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Brand: CDA / Dishwasher Type: Built-in / Door Integration: Fully Integrated

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      11.05.2011 14:09
      Very helpful



      A great appliance provider.

      When we purchased a new kitchen we decided to get all new appliances as well, that way we would not need to reaplace anything before moving to somewhere bigger.

      The CDA WC420 Dishwasher was our integral dishwasher that we purchased. Having a relatively small space we opted for a slimline version to maximise on space and with only two of us in the house at the time felt it would suit our needs quite well.

      Before purchasing our kitchen we had never heard of CDA but my husband read up and found that they were not too bad for the price and they came with a free 5 year guarantee.

      I am not going to go into the installation of the dishwasher as I did not do this and I recommend that you should only have a qualified electrician to fit anyways.

      *~*Using the Dishwasher*~*

      As this dishwasher is internal, all of the operating buttons are along the top of the door when you open it.

      To the left are the programme indicators and a large P shows the programme selection button.
      To select the desired programme you will have to press the large P and an LED light will move along each function until you have the chosen option.

      There are 6 programmes on the dishwasher:

      Prewash which operated with cold water
      Quick wash which operates at 40°C
      Eco which washes at 50°C
      Normal which washes at 55°C
      Intensive which washes at 70°C
      Glass wash which washes at 45°C

      You then have the CDA logo to the centre and to the right is the Salt Indicator which when salt is required it will illuminate this is displayed using a S shaped arrow. The quickwash indicator light will illuminate if you select this option and is displayed using the images which are similar to a fast forward button which you will need to press to begin the quickwash cycle.

      The delay timer is next and shows 6h, 4h and 2h and a clock symbol lies next to that. To set the delay timer you will need to press the clock time until you get the relevant delay.

      To the far right hand side is the power button. The dishwasher will not power without this button being pressed.When the power is on a red light will illuminate next to the button.

      Using the dishwasher is easy to use simply press the power button on and press the programme selection button until the required programme is illuminated, once the door is closed the cycle will begin.

      The detergent drawer is contained in the door of the dishwasher and you can use power or tablets. The latch will always be open for you to add the required detergent but should be closed securely before shutting the door and beginnning the cycle.

      You should always ensure that your dishwasher contains salt to soften the water, to add salt you should remove the lower basket and unscrew the salt compartment lid.Fill with salt and replace the lid.

      There is also a softener adjuster on the salt container and this can be rotating the ring to soften the water and gain the best performance from your dishwasher.

      *~*To use the delay timer*~*

      If you want to set the dishwasher to begin at a specific time then you can choose from 2,4,6,8,10 or 12 hours delay.

      First you will need to switch the power onto the dishwasher and then press the delay timer button. To select the duration you will need to press the delay timer button until you have the required time.

      The dishwasher has an LED light for 2,4 and 6 hours so if you wish to put the delay on for 12 hours you need to press the button until all lights are lit. To cancel the delay, continu to press the delay timer button until all lights go out.

      *~*The Quick Wash Function*~*

      To set the quick wash simply select the required programme and then press the quick wash button which is indicated by a fast forward image on a button.

      This is a great function to have to minimise the water used and also the water consumption.

      If you wish to cancel the quick wash function and set for the standard programme option simply press the quick wash button once again and it will go out and the full cycle programme will begin.

      You should avoid opening the dishwasher door once it has begun its cycle.

      To ensure that the cycle has finished a beeping sound will occur 6 times and you should turn the power off.

      The dishwasher offers these key features;

      9 Place settings
      2/4/6/8/10/12 hour time setting delay
      3 spray levels
      LED Rinse aid indicator
      LED Salt indicator
      Manual softener adjustment
      Height adjustable upper basket.

      To adjust the height on the upper basket, simply open the clips at the end of each rail, remove the basket and slide back onto the rails on the alternative wheels and then close the clips and the height will be adjusted.

      The dishwasher comes with a cutlery basket and some removable trays that slide onto the top tray.

      The dishwasher is rated A for energy efficiency which for us is a must.

      Technical specification

      Rated electrical power: 1.95kW
      Power supply required: 13 amps
      Noise level: 52dBA
      Energy consumption: 0.8 kW/h
      Water consumption: 14 litres

      *~*User Experience*~*

      When it comes to using the dishwasher, it is relatively easy to use but does require some additional maintenance. The door seal at the very bottom does clog up quite quickly so I have to wipe the seal after each wash or we end up with a puddle on the kitchen floor which is not ideal.

      The filter is easy to remove and we try to always ensure that it is free of any food residue and to ensure that the dishwasher operates at its best.

      The top shelf we use for mugs and glasses and knives and serving spoons.

      The bottom shelf is mainly used for plates, pans and cutlery.

      The dishwasher itself is quite noisy especially with the beeping when it finishes its cycle. The worktop vibrates quite a bit when it is on an intensive cycle and if we have any glasses on the top of the worktop they do rattle along which is not too good.

      The dishwasher does get the items clean almost all the time and it can hold quite a large number of pots and pans despite being a slimline version.

      The dishwasher does give off quite a lot of steam at the top of the door which does worry me as the steam hits our laminate worktop and I worry that the constant amount of steam that will hit the worktop will make it wet and cause the worktop to bubble.

      The fact that the dishwasher comes with a free 5 year guarantee if very reassuring and we are yet to need to call in the guarantee 18 months down the line.

      If we were to purchase appliances again I would certainly consider purchasing CDA products once more.


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      Short name: CDA WC420

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