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Electrolux ESL63010

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    2 Reviews
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      23.06.2010 14:21
      Very helpful


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      Not perfect, but well worth considering

      My Electrolux dishwasher came as part of a package built-in with kitchen units supplied by Wickes - so obviously the price paid reflects the choice of specific casing (and whatever offers on combined purchases Wickes have on at the time). Obviously (since we bought it) we thought the overall price was reasonable.

      The integrated option does look attractive in the kitchen - the wooden door is identical to all the other kitchen units apart from a horizontal rather than vertical handle - because the dishwasher door swings down as opposed to a sideways swinging cupboard door.

      My previous dishwasher had been a stand-alone unit and one advantage of this (not thought of by me until afterwards) is that you can readily see from the indicator lights when the wash cycle has finished. If the buttons and leds are hidden away behind a wooden door you can't, especially (though a point in its favour) as this machine is very quiet in operation. There is an audible end signal of several (again rather quiet) beeps but that's only useful if you happen to be in the kitchen when it sounds. So, there are pros and cons to having everything hidden away - on balance I'd say it's worth it.

      In terms of wash efficiency the machine does what's expected of it. I use the 5in1 dishwasher tablets rather than separate powder, salt and rinse-aid, and found on the first few washes that cups and plates weren't coming out completely dry - filling the rinse-aid dispenser cured this but it's an extra chore and wasn't necessary with my previous dishwasher when using 5in1 tablets.

      Capacity and loading also seemed slightly inferior to my old machine. It's a full-size model but soon gets full with the cups, plates, dishes etc from just two people - I'd imagine a big family would need to do repeated washes.

      I haven't found anywhere to safely load large kitchen knives either, where my old machine had a knife rack this only has a cup rack.

      On the plus side this device undeniably works and does the job quickly and quietly. The controls - found on top of the door after opening it - are extremely straightforward offering a choice of heavy, normal or light load, plus economy or rinse-only cycles. Build quality is solid and plumbing-in only needs a cold water supply. The manual is written in a straightforward and understandable manner.


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      11.03.2008 17:10
      Very helpful


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      An integrated dishwasher.

      Electrolux ESL 63010 Dishwasher

      Electrolux is a Swedish corporation founded in 1910. The name Electrolux is a combination three separate companies' names - Elektromekaniska, Elektron and Lux. These three companies joined forces in 1919 and came up with the name Elektrolux. It wasn't until 1957 when they decided to change the 'k' to a 'c' and make it Electrolux.
      Electrolux is now one of the worlds leading electrical appliance companies. It sells over 40 million products each year in 150 countries worldwide.

      Last year we built a new extension onto our house to make our kitchen bigger. We then, had to buy a new kitchen, so off we went to all the places we could think of to pick up brochures. To cut a long story short we decided on one we really liked in Wickes. The next job was to choose the appliances. We bought most of the large appliances in Wickes at the same time we bought our kitchen.
      I was very excited about getting the dishwasher - we'd never had a dishwasher before as our old kitchen was too small to fit one.
      We decided that we wanted all of our large appliances integrated so we went for the Electrolux ESL 63010. Here are the results.....

      There's not a lot I can say about the exterior of the dishwasher. It's integrated so the cupboard door is attached to the dishwasher door. When the dishwasher arrived in the delivery van we noticed that it had a scratch on the side - I phoned up Wickes who offered to either change it or give us a cheque for £75. We decided to take the cheque as you couldn't see the scratch once the dishwasher was fitted into its housing.

      The inside is no different to other dishwashers I have seen. It has a lower basket and an upper basket.
      The lower basket is designed for the larger heavy items such as dinner plates, saucepans, salad bowls, casserole dishes etc. the cutlery rack also fits into this part of the dishwasher.
      The upper basket holds cups, mugs, glasses, plastic bowls, saucers and plates. Any light items must be loaded in this upper basket. The controls and soap dispenser are on the inside of the door. These are very easy to get to and operate.

      The control panel is on the inside top of the door.
      On/Off button - self explanatory.
      Delay Start button - this selection can be used to delay a programme by 3 hours.
      Programme Selection/Cancel button - this button is used to select the appropriate programme that you want to use, from intensive wash (heavily soiled dishes), normal wash, quick wash, eco wash and a rinse and hold option.
      Indicator lights - there are three indicator lights, one which shows the end of a programme, one which illuminates when the rinse aid has run out and another for when the salt has run out.
      Programme lights - each of the types of wash programmes are displayed on the control panel with a picture. A light next to the picture of the wash you are using illuminates when you are using that particular wash.

