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What are your views on the Global Occupy Movement?

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      06.05.2012 15:44
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      Its all our faults.

      80% of all start-up businesses fail within a year, and that's when the economy is good, the other 20% surviving because of that failure. I just saved you a lot of money and stress if you were thinking about it. But without those entrepreneurs there would be no real capitalism and we would be living like most of the third world countries we are currently invading - or supporting the dictators of - to maintain our lifestyles. But the system works and so until those anti-capitalist 'Crusties' and middle-class do-gooders can come up with a coherent alternative they should all go home and watch the snooker, before they are battened back to their wealthy suburbs by 'the man', one of many ironies here. Why are western protesters never the actual oppressed? I'm not against their voice but just find the people who protest all rather tedious and predictable, in some cases doing it so they don't have to work and help us get out of this mess. They are the same people that are at every other high profile protest and seem to enjoy the rucking and marching and not so much the cause. You just had to chuckle when the police helicopter infrared camera discovered most had gone home at night and the tents were nearly all empty outside St Paul's.

      Starbucks Capitalism!

      In America it's a far larger protest and already the camps have split on a wealth and class basis, that capitalist pecking order still present, some what ironic, the preppy college types not particularly wanting to mix with the poor and oppressed that tagged onto the Midtown Manhattan encampment. One lot even moved into a disused bank office building to get away from the proletariat, nice and snug with Starbucks all round. The fact most of them are using their Ipads and expensive cell phones that capitalism born us is all you need to know about the hypocrisy on show here. 70% of the precious metals needed to make technology like mobiles and Ipads work are mined by kids and forced labor in the Congo, the erudite protestors more than aware of that, the purchase and constant need to upgrade this technology to look cool fuelling civil war for control of the so-called 'blood minerals'. Where's their moral protest centered, or is this just another middle-class rebellion against the jobs these same posh kids will eventually take when they accept there is only one way the world works? We may not like that system but at least it's not us digging for that Tantalum and Wolfite with an AK47 in the back of our necks. Why not protest at the root of the core capitalist problems guys? The middle-class love to wear cotton to separate themselves from the masses so go to India and see how it's picked and milled for 10p a day. We are afforded the right to form political parties in a democracy and that's the way to protest. The Green Party in Germany is the third biggest now.

      City *ankers!

      The banks are the target, of course, and rightfully so, some of the stunts they pulled outrageous and few in jails to date for their fraud. The fact their top bosses get up to 40 times more salary then their lowest paid Polish cleaners is all rather vulgar. The minimum wage in Britain needs tax credits just to be a living wage now due to this greed. But it's the western governments that allowed them to do what they did and in many cases egging them on, politicians wanting money through bank taxes to fund their social programs to win votes, tertiary corporate tax huge in the last twenty years since deregulation. With manufacturing jobs moving from West to East to the new tiger economies, governments used that money to create public service jobs to fill the employment gap. But the Tories will have none of that, cutting public service jobs and forcing up unemployment, deliberate acts as it cuts inflation and deters those crippling interest rates on the money markets. Cameron's backing off Europe has, ironically, made us a safe haven for investors in Europe. Whatever you think of Cameron he is doing what he has to do to save the Titanic from hitting the ice in an ocean full of bergs. The banks bring in around 50 billion a year for the UK, ten times that of North Sea oil, funding most of our excessive welfare programme, doll money 40% of the St Paul's protestors are allegedly drawing.

      Do it for free?

      Cameron's Big Society election promise - code to slash public service - had potential. What's wrong with citizens doing more for their community to cut our own taxes? Some did and, as expected, were knocked back down with the bureaucrat's rifle butt. A couple in Surrey spent their weekends clearing rubbish up from some grass verges outside their home, the work not done due to council cuts. But the couple received a threatening letter from the council demanding they pay a £78 'retrospective license' to carry out such Big Society acts or they would have to replace the verge to its previous state.
      Show some leg!

      A sign recession is over can be found in the female of the species. Apparently, women's hemlines rise with the stock market, the theory being that long skirts can seasonally be cut and altered to save money, showing some thigh always a good sign. Lipstick sales, on the other hand, rise in recession, girls wanting to look good to cheer themselves up, maybe to attract more men to pay the bills. Cinema tickets also rise in tough times, people hiding away in the dark from all their problems. In America they have the 'hot waitress syndrome', modeling, marketing and realtor jobs hard to come by in down times and so Hooters it is. Men's underpants sales, alas, fall sharply in recession. Well what did you expect from blokes?


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