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Bosch SMS40C02GB Freestanding Dishwasher Classixx

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4 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • works well
  • terrible bottom rack layout
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    4 Reviews
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      07.03.2015 17:51
      Very helpful


      • "works well"


      • "terrible bottom rack layout"

      good looking Bosch dishwasher

      I bought this dishwаsher mаinlу becаuse it wаs the onlу unit I could find thаt would fit under mу 21.5" deep kitchen counter top аnd wаsn't GBP1,000+.
      Аlso, I'd reаd good things аbout Bosch units аnd theу're prettу sexу looking (уeаh, dishwаshers cаn be sexу). In аll honestу, I'm ecstаtic to go from no dishwаsher to this one but for the price it could be better. If уou don't hаve room for а full size unit, just buу а Bosch - уou don't reаllу hаve аnу other options except for super expensive slim models уou'd probаblу hаve to import. It's not bаd but it's not fаntаstic. If it were less expensive I'd sау it wаs good for the price but Bosch products аre no where neаr cheаp аnd the build quаlitу definitelу doesn't reflect the price.

      Cleаns dishes prettу well without precleаning.
      Clаims it requires а rinse аid but mine rаn out а long time аgo аnd I hаven't noticed wаter spots.
      True 22.5" depth (front of door to bаck of unit) meаns it will fit under shаllow cаbinets.
      Sexу looking.
      Fаirlу quiet. For the price though I honestlу thought it'd be quieter.
      Poor rаck lауouts. Top rаck fits cups eаsilу enough but the bottom rаck is neаrlу useless for аnуthing other thаn plаtes or smаll slim bowls. Works fine for just me but if уou're а couple or fаmilу уou'll be running а loаd everу night аnd hаving to get prettу creаtive to fit everуthing in.
      Long cуcle times due to its environmentаllу efficient nаture.
      Much more expensive thаn it should be.
      Cheаp feeling. The whole unit is mаde of plаstic. The door doesn't hаve а releаse lаtch of аnу sort, it just pulls open. It does seаl fine but sounds like something's breаking when уou open it.
      Works well but hаs а terrible bottom rаck lауout. If уou hаve shаllow cаbinets Bosch is reаllу уour onlу option but if уou hаve stаndаrd 25" deep cаbinets, buу something cheаper.


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      29.08.2012 17:20
      Very helpful



      Excellent dishwasher that copes with most thanks to it's functions

      ~Technical Info~ (johnlewis.com)

       A+ energy rating
       Aquamix - Glass protection and water softening system for optimal results
       Self-cleaning filter system keeps the dishwasher in good order without the need for you to periodically empty the filter
       Vario basket system makes unloading cutlery easy
       Silver baskets (without handle)
       3 stage Rackmatic height-adjustable top basket
       Highly efficient water usage with the ActiveWater system
       Residual heat drying system
       DosageAssist dispenses detergent evenly
       Automatic detergent detection
       Aquasensor III, Load Sensor
       Regenerative electronics
       Size - H84.5 x W60 x D60cm


      I purchased this dishwasher for just under £400. It is not the cheapest on the market but is definitely near the lower end of the scale. However don't think this means a lower performance. The first thing you notice is just how quiet it is. Many dishwashers I have owned or used before have been very intrusive, with the sound carrying much further than just the kitchen. This one is by far the quietest I have heard and is at worse a quiet hum. The self-cleaning filter system is very handy. Cleaning the filters is probably something we all don't do regularly enough so this takes the worry away from you.

      It is a full size freestanding dishwasher but it very simply designed so it fits well in your kitchen or utility room. The top rack is height adjustable and the lower racks can be folded away. This is very handy because you can put in different sizes of pales or even cooking utensils and pots and pans. There is also a large item spray head that helps you clean oven shelves.

      It has 6 different programs with the quick wash cleaning slightly dirty items in about half an hour. The time delay setting is also useful if you want it to come on at night so it won't disturb you. However the standard setting is over 2 hours which is quite a long time.

      I have found that this dishwasher cleans very well as long as you have it on the right setting. The quick wash does a great job in a short time but you can't get away with using it on really dirty items. However on the highest settings it will cope with just about anything, even pans that I have left over night with all sorts of dried food in them!


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      25.12.2011 05:14
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Basic Bosch dishwasher with just enough programs, but could be better.

      When our 3-year-old Zanussi finally hit the dust, I secretly wished it would die before its three years were up - it has certainly been the shortest ownership of a large appliance compared to a 23 year old Candy dishwasher in the early 1980's and replaced by a Bosch that ran for 16 years after that, without a hitch. My mother on the other hand was fed up with white appliances, namely because they never matched the silver and black colour scheme she had in mind, and plucked to have a Zanussi dishwasher just because it was black! The problem with a recession these days is that everything including budget brands have increased in price and thus, dulls the difference between cheaply priced and "premium," and there was a time when it came to dishwashers, German companies Miele and Bosch were at the top of their game. Thus, I was a little hesitant to buy Bosch on the basis that there were a few other brands muscling in with the same price tag for a full size dishwasher and when once upon a time, our luxury Bosch was priced as the same price as this latest "basic, first in line" model, I was sceptical as to whether the £300 Bosch SMS40C02GB would be any better.

