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    5 Reviews
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      04.11.2012 14:52
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A dishwasher that is moderately priced and cleans dishes well - Beko DWD 5410 W

      By far the 2 most loved electrical items in our home are the Beko DWD 5410 W dishwasher and our tumble dryer. We bought the dishwasher 2 years ago from Currys for approximately £250 and part funded by my wife's mum who had been staying with for a couple of weeks while on holiday. It is still available from AppliancesOnline.co.uk for £189 plus delivery charges and despite being upgraded to the 5411 is still a great machine. It comes complete with hoses. Components are still available from the like of Amazon and includes new motor and spray pump, lower spray arm and replacement wheels. You can also view the manual online at a variety of locations.

      The machine fitted easily in the back of our car and my wife and I carried it in to the house and within minutes had it connected up the water and waste supplies.

      It has 5 settings on the machine each of which is displayed on the front to the right of the main dial and between it and the main power on button. In reality, of the 5 available programmes we only tend to use one - programme 4 which, offers the best economy option for us - about 1 and a half hours. Certainly it offers a quick rinse which lasts approximately 30 minutes but is not for washing soiled dishes and there are extended programmes and higher temperatures. The machine is rated AAA, so is highly energy efficient.

      The dishwasher has power on / off, start and display lights for salt and rinse aid although being in a soft water area the use of salt is relatively low - in fact I don't recall buying a new bag since we bought the machine.

      The bottom rack has a container for cutlery and plate rack can be folded down for washing the larger items and if necessary the top rack can be raised slightly or removed completely.

      I very rarely buy Beko products as to me they tend to suggest cheap and cheerful, but in the case of the DWD 5410 W it is a great machine and would recommend it to anyone.


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      26.06.2012 14:04
      Very helpful



      I could get used to this....

      I never really had myself down as a "dishwasher person". My usual system of getting my husband to do the job was completely satisfactory to me. I never really saw the need to buy a dishwasher, concluding that they took up too much kitchen space, cost a lot to run and took ages to do a job that would normally take a couple of minutes.

      Despite this, I always noticed that people who own dishwashers claim that they can't live without them, I suppose a bit like life before other appliances that we now all take for granted such as washing machines. It's funny how a machine or appliance evolves from being a luxury item, to something that everyone owns (take computers for example!).

      *How I Ended Up With a Dishwasher*

      So, with a dishwasher so low on my list of priorities, how did I end up with one? Well, I moved house recently and the seller was unable to take the dishwasher with him to his new flat, so I ended up with it! For the first few days, I didn't actually bother with it, and then, faced with a mountain of washing up one evening, I finally decided to take the plunge and give it a go....

      *The Beko DWD5410*

      This model comes in two colours, either white or silver, as noted by either a W or S at the end of the model number. Apart from the colour, the two machines are identical.
      The machine is a Beko, which I had mixed feelings about. I reviewed my Beko fridge freezer not long ago and it wasn't a glowing review. It didn't last long at all. In contrast, I also have a Beko washing machine, which is fantastic, so I was hoping the dishwasher would be more like the latter than the former.

      The control panel on the front of the dishwasher is very simple. It consists of a dial and two buttons. That is all. The dial sets the wash programme, the large button is the power button and the smaller button starts or stops the wash programme.

      *Working the machine*

      As I am a complete novice when it comes to dishwashers, I downloaded the user manual for the model, which was available via the Beko website. The manual explained that as well as detergent, I would need to purchase rinse aid and dishwasher salt. The machine has two LEDs on the front which indicate that the level of rinse aid or salt is too low and the machine will not work until these are topped up. Many dishwasher tablets today contain rinse aid, so Beko recommends that only basic detergent is used in this machine, rather than tablets containing salt and rinse aid.

      The door of the machine opens downwards and the receptacles for the detergent and rinse aid are inside the door. I had to flip up a panel and pour in the rinse aid, which is only a couple of quid from the supermarket. Once the rinse aid receptacle is full, the clear indicator turns dark. The rinse aid only needs to be topped up every 40-60 washes and you can vary how much is dispensed by using the dial. In hard water areas, you need to turn the setting on the dial higher.
      Next to the rinse aid receptacle is the detergent compartment. I just pop a dishwasher tablet in and flip the door shut. Easy! Dishwasher tablet vary wildly in price. The basic ones cost about £2 for 40, the eco ones are about £4 for 20 and the top of the range ones cost about £10 for 30, so dishwashing can be an expensive business.

