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Waxing - Hair Removal in General

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41 Reviews
  • You have to go every 4-6 weeks
  • Ingrown hairs
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    41 Reviews
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      24.07.2011 00:39






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      13.06.2011 17:02
      Very helpful



      Worth the pain

      Waxing is a popular method of hair removal used by both men and women. The hair is removed by the root and hair will not grow back for three to eight weeks, though this can depend on the area being waxed and the type of hair that you have.

      Waxing strips can be bought in stores like Superdrug and Boots though many people decide to get it professionally done as the results are a lot better. I usually shave my legs and armpits but get my eyebrows waxed or threaded and my bikini line waxed.

      I will be concentrating this review on getting a bikini wax of which there are many different types.

      Basic Bikini Wax
      This removes hair that is visible outside you knicker line. With this method you do not need to wear a paper thong unlike the other types i will be mentioning. You just wear your knickers. The usual price for this is about £10.

      This takes away all the hair except a narrow strip down the front. It also removes hair from the buttock area. Price is about £20

      This is the same as a Brazilian except the landing strip that is left is narrower. It also removes hair from the labia, buttocks, and perianal areas. Price is about £20-25

      This takes away everything! Price can range from £25-£35

      When you are getting a bikini wax you will be taken to a private room where you will be left alone to remove your clothing on the bottom half and your underwear. There will be a paper thong for you to use (which are disposable and will not have been worn by anyone else). You put these on and then lie down on the table.
      Depending on how hairy you are, the therapist may trim pubic hair before carrying out the waxing.

      Talcum powder will then be applied which keeps wax from sticking to the skin.

      The waxing is done by putting a wooden spatula in the wax, applying to the area, putting a strip on and then pulling it off quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth.

      I have had all of the bikini waxes i have mentioned above and the time it takes ranges from the basic wax which takes about 10 minutes to the Hollywood which usually takes 30minutes.

      I would recommend getting waxed below as it is too much of a hassle to do it yourself and shaving doesn't seem to get the desired effect. I also hate having to shave every day. Also when i shave my bikini line i seem to always have stubble, it is never properly smooth.

      However every time i get waxed i suffer from ingrown hairs, but i sometimes suffer from these when i shave too, so i think i just have really bad skin. Though it does seem to be worse when i wax. I have been told to exfoliate and body brush more so im now doing that and hopefully i will stop getting so many.

      Waxing down below is painful, but it does get easier each time you go as the hair seems to get used to it. I would recommend taking a few painkillers beforehand or drinking a glass of wine. Obviously not both at the same time!!


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        27.08.2010 22:06
        Very helpful



        get the wax off me!

        Waxing can be a common thing in the beauty industry and many women over the world have had a waxing in some sort of area. Even men have had waxing done!

        Waxing can be anywhere on the body where hair is located, most common places to have a waxing done are under arms, legs (half leg or full leg), bikini line, eyebrow, lip (the two edges of the mouth) chest (for men only) you can even have a brazlian wax or a Hollywood wax (in genital area)

        I have had eyebrow waxing and I can say that it is painful as the skin is sensitive around the eye area. But once you had it waxed, it is then best to stick to plucking the eyebrows - that may be painful at first but you will eventually get used to the pain - weird but true!
        I have also had bikini line wax, that is also painful however if you get it done often it will weaken the hair and make it less painful.

        Waxing will cost you no more than 15 pounds (depending where the waxing is) lip and eyebrow will cost no more than five pounds whereas a full leg waxing can cost up to 15 pounds.
        The waxing will last up to six weeks sometimes two months.

        Overall, waxing is something worth getting done, only if you don't mind pain if not it's maybe best to stick to shaving!


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        14.07.2010 12:25
        Very helpful



        Stick to alternatives

        Waxing is method of hair removal, and is probably the most popular alternative to shaving. It works by taking out the hairs at the 'root', instead of just cutting them off at a close angle to the skin like shaving. This means that it removes the hair 'more fully', resulting in legs staying smoother for longer, up to four weeks apparently, and your legs feeling smoother from waxing as opposed to shaving from the outset.

        (my opinion applies directly to home waxing)

        I definitely agree that the results you get from waxing trumps the results from shaving. Personally I've found that it does last up to two weeks longer than shaving, and the hairs come back in a softer way, leaving your legs softer for longer too. I have found it to bed a lot more time consuming than shaving too, definitely not something you do quickly before a date. Waxing can also leave a lot residue behind after you've taken the strip off, and wax isn't the easier substance to get off skin either.

        In terms of pain, I don't personally find the experience of waxing your legs that painful (in terms of legs anyway). It of course depends on your own pain threshold, but I think overall mine is pretty low. I believe most people will be able to cope with the pain, and all you're really feel in minor irritation and stinging.

