. Mallard and forensics, Abby. I have no idea why i love this porgramme, i just do!

              5. Harpers Island.
              Harpers Island was a one-series horror program on CBS in 08/09. It's about a wedding party who travel to the island for a wedding, but they are killed off one by one and only two people survive at the end. I loved Harpers Island because it was so unpredictable, but also because it had a few emotional scenes and the acting was just great. Definetely worth a watch.

              4. The Vampire Diaries
              Another Vampire show.. Its about the life of Elena Gilbert, an orphan who lost her parents in a tragic car accident, and two vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan, fighting for Elena's love. Damon is a reckless, bad boy where as Stefan is on a search for his humanity. They come into loads of trouble like Elenas dopleganger, Katherine, and the original vampires who use Elena to make hybrid Werewolves and Vampires. It's action packed, fun and real good entertainment.

              3. The Walking Dead
              The walking dead is my more recent addiction. I'm not a huge fan of Zombies, but a friend recommended it to me, and it turned out I really enjoyed it and became quite addicted. Walking Dead begins with Rick, a sherrif, who wakes up in a hospital post-infection to a zombie infested world. He reunites with his family and they search for survival in a deadly world. There's lots of backstabbing, murder, betrayal and hurt. The walking dead is really unpredictable and unexpected. Love it, and i can't wait for it to come back again next month.

              2. True Blood.
              True Blood is the story of Sookie Stackhouse, a mind-reading waiter from Bon Temps, Louisiana and her life where vampires have came out of the coffin. She gets caught up in a love triangle between vampires Bill Compton, Eric Northman, shapeshifter Sam Merlotte and werewolve, Alcide Herveaux. There's a lot of steamy scenes and a lot of unexpected twists. Love it!

              1. LOST! From day one when that plane hit that little Island, I can honestly say I was addicted to this show. From laughing at Artz blowing himself up, to anticipation of whether Kate would pick Jack or Saywer, to shock at the Jacob and John twist, and crying at the sad, sad ending, LOST never failed to entertain me and for that, LOST is my number one show!


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                10.11.2011 22:14
                Very helpful



                Just my TV choices

                1) Lost: I started watching this when it first came onto Channel 4 and gave up halfway through season 1. However after my sister raved on and on about it, I borrowed all her DVDs last year and sped through all 6 seasons within a matter of weeks. It may be far fetched and ridiculous but you end up caring about the characters so much. I ended up calling my puppy Sawyer, after (IMO) the best character in the show!

                2) Game of Thrones: I only started watching this when it began earlier in the year because my brother in law worked on the show and I was curious (he's working on season 2 at the moment, eep!). From episode 1, I was hooked. Medieval/fantasy stuff with dragons and war SO isn't my usual thing, but it's absolutely gripping. I am now reading the books and eagerly awaiting the new series. Again the characters are so well drawn; there is gore, plot and intrigue galore and it's an amazing show.

                3) X Files: My teenage favourite. It tailed off badly in the final few years but it set the bar very high for series of a paranormal nature. So many amazing episodes, such as The Host, Home, Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose and Darkness Falls. Mulder and Scully are both fantastic characters - even if Scully was way too rigid and Mulder just plain paranoid.

                4) Friends: A televisual comfort blanket. Perfect for hangovers, sick days, rainy days, or days when you just feel down. E4 played them to death which has put me off somewhat but so many episodes can still make me laugh. Worth watching for Joey and Chandler alone (before the hideous mistake of putting Chandler and Monica together and destroying Chandler's character that is).

                5) I'm Alan Partridge: "Lovely stuff". "Ruddy bloody brilliant."

                6) The League of Gentlemen: A acquired taste, perhaps. Sick, scary, and funny. Some of it can be hit and miss, especially series 3 which was so different from the first two, but still one of my favourite comedy shows. Papa Lazarou is compelling yet utterly terrifying.

                7) Nighty Night: One that not many people seemed to have watched or heard of. It stars Julia Davis who has worked with Simon Pegg and Steve Coogan. She also wrote the show and it's about as black a humour as you can get. It's about a hairdresser named Jill who pretends her husband has died of cancer while she's also trying to get her next door neighbour to have an affair with her. Very, very dark and sick. I absolutely adore it.

                8) Third Watch: A show that was treated very shoddily by Channel 4. It was made by the same people who did ER, and it was about the NYPD, FDNY and paramedics who worked in a police/fire station in NY. Brilliant characters, exciting plots, well written, great stunts. I always preferred it to ER but Channel 4 showed it at stupid times like 11am when it had to be cut, or around midnight when no-one saw it. It ran for 5 seasons but sadly only seasons 1 and 2 are available on DVD. Hugely underrated.

                9) Peep Show: Sustained quality across all its season. I heart Mark and Jez.

                10) The Mighty Boosh: Another show that's not for everyone. It's another show whose 3rd series wasn't its best but the first 2 are sublime, almost childlike. From the silly jokes and songs, to Noel Fielding's artwork, the Boosh was something so refreshing and different when it first came out.


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                  16.03.2011 20:03
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                  Great shows.

                  Having completed the top ten songs of all time one of these a few days ago, I thought I should complete this one as well, just for the fun of it really. It does tend to help you get a feel for what a person likes, after all!

                  So, here's my top ten TV shows in reverse order!

                  10. The Simpsons
                  It's nowhere near as good as Family Guy or even American Dad. The graphics aren't as good for starters. It's not bad though. And I do find myself watching it most evenings, even though I say I don't like it much. So there must be something I like in it!

                  9. Come Dine With Me
                  I like this show because it shows fairly normal people in fairly normal settings. I like the narrator the best out of all the people I've ever seen on the show though!

                  8. Law and Order
                  Again, all of them. I like shows like this, if you haven't guessed from my list so far. I prefer the UK version of them all but they're all pretty good. I guess I just prefer UK given that most are set in America so it makes a nice change to find a modern UK one.

                  7. NCIS
                  I love NCIS more than each of the individual CSI's but given that there are three of them, I thought I should put them in front of NCIS on my list. I love Abbie and Ziva in NCIS and the way they interact with the other characters. Tony and McGee are pretty funny as well and at times I pity Gibbs having to work with them. Then, I realise he's just as bad as them at times, along with Duckie of course!