      The last item I needed to remember was salt. Salt is needed to soften the water. The receptacle for the salt is a bit trickier to locate. It is actually inside the dishwasher itself, on the bottom. I had to reach in and unscrew it and pour the salt in using a funnel. It is important to buy proper dishwasher salt and not table salt. The machine takes about 2kg of salt, but this lasts a long time. I found this job fiddly and messy and the salt was going everywhere. There should be an easier way.

      *Wash programs*

      There are 5 wash programs in all.

      1. Pre wash with no heat.
      2. Rapid 35 degrees
      3. Economy 50 degrees
      4. Normal 60 degrees
      5. Intensive 70 degrees
      I have not found any need to use any program other than number 3, which has been adequate for my needs.

      *Loading the Machine*

      The machine has capacity for 12 place settings, which is more than enough for most families. I tend to load it up throughout the day, starting at breakfast and then run it after tea in the evening.

      The top of the dishwasher is for cups and large items. I can load 6 cups down each side, but I can also put cups next to them, meaning I could get 24 cups on the top tray (If I had 24 cups!). I Use the large item section for things like pans or trays.
      The bottom section has segments for plates at the front and bowls at the back. You just stand the plates up in a row. This section also has a removable basket for cutlery, which I find very useful.
      There are certain rules for loading the dishwasher. You must not obstruct the spinning washer blades and all cups must be placed in the dishwasher upside down, or they will fill up with water. I know this sounds obvious, but I actually made a mistake with this!


      Then you just flip the door shut, press the start button and that is it. The machine rumbles around for an hour or so and then the contents are nice and shiny. I actually read that using a dishwasher can work out cheaper and uses less water than washing up items by hand, but I suppose this would depend on the circumstances of the household. This particular model is AAA rated, so I don't worry too much about it using up too much energy.


      Other than keeping the salt and rinse aid topped up, the only other maintenance is to check the 3 internal filters every few months or so and to wipe the machine down with a damp cloth. When it is not being used, it is a good idea to prop the door slightly ajar with a tea towel to prevent odours.

      *Am I converted?*

      Well, reluctantly yes! I am using the dishwasher every day and I love it! I find it saves me a lot of time, and as I suffer from eczema on my hands, it is a lot kinder to my skin than using rubber gloves.
      The machine is pretty reliable, although I do find that occasionally it can be a little glitch or quirky. For example, sometimes it seems to take hours to wash the dishes and at other times it seems to be over in less than an hour. The end result is the same, so I am not overly concerned.

      Another slight gripe is that occasionally, there appear to be grainy, sandy deposits on some of the cups. This only happens very occasionally and if I put them through again, they come out sparkling clean. I'm not sure of the reason for these deposits though.
      In conclusion, I really like my Beko dishwasher. It is easy and simple to use and saves me quite a lot of time in the kitchen, although, to be perfectly honest, I still view it more of a luxury item than an essential.

      I paid £100 for this second had, but I believe a brand new dishwasher costs about £400, which I consider quite expensive


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      14.01.2010 12:30
      1 Comment



      Will never purchase another Beko dishwasher again.

      Avoid! avoid! avoid!
      I purchased this model last august

      Firstly I noticed that it wasnt getting the pots as clean as one would expect, I first thought maybe it had something to do with the tablets I was using so changed to a more expensive brand hoping that would solve the problem, Unfortuanly it didnt solve the problem, In the end I had to rinse the pots in the sink prior to loading them in the dishwasher.

      Then I noticed a leak coming from around the door so had to have a new door seal fitted...

      The final straw came was when it suddenly made a high pitched screaming sound and then stopped!! leaving a pool of dirty water at the bottom, we got a beko engineer out who was shocked to find that the circulation pump had gone on it!!

      The beko service people were excellent and sorted it all out for me but thats not the point, you don't expect to get any problems with a brand new appliance that is under a year old


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        03.09.2009 12:10



        Poor but simple to use

        To be honest we had a few problems with this item. the dirt from the dishes floated around in the dishwasher and covered everything else in sauces and food stains. Its okay for things like plates cups, forks and knives etc, but pots and pans need to be washed by hand as this particular dishwasher doesnt seem to cope very well. There are a range of heat and programme settings and used with a high quality dishwasher tablet really can bring up your basic items to a brilliant shine. Requires cleaning about every 6-8 weeks with a dishwasher cleaning liquid to achieve the best results. Its all about how you stack it too, cups tend to do better on the top shelf than on the bottom. dishes are extremely hot when the wash cycle is finished so allow time for cooling before putting them away. Easy to clean filter. It just lifts out and can be rinsed under the tap. Watch out for clogs under the filter as this can block the drain!!!