        When it comes to underarms and bikini waxes, it does get a LOT more painful, especially with the latter. I also find the results more mixed too. Hairs in both places generally grow back after about a week - not quite a long lasting result you go through the extra pain and money for, not really worth it in my opinion. I also find the problem of waxing not taking all the hairs is amplified and a lot more hairs are repeatedly left by the wax strips.

        I've only tried home waxing because of the cost of getting it done professionally, but I've never done even that consistently as home waxing is cheap either, especially in comparison to the cost of shaving. In the past I've tried veet waxing strips and home 'cool' wax kits, both of which only really come with enough for one full wax of the legs and costs in excess of £6. (Though I have recently seen wax strips in poundland, but I've never tried those).

        As someone who can't really afford it, and has had mixed results, it's not really worth it in my opinion - not worth the time, the money or the pain.


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        21.06.2010 21:18
        Very helpful



        No pain no gain!

        I have decided to write a review on waxing, mainly because I would have liked to have read something similar before I started visiting my local salon and experimenting with self-waxing.

        Now before I start this review I would like to write a disclaimer, I will be discussing the waxing of ladies bits, so if you're sensitive and you don't want to read a personal experience where you have to throw your legs in the air, then please click away from this review... if you decide to continue reading then don't say I didn't warn you!

        *********** Why wax? **********

        I shave my legs and underarms, but occasionally I do visit the salon to have my eyebrows and lady parts waxed. I do this because I think that these two grooming procedures produce good, clean results. Also, I don't fancy flashing my fanny hair to all of sundry when I am swimming in my local pool and on top of that I've had a few self-waxing nightmares (after the half eyebrows incident I vowed never to purchase Veet again), so now I only allow my beautician to administer the hot wax...

        ********** Where do you go? **********

        Most beauticians offer waxing, if you're not sure if there's a salon close by then ask your friends if they visit, or alternatively do a Google search. However, if you live in a small village and you're planning on getting the lady garden groomed, then I'd advise you visit a salon a bit further away from home. I'm not exactly shy, but I can't imagine anything worse than booking in for a Hollywood (more on this later) and pulling my knickers down, only to find that my beautician was in science class with my brother...

        A few months ago I was looking for a new salon to visit, because I'd moved in with my boyfriend and the salon I used to visit to get my bikini line waxed and my eyebrows done was no longer convenient. So I asked a work colleague if she knew of a place locally that I could visit and she gave me the name of her salon.

        ********** What's a Playgirl? **********

        I Googled the name of the salon my friend recommended online and took a look at the treatments on offer. That's when I saw a few strange waxing terms listed - 'a Hollywood,' 'a Brazilian' and a Playgirl'.

        Now I'd heard of a Brazilian, but I didn't know ordinary people actually had the treatment carried out and I wasn't quite sure of what it involved. I was used to going into the salon, with a sizable pair of knickers on and having the side and top waxed (my bikini line). I wasn't familiar with these terms.

        So I leaned over my desk... "Kelly," I hissed, "What's a Playboy," I kind of mouthed that part, because the office was pretty quiet. "Oh," she said, "a Brazilian is a line next to your flaps which carries on to the top, forming a kind of triangle. A playboy is an even thinner line and if you have a Hollywood then they take it all off. Loads of my friends have the Hollywood, it's a really popular treatment." ...Really, well I'd never heard of it!

        I started to ponder if I wanted to try one of these new waxing techniques or stick to my usual short top and sides... 'well if everybody's having it done, why not give it a go...' I thought.

        A few weeks later I booked the appointment, not knowing quite what to expect. I had already experienced the embarrassment of having my work colleague explain what the Brazilian, Playgirl and Hollywood were, so I wasn't about to ask her what positions the beautician got you into to attain these results.

        ********** So what happened? **********

        I admit it, I was nervous, but I'd decided that I wanted a Hollywood... in for a penny and all that. So I booked an appointment and although I did, on a few occasions almost cancel, I arrived at the salon one Saturday afternoon and I was met by my therapist Lucy. At this point I dropped my dignity off at the door, because I had a feeling my new mate Lucy was going to see everything...

        Lucy led me into a private room and asked me if I'd had a Hollywood before, I explained that I hadn't and that a full deforestation was probably required, (what can I say - I was nervous - humour helps). She then told me to take my kickers off and climb on the bed, she left the room while I did this and returned a few minutes later with hot wax.

        The beautician asked me to lie back with my legs slightly open and to pull the skin back so she could remove the hair. It did hurt a little and I found it hard to disguise the pain when I was chatting away to the beautician, occasionally I shouted "ouch" while we were discussing the latest must-have app on the iPhone. But it wasn't really painful, just uncomfortable more than anything.