                  6. CSI
                  I love all three versions of CSI. I really couldn't choose between them. Therefore I decided I would put them as one of the shows in my top ten. I like characters in all of them and dislike characters in all of them as well.

                  5. Antiques Road Trip
                  I like this show because it's interesting to see antiques dealers made famous by television having to use their own money to buy antiques to sell for more money at auction. It helps the public know more about what to buy as well in terms of investing for the future.

                  4. American Dad
                  I love this programme, although it's not quite as good as Family Guy. I like Roger the best in this programme, although Claus is pretty funny as well. I prefer the animals to the humans. That's not really a good thing, is it? Haha!

                  3. Masterchef
                  I love to watch the contestants getting better throughout this competition. It's actually pretty interesting to watch the creations they make as well because they're often the sorts of things I like to eat as well so I look up the recipes. I like the two judges as well.

                  2. Agatha Christie's Poirot
                  Again, this is a show I've seen every episode of but I love it. I love the humorous comments from the Belgian detective and the way he interacts with Hastings and the suspects. I love David Suchet as Poirot in particular because he seems to fit the part perfectly!

                  1. Family Guy
                  I've seen every episode of this show at least twice I would say and I never get tired of watching it because you always seem to miss something funny in it at some point. I love the characters, especially Stewie and Brian, and I barely ever miss it if it's on!

                  So that's my top ten TV shows list! Thanks for reading!


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                    25.11.2010 18:21
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                    Here are ten TV shows that have highly captivated me over and over again. Strongly recommended!

                    Before I go on I have to admit that I do not tend to watch that much television. It is not because I dislike it, there are plenty of shows I will watch if I do flick the TV set on, but most of the time I choose to get on with other things. However, there are ten TV shows that I cannot resist watching if I know it is going to be aired, and here they are in all their glory. Counting down from ten to one (one being the best of the bunch), I present to you, my favourite TV shows!

                    10. Cowboy Bebop
                    Cowboy Bebop is an anime that focuses on Spike, a tall, lanky and charismatic bounty hunter and his team aboard their rusty spaceship. The opening title sequence carries a funky jazz feel, with plenty of bright colours, and the episodes themselves are illustrated with excellently. The subject matter can go from serious, hilarious and action-packed in a matter of minutes, and the episodes are all so different from another that it keeps it refreshing. This is definitely one of the best anime's I have ever seen.

                    9. Family Guy
                    The latest season of Family Guy may not have been as laugh out loud funny as the previous ones, but Family Guy still remains an enjoyable, and funny animated comedy show. OK some of the jokes can fall into the "fart jokes" catagory at times, but there are at times laughs which are created off of the back of quite witty and intelligent writing. Family Guy centres on the Griffin family consisting of a variety of family members who are far from perfect. A lot of the jokes come from their failings in actual fact. This show may not be for everyone, but if you are looking for (at times) a more adult Simpsons, then give this a spin.

                    8. Sabrina The Teenage Witch
                    This show reminds me of my childhood, where I would religiously watch every episode that aired on first ITV then Nickelodion. So what is it all about? Well, the title gives the clue there. Indeed, it is about a teenage witch (Melissa Joan Hart) who has to put up with the usual teen dilemmas and go through High School whilst training for her witches license. A lot of it may seem rather cheesy when you look back on it now, but there was something special about this show. It managed to captivate adult and child audiences alike, with jokes only the adults could pick up on thrown in to keep the balance. A lot of the situations that Sabrina was put through were reminicent of my own teenage years in Secondary School (minus the magic), and who could dislike Salem, the talking cat, really? A standout show in the 90's.

                    7. Blackadder
                    Blackadder is an English comedy that I fell in love with when I was a child. My parents loved it, and I caught a lot of the episodes whilst they were originally watching the series' through the first time around. The show focuses on Blackadder through several periods of history. Being a history buff who graduated University with a history degree, I appreciate this show a lot more now, and pick up on the clever jokes that relate to particular goings on in the periods the show was set in. Blackadder is hilarious and still holds up many years later.

                    6. Firefly
                    This show sadly only ran for one series before being cancelled, but it did spawn an excellent film, "Serenity." Firefly, created by Joss Whedon, is mixture of sci-fi and westerns, and focuses on a group of bounty hunters. Led by the charming Malcolm Reynolds, and follow the nine inhabitants of the spaceship Serenity post war. It is an excellent show, full of great writing from Whedon, and superb action sequences. It seems a shame that this series ended so abruptly as I highly enjoyed watching it.

                    5. Deathnote
                    This is the second anime series to grace my list, and I feel that it really deserves a place so high up in my list. Deathnote is a show focusing on a book called a "Death Note", which, if someones name is written down, kills the said person after a while. High-schooler Light Yagami discovers this notebook, and begins to use it to "cleanse the world" of the criminals that reap havoc in the streets. One by one people are "mysteriously" dying, whilst Light Yagami sits back and watches his results take effect. Death Note is a very cleverly written anime, with plenty of tension and social commentary. I found myself making comparisons to another TV show I highly enjoy, Dexter, in which both of the main characters in these shows are trying to clean up the criminals from making trouble and harming others. Deathnote is brilliantly animated, the story keeps you on the edge of your seat, and strangely I found myself rooting for Light Yagami, even though his view of the world is at times a little warped. If you are a fan of anime, I strongly suggest watching this show.

                    4. Red Dwarf
                    Red Dwarf is another show that I have been brought up on. The show is a British comedy which focuses on the "last human known alive" Lister, his dead roomate who is now a Holgram, Rimmer, the ship's computer, Holly, Android Kryten and The Cat-a catlike man who is a descendant of Lister's pregnant cat. The humour is spot on for the most part, and there are many quotes throughout the series which have been quoted by many several times over. The seasons where the cast were slightly changed-most notably the seasons in which Rimmer was absent, are slightly weaker and the comedy does not compare, but still as a whole, the show is brilliant.

                    3. The Simpsons
                    Yes, yet another animation has found it's way into my top ten list, with this one finding it's way into my top three. The Simpsons, like many on this list is one which I have liked since I was a child. Focusing on the Simpsons family, the many episodes show the family in a variety of hilarious situations. The Simpsons appeals to both adults and children alike, and although certain series appear to be better than others, I still highly enjoy tuning into it on Sky One. It appears that Matt Groening and his team have not run out of ideas yet, so I will continue to avidly watch it until that day finally comes.

