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Dead or Alive.... Perhaps some of the most influential people whose achievements have helped shape the modern world, including famous artists, musicians, politicians, celebrities and scientists.

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    3 Reviews
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      19.03.2015 13:54
      Very helpful



      Overall my choice would be to meet spiritual realms of people rather than the famous

      There are certain people I would like to meet for various reasons within my life.

      The first of these is Madonna. I am a fan of madonnas earlier stuff, and I like her music overall however I feel she is one of the most powerful women in musical history and albeit she is a mega superstar she is also a caring, strong, spiritual woman and on a woman and mother connection I feel we could discuss alot and I would learn alot from her also.

      The second person I would like to meet is The lady who writes for the Rebelle Society blog, she intrigues me and is acutely like myself. I relate to every word she writes and her power and passion for life is extroidinary.

      The third person - Lois Bourne, a witch and occultist for over 30 years and has written various books of her life as a witch and conversations she has had throughout her life within this domain. An incredible and humble person.

      The Fourth person - Sting, well apart from on a very trivial level I am in love with the man he is of spiritual domain and I would adore to learn his practice of tantra and his knowledge of it Decipher this as you will!
      His music is exquisite and historical.

      The fifth person - A monk from the highest ordinate within the gregorian era. The music these men produced was meditative, gracious and a high connection with gods.

      The sixth person - A tibetan monk. A man who has high spiritual worth and lives life by the law of spiritual grace.

      The seventh person - Anais Nin, Erotic writer with various lovers. She speaks of her relationships with each and the great depth each give her. A woman of great love and depth with sensual passion.


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      24.04.2013 11:18
      Very helpful



      Vindictive woman

      I would have loved to have met Thatcher over a good wine and ask her what the hell she was playing out. She was such a contradictory woman with her thoughts and policies and seemed to base them on her current hates. She believed in breaking down the state to its component parts to encourage privatization yet she increased taxation to pay for the shortfall she created, like massive unemployment benefit and the housing benefit of today after selling off the housing stock and not building new ones. This meant private landlords could push up rents over the decades as they picked up the state provision to house and why we are where we are today with housing benefit, well over 10% of all the money the country makes spent on it now.

      As much as I dislike Thatcher I would not wish Alzheimer's on anyone. My father had it and it messed up our family. For 68% of you it's dementia or cancer that's going to get you in the end. It's a terrible illness and punishment enough for her sins. Death rarely affords dignity, the dignity the miners were stripped off when they were shunted onto sick benefit to rot in the valleys. I'm sure the ghosts of the long since dead coalminers are closing in on hell right now and ready to greet her. For me I just simply ignored a state funeral that turned out to be a party political broadcast by the Tory Party to secure votes in the May Elections. That was my protest.

      Although she had centre left views as a young woman I think her privileged Oxford experience saw her quickly came to dislike the working-class she came from, and wanted to help as many of them out of that particular social class through her politics, and those who were still proud of being working-class now her enemy, like the miners and the unions. I would really probe her on that one. Not many of us do like the working-class but we do need them. Not everyone can be a professional or a manager. Someone has to be poorly educated so to do the menial work.

      An example of that working-class hate had had to be the Hillsboro Disaster, Thatcher having no intention of giving Liverpool fans justice because they were all violent football hooligans in her insular mind. The police and emergency services didn't set out to kill people that day put simply save lives by opening the gate to release pressure outside, a fatal call by a senior officer who had lost control of a typical football crowd. But for Thatcher the crowd deserved it as they always misbehaved and this a cruel lesson to be learnt, like the crack of a truncheon on a miners skull. This was a sign of a woman who had little empathy for her people, her femininity stripped by the pressures of being the world's most powerful woman. Mrs Thatcher could program her video recorded and simply didn't need men. Choosing a swanky Ritz suite to see out her year's sums up her need to be seen as that higher social class she so longed to be.

      The poll tax, of course, would finish her off, a tax for simply being alive. This was at the point she was power mad and I would ask if she would do it again if she could go back there. I think she would say no. Instead of households paying rates it would be an individual tax on the person - and on top of your 40% PAYE income tax. She basically wanted to empty the working mans current account every year to pay for the social ills she was creating, like massive unemployment. She also needed that cash as she had sold off everything else to private companies, including the utilities, why the older Tory voter gives a quarter of their state pension back to heat their property today. I recall that on the year of the riots I had just returned from my year out in Australia and I would have to hand over £850 poll tax or be taken to court. I wasn't even here for that year!

      Mass privatization was what killed this country and she knows it. Margaret, why would you get rid of our gas storage? Yes it was expensive subsidizing our utilities and heavy industries but the lads working hard on them paid most of that subsidy down with their hefty income tax and enjoyment of their heavily taxed vices in the working men's clubs soon after. Men needed jobs but Thatcher intent on destroying our heavy industries, today just 3 million employed in manufacturing to a 1974 high of 7.9 million. In fact many economists say that the Tories enjoyed high unemployment as it controlled inflation through lower wage demands and so lower prices in the shops. The irony is that young men that would have gone down the pit with pride back then wouldn't today, too mucky and dangerous for the chavs on the estates. That's the essence of what Thatcher destroyed. In 1974 we had just 70,000 people on longer term sick. Today it's 2.7 million.

      The selling off of those utilities has really come back to bite us, the cost of energy completely out of control. We can't store cheap gas we buy in summer anymore as the tanks have all been destroyed so to create supply and demand by the energy cartels and so the country slave to the markets, and as most of the energy companies are owned by foreigners they hold off on building new infrastructure so to get huge government subsidies, meaning they can set their price on everything they do, like they are doing with the new nuclear build, another cost passed on to the consumer. This sort of thing only used to happen in South America. You better hope that global warming is real guys or we will freeze to death!

