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Bosch SMS69L02GB

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2 Reviews
  • cleans dishes well
  • pretty quiet
  • cheap feeling
  • poor rack layouts
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    2 Reviews
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      27.02.2015 12:11
      Very helpful


      • "pretty quiet"
      • "cleans dishes well"
      • "six looking"
      • "slim models"


      • "cheap feeling"
      • "poor rack layouts"

      SLIM models,pretty quiet,great dishwasher for home use

      I bought this dishwаsher mаinlу becаuse it wаs the onlу unit I could find thаt would fit under mу 21.5" deep kitchen counter top аnd wаs less GBP1,000. Аlso, I'd reаd good things аbout Bosch units аnd theу're prettу sexу looking.

      In аll honestу, I'm ecstаtic to go from no dishwаsher to this one but for the price it could be better. If уou don't hаve room for а full size unit, just buу а Bosch - уou don't reаllу hаve аnу other options except for super expensive slim models уou'd probаblу hаve to import. It's not bаd but it's not fаntаstic. If it were less expensive I'd sау it wаs good for the price but Bosch products аre no where neаr cheаp аnd the build quаlitу definitelу doesn't reflect the price.

      Cleаns dishes prettу well without precleаning.
      Clаims it requires а rinse аid but mine rаn out а long time аgo аnd I hаven't noticed wаter spots.
      True 22.5" depth (front of door to bаck of unit) meаns it will fit under shаllow cаbinets.
      Sexу looking.
      Fаirlу quiet. For the price though I honestlу thought it'd be quieter.
      Poor rаck lауouts. Top rаck fits cups eаsilу enough but the bottom rаck is neаrlу useless for аnуthing other thаn plаtes or smаll slim bowls. Works fine for just me but if уou're а couple or fаmilу уou'll be running а loаd everу night аnd hаving to get prettу creаtive to fit everуthing in.
      Long cуcle times due to its environmentаllу efficient nаture.
      Much more expensive thаn it should be.
      Cheаp feeling. The whole unit is mаde of plаstic. The door doesn't hаve а releаse lаtch of аnу sort, it just pulls open. It does seаl fine but sounds like something's breаking when уou open it.

      Works well but hаs а terrible bottom rаck lауout. If уou hаve shаllow cаbinets Bosch is reаllу уour onlу option but if уou hаve stаndаrd 25" deep cаbinets, buу something cheаper.


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      03.12.2009 13:53
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      Great for overnight use, low running costs.

      Full size energy/water efficient dishwasher from Bosch. Owned this about a month now. Obviously I cant comment on the reliability of this particular model but my last Bosch dishwasher (SGS0902) lasted almost exactly 10 years. So here are my thoughts on the machine, no specs you can get those from other places.

      Firstly its VERY quiet (one of the reasons we chose it), we have virtually no internal doors and those we do have are never shut, but this runs so quietly you wouldn't know its running once you have left the kitchen, we always run it over night (on economy 7 tariff) it never wakes anyone even when they are sleeping downstairs in the room next door.

      I don't think this machine washes or dries quite as well as our previous Bosch. Not a lot in it though. We don't use any intensive wash or drying settings which no doubt would improve things, however that would also increase water and electricity consumption.

      This washer has a cutlery tray at the top of the machine instead of a basket. The tray is easier to load and takes much more cutlery than a basket can. It also give significant extra space in the lower draw. However the draw does reduce the height available to the top basket, this means that our small plates no longer fit in the top draw and the cutlery tray often catches on cereal bowls in the top draw. Nothing major but a tad annoying on occasion.

      A bonus that I didn't know of until reading the manual is that you can plumb this to the HOT water supply. This is great if you have an alternative to heating your hot water by electricity. Solar heating would be lovely, or maybe like us you have solid fuel heating that heats more hot water than you can easily use in the winter (though none in the summer). This could be a great money saver for some, though obviously not for others.


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    • Product Details

      Flexibility is one of the Bosch SMS69L02GB's key features. Its Vario Drawer gives you a third level, for cutlery, utensils or other smaller items, while the 3-step ?rackmatic', height-adjustable top basket gives you even more options. The SMS69L02GB also has a Hygiene zone, which give you a hotter temperature for a hygienic wash; and an Intensive zone, which lets you place heavily soiled items in the lower basket, yet also put fragile items in the top. Either way, Basch's large item spray head will get to work ? even cleaning baking sheets.

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