                    2. Scrubs
                    I have always favoured the humour in British comedies (such as those in my list) over the usual humour found in American comedies, but Scrubs is one of those few exceptions where I will genuinely laugh out loud at each episode. Scrubs centres on the Medical training hospital, Sacred Heart, which is host to an assortment of quirky yet loveable characters. What makes Scrubs work so well is that you genuinely find yourself rooting for the characters in every episode. Not everything in Scrubs is about humour though, as it successfully manages to combine drama into the proceedings as well. Main character and narrator Zach Braff really shines as JD, but most of the credit for the laughs has to be given to Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) who combines arrogance, grumpiness and witt brilliantly, with often rather hilarious results. If you fancy something a little light-hearted, which will make you feel good, even if it is pretty damn silly, then I suggest giving Scrubs a watch!

                    1. Dexter
                    Looking for something that combines tension, drama, a bit (under-statement at times here!) of violence, romance and comedy? Dexter does just that. This TV show focuses on Dexter, a forensic bloodstain pattern analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department who spends most of his nights killing off serial killers. Dexter is a surprisingly likeable guy who only kills those who abide by "Harry's Code", a set of rules laid out by his father before his death. Nobody knows of his "dark passenger", and the episodes show Dexter trying to balance his work and family-life with his shady secret. The show is probably not best viewed by the squeamish, as there can be quite a lot of violence and gore at times, but it is highly engrossing and tense. Michael C. Hall shines as Dexter, and like Light Yagami in Deathnote, you will find yourself rooting for him, even though he is at the end of it all, a serial killer. This is the best American show I have seen as of yet, and if you are in need of a new TV series to watch, I highly recommend this!

                    So if you are stuck on what to check out on TV, perhaps you should check out some of the shows in my list. I find that I never tire of watching these shows. Even when I have watched the same episode of say, Scrubs for the millionth time (ok, slight exaggeration there), I still find something to keep me engrossed. Long live my top ten!


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                      15.10.2010 15:48
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                      My favourites :)

                      I don't watch much TV but once I get into a something I will be gripped! And there have been many programmes over the years that have gripped me, so here are my top 10!

                      1. Ideal
                      Exclusive to BBC Three, Ideal is a set of series about drug dealer, Moz (Johnny Vegas). Before I watched this I really couldn't stand Johnny Vegas but I have slowly found myself falling in love with him. My favourite for it's characters, comedy and great storylines, Ideal is definately number 1 for me!

                      2. 24
                      My housemate brought me a copy of the first series a couple of years ago and I was instantly hooked, I even rang in sick a couple of days so that I didn't have to stop watching it! I have gathered up to series 6 now and am really enjoying following them. You never know what is coming next and, if you think you do, there is always some kind of twist. Amazing actors and great storylines put this is number 2!

                      3. Gimme Gimme Gimme
                      I remember watching clips of this when I was younger and not being able to understand any of the jokes. I was recently given the boxset as a gift and watched them with my, gay, housemate. We came to the conclusion that we are Tom and Linda and fell in love with the show. All of the episodes are hilarious and I absolutely love Linda!

                      4. Casualty
                      I have to admit it, back in the day I loved this. When I was 7/8 I used to sit with my Nana every saturday night to watch it and I loved it! I don't remember much of what happened back then and have watched some of the more recent episodes, which don't seem to meet the standards to me! My mum brought me the first three series last year, I have only watched threee episodes but it's great to see how it started!

                      5. The X Factor
                      Yes, I am one of those sad acts that stay in on a Saturday night to watch it! I missed it last week because my boyfriend forced me to go to the pub and I was fuming!! I cant help it, the auditions are so funny and I always end up loving one of the contestants who end up in the final shows.

                      6. Friends
                      How could I forget Friends? This is my feel good show, if I ever feel down Friends will always cheer me up! I really will watch them from start to finish one day, when I get the boxset again.

                      7. My Wife and Kids
                      I used to love this show when I was in school, I'd get in and it would just be starting so I wouldn't do anything until it was finished. I'm absolutely gutted that you cannot buy this on DVD and that I always seem to miss it on TV!!

                      8. Cold Case
                      Myself and two of my housemates developed an unhealthy obsession for Cold Case last year, we purchased all of the seasons on our Virgin box and were not allowed to watch them without each other. This show is so clever and interesting, I would definately recommend it to CSI fans, as I think it is better than CSI! Another one that you cannot buy anywhere :(

                      9. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
                      I used to watch this after My Wife and Kids everyday and recently purchased the first three series on DVD. I had forgotten how funny this show was and fell in love with the characters all over again. Geoffrey is definately my favourite! I love watching Will Smith get into all sorts of trouble and dig his way out of it and Uncle Phil is priceless!!

                      10. Lost
                      I have only put this at the bottom because it confused me too much! From the first epsiode I followed the show religiously, until it got moved to Sky1! Then I had to purchase the boxsets. I have managed to get to the end of season 5 and now only need to find out what happens in the finale. I hope if explains everything!

                      Those who narrowly missed it:
                      Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
                      Bad Girls
                      Buffy the Vampire Slayer
                      The Cube


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                        12.08.2010 13:32
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                        Some favourite shows acknowledged amid reflections on TV generally

                        A spate of reviews about television on another opinionating website reminds me of the questionnaire below, which provides a convenient framework for discussion of the subject. It also, curiously enough, lends itself to the selection of a Top 10 among TV programmes, and mine are enumerated in brackets after their names, though true to form I found it hard to limit myself to only ten. Please consider the excess as a bonus.

                        * Q1 : How many hours of TV do you watch a week? *

                        I'm tempted to say far too many, but that's nonsense, isn't it? If I watch it must be because I want to watch, in which case it can't be a waste of my time and the notion of "too many" is misplaced. Indeed, since I sometimes miss programmes that I would have liked to watch, the honest answer is probably "too few".

                        * Q2 : Do you have any idea how many channels you currently have access to? *

                        No idea at all. Their numbers seem to go on forever when you scroll down the Sky listings, especially if you're trying, in a hurry, to find the one you want before the programme starts. I've never counted and never wanted to. Probably 90% of those available I've never watched, except momentarily while channel-hopping. Of those I have watched some were only seen because I recorded the wrong channel by accident. The surprise was seldom pleasant and hasn't encouraged me to explore further.