      The union breaking thing was crazy Maggie. Only 39% of union members voted for Labor in the 1983 election, shooting yourself in the foot again luv, no doubt due to that roar hate of the working-class. Putting two thirds of our 190,000 miners out of work so quickly in the 1980s was the beginning of the end for her as all unionized industries knew they were next, the other 61%. Yes there were a lot of greedy strikes for more money and the unions needed to lose some of their power but there was genuine animosity here from Margaret to that sense of society and community she despised.

      Her pluses were standing firm on N.Ireland and so setting up John Major to start having 'needed' secret talks with the IRA. She showed incredible courage to deliver the speech after the Brighton bombing. That was the true British character Blair has now destroyed. Today our police and rescue services would rather sue their employers and the people they protect for petty little things than show courage like she did. I can't imagine police of the 1970s suing for slipping up on a garage forecourt.

      The Falklands War is what the nation needed at the time and I agree with it, so well done Maggie, as I disagree with the Iraq War. She knew that if you show weakness on the international stage its game over and you lose your influence around the world. Blair bullying Iraq for cheap oil was disgusting. But, alas, she did more bad things than good for the country and so had few friends. She didn't particularly embrace ethnic minorities either like all Tories and became the right wing bigot all pensioners generally do. She told the then Australian MP exactly that.

      And as our meal finishes I want to be the Grim Reaper in The Meaning of Life, when he/it points to the Samon Moose, and then all the diners, including the Thatcher's. Shall we take the car Dennis...?


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        30.08.2009 22:27
        Very helpful



        A top ten list of people I would like to meet (alive or dead).

        ~ Overview ~

        Here is a top ten list of people I would like to meet before I pop my clogs or someone who is no longer alive but I would have loved to meet. The list is a mix of weird and wonderful people, some you may agree with and most probably some you have never heard of.


        Number 10: Princess Diana

        I would have loved to have met Diana; she is a kind, loving and warm person who helped so many people all over the world and a personality which is severely missed today.

        Number 9: Sir Isaac Newton

        If I could go back and meet Sir Newton I would ask him how he figured out gravity and was it just the luck of an apple falling onto his head. I just wonder what we could learn from his unique brain in a world which lacks people such as him

        Number 8: Noddy

        Yes, shameful as it is I would love to meet Noddy (my wife tells me I have a simple mind). Most of all I would love to drive his car and wear that hat with a bell and hang out with big ears and bumpy dog and have a good old chit chat down in the hood (Toyland).

        Number 7: Gordon Brown

        Basically I would say to him "come on now, get a grip, hold onto that jaw which keeps slipping every time you talk and put a back bone in." He seems to be a decent person but not a capable person to run the country im afraid. I would like to meet just to see if UFO's exist and if Michael Jackson is still alive, you know those kinds of important things.

        Number 6: Christina Aguilera

        Oh yes, now we are talking! I would love to meet her and ask her what made her turn from beautiful and innocent looking to dirty and kinky, oh yes and to hump her leg like a dog would do to its owner. After that I would probably ask her some kind of question that would sound as if I was drunkard, due to the nervous disposition that I would find myself in due to the excitement.

        Number 5: Friends cast (see how I managed to fit all those into one)

        I would have to meet Ross, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica and Rachel as their show is one of my favourite of all time. I would ask them the question most of us have asked our partners a million times, "when will you be getting back together for another series/film?" I want to know if Chandler coped with a child and if Joey actually married anyone. Also if Ross and Rachel are still together or if they managed to get over "we were on a break" row. Also what happened to Mike and Phoebe, I personally think there is another series in there to see how they got on with their lives and if they still see each other.

        Number 4: The Queen

        If you live in England or the USA especially all you ever hear is "I would love to go to Buckingham Palace to meet the queen." If I ever met the queen I would ask "Do you really eat corn beef?" - From phoenix nights (jingle from Jerry in ASDA). She always seems like a nice person on a serious note and does a lot for charities.

        My only problem would be what I should dress in. I remember seeing on the TV a man in a batman suit at Buckingham Palace, so maybe fancy dress would be the correct uniform in this case.

        Number 3: Homer Simpson

        I personally love the series The Simpson's and my favourite is Homer and many men can relate to his type of behaviour. If I could meet with Homer I would go for a doughnut and a game of bowling and chill out with a nice cold Duff beer in Moe's bar with Barney and co.

        We would then drive home in Homer's manly pink car and visit his family at home where I would get Lisa to play Baker Street and then watch Bart catapult objects at passers by or Santa's Little Helper whichever seems the most fun.

        Number 2: Bill Gates

        I would love to ask him if he really built the operating system or if he really stole it. Also I would ask him if he could build an operating system which never requires updates and that is built perfect from the start.

        I would also ask him what made him retire so early and what he plans to do in the future and if Windows has a future in a computer orientated world.

        Number 1 (drum roll): Albus Dumbledore

        Now I bet you didn't expect that!

        Yes it's the wizard with the wonderful white beard (I would love to stroke it!). I would like to meet him and ask why did he let Snape kill him (although many of you could tell me, those who have read the last book!).

        I would like to pull one of those pieces of fluff from his head and show me a vision likes he does with Harry Potter, although if he tried to do that to my head all that would come out would be football, memories of beer and nude visions of my wife!

        So yes I would most like to meet the wizard of Hogwarts and to learn magic and to use that invisible cape (all seems fun to me).

        Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!


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