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Beko DW686 60cm 13 Place Integrated Dishwasher with LCD Display

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2 Reviews
  • works beautifully
  • Lots of programs to choose from
  • Challenging to install
  • Some cycles take a long time to finish
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    2 Reviews
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      11.04.2015 18:18
      Very helpful


      • "works beautifully"


      • none

      nice dishwasher,works well

      We hаve аn аpаrtment in the citу but we cook like people with а professionаl kitchen. I got reаllу tired of dishes аnd our lаndlord didn't let us get а built-in.
      It is lаrger thаn уou might think. It bаrelу fit under the upper cаbinet edge. There аre some limitаtions to dishwаshers so аs long аs уou follow the rules, this one works beаutifullу. I mаke sure to turn off the wаter supplу аfter the cуcle finishes. Once а week or so, I wаsh out the filter (it unscrews from the bottom inside), even if there isn't something visible...to help remove residue.
      I don't put items thаt аre full of food into it. in other words scrаpe уour plаtes (duh). I cаn fit 1 or 2 pots into it аlso, helps get them squeаkу cleаn but theу аre аrrаnged correctlу so thаt the wаter cаn move аround. Mу biggest dinner plаtes hаve to go in аt аn аngle аnd therefore cаnnot wаsh а lot of these аt once. If thаt is something уou need to do regulаrlу, I would tаke thаt into considerаtion. We аre mostlу а smаll household аt mу plаce. Once in а while, уou cаn cleаn out the build-up...I stаrt аn emptу wаsh with а 1/3 cup of vinegаr аnd а pаcket of lemon kool-аid or уou could use lemon juice I guess.
      I use the powdered cаscаde totаl (the one thаt hаs rinse аid included). Mу dishes аre spotless аnd literаllу squeаkу cleаn.

      So,all in all,i recommend it highly.


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      25.01.2015 13:24
      Very helpful


      • "Automatically restarts if it is accidentally opened while it is running"
      • "Effective cleaning"
      • "Auto-sensing programme"
      • "Lots of programs to choose from"
      • "Not greedy with salt or rinse aid"
      • "Lots of space"
      • "Very quiet when running"


      • "Challenging to install"
      • "Some cycles take a long time to finish"
      • "Very annoying alarm to say it is finished"

      Very good and effective dishwasher, but annoying beeping at the end of the cycle

      We selected this dishwasher due to it having a large size (13 place settings), an A++ energy rating and a low water consumption (10 litres per cycle). It also said that it would run very quietly compared to other dishwashers at 44 dB.

      We installed it ourselves which wasn't the easiest task and took us about 3 hours (my husband and I are both Engineers so we thought this was a long time!). The most difficult tasks were getting it level and fitting our cupboard door front to the outside. Connecting it to the incoming water pipe and the waste outlet was straightforward.

      After it was installed we had no problems running it. I do not have a way of measuring the energy efficiency or water use, but we do find that it runs very quietly. It will also comfortably fit all our items from the day in one go, meaning we only have to run it once per day. If we have family over the large capacity is very useful. It is possible to fold down some of the racks to create more room and you can also easily move the cutlery basket to different positions. Sometimes I have used it for large items such as oven shelves, and it washes these really well.

      We normally use Fairy dish-washing capsules and following the instructions, we adjusted the rinse aid levels to counter this. There is a special setting on the dishwasher for when you are using capsules so that it adjusts the levels of salt that it uses. Through this we have found that it will clean effectively and we only have to replace salt and rinse aid after 6+ months.

      My favourite programme to use is the auto-sensing, especially for very dirty items. The dishwasher stops when it senses the water is running clean. The cycle time changes depending on how much cleaning is needed. The Quick and Clean cycle is also useful, but it is quite long at just over an hour. There is a Rapid cycle of 30 minutes but when we have used this we have found that the items have not dried very well. There are 8 programs in total but we only tend to use the Auto-Sensing and Quick and Clean.

      The dishwasher does clean the items well most of the time. On some things, like glasses, it can leave a residue after rinsing that dries on hard, and I have to wash this off manually. I found that after increasing the rinse aid amount this problem reduced significantly. It usually gets saucepans clean, but struggles with really dried on food. A second run of the item in another cycle usually does the trick.

      Overall we are very happy with the dishwasher, except for one thing. It announces the end of a cycle with a loud and persistent beeping, which goes on for several minutes. It often interrupts us while we are watching TV and we have to go and switch it off.


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  • Product Details

    Beko Premium Fully Integrated Dishwasher / Manufacturer BekoEfficiency ratings A+AAKey featuresLCD control panelElectronic programme selectionPlace setting capacity 138 wash programes6 wash temperaturesTime delayHalf load optionTurbo fan dryingNoise level 44 dB(A)Height adjustable upper basketFolding racks on upper basketRemovable cutlery basketFolding plate supports in lower basketSalt & rinse aid indicator lightsWater consumption 10 LitresDimensions (mm)Height 820 Width 598 Depth 548 / Short name: Beko DW686

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