                        * Q3 : Are there any programmes that you 'must' see every week? *

                        'Must' is a strong word, implying addiction, and no one likes to confess to an addiction, especially if they're an addict. The only programmes I have watched at least once every week over the past year, except when away abroad, are BBC News at Ten (1) and Blues News (2) on Chelsea TV. I always watch Have I Got News for You (3) when it's running and repeats of old ones even when it's not, and I generally watch Match of the Day (4) during the season, which seems to be most of the year. My wife always watches Gardeners' World so I tend to be subjected regularly to that, and similar gardening programmes too.

                        * Q4 : What would you consider the golden age of TV? *

                        I rather suspect - or at least hope - that it must be still to come.

                        * Q5 : What has been your favourite all time show that you wished had never ended or will never end? *

                        Monty Python's Flying Circus (5), although the team were beginning to run short of ideas towards the finish. So maybe it was better to have been cut off in its prime than to trail on into a tired old age like the rest of us from that era.

                        * Q6 : Do you watch repeats and what is your opinion of them? *

                        Yes, provided they don't appear too soon after the initial showing. If I liked something the first time the chances are I'll still like it the second and maybe even the third. When the repetition seems too recent or too frequent I won't bother, and if enough other viewers are doing likewise then this will show up in the ratings and perhaps the programmers will get the message and not repeat them quite so often. Or perhaps they won't.

                        * Q7 : Are there any programmes that you think just went on way too long? *

                        Most of them. All programmes run out of steam or stamina eventually. It's a bit like all political careers ending in failure, or managers being promoted to the level of their incompetence. There are only so many worthwhile variations on any theme, and the best ones tend to be used first, leaving nowhere to go except downhill. But programmers are naturally keen to milk a programme for all it's worth and more, while it still has loyal viewers, so few go out on a high.

                        * Q8 : What is your favourite all time British Comedy and why? *

                        As above, Monty P - anarchic, surreal, mind-bending. I also liked its more conventional offspring Fawlty Towers (6), and from the same era, Yes Minister (7) and The Good Life (8). Blackadder (9) stands out from the next era along, though it will forever be a mystery how Atkinson could go on to be so utterly unfunny in Mr Bean. More recently, The Office (10) had me cringing and laughing in equal measure, being, like The Thick of It (11) a bit too credible to be carefree fun. In this, I am only talking pure TV, of course. If you include films shown on TV, there's a host of candidates from the classic Ealing comedies and their successors in the Peter Sellers and Carry On era of the fifties and sixties. Am I just a grumpy old man, or don't they make them quite as funny nowadays?

                        * Q9 : Do you watch documentaries? *

                        Yes. Nature and Travel are obvious sources of interest and lend themselves to exciting photography. Also History, for which there are a couple of specialist digital channels that can be quite good if you can remember to look out for them (actually they're good even if you can't, but you're more likely to remain ignorant of the fact in that case). Some investigative programmes I like, especially on subjects about which I already feel indignant, but "exposés" can easily become exaggerated or ersatz.

                        * Q10 : Can you remember any one off programmes that you wish they'd show again? *

                        No, but I wish they'd show them again so that I could remember them.

                        * Q11 : What is your opinion of reality TV? *

                        Unenthusiastic. "Big Brother" I found excruciatingly boring, and irritating with it, so I watched it hardly at all, and none of its spin-off spawn. Much the same applies to the "talent competition" sub-genre, that seems to be at it zenith currently, to be followed, I hope, by a precipitous decline. Sorry, all you fans out there. I wish I could love them too, given how many hours could then be happily consumed, but I can't. The ironic thing is that the Reality TV seems so lacking in Reality. Seemingly artificial people are put into artificial situations, in which they try to project artificial personalities so as to achieve artificial celebrity. Having said all that, I have developed a rather distasteful taste for The Apprentice (12) and Dragon's Den (13), which is perhaps a sure sign of senile decay. All the same strictures about artificiality still apply, but I do find myself engaged by their business context.

                        * Q12 : What is your favourite genre? *

                        I doubt I have one. As a rule I tend to like comedy, current affairs, sport, detective series (e.g. Poirot - 14, and Morse -15), drama and classic films, and to dislike game shows, celebrity chatshows and soaps. But it's a poor rule that allows for no exceptions. I'm not sure how you'd categorise The Sopranos (16) or Mad Men (17), but I enjoy them too.

                        * Q13 : What is your all time favourite Film/TV programme? *

                        My favourite film or films will have to be the subject of a separate review. I could mention at least ten without beginning to settle on a single first choice. As for favourite TV programme, I don't think I could pick out a single one for that accolade either. I've already mentioned some of the contenders, but might add Brideshead Revisited (18), I Claudius (19), and Top Cat (20). So, since I'm so indecisive on my own behalf, feel free to perm any 10 from 20 for my Top 10.

                        * Q14 : Are there any books that you wish they would make into a TV series or Film? *

                        There are lots of books that I wish they hadn't made into films or TV series, given some of the awful misinterpretations in adaptation. Some books depend so much on the writing or on the imagination of the reader that they should never be given visual representation. Having said that, it would be fun to see someone have a better go at the Flashman novels than the one weak film attempted to date. And how about some genre-bending: a Discworld travelogue, a satirical spoof of the Oxford English Dictionary, Das Kapital the Musical or whatever?

                        * Q15 : Any films or TV adaptations that you think are better than the book? *

                        Not that I can think of. I enjoy films and even some TV adaptations, but when it comes right down to it I'm a words man, and I'd always prefer to rely on my own visualisation from the words than that of someone else.

                        * Q16 : Who is your favourite, all time actor? *

                        What's wrong with me that I find it so difficult to pinpoint outright, all-time favourites? Or perhaps, what's right? Whichever, here are some contenders that spring to mind: Groucho Marx, Mae West, Humphrey Bogart, Hariet Andersson, Jean Servais, Sophia Loren, Paul Newman, Julie Christie, Zbigniew Cybulski, Montgomery Clift, Marilyn Monroe, Sid James, Shirley MacLaine, Pierre Brasseur, Jody Foster, Henry Fonda, Shelley Winters, James Mason, Maggie Smith, Walter Matthau ..... Enough, I'm showing my age, which is an occupational hazard at my age, but no more forgivable for that. There are probably any number of more recent favourites, but they're not in the forefront of my mind. Apparently, this happens as you become elderly - you can remember what happened forty years ago, but not what happened yesterday. None of those I could remember was primarily a TV performer, I notice. Probably I'll soon find it difficult to remember what TV is ("just one of those modern things," my mother used to say dismissively); in my case this will be a pity because on most evenings it will leave me short of things to do.