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        07.08.2009 16:39
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        I would definitely recommend this dishwasher to everyone !

        As I said on Monday my new dishwasher came. I ordered a Beko 5410S the S being for silver. I really wasn't to worried what I got white or silver as long as I didn't have to do the dishes any longer!! I ended up with the silver as this could be delivered on the following Monday or a 3 week wait for the white one. It cost me £20 more for silver though!!

        I'm always a little bit uneasy about using new electrical goods and usually leave it a couple of days before I attempt to try them out, but my hands have had enough of being dunked in bowls of water over the last few days
        ( you wouldn't believe it, but no one else seems to know how to wash up or what a tea towel is!). So this was opened as soon as it reached my kitchen!

        Luckily there was not a lot of packaging just cardboard on the top and bottom, polysturene surrounding it, covered in a heavy plastic. It looked very nice and did make a change from my old white one, it did at least match my washing machine!.

        The booklet looked easy reading and the best bit was the quick reference
        guide that is clearly laid out on one piece of paper.

        This is a 12 place setting machine with 5 different programmes being:

        No.1 Pre-Wash~~~~~ No Heat
        Pre-wash to rinse and loosen residue awaiting full load then select a programme. 14 minutes

        No.2 Rapid~~~~~ 35c degrees
        Lightly Soiled dishes 30 minute programme.

        No3. Economy~~~~~50c degrees
        Most economic programme for normally soiled dishes. 136 minutes

        No.4 Qucik and Clean~~~~~60c degrees
        Normally soiled dishes A class cleaning in 58 minutes.

        No.5 Intensive~~~~~70c degrees
        Heavily soiled dishes requiring hot pre-wash. 115 minutes.

        Now I knew all this I could begin, I filled it up with salt and rinse aid. Then
        I found this tiny strip attached to a piece of paper, what was this then?
        It was for me to test the water in my area for lime as this dishwasher has to have lime free water,( you have a dial that you select from to turn to which number you need). You remove the test strip from the paper and turn on your cold tap, let it run for about a minute, fill up a glass and dip the strip
        into the water for 1 second. Shake and wait for 1 minute to see how many of the little boxes on it will change colour. Mine did only 1, so that means when I use my machine for the first time I have to turn the programme knob to position 1, while keeping the start/stop button pressed in and switch the machine on at the on/off button. I was thinking I will probaly muck this up and put the wrong setting in, but it was very straight forward and I continued with the rest of the instructions and Hey Presto it was done!!

        This dishwasher seems more solid than the one I had before and the racks just glide out very easily. On the top shelf the layout was completely different as you can put large dishes across the top ( like oblong casserole
        dishes and pots). This was because you can fold the top racks arms up and make more space. There are 3 seperate baskets to put your dishes in,
        large and heavy dishes in the lower basket, small light and delicate items in the higher basket and the knife and fork basket. I removed the lid from the basket that seperates them as this is a nightmare to use quickly if you are in a hurry and haven't the time to stand and do each one individually.

        On the front of the dishwasher you will find the word Beko with just below
        it is a large knob that has a green LED light and the number 1 on the top,
        you can the turn this clockwise to the following programmes 2, 3, 4 and 5.
        Next to this is the Rinse Aid indicator light this is a green LED light which
        will come on if low. Beneath this is the Start/Stop button that just pushes in
        and out. Next is the Salt Level Indicator this is a green LED light which again will come on if getting low. The next LED along is the Wash which is green and stays on during the wash then beneath this is the End LED light that comes on when finished. Further along you then have the different programmes set out to choose from. These is AAAclass symbol then the
        On/Off power button that pushes in and out.

        What I really like about this machine is when you have finished loading in the dirty dishes on the top of the door the programmes are all written
        up very clearly for you to read and choose. While I'm still new to this it comes in very handy! This is a very quite machine as well. I would say that
        this is a very easy machine to use and so far it has done a fantastic job.
        I got this machine by ordering it from Comet without going to have a look at it and was not dissappointed with it all!!

        I paid £219.00 for this dishwasher with free delivery and I only had to wait
        about 6 days for it to come from Comet, but don't forget if you want it in
        white it is £20 cheaper!!!


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        Short name: Beko DWD5410

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