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Fisher & Paykel DD60DCX6

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    2 Reviews
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      27.10.2011 12:51
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      Stylish top of the range performance.

      The price I paid 850Euro around £746

      Let me begin by saying I had never heard of Fisher and Paykel when I went shopping for a new refrigerator some three years ago. But since then I have bought only Fisher and Paykel when it comes to the larger kitchen appliances and if they made toasters too, I'd buy it. The reason for my devotion to this brand is that everything I've bought works incredibly well, including this stylish dishwasher.

      Firstly it works great, the dishes and cutlery sparkle, the glasses gleam and the crustiest of pots come out like you had just bought them. Of course one of the big selling points of this dishwasher over others is the double drawer design. Why have two drawers? Why not get the more traditional single drawer option? Well in my experience this two drawer system makes perfect sense and makes life a lot easier.

      Secondly you don't always have enough to fill an entire dishwasher and if you're anything like me you wouldn't want to waste water, electricity or detergent on half a wash, no such problem with the Fisher and Paykel. The water rating per drawer is only 4. While the water consumption per drawer is only 6.7L.
      The energy rating per drawer is 3. While the energy consumption per drawer is 136 kWh/yr. Furthermore it's nice to have clean plates in one end and the other holding the next batch for washing below. This way you save money and the planet. Everyone's a winner.

      There are 9 wash programs.
      -Delicate Eco
      -Fast Eco 
      -Heavy Eco 
      -Normal Eco
      And finally -Rinse 

      At the end of each cycle it beeps.
      About the drawers themselves, there are 6 place setting capacity per drawer

      long stemmed wine glasses,champagne flutes and other long glassware fit comfortably.
      Adjustable side racks are a must for any dishwasher and great quality ones can be found here
      Clean dishes indicator.
      Energy saving, delay start option - up to 12 hours. This is good option if you want your dishes washed and ready for when you come home.
      Genuine half load wash option. This feature can be found on lots of other machines but this one has Intelligent load sensing for optimum performance.
      There is a Key lock and child lock option for peace of mind.
      And a simple one-button start feature, no faffing around with millions of buttons.

      If you have read my review of the Fisher and Paykel refrigerator, you'll already know that my only problem with their "EZkleen stainless steel finish" is that yes it's very easy to clean but it scratches incredibly easily. It should be renamed "EZscratch"

      This is the only fault I can find in an otherwise
      perfect piece of machinery.


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        26.04.2011 13:02
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Couldn't live without it and would happily buy another.

        When I accidently killed my old dishwasher I looked round for one and found this. Intrigued I did some research. I was initially put off by the price approx £750 - which seemed a lot for a dishwasher. But I'm very glad I bought it. We area family of 4. Typically we didn't create enough mess to put the dishwasher on in the morning - so it would wait until after lunch or dinner. Then there wouldn't be enough room for it all. Now - we quite often have enough to put on one of the drawer in the morning. Then when we get home we have a fresh load of clean plates etc in one - whilst we put the dirty dinner stuff in another. It's made a huge difference to the amount of dirty dishes that end up lying around.

        Performance wise it works really well - giving a good clean. Is very quite and has plenty of modes. The timer is a good feature as well. It has plenty of space. Our M&S plates are something stupid like 29cm wide and this is the only dishwasher I found to take them.

        2 independent dishwashers running at different times - fantastic.
        Very quiet - this was a bit plus point as my old one was very noisey (a beko)
        Good selection of programs - eco, heavy, rinse etc.
        Timer on the front so you know how long you have to stall your guests before you can give them desert spoons

        Not a common make so dreading if it breaks because there aren't that many service companies in the UK for them.
        Price - personally I think it's worth every penny. Its our pride and joy in the kitchen and a real talking point.

        Although i'm not religios I can see that for the Jewish the advantage would be that one draw could be used for handling meat, and the other draw for the veg etc. Keeping in line with Kosher rules etc.

        To summarise - expensive for a dishwasher = most definately. Is it worth it? It my opinion yes every penny. Stylish, functional, easy to use and easily the best dishwasher i've ever owned. I could never go back to beko or something now.


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        Short name: Fisher Paykel DD60DCX6

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