                        * Q17 : Favourite Reality TV star? *

                        A contradiction in terms. In fact, several - an achievement to cram so many contradictions into so few words.

                        * Q18 : And favourite Host/Presenter? *

                        Now here's a question calculated to bring out the old curmudgeon in me, so before going into a reflex rant let's scour the mind and see if I can think of any I can tolerate. Yes and they are mostly those who present sports programmes: Lineker, Gower, Stelling, Chiles. Non-sport, Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs. One or two documentary presenters too: Attenborough, Palin (Michael, not Sarah, you understand). Palin, though, is a case in point; amiable as he is, his programmes are too much about him and too little about their ostensible subject. In my view, too much attention is nowadays focussed on the presenter, and that the presenters are required to be characters in their own right, which often has the perverse effect of detracting from their appeal. This tendency is at its worst in Gardening programmes; Titchmarsh, like Palin, I find tolerable, but people like Don and Klein I do not. And people like Cowell, Morgan, Ross - I'd say "don't get me started", except that I've already started. So I'll stop. My best hope is that I'll get so out of touch that I'll cease to be spontaneously aware of any of the current presenters - a bit like actors, come to think of it.

                        * Q19 : Do you watch daytime TV? *

                        Not in the daytime. On a weekday, the only exception would be if there's a test match on; at weekends other sports might also qualify. If there's a film on during the day (unlikely with the kind of films I prefer), I'll try to remember the night before to set it to record.

                        * Q20 : What will you watch tonight? *

                        Probably we'll catch up with Monday night's Dragon's Den, or perhaps a film if we sit down early enough. Our Sky+ hard disk always has a huge backlog on it, the oldest bits of which are automatically deleted when the disk is full. That's fine by me; it's an efficient way of discovering what one thought one might want to watch when it was broadcast, but turned out not to after all. I watch practically nothing live except the news. Even football matches I record and start watching about twenty minutes after kick-off, so as to fast-forward through the ads at half-time and the stoppages while players feign injury or harangue the referee.

                        * Q21: "TV - could you live without it and how would your time then be spent?" *

                        Yes, of course I could live without it, but it provides entertainment without the effort of going out, so why should I want to? Without it, I'd probably go out more, read more and spend even more time on the internet, which already occupies a great deal more of my time than does TV. Indeed, an equivalent question about the internet might provide a much more stimulating challenge.

                        Answers are © as also published under the name torr on Ciao UK. The original questionnaire was mostly compiled by former Ciao member MHam; I don't expect she'd mind if you wanted to make use of it.


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                          while the hours away in fantasy land

                          1 - Breaking bad about two drug barons and their rise and fall.

                          2 - Dexter
                          About a psycho who works for the police and takes it upon himself to murder any one the police can not get their hands on for murder. He meets a lot of other murderers along the way then and likes to talk to himself a lot.

                          3 - True Blood
                          All about blood sucking vampires living in American along side the human race. The blood of vampires is addictive to humans as it sends them into a sexual frenzy. A comic horror series I have watch two series and enjoyed both.

                          4 - Dr Who
                          This might have been number one as it has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. Each new Doctor refreshes the show.

                          5- Sopranos
                          The characters are as thick as two short planks and talk in this terrible moronic drawl but it is hard not to keep watching them.

                          6 - The Wire
                          The characters are so believable as desperate people I am glued to it. All about police whom will go to any lengths to get a conviction and drug barons often one step ahead of them.

                          7 - 24
                          Jack Bauers plight has been going on for a nearly a decade now after eight seasons and a redemption.

                          8 - Lost
                          Some people wonder what it is all about well you have to look for the meaning for me they are living in a scientific experiment. These are people given a extra lease of life due to science it is about how they handle life.

                          9 - Carnivale
                          Wow this show has it all. It is all about a man controlled by the devil (Justin Crowe) hunting down the only person who can challenge his power (Ben Hawkins) a healer. I found it intelligently produced and also as a story of people struggle for survival in the depression hit America pre WW2 it is first rate. There are only two series but at the end of the second I wanted more.

                          10 - The Shield
                          A bunch of renegade cops lead by detective Vic Macky are on the rampage in Los Angeles. Life on the edge is portrayed brilliantly in all seven series of this show. Vic is leader of a anti gang unit in the Farmington area he gets the job done his way. This is edge of the seat television at its best.


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                            28.06.2010 16:00
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                            My fave programmes :)

                            Ok, so i enjoy these top ten reviews, they are great fun! Here goes my top ten tv shows.....

                            1 - Come Dine with me
                            The narrator Dave Lamb really makes this show brilliant. Five contestants take it in turns to host a dinner party and after each one the guests mark the host out of ten and the winner at the end of the week wins £1000. A really good reality tv show.

                            2 - The X Factor
                            Yep another reality tv show - i love them all! The X Factor is a real favourite of mine and it follows thousands of hopefuls through singing auditions and then they are whittled down to the final twelve who will be mentored by either Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue, Cheyl Cole or Louis Walsh. Every week someone is voted off (whoever has lowest votes) until the final show just before Christmas when we get our winner. Love it :D

                            3 - Friends
                            This is a great series that basically follows the lives of 6 american friends. It is a really funny show, some of the phrases are really catchy and Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrows) dippy moments are great! It was such a shame when the series finally ended, hopefully they will get back together and make a reunion show or two!!

                            4 - Casualty
                            This is probably my favourite show out of all of these, i love the drama and while some of it isn't all that realistic, the operations and things they do always seem very real!! And of course Dr Trueman makes watching this even better!

                            5 - Murder One
                            The best American drama series i have ever seen. This show sees a hot tv star arrested for the rape and murder of a teenage girl and the series shows the trial, the lawyers background work in the trial as well as other stories in their lives. The ending is fantastic and i would so recommend everyone to watch this if possible.

                            6 - Supermarket Sweep
                            My favourite game show of all time! Dale Winton hosts this cheesy show in which teams play for time in a trolley dash and the highest total wins and goes through to the end game in which they can win £5000. I have done a full review on this show. Just cheesy brilliance!!

