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Brand: Candy / Dishwasher Type: Portable / Control Type: Push Button / Control Type: Rotary Dial / Number of Wash Cycles: 6 Cycles / Place Settings: 12 / Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation / Noise Level: 51 DB / Drying Performance: A / Washing Performance: A / Energy Efficiency Rating: A / Height: 85 cm / Width: 60 cm / Depth: 60 cm

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2010 02:28
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      overall I would recommend this dishwasher despite it's few niggles

      I have been using this dishwasher for about 2 months now. This is my first dishwasher. My OH had been against buying one saying they were a waste of time so I wasnt sure what to expect but was still determined buy one.

      I wasnt sure what exatly was needed for a dishwasher so I bought rinse aid, salt and tablets the day before (not knowing which if all I would need). According to the instructions you need all 3.

      Before starting your dishwasher you need to fill the salt compartment. This is relatively easy as a funnel thing is supplied to make filling easier. You then need to add rinse aid. The compartment for this can be founf inside on the door with a simple twist cap you take off to get access to hole you pour rinse aid in.

      Finally you add your tablet in the compartment located on the door next to the rinseaid compartment. Though you only add the tablet when your ready to use it as otherwise the tablet can become wet (making it basically wasted if your not using the dishwasher for some hours).

      Stacking space - 2 shelves, the bottom one is not fixed and able to be pulled completely out and the top one is on a slider so stops it coming out completely. The top shelf I have found does sometimes need a wiggle to get it to push back in smoothly but otherwise it's ok.

      While there looks ample room, I would say that for a sunday roast dinner you'll probably end up either having to do 2 washes or else wash one or two of your larger items by hand. I cant believe its possible to put a roasting tray plus several saucepans as well as crockery and cutlery all in one wash without losing cleaning power.

      Cleaning functions - There's a choice of 6 different settings ranging from economy 45 degrees through to 1hour wash at 70. Im not able to comment fairly on the settings as I always use the 1hour 70 degrees setting as it's convenient for me.

      Noise levels - Personally I would say this is definently quieter than a washing machine so perfectly acceptable noise level as far as im concerned.

      Accessories - funnel for aiding filling salt. Basket for cutlery stacking.
      Both accessories are great and do the job as they should. My only gripe would be that the basket can only go in the bottom shelf one way if you want to maximise space for other items which can be a pain.

      Cleaning power - Despite using good quality tablets/rinse aid/salt it didnt quite live up to my expectations. Having never owned a dishwasher before I did read some reviews on dishwashers in general. I was led to believe that unlike the older versions the newer ones were much more able to cope with dried on food. However I havent necessarily found this to be the case. I do now make a habit of having a sink of hot water to swill items off before stacking the dishwasher and this has made a huge difference.

      My OH seems to think this is daft and I may as well just wash up by hand , but then he doesnt have to do it daily lol. While im slightly dissapointed in it's overall cleaning performance I would still recommend this product as I do find despite the downsides it does still make my life easier.


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      Short name: Candy CFD612S

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