        The beautician started at the top and slowly moved her way down. When it came to the middle and most sensitive area she trimmed the excess hair with scissors, if I'd known this was required beforehand then I'd probably have prepped, but I didn't and there wasn't a lot I could do at this point, so I just gritted teeth and allowed her to trim.

        The beautician used extra hot wax when she was removing hair close to the flaps. To be honest the feeling of the wax settling was more painful than the strips being ripped off. Once my beautician had reached the bottom she asked me to lift my legs up while she removed my bum hair - surprisingly this didn't hurt at all - but maybe I was immune by this point. She then went back to the top and plucked the few hairs that remained.

        Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime (but was more like 45 minutes) my beautician told me she was finished and left the room while I applied dried wax remover and aloe vera lotion. I then popped my knickers back and left the treatment room.

        I paid £20 for the first treatment (which was part of a special offer for new customers), but usually it costs £30 and it's £15 for follow up treatments, which you need to have once every four weeks (once every six weeks when you've had the treatment on a few occasions).

        I then parted with my £20, picked my dignity up and exited the salon.

        ********** The results **********

        When I got home I did the inevitable, I grabbed a mirror and had a look downstairs. All the hair had been removed and it felt really soft. I also felt a lot cleaner and it seemed much more hygienic being hairless.
        My only slight issue with the treatment is the fact that my skin down there was a bit red a few days afterwards, but this soon cleaned up. It also itched slightly when the hair grew back, but the results are well worth it.

        The other half was pretty impressed with the Hollywood too! So expect a bit of fun if you decide to go ahead with the treatment.
        I have continued to have a Hollywood because in my opinion it makes it feel a lot neater and much more hygienic down below.

        I can only award the treatment four stars, because it is pretty embarrassing exposing your lady garden to your beautician and it does hurt, but the results are worth it... Just remember girls, if you do decide to go ahead with this treatment, leave your dignity at the beautician's door!


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          19.06.2010 16:47
          Very helpful



          in my opinion the best hair removal method

          I am a Beauty Therapist and I have noticed over the years that Waxing is becoming more popular in both men and women. The most popular wax is warm wax which is usually honey based but can also come in pink sugar wax and lilac lavender wax which is better for anyone with sensitive skin. Most salons use hot wax for intimate waxing such as Brazilians and hollywoods and male waxing.

          **What areas can be waxed?**

          Any area of the body can be waxed although male beards that have been shaved for a long time are too course so will not be able to be waxed.
          Most popular are :-
          ½ Leg wax which takes approx ½ hour and depending on your local are costs £12.00

          Full leg wax which takes approx 1 hour and depending on your local area costs £20.00

          Bikini line wax which takes approx 20min and depending on your local area costs £8.00

          Underarm wax approx 10min and depending on your local area costs £8.00

          Eyebrow shape approx takes 10min and depending on your local are costs £7.00

          Lip/chin wax approx takes 15min and depending on your local area costs £4.00each

          **What is the procedure?**

          The therapist applies a pre wax lotion to the area which is going to be waxed to remove any dirt or oils. The wax is then applied with the direction of the hair growth. A paper or fabric strip is then applied to the wax and pulled quickly against the hair growth to remove the wax and the hairs. Once the whole area has been waxed most salons should tweeze any remaining stray hairs which have escaped the wax. A soothing lotion is applied after the treatment which helps to calm the skin.

          **Does waxing hurt?**

          The first time you have waxing done is the most painful as each time you shave hairs the hair becomes thicker and more course which means they are more stubborn at being removed but once you have been having waxing regular you do not feel the discomfort so much as the hair is weaker and you start to notice the speed of the growth slowing down and in many cases hair not even coming back. The appearance of the hairs become much finer and also feel like baby hairs rather than a prickly stubble.

          ** Does waxing make the hair darker?**

          This is a myth. You have two types of hair growth terminal hair and vellous hair. Terminal hair is the darker hair which you often remove found on legs underarms etc. If you remove terminal hair it will gradually become lighter and finer. Vellous hair is the soft Downey hair you often find on the side of your face and your lip for instance. If you wax over this then you will notice this hair becoming darker and thicker which is why as a therapist we recommend you do not have this waxed.

          **How Long does waxing last?**

          This question I am always being asked on a day to day basis. There are a number of things which can affect the rate of hair growth down to age, medication, hormones, even the weather. Before I started shaving I used to shave every two days sometimes I may have got away with 3 days. Now that I have been having waxing done for 8 years I now have my legs waxed every 4 months and the rest every 3 months. I have considerably noticed a difference in the speed in which my hair growth comes back and also in the colour and thickness. I find that I advise clients when they have waxing done at first they will need to come every 4 weeks and gradually it will slow down.

