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    3 Reviews
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      24.07.2010 18:58


      • Reliability


      Bosch SKT5102GBPlumbed in today and gave it a test run following manufacturer's recommendations regards to detergent, rinse aid & salt and I have to say I'm impressed with the results.Fits perfectly into a standard base unit, so suitable for any kitchen and of course being a Bosch its a quality product.Very compact, economical machine. 10/10


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      29.07.2009 09:38
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      perfect aid in the kitchen

      We bought this kind of dishwasher when there was a 50 pounds discount on it. It is small enough to fit my kitchen. As I cook every day for 4 of us, I have to start it 3 times in two days on average. I wash glasses, plates and dishes in it. I prefer washing the cutlery myself. I am satisfied with it, it is powerful and always washes the dishes clean. I use salt to soften the water. This is a basic thing for washing the dishes clean! There are several types of water softeners for dishwashers, I prefer that one which is made of small crystals or granules to pure powder. I don't use tablets because one is too much in this small washing machine, and I don't feel comfortable to cut it into two every day. I use the cheapest washing powder and rinse as well. Rinse is not important but makes glasses glittering.
      It uses only 10 litre of water, so it is much more effective than me, and is A category in energy consumption during the washing process, B in drying the dishes. Has 5 programmes. I usually use the first 3. The first is the longest, takes about 2 hours or longer for pots that have food dried in, the second is for plates and glasses and the third for glasses. When you have a lot of dishes that are freshly used, you can use the 3rd programme even if you put pots in it.
      The only thing that is negative for me is the noise it makes. It is not a quiet washing machine. I heard other washing machines at friends, relatives and I have to admit that our washing machine is louder than average.
      I buy Sainsbury's washing powder (the large box) and is enough for 2 month at least. It is about 7 pounds. I buy water softener salt from Tesco (shop's brand). It is enough for 3-4 month. I don't remember the price but it was about 5 pounds. So the biggest investment is buying this machine. Ours was 250 pounds and I'm absolutely satisfied with it.


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      21.04.2009 11:35
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Top cleaning ability! Excellent build quality! Designed by people who Care!

      Bosch SKT5102 Compact Dishwasher- White

      We purchased this dishwasher when my DH decided he'd rather pay out his
      hard earned cash than bend over our wee sink one more night.
      We're both quite tall and had only really discovered our sink is as low as it is
      as we aged. When we were younger it was no problem to lean over all the
      time whilst washing dishes. Later we'd tried putting a second basin under the one with the dishes in it but that didn't really work out properly so we reverted to using the sink and experienced increasing back pain as we did.
      Why are UK sinks set at the average height of people way back in 1950 something?
      Don't sink manufacturers realise we've all grown since then!

      I digress.
      The Bosch was a huge success. So much so, when it finally 'died' on us around eighteen months ago, we immediately got a another dishwasher ...
      not a Bosch ... I though back then that All dishwashers were them same ... Oh Dear Me ... How Wrong can somebody be! ...
      but more of that on DooYoo at a later date.

      There's only two of us but we tend to use dishes in what is thought of as
      'bachelor fashion'. That is we use dishes up as we go along, not bothering to wash any between meals only at the end of the day and always ensuring
      there's plenty of dishes in the cupboard to cover our next meal's demands.

      We were lucky enough to always have kept to using glass and Woolworth's
      china, something that was always cheap and available. It's neither now sorry to say.
      That meant getting the dishwasher didn't throw up any "Will it go in the
      dishwasher" quires that most folks might experience in the same position.

      The way this great little dishwasher is laid out is a total dream.
      I didn't realise it at the time but was simply grateful that the Bosch designers had obviously put a Lot of thought into its layout and affects that would have on its capacity. There's a place for everything you might want to put in there. I personally never had to revert to using the cup rack but apart from that it was a total dream to use.
      Not too noisy.
      We could hardly hear it in the next room and in council flat, that's quite a

      It held all our dishes. Three meals full, cutlery and baking utensils, casserole
      dishes, you name it ... it held them. No problems whatsoever and with the
      addition of excellent advise in the users manual that came with the machine.

      In that users manual there was a hint that Everyone should be aware of,
      especially in these Difficult times financially speaking ...
      The Bosch User Manual stated quite Clearly that I should *never* use as
      much cleaning product as might be recommended by said product's

      Back then it was Only powder that was available and Finish's
      recommendation was to use at least two heaped tablespoons full in every wash.
      The Bosch manual said I would need "less than one third" of that.
      Well that, and the fact that we in Glasgow have some of the softest water in the country, meant I only had to use less than a desert-spoonful!

      Their wise council also helped teach me that anything that attempted to have me use far more than that in any dishwasher was tantamount to conning myself out of the best the Bosch machine could do wash wise.
      Using too much 'dishwasher detergent', whatever form it comes in, means your machine will not work at its best and you are, most likely, significantly shortening its life-cycle by quite a few years.

      So, I never ever use Dishwasher Tablets, Gels, Buds, or whatever else the
      big name brands try to sell us in their fancy TV ad campaigns. I Always used
      powder and I know from Experience that it saves me many many pounds a
      year to do so.

      I can't speak for folks who live with a daily battle against lime scale, such as in the south-east of England, I only know that, if you water is Anything other than 'hard' then you'll Never Ever Need to use anything other than basic dishwasher powder in any Bosch machine.

      I can recommend this brand of dishwasher to anyone.
      I miss mine Greatly and the very first time we have enough cash in hand,
      we're throwing away the one we have just now and buying another these.

      I''ll finish (pun) with just a few of the reasons I love this great little Bosch dishwasher:

      Free 2 year guarantee.

      The compact Bosch SKT5102 dishwasher is ideal for smaller households, or
      when an additional overflow dishwasher is required.
      Designed for use on worktops, its only just bigger than the average microwave, and has the capacity for 4 place settings as well as fold-able plate supports.

      The SKT5102 dishwasher provides pre-rinse plus 4 wash programmes
      including glass setting for the same flexibility as full-size machines, and has
      the usual additive indicators as well as a sequence indicator.

      The SKT5102 uses just 12 litres of water during a normal 65deg C
      programme, and has a heated air drying system.


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      Short name: Bosch SKT5102GB

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