                            7 - The Bill
                            Another fab drama show, which centres around a police station in Sun Hill. I've watched The Bill for as long as i can remember and i think it has just got better and better, and i'm so gutted that its been axed now :(

                            8 - Hollyoaks
                            This is the only soap that i can actually say i like. Set in Chester its basically a "young persons" programme and it follows students mainly as well as residents in a small village. It was so much better with Ricky Whittle in, however he was shot recently (boo hoo) and there was a big whodunnit. Hollyoaks is just really easy watching and they tackle such strong storylines and do it with such brilliance in my opinion.

                            9 - Big Brother
                            And another reality show....i've previously done a review on Big Brother so i wont say too much about it again, but everyone knows what the concept is, and i'm sad that its ending this year.

                            10 - Dancing On Ice
                            My final reality show, however this one is just for celebs. Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean get a group of celebrities and train them to ice skate - they get paired with a professional skater and battle it out in live shows. I love this show, to see how the celebs get so good at skating is amazing and my ultimate favourite was Chris Fountain - just fearless!

                            That was a lot harder than i thought it would be as i would class myself as a bit of a telly addict but it was quite difficult to choose ten favourite shows. I hope you liked reading, i'm sure you'll all agree i like a mixture of cheesy shows and drama :)


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                              22.04.2010 20:00
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                              A mixture of fantasy, drama, cartoons and comedy

                              I do like watching my TV series. OK, some of my top ten are probably not classed as programmes as such. The one thing I can guarantee you, there is no mention of any gardening, home improvement, property, cooking, antiques or reality TV which is the vast majority of rubbish flooding our screen. I am not trying to insult anybody who likes to watch this; I just find it utter drivel myself.

                              1) Black books

                              By far the funniest sitcom ever. (In my opinion). The scripts are extremely witty and the three main characters are hilarious. Bernard Black (Dylan Moran) the owner of the small book shop "Black Books". Mainly all he wants to do is sit in his shop, read a few books and enjoy a few bottles of wine. Is that too much to ask? But no, customers just keeping getting in the way, disrupting good "drinky" time. He is rude, insulting and extremely funny. Bernard's trusty assistant Manny played by Bill Bailey (another great performance). You almost feel sorry for Manny as he is always being insulted, called a variety of nicknames such as "Hawkwind" and "Lord of the rings", push around and genuinely assaulted by Bernard. Despite this, He is a very kind and loyal friend to Bernard and Fran and will do anything for them. Apart from nearly quitting every week, he loves working in the bookshop and stays in Bernard spare room above the shop. Then there is Fran, Bernard's old friend and drinking partner. She never seems to have any luck with men. She is a very strong and confident woman (probably because she's drunk most of the time). She's Manny's protector from the torrent of abuse from Bernard. Main hobbies include: Drinking, smoking and sleeping with men. OK, so those who have read my review on Black books "drinky anyone" will recognise the characters description as I have recycle them from my review. I have been recently watching the repeats on "Dave" and on "More4". If you would like to know more about this fantastic comedy, then please read my review. I will just leave you with my favourite quote from all three series:

                              Customer: I expect better service!
                              Bernard: (through a mega-phone) Then expect away! Come on; get out all you time-wasting bastards, back on the street.

                              2) Tru calling

                              Yet another series I have reviewed, probably because I like it so much. I was truly devastated when they decided to cancel the series midway through series 2. I really wanted to know if she ever found out Jack and her fathers dark secret. I would describe the theme as "CSI" mixed with "Ghost whisper". The main character, Tru Davies (Eliza Dushku, Faith from "Buffy"), a medical student with a special gift. Dead people ask for her help to save them. This is when the day "re-winds" and she has to find a way to save the person. I will leave it there as I do have a full review and I am in danger of repeating myself, like Tru.

                              3) Buffy the vampire slayer

                              I first watched the film starring Donald Sutherland, Luke Perry, Rutger Hauer, David Arquette, Hilary Swank and Kristy Swanson as Buffy. This caught my interest and was the main reason I started to watch the series. I have seen all seven seasons, and my opinion is that the earlier seasons where the better than the later. Each season builds up to a grand fight against the big bad guy. Each time the threat is more powerful than the previous, until the final season battle between the ultimate evil. My opinion a rather disappointing opponent. My favourite battle is between Evil Willow, a much better character then her normal "doormat" self. I find it interesting to watch each character grow and change. Buffy from a typical spoilt teenager, caring only about her appearance, transforming into a strong, independent and natural born leader of the group. Xander the geeky coward into a hero. Willow the nerdy computer geek, to lesbian, to a kiss ass witch. Then there is "Faith" my favourite slayer. I love her carefree ways.

                              4) Tenth kingdom

                              This is the best fantasy series ever. If you are a fan of Labyrinth, then this is definitely one for you. A concoction of all well-known fairy tales we all grew up with as Children, all with a unique twist. The characters are exceptional, especially the shoe fetish trolls. The basic plot is a young girl is magically transported to a magical land where fairy tales are real. She must help Prince Wendell (Transformed into a dog) who is Snow white's grandson, to reclaim his throne from his evil stepmother. Her companions on this mission are her Dad, a sex craved wolf man and the dog. If you want to know more then go "Suck an Elf" (my review)

                              5) Angel

                              This "Buffy" spin off I believe is far superior to Buffy. The storyline are more interesting as they revolve around different cases, instead of just focusing on one main Evil to conquer. Angel has Moved to L.A. where he bumps into his old friend (pain in the backside) Cordelia Chase. Along with Doyle (an Irish drunk half demon with visions) they set up Angel Investigations "to help the helpless". Sorry to spoil a small part, but I really think they should not have killed off Doyle in the first season. I really like him. He added the humour. Later one in the season the duo recruit a few more members: Wesley Price (Faiths old watcher), a freaky girl Fred and Gunn (leader of a vampire hunting gang). Fred can really start to irritate me; she is far too jumpy and waffles a lot. Gunn has far too much bravado for my liking and I didn't care for the character Wesley in Buffy, let alone in Angel. As for the lawyers at wolfram and Hart, I quite like them. Lilah is a strong woman who will do anything to get what she wants. Lindsay is a ruthless male, who will stop at nothing to destroy Angel.