          **My Own Experience.**

          As I said before I used to shave every 2-3 days and I would find that I suffered badly with shaving rash especially when the weather was warm. Now that I have been waxing for 8 years I do not experience any kind of rash. For the first 24 hours I have what looks like chicken pox but this is just where the hair has been pulled from the root and this usually goes down with in 24hours. I was very nervous having my first wax as I was worried not only about the pain but also what the therapist would think off me!! But my therapist made me feel very comfortable and kept a towel over any area which wasn't being treated to protect my modesty!! I would not be able to go back to shaving now as I have seen such good results .


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            04.06.2010 09:33
            Very helpful



            A great form of hair removal.

            Waxing is a very popular form of hair removal that can be done almost anywhere on the body- face, arms, legs and even 'down there.' The process consists of a warm wax being spread on the skin using a spatula and then literally ripped off with a piece of cloth, hopefully taking the hair with it.

            Having very hairy legs and arms, hair removal is something I always have to be aware of. Hair removal cream is a big no-no for me as I have very sensitive skin. Shaving is fine with me but I'm just not prepared to do it every few days. So that leaves waxing (as I don't have enough money for electrolysis)

            I first decided to buy some at home wax strips. These are strips of thick paper-like material with wax already spread on it. You rub the strips between your palms to warm them up a bit then press them onto your legs and smooth them down in the direction of hair growth. Lastly, you grit your teeth and... Pull! Unfortunately for me, the results weren't very good. My legs were left patchy, even after repeatedly waxing the parts still hairy.

            After this, I decided to get it done professionally. My friend recommended a beautician living near me who did treatments in her home. The price was £20 for a full leg wax which I think is pretty reasonable considering it lasts for around 5 weeks depending on the speed of hair growth.

            After getting to her house, the lady (whose name I've forgotten, so let's call her Jen) anyway, 'Jen' took me to a little side room where she told me what she was going to do. I took off my skirt as instructed and hopped onto a cushioned table sort of thing (it was actually really comfy.)

            Jen appeared with a little pot from the other side of the room and a spatula. Using the spatula she spread the wax, from the pot, over my legs. I was surprised at how warm the wax was and even found it relaxing, especially when it went on my feet! But then she brought over the strips of material, now I wasn't feeling so relaxed. The strips were pressed onto my legs and then.... yanked off! Surprisingly, it didn't hurt nearly as much as I was expecting. At first it stung every time but after a few more goes I began to barely notice it.

            This carried on until there was not a hair all the way up my legs; I then turned over so Jen could reach the backs. I have to admit at this point I was starting to doze off (it had been a long day) but luckily Jen was very chatty and insisted on talking constantly even when she was just having a conversation with herself...

            So at last it was over, my first ever professional wax. I have to say I felt proud that I didn't scream, not once, as Jen told me that some women go and squeal the whole way through. Jen did also tell me some useful things like that I had to exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs and a good home recipe is olive oil and salt crystals. She also gave me some sampler post-wax lotions, which turned out to be great moisturizers.

            Four weeks on and I'm just starting to get fuzzy legs so I'm very chuffed that I can save time from not shaving. I will have to wait for another week or two before I go again as the hair has to be a certain length for the strips to be able to pull it out.

            The only downside I can think of with waxing is that when the hair is pulled off, the top layer of skin also comes off. This means that any hard earned tans will probably be considerably lighter after the treatment.
            Overall I'm very pleased that I tried waxing as I'm completely converted to it and hope you will be too!


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              08.05.2010 06:17
              Very helpful



              Better go to a specialist!

              Waxing is a body hair removal that involves applying warm heated wax on the legs in the hair growth direction, letting it cool off and then removing it in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This way the wax sticks even on the finest hair, as long as is long enough, and pulls it off from the root and so the hair takes on average 2 or 3 weeks to grow back. The more often I practiced this method the more I have found that my hair grew slower and finer.

              Nowadays I am not a fan of waxing anymore since I have discovered sugaring hair removal method which is far more easier, but in the past before there wore waxing strips on the market and sugaring waxing was a very efficient method.

              Doing it at home is not easy at all, it takes some serious practice and can even turn dangerous so unless you're not experienced, perhaps would be better of to be tried at a professional saloon first, this way you can catch some useful tips. On average this would cost you about £30 and probably the same at home if you are going to buy good quality wax.
              But if you are going to venture here are some thing I have found out in my own experience:

              The main product is a wax block, this can be made of pure bees wax or even mixed with paraffin. Some companies will add a faint scent also.
              The wax block can be packed in a basic package or even more complicated some come with a small pan and this way you don't have to worry in sacrificing an old pan. You will also need an wooden spatula if it kit does not provide one.
              A safe thing to do if you love the waxing method on the long run is to buy and electric wax warmer which on average costs £40.

