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Beko DSFN1534W 12 Place Dishwasher in White

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    2 Reviews
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      01.03.2014 23:56
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An amazing machine for those on a budget

      1) Ease of installation:
      Having had a previous dishwasher that died and was just taking up space, installing this one was extremely simple, hardest part being taking it out of the wrappings for delivery. The water egress came with pictogram instructions on how to set it up correctly, this I'd assume is so water doesn't pool in a part that is hanging lower than the rest. The inlet hose is the same as fits to a washing machine and you can use a Y-piece to split the inlet between your washing machine and dishwasher; provided you have an appropriate outlet (ours being a hole in the wall with a pipe shoved in) there really is no need to call in a plumber to put one of these things in.
      The dishwasher also comes with a water-hardness testing strip and a guide on how to set it up according to local water hardness, depending on the test strip results your dishwasher must be set according to those, in order to correctly soften the water. If you live in a hard-water area you will need to use dishwasher salt and there is a sump where this salt must be loaded, it comes with a screw-top and a plastic label just under the screw-top with instructions with how to load the salt. This screw top must be unscrewed to remove the label and is screwed on so tightly I was worried about breaking it when trying to unscrew it as the print-on instructions are hard to read while ducking your head inside a dishwasher, though eventually, I figured I'd just put as much force as needed into unscrewing it and that seemed to work, once it came loose it unscrewed quite easily. As I live in an area with virtually no water hardness (according to the strip) we didn't need to load it with salt, but a funnel does come provided for those who need to load it, to make getting the salt into the sump easier.
      Once you have it plumbed in and your salt (if needed) filled up you're ready to go.

      2) Ease of use:
      There are six programmes to select from and each one seems to serve a particular purpose, one being a quick pre-rinse, one being a fast wash for slightly dirty dishes, one being an economy wash for normally dirty dishes, a quick, hotter wash (58 mins) for normally dirty dishes and finally an intensive 70 deg wash for heavily dirtied dishes. The programmes are selected using a button which cycles through them, each one represented by a yellow LED and a guide to the washes is provided to the left of the control panel. Additionally there is a half-load button which presumably uses less water for a half loaded washer, there are two other LEDs on the panel too, one letting you know you're out of rinse-aid and one letting your know you're out of salt.
      All in all, this is a very easy to use dishwasher, I only wish it had a fast-forward and long-dry buttons.

      3) Quality of cleaning
      So far the quality of cleaning has been great, though I've noticed that glasses have been getting scratches, this is due to too much detergent, which corrodes and scratches glass and as the dishwasher is half-sized a full tablet is too much for it. You should either use powdered detergent if possible, or chop your tablets in half, cutting them in half though requires lots of pressure with a sharp knife until they snap and I'd suggest using some form of eye-protection, or being careful as the tablets contain strong bases (like lye) which can easily blind you if you get enough in your eye. I've heard the liquid detergent is less harsh on glasses so it may be best to buy a few small packs of different stuff (liquid, tablet, powder) and see what's best for you and your dishes.
      The dishwasher can have problems with burnt in food that would usually require steel wool to remove, for this I'd suggest hand scrubbing after a cycle in your dishwasher.

      4) Loading and unloading
      The dishwasher has lots of options for loading and most of them are pretty good, personally I've had to move the top rack higher as our large plates catch the top arm unless it's moved up, this makes the fold-up racks above the top racks almost redundant (only useful for holding wine glasses by the stem) so I've popped three of them off (they can be put back on in a few seconds you wish) and use the fourth for wine glasses. There are plenty of options for the bottom rack, with one set of plate holders folding down allowing you to fit oven dishes, frying pans or woks, for smaller pots I'd recommend the top rack, as you can squeeze more dishes in this way.
      The cutlery basket is oddly designed, with many slits for cutlery to slip in to, at first this was a pain in the backside as our forks would only fit in 4 of the largest slits (there are about 50 in total) and our small pairing knives wouldn't fit either. The slits are a lattice like design so what I did was cut out 4 big holes by cutting 4 pieces of lattice for each of the 4 holes, the plastic is soft and easy to cut and now I've four big spaces for larger cutlery I really appreciate the smaller ones as it stops things like spoons laying on top of each other and not being cleaned as a result. If you have problems with small holes; make your own, it is your dishwasher after all.

      5) Drying
      The dishwasher doesn't dry all that well, though none of the new A-rated washers do now as I understand, I'd say it gets dishes about 80% dry, leaving it closed after the wash finishes allows condensation to build form on dishes as they cool, which makes them damper. For completely dry dishes I'd recommend starting a wash in the evening, opening the door once it's done and leaving it cracked open until morning, by then they'll have air-dried that last 20% and you'll be golden.