                              6) South Park

                              Not a programme for everyone, but I can't help but love the foul mouthed little ones. I especially like Cartman. Sure he is a racist, Jew hating, hippie hating bully, but he is funny. Then the gender confused teacher Mr Garrison (Best not forget Mr Hat). Chef's chocolate salty balls, singing his way through the children's problems. The only question is who is going to kill Kenny this time, the bas****ds.

                              7) Medium

                              I think you are getting an idea of the types of programmes I like to watch by now. I do like the idea of using a medium to help solve murder cases, especially when the dreams are extremely accurate. This is based on a real person called Allison Dubois, who works for the district attorney in Phoenix. She has a loving, supporting husband Jo, and three beautiful girls Ariel, Bridget and Marie (who all share her special gift). Allison will receive certain messages from dead people in form of dream to help her solve the case. At first the vision is not clear, but the story unfolds through out the episode. Mostly I like watching the family, they are a very close unit and I envy how they all work together. Bridget is my favourite of the three girls as I love her honesty.

                              8) Ashes to Ashes

                              There is only one reason why I like this programme and only one reason why I watch it, DCI Gene Hunt. He comments and remarks have me rolling around on the floor with laughter. I think the writers were very clever to transport a character back in time before all this political correctness nonsense came out. Who couldn't like it with quotes such as a kebab "Looks like a bloody pasty with its arse hanging out!" and "Ray, you ever come into this office again dressed like a maths teacher, I'll paint your nuts brown and inform a bunch of squirrels that winter's come."

                              9) The Simpsons

                              Matt Groaning must be stinking rich by now. I religiously watch the simpson every week day at 6pm on channel 4. I don't have Sky, so I am not able to see all the new ones. Guess I will just have to wait. It doesn't take a Lisa to realise why I like this, just a Bart and a Homer.

                              10) The storyteller

                              This an old one from my youth. I love Jim Henson productions which is why I like this. John Hurt is fantastic as the old storyteller. Along side the fireplace lay his puppet dog. Unfortunately they only made 13 episodes over two seasons. The stories are based on classical fairy tales from all over the world, told using live action and puppets. My favourite character was from the episode "The luck Child". The griffin "itch scritch scratch and snoozy woozy now". A fantastic looking puppet resembling the fire gang from the Labyrinth. Each episode is filled with Magic and wonder. A must see for all fantasy fans.

                              Well I hope you liked reading and thank you.


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                                05.03.2010 18:26
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                                British TV can be so good!

                                Time for a fun review I think! So after some difficult deliberation I have come up with what are currently my top 10 programmes. Over the years, I hope these will change as the BBC and ITV produce more comedies and dramas that are worth following every week - well, we can only hope!

                                Out of all the reality programmes I've watched from time to time (my Mother follows them almost religiously), only one has reaches my Top 10. I just have to say, most reality television severely irritates me because it's like watching the same series over and over again. Also, it has in part taken the main channels away from making new dramas, as it is so much cheaper to produce these shows where millions of members of the public are willing to work for free.

                                Anyway, rant over - let's get to the fun bit!

                                ==== 10th - The Inbetweeners ====

                                The Inbetweeners is like a cross between 'The I.T Crowd' and 'Skins'! This hilarious comedy follows the journey that Will takes as he moves to a new state school sixth form. With his blazer and briefcase, he doesn't exactly fit in!

                                Eventually he forms a group of friends, who are each in their own way very amusing to watch. Simon is clumsy with the girls, Jay boasts about his sexual encounters (when he in fact isn't getting any!) and Neil is brilliantly stupid. I think Neil has to be my favourite character actually. The actor went to East 15 Acting School, where I will be in September!

                                Emily Atack (who recently went out on Dancing on Ice, much to my despair) and Emily Head (daughter of actor Anthony Head) play the two main love interests in the series, both very well. But of course it's not easy for this group of guys to get anywhere and you can't help but enjoy each cringy move they make!

                                ==== 9th - Ugly Betty ====

                                Ugly Betty is the only American series I have in my top 10 and I admit that I have two of the box sets at home! Okay, so I know it is not the most high-brow, excellently written show but I love it all the same.

                                Betty Suarez is charmingly played by America Ferrera, who definitely is NOT ugly! However, her clashing prints don't necessarily go down well with all the fashionistas at Mode, the magazine she works at.

                                Wilhelmina Slater is another one of my favourite characters. The villain of the show, she spends every moment working out how she can become the boss of Mode. Her outfits are beautiful! The character is wonderfully over-dramatic and shocking, which works so well within the format of the show.

                                I can't not mention Betty's first love interest, Henry. The relationship these two have (or for much of it don't have as they're both so shy!) is amazingly cute. I think I also fell in love with his character, played by the loveable Christopher Gorman.

                                Ugly Betty is such a guilty pleasure and, once I got in to it, was highly addictive!

                                ==== 8th - Coupling ====

                                Weirdly, as soon as I wrote Coupling down, Spotify changes to the show's theme tune, 'Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.' What a coincidence!

                                Coupling reached 4 series, running on and off from 2000 to 2004. As I was only 10 or 11 at the time, it was even more fun for me to watch, considering its adult humour. Back then I didn't get all of the jokes, oh, how much has changed!

                                Complete with oodles of sexual innuendos, Coupling also has a decent plot and the actors are great. The comedic timing is always spot on and the characters are not only believable but likeable.

                                Written by the divine Steven Moffat, Coupling has tried some alternative methods of storytelling. The most memorable examples of these are '9 /2 minutes' where the same story is comically told from three different perspectives and the story interspersed with translations by Captain Subtext - explaining what the characters are ACTUALLY saying!

                                ==== 7th - Doctor Who ====

                                Now, even I am surprised that Doctor Who has been placed so low on my Top 10, but I guess it had hard competition. I think Doctor Who is a little inconsistent; as there is the odd episode which doesn't really hold my attention. Also, I was not a big fan of either Martha or Donna.

                                I have watched Doctor Who as a child, with my Mum, Step-Father and Granddad being massive fans! Prior to the new Doctor Who, my favourite Doctor was Tom Baker for his quirkiness, but they are all charming in a different way. I have also been to quite a few Doctor Who conventions, so I am well aware of the impressive number of dedicated fans this programme has!

                                I was not disappointed when the new series came upon our screens once again in 2005, with Billie Piper playing the magnificent Rose Tyler alongside Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor.