              Heating the wax unless you have an electric warmer can be tricky. You go to get just the right temperature to spread it on the legs and don't burn yourself. Be careful as it can seem a decent temperature on the hand and still burn. Better be safe with a wax warmer who can adjust it just right.

              You cot to use an long towel or fabric to spread on the floor or else wax is really suborned to remove from carpets almost impossible.
              You got to let the body hair to grow for quite a while so the wax can remove it efficiently.

              Removing the wax after has been spread on the legs is a bit tricky, you can't leave it for too long or too little. It can turn too hard. How wax behaves is a matter of brand and not all are the same.

              Wax usually removes all the hair however some hair decides to brake at the root instead of getting pulled. That is very rare, is better to have an electric tweezers in the house in case that annoying hair grows back too fast and don't let it run the softness of legs

              After waxing hair can grow back ingrown for some people, however I have found out on the long run it stops doing that, so don't be put off if the first times this happens.

              Of course is more easier to use waxing strips nowadays buy I find that they are not as efficient as waxing. The only method I have found as efficient is the sugaring method.

              Now about the pain part... well it will be painful, but I can swear that it gets less painful on the long run as hair becomes softer.


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                07.05.2010 13:32
                Very helpful



                Give it a try

                Yesterday I had my first wax, I was helping out a friend who is studying beauty at college and she needed a client to come in to give treatments to, to pass her assesments.

                I was going to opt for the leg wax but this wasn't the service she needed to pass assesment on, the one she needed was eyebrow wax! I have to admit I wasn't keen on this idea as I usually pluck or get my eyebrows threaded.

                The wax was already melting in the heater when I climbed onto the bed. Firstly, she coated my eyebrows in petroleum jelly as this created a barrier so that only the hair she wanted to wax came off and I wasn't left with no eyebrows! My friend then scooped up a bit of the hot wax and using a small spatular she then spread it under my eyebrows. Next, she took the strip of lint and rubbed it onto the waxed area for it to stick and then whipped it off very quickly. This made me jump a bit but it actually wasn't as bad as I'd have thought. The area went quite red and stung for a few minutes but as soon as the after-wax lotion was applied this soothed the burning feeling and they felt moisturised.

                I would definitely have waxing treatments again as I was surprised that it didn't hurt as much as I'd built myself up to think it would, plus the area is left feeling very smooth as it pulls out all the hair including those too fine to see. Obviously it hurts people in different ways, I was lucky as I usually pluck my eyebrows there was not a lot of hair to be removed so this may have softened the experience but I would have my legs done now knowing the proceedure.

                As this was done at a college and I was doing a favour for a friend, I didn't have to pay for this treatment but salons differ in prices when it comes to waxing. I would recommend going to a college as you can usually get it around half the price of an established salon and the students do need people to practise on but the service I received was still very proffesional.

                I think waxing is a good, quick way to get rid of unwanted body hair and really it can be used on almost all parts of the body. Make sure you tell your beautician if you are allergic to any products / ingredients before hand but all good beauticians will go through a consiltation with you anyway.

                Thank you for reading!


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                  04.04.2010 20:20
                  Very helpful



                  waxing in general

                  I couldn't live without my waxing, I love it and so does my husband! This is a popular form of hair removal. Its painful but the more you have it done the weaker the hair gets and the less pain! It's affordable and it does become permanent over the years.
                  I am a beautician as a lot of you know and I enjoy waxing its one of my favourite treatments. It is so rewarding as my clients walk in hairy and walk out silky and smooth but also feeling brill! A lot of them think I enjoy it because of the pain I inflict but its not I like to be as pain free as possible and can be done with a few handy tips.

                  My biggest tip to everyone that wants to wax or gets waxed, NEVER DO IT YOURSELF! Beauticians go to college to train on how to use wax so if its easy to use with no dangers why do we have qualified beauticians? Even a beauty therapist can bruise or take skin of a client imagine the dangers and difficulties you could get yourselves into! Don't be shy or scared we have seen it all before! Whether your a big person or a small person we don't care your just a person to us.

                  Waxing goes as far back as the ancient egyptians 20,000 years ago! Ever heard of sugar waxing? Egyptians invented this and was the first of waxing hair removal. This type of wax isn't used often anymore as its not very hygienic.
                  Basically its a wax the beautician uses with her fingers pushes it down the area needed waxing then flicks up then again pressing it down and flicks building a lovely consistency of hair, skin and wax in the therapists hands!

