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Electrolux ESL4126

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    1 Review
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      07.09.2012 21:18
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      Great for those of us who hate washing up!

      This is a built in dishwasher, which came already fitted into our new flat.  I have found it extremely handy to have a dishwasher, it's saves me time washing up, but it also gets my kitchenware up very clean and shinny.

      The Electrolux Dishwasher
      This is a half size dishwasher which is 17 inch wide.  I'm not sure why a half size dishwasher was fitted into a 2 bed flat, but it would seem that all flats in our block have this same size dishwasher.

      Inside it has two drawers, the top one has racks for bowls and cups, and one both sides of the rack there is a shelf, where more cups can go, although these sections also lift up for if larger items need to be packed below.

      One the bottom shelf there is a basket for knives and forks, and the basket has a lid with slots in for the cutlery, you can only get one piece of cutlery in each which means that they are thoroughly washed.  To start with this lid on the basket annoyed me, but after a few times of using the dishwasher without this lid on I saw its purpose,  if the cutlery is packed too tightly it just does not get properly cleaned.  The rest of the space on the bottom shelf has racks for plates.

      Initially I was shocked that this was a half size dishwasher for a family flat however it does have its uses, as I wouldn't have enough crockery and cutlery to fill a normal sized dishwasher.  I usually do one dish wash in the evening, which would have roughly four dishes for breakfast, four smaller plates for lunch at weekend, four dinner plates, around six glasses four cups, some cooking dishes, perhaps a pan or two and the relevant cutlery to go with this.  Basically  it does one day's wash very nicely.

      Turning it on
      I think the controls are super simplistic and never even read the manual! There is one big on/off button and one programme button.  Next two the programme button are five settings, so every time you press the programme button more than once in quick succession it moves a red light to the next programme.  If you press the programme button once it confirms the programme cycle you are on and starts the dishwasher.  I have only ever used one programme, the 30 minute economy one, which is brilliant and super quick.  During the wash it is quiet, we have an open kitchen/dining/living room so the dishes is often on when we are washing TV in the evenings, and it's just background wat whirling sounds. When the wash is finished the machine beeps a few times.

      How Does it Clean?
      Very well!  I can only comment on the 30 min economy wash, but this is so effective I can't see the purpose of putting the dishes in on a longer wash.  Obviously it won't get some dried on food off, I would never put anything that dirty in anyway.  However I am also not one of these people who rinse everything before putting it in.  I use one tablet per wash, usually Fairy, which is everything in one, ie. the washing powder, the rinse aid and the salt.  I have never added in separate salt to the dishwasher.

      The cups come up brilliance, no tea or coffee stains, even pans come out nice and shiny.  I know some people don't put pans in, but I haven't got time to mess around washing them!  Also, because the water used in the cycle is boiling any germs will be killed.

      Cleaning the Dishwasher
      I make sure there are clips of food left on plates etc. so the filter at the bottom of the dishwasher gets few bits in, but it's easy to pull out and empty when needed.  Other than this the only thing I do is buy a dishwasher cleaning rinse from Waitrose Essential range at about £1.50 and do an empty cycle with this about once every 2-3 months to clean the dishwasher out.  The dishwasher smells lovely after.

      I would say its equally as efficient to use the dishwasher as to hand wash.  Using the 30 minute cycle is obviously very efficient, and our electricity bills are very low so I can only assume that this, along with the other appliances are very efficient on power usage.

      Ours was included in the price of the flat, but I have just had a quick look online and it would seem these dishwashers are around £350 in price, so not cheap to purchase!

      I wouldn't be without my trusty dishwasher.  Touch wood it has served us well and we have had no problems with it.  It's my little dish maid!


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