                                Thankfully, David Tennant stayed for the next four series, so even when the companions weren't quite so brilliant, we had this lovely, intelligent man to watch!

                                There have been some incredible stories over the past 5 series and I am pleased to stay it is till going strong! Personally, I can't wait for Matt Smith to play the Doctor in April, as he is such a fantastic actor.

                                ==== 6th - I'd Do Anything, etc. ====

                                Beginning with searching for a lady to play Maria in The Sound of Music, Andrew Lloyd Webber has created three series of this great show. Most recently was the hunt for a Nancy (Cleary the Barrowman wasn't enough for him!) and a little boy to play Oliver in, well... 'Oliver!'

                                And, yes, I hauled myself and all my little hopes and dreams up to London to audition for the part. They were lovely, I guess they had to be being part of the BBC, but alas I got nowhere and sadly headed back home! To be fair though, it was a better experience than auditioning for most parts. The casting directors were sweet and encouraging and at least pretended to look like they cared about you.

                                Still, I was hooked to the series. There were some brilliant - and some not so - versions of popular songs sang with a new edge each week to the nation and then the voting began. For me, the most memorable performance was Rachel's twist on Cabaret. Although she only came 4th, I recently saw her in the Queen musical, 'We Will Rock You' and I've heard she is soon going to be playing Elphaba in Wicked. So things have definitely worked out for the best for that one!

                                Jodie Prenger won the part, but will soon finish playing Nancy, to be replaced by ex-Wicked star, Kerry Ellis!

                                I suppose this show has a similar format to that of X Factor, but it's just a lot better. The judging is much fairer and there is no humiliation as they do not show the absolute failures. The competition is more exciting as it is closer between the girls, rather than a rock star verses an r 'n' b girl group. I also love the challenges they are set and best remember the time when these lucky starlets got to passionately kiss John Barrowman! Jealous?

                                ==== 5th - Waking the Dead ====

                                There are many similar shows to Waking the Dead, such as Silent Witness, but I feel Waking the Dead is the only one which is consistently good. The storylines are always very complex and require your full attention. It never ends as you would expect and is gripping throughout.

                                Each episode has 2 parts, each lasting an hour. It usually airs at 9pm, but I would not recommend that children or those of a sensitive nature watch it. They often show the corpses and the graphic way in which the person was killed. I can just about stomach this, but sometimes feel it's a bit unnecessary.

                                The acting is excellent from not only the main cast, but the different artists that star in it from week to week. Their believability makes the story even more terrifying and has sometimes left me a bit jittery afterwards!

                                ==== 4th - Queer as Folk ====

                                Originally, Queer as Folk ran in 1999, but I watched it last year on DVD after my parents bought it. I loved it! I really did...it is such a mixture of sensitivity, comedy and complex relationships.

                                The characters are all very different. Charlie Hunman plays the ridiculously cute Nathan Maloney who starts the series a virgin to the gay scene of Manchester's Canal Street. Irish Aiden Gillen is arrogant and cocky, yet still charming as Stuart Alan Jones. If you watch Coronation Street or Strictly Come Dancing, you will be familiar with Craig Kelly, who in Queer as folk portrayed the sensible, loved-up Vince Tyler.

                                The supporting cast are all very good, as is the writing by a family favourite of ours - Russell T. Davies. At times the programme is very emotional and beautiful -I would definitely recommend giving Queer as Folk a try.

                                ==== 3rd - EastEnders ====

                                EastEnders has always been my favourite soap drama, one which I will always catch up on Iplayer if I happen to be out. As you probably know, the soap recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a live episode, which was terribly exciting. Judging by the ratings, I was not the only person eager to see how the cast got on with this challenge.

                                Not too long ago EastEnders experimented with an episode starring only Dot, recording a message for her ill husband, Jim. It was interesting to watch and now I hear that there is soon to be a two-hander between Max and Stacey, both awesome actors.

                                Last year I was lucky enough to attend a Q & A with Eastenders' Executive Producer, Diedrick Santer, whose most memorable moment was the casting of Ronnie and Roxie Mitchell. Apparently their chemistry was amazing, one of those moments you don't forget in a hurry.

                                EastEnders is quite comforting for me, a show which one can always rely on I suppose. They have covered so many different interesting and relevant storylines over the years and I was impressed with how the show handled the sexual abuse between Tony and Whitney.

                                Long may EastEnders continue!

                                ==== 2nd - Sugar Rush ====

                                Now we are so near the end. Well done, if you have stuck with me so far!

                                In a way, Sugar Rush is like the Queer as Folk for my generation.

                                I was in my teens, at school when Sugar Rush was aired on Channel 4 in 2005. Finally, something that gave a positive spin on being gay! It was realistic too, they showed it was difficult for Kim to challenge her own identity, yet it was rewarding to watch each episode. You came away with a warm feeling inside.

                                The acting was brilliant. Olivia Hallinan played the lead, Kim, whose family had just moved to Brighton. I had previously watched her in the Jacqueline Wilson ITV series Girls in Love. More recently, however, she has starred in Lark Rise to Candleford.

                                Playing opposite her as Kim's no.1 desire was Lenora Crichlow, as bad girl, Sugar. Lenora has done incredibly well since and can be seen in Being Human and Material Girl.

                                Overall, Sugar Rush is very, very funny but also sweet and touching with great character development and an endearing insight to life as a gay teenager.

                                ==== 1st - Torchwood ====

                                Torchwood is almost like a grown-up Doctor Who, with sex, violence and adult themes. They have covered all sorts of topics, from a story set in a cannibal village, to a sex-crazed alien.

                                As much as I love John Barrowman as the leader of Torchwood (Captain Jack Harkness) I have even greater fondness for the team that surrounds him. In the first episode Gwen Cooper, former police woman, joins Torchwood and her character is very much the audience. As she experiences the new and exciting wonders of Torchwood for the first time, so do we. It is great to watch the complexities of her relationship with boyfriend Rhys, as their relationship begins to breakdown as a result of Gwen's new work commitments. I think having this almost soap opera element to the show contrasts really well with the science fiction part.

                                It's fascinating to watch how the Torchwood crew interrelate with one another and there are some beautifully subtle performances, interwoven in the episodes.

                                Thanks so much for sticking with me and I look forward to hearing what you think of my choices!

                                Littlepenguin x


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