                  Waxing over shaving and removal creams;
                  *Someone does it for you, (shaving/creaming you have to get into difficult positions)
                  *Lasts a week with no hair (shaving is everyday, creams hair comes through within days)
                  *2-3 weeks with fine smooth hair (no stubble)
                  *Twenty years or less down the line constantly waxing you will only need to see your therapist once a year guarranteed, the hair thins out so much! (Shaving/creams is for the rest of your life)
                  *Reaction is minimul maybe some ingrowing hairs (shaving-spots, ingrowing hairs and irritation. Creams- can burn badly)
                  *Waxing will remove all hair unless you've had a careless beautician! (shaving you can miss loads of hair same with creams and also I have never come a cross a cream that removes all hair)
                  *Waxing can be pricey over the first ten years but if you weigh it up with razors and hair removal cream and your time it works out to be very cheap way of doing it!
                  *Having waxing done every six weeks keeps you in a routine therefore you don't forget or think I'll do it tomorrow like you do with shaving and creams!
                  *Removes top layer of skin so it is exfoliating you as well as removing hairs! (shaving and creams don't)

                  There's so many waxes on the market and finding a good one is a big job! I've luckily found mine and a lot of therapists will have there own preferences on what they like, if they can use it, easy to use, works well and is a nice wax for clients.

                  Hair is such a fashionable thing will it ever go back to the seventies? Hairy bushes and pitts? Personally I could never do that I find being hairy is unhygienic and I don't feel femine if I'm hairy.

                  Even men whether they're gay or not have waxing done to make them feel better and sometimes for there partners.

                  I would like to stick up for men and have an opportunity to do so on dooyoo!
                  A lot of women say "men are such babies when it comes to waxing" actually there saints!
                  They might be in pain but I've not heard one scream or yell as I have with women!
                  Mens hair isn't fine like womens in fact its a lot corser than pubic hair. They have a bigger surface to wax and a harsher area to cover, admitting the bikini is the worse area of all as the skin is so thin, moist and sensitive.
                  For us women thicker hair is in a small area and the fine hair is in the bigger areas (some women unfortunatley have corse hair all over) so really women should be kind too men and appreciate what they have to go through.

                  Waxing has a few contra-indications which are:
                  Styes (only for facial waxing)
                  Conjunctivitus (facial waxing only)
                  Varicose veins
                  Recent operations/Recent Scars (within six months)
                  Raised or hairy moles
                  Self tan (if you don't want the tan to come off)
                  Sunbed user
                  Medication is Retin A or Accutane

                  If you have one of these pop in and see your therapist as it might just be a case where you sign a disclaimer or a note from your doctor. You must always tell your therapist if you have one of these! Your therapist should always carry out a consultation prior to treatment anyway.

                  Waxing can be less painful if you take some pain relief 30 minutes prior to treatment. You can also help the therapist by getting hold of the skin around it and strechin it so the skin is very taut. The tighter it is the less pain you'll have and will not bruise. Lower legs don't need tightening as much but thighs, under arms and bikini definatley does!

                  Bikini: allow your therapist access, its no good if you lye there all tense and legs sort of open! I get my clients legs in all postions don't worry I dont want to see what you don't want to show so don't panic!
                  Useful tip is to put your hand under your leg and pull your bum tight as this is the bit that stays loose and can bruise badly.
                  You have pants on anyway unless your having a hollywood which you shouldn't worry what I am going to see as I will see everything as it is all hair front and back. This is great if you don't want hair or your having an operation.
                  If you just want a small amount just say and you can just wear pants.
                  If you want a brazillian wear thongs, pants get in the way!
                  Hollywood you don't need pants!
                  Always make sure your clean and that you've had a wash before treatment its not nice for you or the therapist, some women wear tampons to ensure they stay clean throughout the treatment.

                  Facial hair (eyebrows, lip, chin)
                  If your concerned that you may have facial hair but can't neccesary see it just ask your beautician they will get rid of any unwanted hair. Don't be embarrassed we see hair everywhere its not unusual for us.
                  I've had so many people come in with celebrity's eyebrows and unfortunatley we can't make your eyebrow into someone elses style! Your eyebrows match the shape of your face. We can however tidy them, thin them and even dye them.
                  Lips can be very sensitive as its very thin skin and can be red for hours.

                  Legs, forearms, underarms, back and chest are easy you just need to lye there and relax!

                  Ater care is very important!
                  Do not go sunbathing/swimming 24 hours after treatment
                  Do not use any deodrants, creams or perfumes after treatment
                  Do not have hot baths or showers 24 hours after treatment

                  Waxing is a five out of five for me!

