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Baumatic BDF683SS

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    1 Review
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      24.05.2012 01:10
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      Recommended, effectively washes dishes

      This review is of the Baumatic BDF683SS which is a full-sized dishwasher.

      I've been using this product over a period of several weeks, and although it's quite an expensive machine, I've found that it does produce some very good results. The machine I've been using is around two years old and is still operating, without any need for repairs or servicing of any kind.

      Although I tend to find that it's easier to wash up by hand, there are times when it's easier to use the machine, and this is a large unit which the instructions state can take 14 place settings. This is likely to be more than enough for many families, although personally I'm not entirely sure I'd want to load it with that many items as it would be a lot for the machine to clean in one go.

      Worth noting is the quite considerable amount of time it takes the machine to run through its cycle, typically nearly three hours, which seems to be more than others machines I've seen. It can though be left to run whenever is convenient as there is a timer which allows it to run after a certain delay.

      I found the dishwasher to be a little noisy, but not so much as to be a problem, but this might be a problem for some if running the machine at night. I'm not sure as to any exact figures, the the product did come with information about how energy and water efficient it was, which although I'm taking the manufacturer's word for it, is an advantage.

      In terms of the main use of the machine, ie, cleaning the dishes, I found this dishwasher to be above average from the experiences I've had. Sometimes some items aren't cleaned as I'd want, so it's easier to just do those by hand, but even when there are a lot of dishes to be cleaned, it doesn't just distribute the dirt around, but actually does seem to do a very good job of removing it.

      More as a feature of dishwashers than a problem with this machine, water marks on some items, mainly cutlery, are a slight disadvantage. However it doesn't take long to just clean these off with a damp cloth, and produces the clean and shiny effect that I'd want.

      Another useful feature is that the top tier basket can have the height adjusting, and this doesn't require taking it all out, but can be done with a lever system. In terms of looks, my unit is stainless steel, and in terms of robustness, I've never had a problem with this machine and it feels as though it has been made to a high quality.

      If you do buy one of these machines second-hand, try and ensure it has the product manual however. I did find it a little difficult to work out some of the features, and the manual does have good instructions, and I'm glad I didn't have to work these features out by trial and error.

      This model does appear to have been discontinued now, but is available at a number of retailers, and will of course be available second-hand. Some retailers seems to be selling this at around the 300 to 400 pounds price, but I've noticed that it can be found cheaper at some retail stores, and much cheaper of course second-hand.

      Overall, I'd happily recommend this machine, although it has some faults such as being slow, it's been a robust and reliable unit and definitely worth considering.


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    Short name: Baumatic BDF683SS

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