      Before you use the dishwasher for the first time you need to set the water softener, fill the salt container and fill the rinse aid dispenser.
      Water softener - you first need to find out the hardness of your water. You can do this by contacting your local water authority. You need to set this both manually and electronically. To manually adjust it you need to turn the water hardness dial which you find at the inside bottom of your dishwasher. To electronically set the dishwasher hardness you need to use the controls on the control panel. There are very easy to follow instructions in the manual to do this.
      Dishwasher salt container - this is located in the inside bottom of the dishwasher. You just open the container, place 1 litre of water inside and then add the salt. You don't usually need to put water in, only for the first time.
      Rinse aid dispenser - this is located inside the door of the dishwasher. I find this quite tricky to do as I seem to spill such a lot whilst trying to pour the rinse aid into such a small hole.

      Before loading dishes into the machine you need to remove any left over food and debris. Once loaded the dishwasher is then ready to use. You place the dishwasher tablet or detergent into the compartment. (I have only ever used the tablets, which are extremely simple to use.) All you have to do then is to turn the machine on, choose the relevant wash programme and close the door. It's as simple as that.
      You can interrupt the dishwasher at any time by just opening the door - this should be done carefully. The programme will then continue once the dishwasher door is closed.

      Intensive - for heavily soiled dishes. This takes 120-130 minutes.
      Normal - for normal soiled dishes. This takes 105-115 minutes.
      Quick - normal or light soiled dishes. This takes 30 minutes.
      ECO - Normal soil. This takes 130-140 minutes. This programme uses a lot less water and energy consumption that the intensive and normal wash.
      Rinse and hold - any amount of soiling and/or a partial load to be completed later in the day. This takes 12 minutes.
      I use the quick wash most often and occasionally the normal wash. When I first had this dishwasher I was surprised at the length of the wash cycles, but I believe that most dishwashers are the same.

      It's not a particularly noisy machine, I'd say it sounds very similar to the washing machine but without the spin cycle. It makes a beeping noise when the machine has finished its cycle.

      The manual is very easy to understand. It is split into the following sections:
      Safety information
      Product description
      Control panel
      First use
      Daily use
      Washing programmes
      Care and cleaning
      Something not working - this section is always helpful in manuals for various appliances.
      Technical data
      Hints for test institutes - not sure what this section is for. Does it really need to be in the manual?
      Installation - easy to follow, could do with more diagrams.
      Environment concerns - this section just gives information about packaging and what to do when you no longer need the appliance.

      My boyfriend installed the machine himself. The only problem that he came across was the amount of space at the back of the machine is very limited - he had to move the water pipes twice to be able to fit the machine into place.

      There are filters placed in the base of the washing machine. These need to be cleaned from time to time. They are easily removed, they then need to be rinsed under running water. It's recommended that the wash programme for heavily soiled dishes is used every three months and the seals around the door, dispensers and the control panel are wiped down every now and then.

      This dishwasher cost £499.00 at Wickes. I did have a large discount because I spent so much on appliances. Also, when it arrived it was slightly damaged (a scratch on the side) we had a cheque in the post for £75.
      I have had a look online and have found it for £429.95 at www.currys.co.uk and £349.00 at www.bootskitchenappliances.com

      I couldn't live without a dishwasher now that I have one. It's brilliant! It's very easy to load, unload and use. Although for some strange reason my boyfriend doesn't like unloading it!!
      I generally use the 30 minute wash, it's a lot quicker, uses less water and less energy. The only time I use any of the other wash cycles is if I have particularly dirty dishes or if the dishwasher needs a clean.
      The dishes come out of the machine very clean indeed. The only time I've had to re-wash any is because of the way the item had been placed in the dishwasher - the water was unable to reach all parts of the item.
      One of the problems with owning a dishwasher is that it makes you extremely lazy, I must admit that I rarely re-use a mug or glass, I tend to put them straight into the dishwasher after I use them and then get a clean one for my next cuppa!! I do actually know someone who went without a cuppa because she didn't have any clean mugs in her cupboard - it didn't even enter her head to get one out of the machine and hand wash it!! Now that is lazy - I'm not that bad....yet!
      So, I would definitely recommend owing a dishwasher, I would recommend owning this dishwasher but I haven't had a dishwasher before to compare it to. I have used my parents one and it seems very similar indeed. So if any of you out there haven't got a dishwasher, you don't know what you're missing out on!

      For any more enquiries see


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    • Product Details

      The Electrolux ESL63010 Built-in Dishwasher has 5 wash programms / Also, this dishwasher is sound insulated for a quiet operation / Short name: Electrolux ESL63010

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