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    1 Review
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      19.01.2010 00:07
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      • Reliability


      If only everything in the kitchen were this quiet

      I like to think of myself as a sensitive soul and my tolerance of continuous loud noise is pretty poor.

      So the first thing I look for when buying any household appliance is the noise level. And on that basis alone, this dishwasher is a winner. An amazing 45db means it works at a whisper (most dishwashers are 50db+). I know that won't matter to someone who loads up the dishwasher and then leaves the kitchen but we have two issues. One is that my daughter's bed is just above the dishwasher (in her bedroom, you understand!) and the sound insulation isn't great. The other is that our kitchen is in our brand new extension and I love being in there ALL the time so I don't want a noisy dishwasher spoiling my peace.

      So how does it perform with the job it's supposed to do? There are two things that make it stand apart. The first is, of course, the decibel level. The second is the 'Eat-Load-Go' function which is a superfast (30 minute) wash cycle. The idea being that, if you have a dinner party, the first lot of plates etc can go into the washer while you're having the next course and they'll be clean and sparkling for the final course. Now my feeling is that, dinner party or none, if you can get everything done in 30 minutes, why do you need any other programmes? Even after 30 minutes, everything seems to be clean; the only difference is that the dishes still need drying. And that's what children are for, isn't it?

      On other programmes the active drying function seems to get everything reasonably drip free.

      Of course, there are other programmes, including a 70 degree cycle for the really mucky stuff and a gentle 45 degree for delicates such as glasses. I'm afraid I can offer no opinion on those because, whatever the manufacturer claims, I am never going to risk my glasses in a dishwasher and I don't put really mucky pans in because they take up too much space.

      Importantly for me, there is also a delay function, which means you can set the dishwasher to come on several hours in the future. Useful if you're with an electricity provider who offers cheaper rates at certain times of the day or night.

      Now I would have said that anyone buying a dishwasher is, by definition, a tad on the lazy side. Guilty as charged. So I hate the whole 'salt in that section, rinse aid in that one' business and usually buy multitab dishwasher tablets that have it all included. This dishwasher has a multitab button that means you're saving on the salt and rinse aid if you select it.

      All the other specs are pretty standard. It's a freestanding dishwasher that takes 12 place settings and is triple A rated for energy, wash and drying. There are 5 different programmes - I know there are some machines that offer more but I've never used more than, well, two to be honest. There is a pre-rinse option. The dishwasher is easy to load and unload and has sensibly placed racks for different types of crockery and cutlery.

      As far as I can see, it comes in white only. It's a functional looking design but I do like the push button controls.

      The dishwasher comes with a 1 year warranty. I've had mine only 2 months so I can't comment on its durability.

      You can buy this dishwasher for between £300 and £350. Not one of the cheapest but by no means expensive and, based on its performance, very good value.

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      Short name: AEG F50877

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