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Bosch SGS46E02 Exxcel

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    1 Review
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      14.05.2007 23:28
      Very helpful


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      A quality machine and value for money

      I have to admit this was the appliance out of the six recently bought for the new kitchen that has given me personally the greatest satisfaction.
      The old Dishwasher gave up heating the water just before Christmas and since then yours truly has been donning the rubber gloves and scrubbing the pots and pans.
      So it was a momentous day when the first load was put in the Bosch and I sat back and wasted fifteen minutes watching mindless soap opera.

      Why the Bosch SGS46E02GB

      I have worked in the motor trade for over 20 years and in that time I came to admire Bosch as a supplier of fuel injection systems, electrical controls and various other car components. They are reliable, have excellent after sales service and very approachable should a fault become a major problem, indeed it is Bosch who often sort out a product fix long before the car manufacturer has got to grips with it.

      So with that in mind it was a fairly easy choice to put Bosch on the shopping list. But which one?

      Bosch arranges their products rather like cars, they have three ranges; Classixx, Exxcel and Logixx being the top of the range with most of the built-in range also Logixx models. Like most things I buy I tend to go for the middle ground and won’t buy the cheapest or the most expensive. The excel range mostly have enhanced features or maybe wider programme choice, my philosophy of the less complicated, the less to go wrong steered me to this machine, which has all the programmes you’ll ever need, but it has more flexibility in loading having more adjustment of racks and containers.

      I went for a freestanding model, rather than built-in as the kitchen built around it was designed for flexibility, so the house could be sold with the appliances or not, and/or rented out with cheaper appliance fitted, and the price of built-in appliances is crazy anyway

      The SGS46E02GB sits at the bottom end of their mid range dishwashers and at £255 it fitted the budget nicely as I was planning on more like £300. A trip to Comet confirmed this had all the features we needed, but they were £30 adrift of Sainsbury’s Kitchen Appliances price, so they got the order.

      Life with the Bosch

      As you would expect from a Germany company the product comes well packed and well finished. Having purchased British and Italian products and found dents in the panels and bolts in the packaging it is refreshing to know that the Germans can be relied upon to supply their products that can be used straight away and not worry if that bolt in the bottom of the box means the motor will fall out on first use.

      The machine was indeed well packed and the interior racks and accessories took some time to remove the tape and polystyrene transit packing. Now one tip I have for installing Dishwashers is make sure you insulate them well. I have read a number of Dishwasher reviews whose reviewers have mentioned they were meant to be one of the less noisy machines, but they have not found them so. Dishwashers have their pumps mounted to the base frame, and although they are insulated to varying degrees, much of the noise is transmitted around the frame of the dishwasher. As most dishwashers will fit snugly into fitted kitchens the sound from your dishwasher will be transmitted through to the units and floor (especially wood floors). So when installing add some sticky backed foam pads on the sides of the machine and rubbers pads on the feet, this way you will not transmit the sound onto the floor or kitchen units which act as an amplifier, although make sure you leave a small ventilation gap between the top and your work surface. And lastly if you can give your Dishwasher and for that matter Washing Machine a separate drain pipe, rather than run it in with the sink waste as every time the washers empty water out, the noise comes straight up the sink plug and you get an unpleasant gurgling and spluttering of waste water.

      When first using the machine it is imperative to gauge the hardness of your water (your supplier will have details of the hardness rating) compare this to the instruction manual and adjust the machines salt capacity, even if you use 3 in 1 or higher detergent tablets in hard water areas you will need to add salt to the softener camber and your dishwashers life will be extended as well. Bosch machines are set up at 4 of a scale of 1 to 8 and the adjustments are made on the programme selector. Also the rinse aid chamber has a dial to adjust to water hardness to stop streaking when drying.
      If using all in one tablets the salt and rinse aid warning lights can be cancelled again on the programme selector following the instruction manual.

      So to loading the machine. The top rack on this machine is removable and is secured with quick release levers on the pull out rails. In its place a water spray jet can be fitted where the spray arm has been removed. This is great for washing large pans and baking trays.

      The top rack it self is arranged with 4 slopping cup and glass supports and 2 fold down top trays for larger cutlery items and a row of vertical pegs for small plates and bowls. Half of the pegs can be folded down as well as the glass supports for extra room if needed. The top rack has a neat trick, in that it can be raised or lowered dependant on your load requirements. The rack will drop by about three inches and run on the lower of the two sets of rollers. Two blue handles on the rack release the basket to sit on the lower set of rollers. This does however decrease the space in the bottom rack height wise, with plate size of 25cm fitting at lower setting and 34cm at higher setting. We use the top rack on its higher setting and mainly use it for cups, glasses and small pans.

      The bottom rack has similar adjustment on the back row of pegs allowing four different positions. The front rows of pegs are for larger plate and are fixed. It is here where the cutlery basket is located, again the basket can fit lengthways or widthways and has 2 pullout handles.

      Once you get the hang of the rack arrangements and loading you see a lot of thought has gone into the design of this machine and the flexibility of the racks and supports are great. We can get most of our baking trays and all of the set of pans will fit with ease. The washing up from a Sunday roast for 8 people went in with a bit of juggling and with a quick rinse in the sink to get the worst of the gravy off the plates there were no rejects come the end of the cycle, something our old Ariston would not have coped with both wash wise or space wise.

      There are basically five programmes with five different heat settings and a pre-rinse function. Each programme once selected shows the length of time, the wash temp. And drying temp and once happy with that after a few seconds the machine goes into its cycle, which can be changed at any time up to the drying cycle.

      The Dishwasher has a half load feature where less water and detergent is used, also drying time is cut.

      There is also a delay function where the wash cycle start can be delayed up to 19 hours, very useful for washing at night to take advantage of economy 7 tariff electricity.

      Overall I am very satisfied with this machine, the quality of the plates and cutlery is very good with tablets and using salt, rinse aid and powder you just have to get the salt setting right for a streak free finish. In hard water areas I would recommend using salt in the chamber as well as all in one tablet as I feel the tablets do not have enough salt action in them for really hard water. You can set the salt at low level and use the all in ones, this way you don’t use to much salt.

      The medium programme takes care of most Sunday roasts, and have only used the intensive programme for dried on egg once and pan came up clean first go. Most washes we use are a quick wash which we set on the time function to do over night. There is a small residue of water on a quick wash as the drying temperature and time is reduced, but a small dribble of water is acceptable to me.

      The only programme I don’t use is the Eco setting. Tut, Tut I here you say. You would think that the Eco programme would be a shorter run, but in fact it runs for over 142 minutes which is as long as the intensive programme. The Eco part coming from the fact it uses half the amount of water and heats to 50 oC instead of 60 oC. But the results were poor with reduced drying and discoloured water left behind, whilst I am all for reducing my carbon footprint I think the quick wash is more suitable for reducing electricity consumption.

      Yes it is quiet enough to let it wash over night, other reviews have noted it as not a quiet as they were lead to understand, but read my advice above and you should have as nice quiet machine.

      Cleaning is easy on the machine, the filter is located at the front for ease of removal and once the screw is loosened the whole filter assembly is accessible. I run a finish cleaner bottle through every 4-6 weeks which keeps any grease and lime scale at bay


      I am very pleased with the Dishwasher it has lived up to its name and price bracket and have no reservations in recommending it.

      For full specifications go to



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    • Product Details

      This brilliant dishwasher from Bosch offers great cleaning ability every time, and with it's A rating for cleaning performance and spacious capacity of 12 place settings it is an ideal choice for almost any household / Short name: Bosch SGS46E02

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