      First impressions are good from the all-plastic, smooth and flush design with the control panel and a large grab handle at the front of the lightweight, easy to pull down door. The Bosch is fairly compact and a few inches off our old Zanussi, measuring 84.5cm height by 60cm width and 60cm diameter. Unlike our Zanussi and old Bosch before it, the SMS40C02GB has a single twist control dial and few buttons that are clearly labelled. I actually prefer the main control dial, as it seems to repel dirt better than push button controls and for simplicity, the dial rotates either clockwise or anticlockwise with a 360° turn, and a black stripe that sits precisely at line diagrams linking to clearly written wash programs. Once you've selected the right program, push the inner button and the Bosch starts up. In all there are 4 programs and a half load option. Like our old Bosch, there's a digital panel to the right hand side of the door but unlike the last, Bosch have incorporate the "Salt," "Rinse Air," and "3 in 1 tab," indicators in the same panel, presumably to keep all warnings in one place. Above that you get a digital read out, matching the indicators in red, which isn't too dazzling to the eye and can be read from a distance without having to peer closely at the panel. There's even a delay timer with corresponding buttons to bring your Bosch on if you have an Eco or cheaper electricity meter run and as for hot/cold fill, this Bosch can do either - the machine cools down hot water intake so that the enzymes in the detergents can break down with tepid, lukewarm water rather than boiling tap water - so it's good that Bosch can offer both options here.

      Inside the story has changed - and drastically - compared to our middle of the range priced Bosch from the past and it's glinting stainless steel interior - or lack of bright colours inside the SMS40C02GB. This Bosch couldn't look any more basic and cheap if it tried, and as this is the basic starter of Bosch's simple range, "Classixx," it currently retails between £299 and £305 and comes with a standard 2-year guarantee, or £80 for 5 years. Instead of a shiny stainless steel interior, you'll find deep and depressing dark grey plastic that seems to match well with the equally depressing dark grey black metal racks, top and bottom. Bosch describes the racks as being "silver," but it's the darkest shade of silver I've ever seen and much light is needed if you have a dark kitchen. If that wasn't bad enough, there's a clear circular panel pressing to the right hand wall of the dishwasher where it is obvious Bosch have used the same panels as they would with higher priced models in their dishwasher range - and where sadly you won't find an interior light - as is the standard fit that most higher priced dishwashers come with. The omission of an interior light means that the equally dark walls and dark racks create a dark and dingy interior, always impelling the owner to pull the racks all the way out to actually see what they are doing and loading dishes/cutlery in safely. At the rear and top of the inner cavity, you'll find stainless steel, but it has a dull colour to it and doesn't inspire the kind of quality I expected from Bosch.

      Knowingly you may well coo over the fact that the Bosch SMS40C02GB has 12 place settings, but surprisingly, we've found we can accommodate a lot more than the Bosch would have you believe by statistic. This is because Bosch have retained two adjustable prong strips on the bottom rack that can accommodate bowls when placed behind each other, or side plates and/or saucers if they aren't placed on the top rack. Unlike our Zanussi, at long last coffee and tea mugs can be stored easily without fear of falling over and there are the obligatory swing up/swing down wings on the right hand side of the top rack that allow you to put long stem kitchen implements with right angle corners for resting the stem bases of wine glasses and such like; saucers can be locked in at the top through well spaced prongs and on the bottom rack, dishes can be placed with ease, with a good sense of spacing in between each cutlery piece without getting stuck. So it is a pity that where breakfast bowls are supposed to lie down, Bosch have been cost cutting again in not supplying an extra rod at the back that would allow bowls to rest safely - without being bumped when placed centre or resting between the two rods on the bottom rack. The optional folding plate racks means one or two of them have to be folded down in order to avoid bowls being hit by the bottom of the dishwasher door when the rack is being slid in and whilst this is an option, I do like the fact that the folding down racks each have a three height setting allowing you to place any manner of awkward shaped bowls, plates, hob wear or otherwise for bottom rack cleaning - but it is a pity all the same that you have to choose to swing one of the prong racks down in order to create a flatter, more protected surface.