                  I hope this has been some use for you and interesting.

                  Thank you for reading! :-)


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                    24.07.2009 19:27
                    Very helpful
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                    Waxing is most undoubtedly my favorite hair removal method. I have had a few bad experiences in the past where poor quality wax only left gooey mess on my body, but I still remain completely baffled by the baby smooth skin left behind after a high-quality waxing session. Waxing has in face been used since centuries when women used to melt sugar with lemon juice and apply it to remove body hair. I believe that this hair removal method is still used in certain parts of Asia. There are two main types of wax- hot and cold. In addition, there are waxes for various areas of the body. Certain waxes are specifically intended for bikini and/or facial hair due to the highly sensitive and delicate skin in these regions. I usually buy a waxing kit and do my own waxing at home, but I would certainly recommend you to go to a parlor if it is the first time that you are waxing.

                    While waxing can be quite a daunting experience at first, you have to bear in mind that this is one of the best hair removal methods around. Of course, it depends on your skin and hair type but for most people, the hair will take time to grow back and will get thinner and softer with each wax. In most beauty parlors or spa, it is advisable to tell them if it is your first waxing. The first thing which the beautician will do is cleanse the area of your body and sometimes (in really posh places!) apply a pre-waxing lotion. Then, the beautician will spread the wax over your body, place the strip on the wax, press firmly and tug hard to pull the hair out. It is painful but since they do it fairly quickly, I would say that the pain lasts only about five seconds! Then, you can apply and after-wax lotion which will help in soothing the skin and preventing these red pimples which sometimes might appear after waxing.

                    There are various differences between hot and cold wax. My personal favorite is hot wax. I do understand, however, that people with a hectic lifestyle or people who don't want to invest in a somewhat bothersome and messy wax heater might opt for cold wax. Cold waxing is undeniably quicker than hot/warm wax. However, while warm waxing needs just a thin layer, it is advisable to smear a thicker layer for cold wax, and in the end, it can therefore be said that hot waxing is economically better than cold wax.

                    In addition, hot waxing completely pulls at the root of the hair and removes the hair. Cold wax, however, merely cuts the hair off from the surface. Therefore, the hair will grow back much faster that with hot wax. But like I mentioned above, I do have to admit hat cold waxing is less messy than hot wax. Usually you will have to warm it in an electrical wax heater to get it into its soft liquid consistency, and trust me; it becomes extremely bothersome to clean! It is advisable, though, to use hot/warm wax on delicate areas such as bikini waxing or for the removal of facial hair.

                    In order for the waxing process to be really effective, the hair must be at least a quarter inch long. Longer is better in fact, but it will work mainly on soft hair. Waxing comes either in pots where you melt it (for hot wax) and then apply, or it can also come in ready made strips. In this case all you have to do is press the strips to the desired area and then pull up hard!

                    I hope you decide to give waxing a go and enjoy it!

                    Thanks for reading!


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                      14.06.2009 01:21
                      Very helpful



                      Good idea for some but not those who like to be hair free 24/7, 365 days a year

                      Waxing is a popular way for men and women to remove unwanted areas of hair from their body. It has been used for years and popular areas to wax include eyebrows, face, upper lip, underarms, bikini line, legs, arms and anywhere you want a smooth finish. Having had a few areas waxed i would say the most painful is actually the upper lip!

                      I've had my bikini line done a few times and as ling as you have a professional therapist it's really not embarassing at all - in fact i know a brilliant therapist who says she actually loves doing Hollywood bikini waxes!

                      It always hurts a bit but does give a really smooth finish. Unfortunately for me i just don't have the patience to wait for the hair to grow to a length that is suitable to wax - with the exception of my forearms - i can usually wait for these to grown back and contrary to what some people say my hairs actually seem to grow back lighter and less dense than before (I'm blonde anyway so this probably helps!)

                      I do think this is a great option for people who have never shaved before - perhaps young teenagers as a first hair removal idea but after that waiting for leg hairs to grow long enough to wax and having an unkempt bikini line is enough to drive you to your razor within days!


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                      30.03.2009 14:55
                      Very helpful




                      I normally shave my legs but when I go on holiday I like to get them waxed so them I dont have to worry about packing razors of shaving cream and going through all the hassel of making sure that my legs are clear for before I put on my skirts or shorts and enjoy the sun for a while.

                      Waxing is really handy as it lasts for ages depending on the individual, around a month normally for me, so you dont have to worry about shaving, you can also get almost anywhere else on your body that grow unwanted hair waxed, though some places I am sure would be more painful than others *cringe*.

