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Brand: Bush / Type: Portable / Energy Efficiency: B / Washing Performance: B

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    1 Review
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      17.06.2010 18:57
      Very helpful



      Spend the extra for a better model, or spend it for new floors!

      This dishwasher is perfect for people who just do not have room for a full sized, or even a slimline. I have trouble with my hands and ended up breaking half our dishes when washing ( I still break enough just through dropping) so this was really helpful for me. I also have trouble standing too long. For anyone with difficulties this is well worth the money to make life a little easier.

      It fits conveniently on top of your counter, preferably over your washing machine as this is where all the needed plumbing will be. Installation is relatively easily. You will need to drill through your counter to pass hoses through and put in splitters for the water and drain hose for your washing machine. Splitter must be bought separately, but are relatively inexpensive, under £10 for both. Hoses are included. this is a cold water fill only.

      Measurements are H 18.5', W 22.5', D 19'.

      At first I was really happy with this. It was quieter then the old one and cleaned better. I found that I usually wash one load per day, with a family of four, sometimes 2. Pots and pans as well as large mixing bowls are still washed by hand. I usually used rapid wash, but I rinse and scrape dishes before placing them in the dishwasher.


      No anti flood device - a handy unit that shuts off water supply whenever the unit starts to leak.

      This model has a common fault that often results in the water continuing to fill and flooding the house. We had an almost identical unit by another manufacturer previously which flooded after less then 1 year of use. Unfortunately we had not kept the receipt. This unit completely flooded my kitchen on one occasion and stopped working. being under warranty it was repaired, and I was told the odds of it happening again were very high as it was a very common fault in these machines. The float device malfunctions so the machine never stops filling, all the excess water rushing out under the door. We did have a couple more small floods, but the dishwasher worked again after, then another major flood and total breakdown, again still under warranty, we were very begrudgingly given a refund after Argos could not persuade their repairman to fix it again.

      It claims to have 5 cycles including one of only 12 minutes, but I'm afraid this isn't quite accurate. The 12 minute wash is for fruit - not dishes. The rapid wash will take about 50 minutes and the normal wash a bit longer, the main difference being in drying. the rapid wash does not dry well at all. There is also a heavy wash, which I've used for some very grungy toys, and a 3 in 1 wash which I honestly cant tell what this does. I tried it once and it seemed about the same as rapid wash. The only other flaw would be that the basket for knives and forks that comes with the machine takes up an awful lot of room. I ended up using the basket from my old machine instead.

      I do think the statements about the 12 min wash are misleading, but was happy enough with just 3 cycles, so would not have removed a star for this. However, the lack of reliability, and potential for serious damage to the rest of your home make this product one to avoid in my opinion.


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      Short name: Bush DW5F

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