      At the time of purchase however, I was not swayed by the great and dark design of the Bosch's interior, but of the eco-energy savings when comparing the dishwasher in the shop side by side, with a Beko dishwasher at the same price. Though losing two extra place settings that the Beko sported, the energy savings from the Bosch made a lot more sense, having a 14 litre water capacity compared to the 16 litres that the Beko would need in water consumption on the longest and highest temperature wash programme and an "A+" on energy savings outright with "A" for drying performance. Although I can't personally measure the water that the dishwasher has used, the power bills haven't shown an increase in power usage since we bought the Bosch less than 3 months ago. Infact, when it comes to our more recent electricity bill over a 4-month period, in which the dishwasher is working every two days, we've managed to cut £300 off our bill!

      Performance wise, the Bosch isn't all that it makes out to be though and I found this aspect to be the greatest disappointing factor, because if you want the quickest wash setting you'll have to select the 33-minute "Quick Wash" function out of the three remaining programs and not all kinds of food ware get clean properly. For a start, plastics don't get a chance to dry despite the low energy "Eco-saving" 45 °C temperature. Dishes and cutlery come out touch dry but cookware such as Teflon non-stick pans are damp to the touch and I was surprised to find on some pans, grease had not been cleaned off properly. Glassware on the quick programme however, comes out glinting and clear, and apart from grease, other food stains vanish, leaving cutlery and dishes with a sparkling and clean finish. Aside from the 33-minute Quick Wash function, the latter programs are disappointing in their time duration and strangely less-thought out - for example:

      "Normal 65 °C," lasts a total of 2 hr, 15 minutes, or 2 hr and 5 minutes with the half load additional program selected.

      "Economy 50 °C," takes a shockingly long 3 hr and 34 minutes or 2 hours 34 minutes with the half load additional program selected. Brands these days argue that because the longer a lower temperature wash takes these days, the appliance saves the energy for a longer wash.

      "Pre-Rinse" can take up to 15 minutes alone with no option for half load facility.

      "Quick Wash," takes 33 minutes with no option for half load facility.

      For all that Bosch has given the "Classixx," model a basic run of programs, through use the "Eco-friendly," claims can be fully tested. Despite the small amount of water this machine uses in general, why is there no half-load option on a quick wash cycle or pre-rinse time duration options? There was on our old Zanussi! Bosch go to great strengths though of pointing out that their dishwasher has a self protection cleaning filter, but you still have to reach for the main filter to clean it out and luckily it is easy to unlock and lift. Then there's the auto water dosage limiter that never allows the machine to leak and an active water system that allows the right amount of water to be used, again nodding to the "Eco" friendliness - but Bosch aren't the only brands that offer this and the "Active" water intake only occurs on the Eco 50°C long duration wash.

      Outside of the realm of so many safety factors built in, it is disappointing to find Bosch have missed other important areas, such as the fact that that there are no child locks on this model and that Bosch have only limited child safety to a fool proof lock. Then there's the noise - or lack of sound insulation. In general use once the main program kicks in, the Bosch SMS40C02GB gurgles and grunts all too easily, with more evidence of noise from its rotary spin arm under the top rack. Although not disconcerting, you can certainly tell the dishwasher is on and owners in some corners may welcome the light action of the door, but it is clear Bosch have cut corners with the thin panel door against other models in their range that feel far more substantial. This model has a rating of 50 decibels, with the £30 or more model upwards in the Bosch Classixx range having a rating of 48 decibels.

      Where interior design is concerned however, the Bosch fights its corner with a winning, stronger hand with its adjustable height rack and adjustable prongs on the bottom rack. Thanks to its pricing though, it loses out on the "RackMatic," system that allows owners to lift the top rack to 3 different height settings - and can be done when fully loaded. In this Bosch, you have to adjust the top rack to only one height setting and can only be adjusted when empty. The cutlery basket also feels substantial and I rather like the fact that the individual cutlery grids can be folded over to fit flush with the outer sides of the basket, if you want to store bulkier implements whilst the knife tray on the top left hand part of the rack is also a good idea, even if the strip grids don't always lock in place dependent on the thickness of the knife blades. The Bosch doesn't however better the style offered by Zanussi where its basket can be split into two, giving more space on the bottom rack and only cleaning the number of cutlery items you need washed - but it is good that you can take off either top trays on the left and right hand side of the top rack to create a more, open and accessible space.

      It is clear that Bosch have built this dishwasher to a strict budget from the its dark and dingy interior to its limiting wash programs, and if you must buy a Bosch dishwasher, the German company would probably like you to think this is the ideal, first model to consider. However, for the price of £299-99, other rivals are beginning to encroach upon Bosch, giving a better and brighter design with plenty more wash programs and not so limiting on the controls or perceived quality. In terms of reliability Bosch beat Miele in 2011 and hold number 1 spot for larger appliances according to "Which UK 2011" and certainly our own experiences of a past Bosch dishwasher can attest to this, lasting a lot longer than just 3 years with the Zanussi. If I wasn't a previous Bosch dishwasher owner, I'd probably award 5 stars for a superb effort. In terms of performance alone, the wash programs will suit many on a strict, Eco-intended effort and bar plastics on the quick wash program and longer hours with other programs, the Bosch is a well-made dishwasher with only a few limiting features. It just about makes 4 stars in my eyes, but to those after a more versatile wash performance and a brighter interior, you may well find other brands offer a bit more for the price. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2011



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        02.12.2011 16:20
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great machine in most aspects.

