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What are your life goals?

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    1 Review
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      26.08.2009 13:43
      Very helpful



      "Life's Goals" are not what you get from life but are who you become because of it

      Have you ever stopped to review your life's goals? Did you actually set out to achieve certain goals in your life? Or did you go with the flow and see what happened when a certain situation arose? How do you know that the goal you want to achieve is the right choice?

      These are some of the questions that went through my mind when I first read the caption on this subject. Some of the achievments in my life have been monumental for me, but miniscule in comparision to other people. I wanted to be at the top in my employment and knew if I worked hard I'd get to the top. And I did just that! I have also been employed at the other end of the spectrum, doing as requested, giving my all to my employer, always doing my best.

      You do not go into a relationship with your eye's shut do you? When you meet your perfect mate, you do all you can to make that partnership work, only to find months, weeks or years later, you're splitting up. But I still think this as one of life's goals, because I wouldn't have my wonderful daughter had that goal not been tried. One of my biggest goals since her birth has been to bring her up as a respectable human being, and that goal will only be acheived when she's out there standing on her own two feet coping with her own goals.

      If we were all the same, life would be so difficult, all our goals would be the same and no-one would be able to reach their best. Also nothing would ever improve for all of us! For some, life is nothing but a struggle, others may appear to have it easier, but everyone acheives their goals everyday of their lives. By continuing to strive for a better way of life, better for their families and others around them, makes these goals so satisfying. Life is never the way you'd like, may that be good or bad, but in the end you get through another day.

      To me life's goals are not necessarily what you've gained but how you survive any given sitaution. When you've got through a difficult situation, maybe life threatening or extremely stressful; money problems or family; or you've been blown away by a life-time oppourtunity to travel, win the lottery or help someone in times of unbalance in their lives, you've suceeded to gain one of life goals! To live a balanced life with no limitations. You can achieve anything you want but never at the expense of others. Then you can truely say you are one of life's achievers: someone who has reached many goals along the way.

      I have reached many goals in my life and will continue to exceed what I've done in my past, because I've learnt by my mistakes and become a better person therefore my goals are getting better. When I'm sitting in my chair when I'm old, reflecting on my life, I won't regret anything I've done because if I hadn't strived to reach a fulfilling conclusion, then I wouldn't be the person I will become.

      The motto I have lived by for many years is onwards and upwards and until my dying day, I will do just that. Push forward and keep reaching upward for the answer to everything.


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