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    1 Review
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      04.06.2001 21:29
      Very helpful



      Our dishwasher is several years old, I'd guess at at least five years old. We've had only one problem with it that unfortunately cost us £75 to repair. Apart from that it's run like a dream. Bought for about £180 (cash! Back when we had money), it's an average dishwasher in an age when they all do pretty much the same thing. I, however, wonder what I did without it. Dishwashers practically sterilize your crockery and cutlery so I mistrust normal washing up in a sink now. It has two shelves, like all domestic dishwashers. Two rows on the left for cups, a larger row in the middle for small plates and bowls, another row for cups, plus a fourth row on the right handside for cups with a ledge that you can have up or down. Up and there is space for cups, down and you can put smaller things underneath and large knives and other large cooking implements on it. The bottom shelf has the usual basket with eight partitions for cutlery and lots of prongs to fit plates, larger bowls and saucepans in. It has three settings - a cold prewash/rinse, followed a warm prewash and a full, hot wash. The full cycle from beginning to end lasts about an hour, including drying. I usually use from the third wash setting onwards as this is enough. This takes about 45 minutes. Back when daughter number 2 was a baby and using bottles, I used to put them in the dishwasher and run it from the first cycle. You can put the teats etc into the cutlery basket - they won't fly out! It will deal quite happily with your normal every day gunk. The only thing I've had trouble with it cleaning is pasta. If I've missed any while rinsing saucepans out before I put them into the dishwasher, bits of pasta are still sticking to the saucepans after the dishwasher has finished. The filter at the bottom has varying sized holes to let out bits and pieces of food. You do to have to keep it clean though as left any longer than a w
      eek, and it will chuck horrible bits of gunk back onto your dishes and not wash them off. It's awkward to get out, as is putting salt in, but that's normal. They can't really put the filter anywhere else! As I mentioned, the only problem we've had with this dishwasher cost us £75. The motor broke - the washing functions still worked and it got every sparkling clean as usual, but the actual dial wouldn't go round. We had to manually turn it onto the next washing stage. Although this dishwasher is older than most models on the market, our handyman got hold of a new part in a couple of days and fixed the machine with no problems. Sizewise, there are no kitchen utensils that I own that won't go in this machine - even the grill tray out of the cooker and the pressure cooker. It's nice and quiet. We can put it on at night and it won't keep us awake. I've no complaints about this dishwasher - it's hard to get excited about a dishwasher, I know! I'm satisfied that whatever I put in it to wash, comes out cleaner than could be achieved in the sink.


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      Short name: Hotpoint DF21P

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