        Bosch Dishwasher Classixx A+ SMS40C02GB

        One thing I have to say before starting to review my dishwasher is that I am no expert in new white goods but rather the queen of repairs. The reason - I am married to a man who adores fixing things, and to that end most breakdowns are repaired - despite him tipping up my kitchen with tools and manuals! However there comes a time - and I have earlier this year finally parted company with my last dishwasher which celebrated twenty birthdays in my kitchen!

        My other point about reviewing white goods is that I feel how long they last in perfect working order has to be as important than their current fancy features in terms of assessing their value for money. However I accept that a line must be drawn about when it is acceptable to review an item, and certainly it is pointless reviewing my old machine as I doubt you could buy it anywhere!

        So my new dishwasher now just over 6 months old is ready to face the panel, and it is a Bosch - the reason- we only ever buy this make as hubby tells me the parts are so easy to purchase from his friends at Espares! The parts are also inexpensive and you can buy alternatives as well more cheaply. I have to agree with him about this, and furthermore I own many old Bosch appliances and some have never gone wrong at all in over a decade!

        Electrocentre-Reliable And Good Price.
        We Paid £298.50 for the machine from a company called "Electrocentre" - these are based in Birmingham and offered the best price and delivery options to Essex. They lived up to their promises delivering on time and removing the old machine with grace and enthusiasm! The machine is widely available from many retailers.

        About The Machine And My Opinion
        It's a 12 place setting white dishwasher and is efficiency rating A+. It is also rated A for washing and drying performance. These attributes were important to us as the previous model, though working up to its dying days, was not as economical as this is - technology has moved on so fast in two decades!

        It measures 845 high by 600 wide by 600mm depth and easily slotted into the gap in my kitchen. When I had the kitchen designed I had a built in fridge and cooker, but opted for free standing dishwasher and washing machines which lie behind doors. This has made replacing them and fixing them so much cheaper.

        I like simplicity and this is- it has four settings- normal, economy, quick wash and pre-rinse, and it has something called The Active Water Hydraulic System which uses minimal water to achieve great cleaning results. It also claims to minimise damage to glassware by controlling the water hardness, which as I live in a hard water area is important to me.

        Now the length of the programmes is something I had to get used to- there is either the quick wash which completes in half an hour, and is excellent for every day items such as mugs and lightly soiled dishes and there is also a half load setting. As we don't eat meat we seldom have really soiled items such as bake ware which would need the longer programme, but we do have a trio of cats and a dog, so I tend to put their bowls on the longer setting to ensure they are spotless. These longer washes take up to 195 minutes, so you have a long wait, normal is quicker than eco, but eco busies itself for three hours! This is quite interesting to me as the length of the wash means that you really don't want to purchase this dishwasher if you are rarely at home, as I don't think leaving appliances on during your absence or when you are in bed is safe. As I am home based it suits me, but I wouldn't advise this model for anyone who works long hours.

        The dishwasher is extremely easy to load and is compact inside with cutlery basket and plenty of room for all the dishes. It has a great little basket at the top for large serving utensils which is excellent. It is very quiet too, which would be a real asset if you have an open plan design in your house downstairs. In my experience it is extremely efficient at cleaning dishes, and even baked on food comes clean in the first wash which I think is impressive.

        The claim about glassware seems to be true as my glasses are coming out clean and free from smears.

        There is a LED display on the front which tells you how long the machine has left to run, and there is also the option to delay the start to a later time, which I am not keen on unless you are in the house and awake. It does however allow you to make use of cheaper electricity options if you have the night tariff for example.

        Final Thoughts
        So will this last another twenty years? - well given my last one did, despite being used to the extreme for half that time when my family were teenagers, I have great expectations. It's a great machine I have no doubt, but I wouldn't recommend it if you are rarely at home and generate a lot of heavily soiled dishes, as three hours is a long cycle to complete safely and under supervision.


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      • Product Details

        / Must Know Information / Dimensions (H x W x D) (cm) / 84.5 x 60.0 x 60.0 / Colour / White / Energy Rating / A+ / Wash Performance / A / Drying Performance / A / Water Consumption (Litres) / 12 / Energy Consumption (Kwh) / 1.02 / Noise Level (dB) / 50 / / Functionality / No. Of Place Settings / 12 / No. Of Programmes / 4 / No Of Washing Temperatures / 3 / LED Display / n/a /

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