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Discussion about banned films.

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      17.10.2012 15:49
      Very helpful



      the uproar of the nasties.

      For those who don't know Video Nasties is a British term used for the splurge of gory and disturbing movies that came onto the scene in the 70s and early 80s. The list Video nasties list consisted of 74 movies 39 of which where prosecuted for being 'Obscene'. Among the list where titles such as The Evil Dead, Cannibal Holocaust and I Spit On Your Grave.

      ----------How It All Started-----------
      Video Nasties came about soon after the video player was released and people for the first time where able to sit at home and watch a movie without having to go to the cinema. Not only could you watch a movie in the comfort of your own home it made it easier for people to get up and make there own movie and easier for children to get hold of movies that weren't suitable for their age. At this time low budget horror movies where taking over the shelves in logo video stores and the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) started to find there control over what can be seen harder than ever.
      The list of video Nasties didn't come about until 1983 where everyone in the public could see what movies where notoriously 'nasty'. Like most normal people if they are told not to do something there are most likely going to do it. When the list became public more and more people where trying to get copies of these movies making them even more popular. Mary Whitehouse was one of the main activists against the Video Nasties and made it her point to get them all prosecuted. The thing about Mary Whitehouse that I find quite ridiculous is that she never in fact watched anything on the list she simply judge by the trailers and what see heard about them along with the titles. In all fairness yes some of the titles where gruesome but at the same time you can't really judge a book buy it's cover.

      ---------Themes Considered Not Exceptable At The Time----------
      The main themes that was carried through most of the movies that deemed them inexceptable where: Cruelty, bloody violence, graphic rape, animal cruelty some of which still today are only shown to a certain extent. These themed where red light because people believed that they could be copied by vulnerable viewers which would cause anarchy around Britain.

      Example Scenes would be in the movie The Evil Dead a zombie gets stabbed in the foot with a pencil. This scene was saw as easily copied because if a kid saw this they could easily stab someone with a pencil at school which could potentially be a problem. I do think they where a extreme for thinking this because I'm sure if a kid was going to stab someone with a pencil they would do it anyway but I can sort of understand there concern.

      The other scene that was a concern was the graphic rape in the movie I Spit On Your Grave. It was considered not a good thing to show and would likely cause males to think this sort of behavoir is alright. I disagree and think just the fact that it was too graphic and abit sickening why it should not have been show at the time.

      -----------What They Led To----------
      The list of Video Nasties ultimately led to the Video Recording Act 1984 being put in place to protect viewers from these violent and cruel scene that where being scene. Through this act all movies made had to be put threw the BBFC so they could watch and rate the movie before release. I think this act was a good idea because there are some vulnerable people around and it protects them from the harmful things that could be potentially be made into a movie. Time has moved on drastically since the period of the Video Nasties and since then technology has gotten better and movies are getting easier and easier to access so an act like this still in place will protect children and vulnerable viewers from seeing things they really shouldn't be.

      39 of the 72 movie list where prosecuted which kind of made a stand for future directors who are making movies to be more cautious of what they show in their movies. Most of these 72 movies have been released in recent years but with various cuts been made to the movies which shows the extent of the movies needed to be cut in a time where movies a much worse than those on the Video Nasty list. To this day 11 of the movies still remain banned and have not yet been re-classified by the BBFC.

      -----------Overall Opinion on Video Nasties---------
      In my opinion most of the movies that where on the Video Nasties list are just badly made horror films and if you ask me that are quite poor and really are probably nothing surprising in today world. I can understand why when they where released there was a problem because these where times when people where more classy and blood, guts, graphic rapes and violence was not really tolerated. The big uproar and having movies banned and prosecuted may have seemed a little over the top at the time but it has done good for the classification system today because the age ranges in place and what can be shown is under control.

      I manage to get a copy of the list below and my recommendations would be:
      Cannibal Holocaust
      The Evil Dead
      The Driller Killer
      The Funhouse
      The Toolbox Murders

      Of the half of the list that I have been lucky enough to find and watch these are probably the best ones I would recommend having a look at.