                      I get my legs done every now and again and I also get my eyebrows waxed monthly or just when I think they need it, my eyebrows never give me too much bother pain wise, though my legs can be hell to wax. Its not too expensive, about £5 for an eyebrow was and £20-£25 depending on the beautician for a leg wax.

                      The only reason that I cant bring my self to waxing my legs regularly is the sheer pain of it. It is bareable, but there is such a fuss every time I go get my legs waxed that I be too embarassed to go back for a while, leaving me to resort back to the razors and shaving properly again.

                      However if you are self concious about unwanted hair and cant conceal it with hair lightening creams, I do recommend that you get it removed with waxing, because waxing causes the hairs to grow back thinner and then eventually it wont hurt as much, I theory I cant wait for however, to me I can only pluck the courage up to go through with it on a special occassion like holidays or when I have a big night out planned. As they say though, though pampering is painful.

                      So if you can stand the pain, waxing is a great way to remove hair and the results last for a long time, and it gets less painful the more you do it apparently. Waxing is a cost effective way to get long lasting smoother legs. So if you have decided to try it, good luck ;)


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                        29.03.2009 03:57
                        Very helpful



                        A masochist's dream.

                        The things we put ourselves through for vanity. Waxing has to be at the top of my list as one of the most ridiculous thing to do to yourself, however, I appreciate that it has it's benefits and is an effective hair removal system.

                        Waxing is a process that is achieved by applying wax to an area of hair, then applying a strip of cloth to stick to the wax, then pulling the whole thing off. This results in the hair being ripped out of the skin from the root. Most beauty salons offer this treatment, however it has can also be done at home by purchasing wax strips. This is very similar to the above procedure, the only difference being that the wax strips are strips of cloth with wax on them, so it cuts out the part where you need to apply the wax yourself. Although you can also buy wax ands strips individually. This will mean that you'll need to heat up the wax and melt it to right temperature so that it will spread evenly across your hairy bits, but won't burn you. It all sounds so utterly charming doesn't it?

                        Most parts of the body can be waxed, however as a fair female, I only have experience of waxing my legs, underarms and bikini line. I've had this done in a salon and done it myself at home. If you can afford it, I would suggest having it done by a professional as it's very fiddly and if you don't get it right you can bruise yourself quite easily. If you're planning to do it yourself, read the instructions carefully. Also, try to pull the skin as taught as possible, as this minimises the pain (supposedly.....) and puts you at a lower risk of bruising.

                        There are quite a few benefits to waxing. Firstly, it's more long-term than shaving or depilation as it pulls the hair right from the root. This means on average it'll take around a month to grow back. Also, continuous waxing takes it toll on the individual hair roots therefore weakening them so eventually you'll have less regrowth. Lastly the finish can be very smooth, so it's a great treatment if you're going on holiday and don't want to worry about hair removal for the duration of your break. Regrowth is also more pleasant as you haven't blunt cut the hair with a razer, so it grows back softer and you're less prone to that stubbley feeling.

                        In my experience, the downside of waxing is that I don't find it totally effective at removing all my leg hair. I have very fine hair that is barely visible and very soft, but I still want it gone and for some reason wax doesn't always grab it sufficiently. Plus, if you have any dry bits then the wax will stick to the skin like glue and you'll really struggle to remove any hair, which is a real pain for my horrid, dry knees. I find, after I've been waxed, I end up maintaining my legs with a razor as even though you can't see the hair, you can feel it. Of course, the main negative for waxing is the pain; especially on your bikini area! My Beauty Therapist tends to book my appointment when she's confident that there won't be many other's in the salon, as the obscenities that I yell are rather awful! I'm usually so mild mannered.....maybe I'm just a wimp :) I find taking a paracetamol beforehand can help.

                        Waxing is a great way of removing hair if you can't be bothered with shaving. It's suitable for both sexes (although I believe it is unsuitable for men's facial hair) and can be used pretty much all over. However, if you can be bothered with shaving then I'd suggest sticking with it. There are many other hair removal techniques available, all with different pros and cons, so I'd definitely suggest doing your research before committing to waxing.


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                          13.02.2009 23:39



                          Intriguing experience worth repeating

                          I consider myself a normally vain and masculine man. I had a sack & crack to surprise my wife. It sounded painful but intriguing. The place had beautiful women attendants. My heart was beating so fast in anxiety that I thought I would pass out. A cute girl led me back and left me to drop all clothes south of my belt. She handled my personals in ways my wife would never dare. She pulled and tugged and looked very closely, but not for sex. The warm wax was not too hot, and the first rip made all thoughts of sex leave my mind. It stings enough to stop me from talking or even breathing for a beat or two, but not too bad. She was quick and friendly. It was embarrassing but she was great and my wife was ecstatic. I've been back twice since and its worth it.


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