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      19.07.2001 05:59
      Very helpful



      THE KITCHEN OF THE FUTURE - remember the phrase back in the 50s and 60s? Oh no, you won't, because you're all bright young things, children of the 70s and 80s, aren't you? Well, those of us who remember pounds, shillings and pence and when England had a world beating footie side, will remember those grim black and white documentaries which cast an eye to the future and came up with all sorts of dire predictions, including the world domination that was to be achieved by Sir Clive Sinclair's C5 (!) - they kept telling us that IN THE FUTURE there would be all sorts of automated labour saving devices, that the housewife would be freed from drudge and the dreary labours of all sorts of household chores, that the kitchen of the next century would be all clean and sparkling and white with sheening hard surfaces and all kinds of robotic helpers.... Well, now we're there, how true was the promise, the Holy Grail, that wonderful paradise that the marketing men promised us? In many ways those promises have been broken and things have not turned out quite as Mr Smarm imagined at the time, but in one way the LABOUR SAVING DEVICE HAS INDEED COME TO PASS ... what am I talking about, I hear you ask, well, I hear Mrs D ask, among other things like 'Why don't you earn more money and own a speedboat?" Well, the lesson for today my friends is the rise and rise of the humble and very, very admirable DISHWASHER... The dave27 household first acquired a dishwasher back in 1988 as we relocated back from the Deep South of Loadsamoney Land to the provincial filth of the Midlands - we were now well to do landowners (well, we had a 3 bed detached, anyway) and could afford some of the finer things in life and first amongst those was that new fangled gadget, the dishwasher. Before we happened in to this brand new consumer paradise, I had always been very cynical about dishwashers - Come on, now, they aren'
      t going to work, are they? They're not going to get our plates or better yet our filthy pans sparkling clean like they say in the ads. Now, Mrs D, don't fall for all that spiel, it's a con game and they're just out o part you from my hard earned cash... Well, strangely, it wasn't like that and we were quickly astonished by exactly how good a dishwasher actually was, as long as you did the requisite things with dishwasher salt and rinse aid and dishwasher tablets - Gawd, it's almost like taking a baby out for dinner, you have to have so much bloody equipment and STUFF - but dishwashers are still pretty damn fandabadoozie and once you've had one you'll never know how you managed without one. However, don't get carried away by thinking that will be the end of the domestic disputes - previously, it used to be arguments over who would do the dishes and/or the drying. Now the debate has moved on to who should put the dishes in the machine - rather like "Pass me the zapper (TV remote control, don't ya know?) so I can turn the telly over." In fact we probably have bigger arguments now than before because I'm never sure whether the stuff in the dishwasher is clean or not so I always just dump everything in the bowl - that's one of Mrs D's pet hates and she regularly goes marching up the walls when the Rice Krispie dish gets dumped in best dave27 stylee. Our first dishwasher was a Zanussi (can't remember the model, mateys), but the one we've had for the last 8 years is a Hotpoint and (aside from the fact that we've got a lot of problems with the door, mainly from the fact that on several occasions we've caught Bethany dave27 actually standing on the open door to show us how clever she is) it's been very reliable ever since. It's starting to look a tad on the tatty side when you look at it from outside but looks aren't everything (as Mrs D will tell you qui
      te readily - don't know who she's going on about, mind) and this very wonderful machine is one of the greatest bargains we have EVER bought, a real treasure. It cleans all but the worst of messes up and you can certainly load an enormous pile in there, although you shouldn't overfill it or you won't get quite the finished effect. I always feign lack of knowledge about exactly how best to pack the load in so that Mrs D always starts to feel intense pity and rushes in to bale me out. Strangely our particular model ain't one of those shiny white things (why are they always white?), but instead is a pretty unpleasant brown and cream combination (Mrs D thinks it's quite classy, but I think it just resembles a Marathon bar, no, not Snickers, Marathon, you Euro Nerd). We've never had to have any repairs done to our machine and so if you are getting a Hotpoint dishwasher, I'd advise against taking out the extra insurance as it's going to generally be a bit of a waste of money (NB The same doesn't hold good for Hotpoint washing machines and we've had the man out very regularly to bring it back from the dead - loadsaproblems with the drum, I'm afraid).


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      Short name: Hotpoint DWF61