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      11.11.2013 22:51
      Very helpful



      A bit disappointing, but ok for the price

      Having previously bought a Beko fridge freezer and being happy with that, I decided to go for the Beko brand again when looking for a dishwasher. I read a few reviews of similar models to the DSFN1534 and they got great write ups by all accounts, so I went ahead and ordered it. I paid £210 from ao.com, including free delivery, which I thought was a good price. It is currently for sale at £240.

      SET UP

      I didn't pay for installation, so it was up to Mr Felixboo to get the dishwasher installed. We were putting it into a space previously occupied by our washing machine, and were hoping that the plumbing required would be the same. Thankfully it was and the job was quick and easy. The dishwasher has 4 adjustable feet to ensure it is standing flat, but our floor must be pretty level, because we didn't need to fiddle around with these. We switched it on and ran a cycle without any dishes inside, as recommended in the manual. Naturally, I wanted to run the quickest cycle for the test run, and that's when I came to the first hurdle. The programme chart provided makes absolutely no sense! It appears that all of the information in the chart has been randomly placed rather than put into the boxes which correspond to the correct programme. So, for instance, the description of the rapid cycle says it takes 58 mins, but the figures section of the chart says it takes 30 mins. (Incidentally, if you select this programme number, it takes neither of these durations to complete). There are other similar discrepancies, and I am left not knowing what any of the programmes actually are. I just select one at random now, it doesn't seem to make any difference!


      This machine is said to hold 12 place settings. I think that is probably a fair assessment, but only if you're not putting in any pans or oven dishes, just the plates, bowls, cups etc used to eat with. The upper basket has a height adjustment feature, but I haven't found this to be particularly useful - my oven trays still don't fit in the bottom basket, regardless of how high the top basket is. I find the spacing of the racking in the upper basket quite infuriating. I'm not sure what (if anything) it has been designed for. Small baby/toddler sized bowls go in ok, but ordinary adult sized bowls just don't fit. I have to put these in the lower basket where there is a section with wider spaced racking. The lower basket is better designed. The rear half has the capability to fold down, either completely or in portions, to allow you to place a variety of items or combinations of items inside. The left hand side has wider spaced racks which work well for items such as pasta bowls, while the right hand side has closer spaced racks designed for plates. The cutlery basket can be moved from left to right which gives good versatility. I should mention here that when I opened the dishwasher after only the second or third use, I noticed that part of the racking had bent completely out of shape. I have no idea how it happened, perhaps the contents shifted around during the cycle. I was able to bend it most of the way back, but it's not perfect. I feel this is indicative of it's low-ish quality.

      One of the things that attracted me to this particular model was the fact that the control panel is located inside the machine. With an inquisitive toddler in the house this was an absolute essential for me. The only button on the outside is the start/pause button, and since the power button is inside, my little one couldn't start a cycle unless I had neglected to turn the machine off. I do wish there was some kind of child lock or door lock though. Once he is a bit taller, there is nothing to stop him from opening the door mid-cycle and potentially being injured by escaping steam.


      As far as cleanliness goes I have no complaints with this dishwasher. Everything comes out as clean as if I had hand washed it, if not cleaner. It is particularly effective at getting greasy utensils clean, and at removing the orange stains of baby food from plastic feeding spoons. It seems a bit too intensive for some items though - the handles of my kitchen knives are looking rather faded. I also don't like the squeaky feel of the glassware, but that's a personal issue I think!

      Drying is another matter. When I unload the dishwasher almost every item has to be hand dried with a tea towel. I also find that small beakers and small tupperware tend to get flipped over during the cycle, meaning that when I come to take them out at the end, they are completely full of water. Sometimes they have found their way onto their sides and I don't realise there is water inside until it's too late and it has spilled all over the items in the lower basket. Perhaps I just need more practice at loading the dishwasher, but I do find this annoying.


      I had never owned a dishwasher before, so perhaps some of my gripes with the Beko DSFN1534 are true of most, I don't know. I've used dishwashers in holiday cottages and at family members' houses though. and don't recall having any issues. My impression is that this model is decidedly average. I can't say that there's anything amazing about it, but then there's nothing awful either. It functions, just not as well as I would have liked. In the time it takes to load it, unload it and dry everything I could have washed it all by hand. It leaves me wondering why I bothered to get a dishwasher at all.


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  • Product Details

    The Beko DSFN1534W Freestanding Dishwasher in White is both efficient and reliable. It can cater for up to 12 full place settings more than enough room for plates and crockery after those special occasions with friends and family. For quieter times the Half Load function adjusts the water and energy used by the appliance to the required level for the current wash helping to keep your running costs down. This model has also been A+ rated in its Energy Efficiency as well as its Wash and Dry performances. If time is not an issue select the Eco Wash function. Although the cycle is longer the energy used is lower than a standard wash. Again helping you save money on your energy bills.The Beko DSFN1534W model has 5 programmes which include Intensive Pre-Wash Rapid Economy and Quick Wash.