      ------------Video Nasties List----------
      Absurd (1981)
      - released with 2m 32s cut in 1983, but was withdrawn post VRA, and has never been re-submitted for classification.
      Anthropophagous (1980)
      - released with approximately 3m of pre-cuts as "The Grim Reaper" in 2002.
      Axe! (1977)
      - re-released uncut in 2005.
      La Bestia in Calore (1977)
      - Banned outright.
      The Beyond (1981)
      - re-released uncut in 2001.
      Blood Feast (1963)
      - re-released uncut in 2005.
      Blood Rites (1968)
      - Banned outright.
      Bloody Moon (1981)
      - released with 1m 20s cut in 1993, released uncut November 2008.
      Boogeyman (1980)
      - re-released uncut in 2000.
      The Burning (1980)
      - re-released uncut in 2001.
      Cannibal Apocalypse (1980)
      - released with 2s cut in 2005.
      Cannibal Ferox (1980)
      - released with approximately 5m of pre-cuts plus 6s of additional cuts in 2000.
      Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
      - released in 2001 with 5m 44s cut to remove most animal cruelty and rape scenes.
      The Cannibal Man (1972)
      - released with 3s cut in 1993.
      Cannibal Terror (1981)
      - released uncut in 2003.
      Contamination (1981)
      - released uncut in 2004 with a 15 rating.
      Dead & Buried (1981)
      - re-released uncut in 2004.
      Death Trap (1977)
      - re-released uncut in 2000.
      Deep River Savages (1972)
      - released with 3m 45s cut in 2003.
      Delirium (1979)
      - released with 16s cut in 1987.
      The Devil Hunter (1980)
      - Passed uncut November 2008.
      Don't Go In The House (1980)
      - released with 3m 7s cut in 1987.
      Don't Go In The Woods (1981)
      - released uncut in 2007.
      Don't Go Near The Park (1981)
      - released uncut in 2006.
      Don't Look In The Basement (1973)
      - released uncut in 2005 with a 15 rating.
      The Dorm That Dripped Blood (1981)
      - re-released with 10s cut in 2001.
      The Driller Killer (1979)
      - released with cuts in 1999 - re-released uncut in 2002.
      The Evil Dead (1982)
      - re-released uncut in 2001.
      Evilspeak (1981)
      - re-released uncut in 1999.
      Exposé (1976)
      - re-released with approximately 30 seconds cut in 2006.
      Faces Of Death (1978)
      - released with 2m 19s cut in 2003.
      Fight For Your Life (1977)
      - Banned outright.
      Flesh For Frankenstein (1974)
      - re-released uncut in 2006.
      Toxic Zombies (1980)
      - Banned outright.
      Frozen Scream (1975)
      - Banned outright.
      The Funhouse (1981)
      - Released uncut in 1987, re-classified 15 in 2007.
      Gestapo's Last Orgy (1977)
      - Banned outright.
      The House By The Cemetery (1981)
      - re-released with 33 seconds cut in 2001, released uncut in 2009.
      The House On The Edge Of The Park (1980)
      - released with 11 minutes 43 sesconds cut in 2002.
      Human Experiments (1980)
      - released with 26 seconds cut in 1994.
      I Miss You, Hugs And Kisses (1978)
      - released with 1 minute 6 seconds cut in 1986.
      I Spit On Your Grave (1978)
      - released with 7 minutes 2 seconds cut in 2001.
      Inferno (1980)
      - re-released with 20 seconds cut in 1993 - re-released uncut in September, 2010.
      Island of Death (1975)
      - released uncut September, 2010.
      Killer Nun (1978)
      - re-released uncut in 2006.
      The Last House On The Left (1972)
      - passed uncut on the 17th March, 2008.
      Late Night Trains (1975)
      - released uncut in 2008.
      Living Dead At Manchester Morgue (1974)
      - released uncut in 2002.
      Love Camp 7 (1969)
      - refused a certificate in 2002; Banned outright.
      There Was a Little Girl (1981)
      - released uncut in 2004.
      Mardi Gras Massacre (1978)
      - Banned outright.
      Night of the Bloody Apes (1970)
      - released with approximately 1m of pre-cuts in 1999.
      Night of the Demon (1980)
      - released with 1 minute 41 seconds cut in 1994.
      Nightmare Maker (1983)
      - Banned outright.
      Nightmare in a Damaged Brain (1981)
      - re-released with pre-cuts in 2005.
      Possession (1981)
      - released uncut in 1999.
      Prisoner of the Cannibal God (1978)
      - released with 2 minutes 6 seconds cut in 2001.
      Revenge of the Bogey Man (1983)
      - released with additional footage in 2003.
      The Slayer (1983)
      - re-released uncut in 2001.
      Snuff (1976)
      - Passed uncut in 2003, however it has not yet been re-released.
      SS Experiment Camp (1976)
      - released uncut in 2005.
      Tenebrae (1982)
      - re-released uncut in 2003.
      Terror Eyes (1981)
      - released with 1 minute 16 seconds cut in 1987.
      The Toolbox Murders (1978)
      - released with 1 minute 46 seconds cut in 2000.
      Twitch Of The Death Nerve (1971)
      - released uncut in 2010.
      Unhinged (1982)
      - released uncut in 2004.
      Visiting Hours (1982)
      - released with approximately 2 minutes cut in 1986.
      The Werewolf and the Yeti (1975)
      - Banned outright.
      The Witch Who Came From The Sea (1976)
      - released uncut in 2006.
      Women Behind Bars (1975)
      - Banned outright.
      Zombie Creeping Flesh (1980)
      - released uncut in 2002.
      Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979)
      - re-released uncut in 2005.


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