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    1 Review
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      25.07.2010 19:49
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      A smaller than normal dishwasher.

      When I moved into my new house last summer I was lucky enough to be bought a brand new kitchen by my parents which I got choose. One thing I desperately wanted was a dishwasher, after living at University and watching the plates just pile up until they went mouldy I knew I couldn't risk that happening again. I'd also grown accustomed to living at home with my parents and using their dishwasher so I knew it was pretty essential that I had one to avoid the continuous pile ups of dirty glasses and plates on my kitchen surfaces... and anywhere else I could hide them! It wasn't possible to fit in a standard sized dishwasher and so I got a mini one!

      The Flavel FDW45 is a fully integrated dishwasher which comes in black, however I've integrated mine into my kitchen so it's concealed by a cupboard door. If you didn't wish to integrate it you would have a plain black face visible with a silver bar at the top which is used to pull the door down. It is 82cm in height, 45cm in width and 55cm in diameter when out of its packaging. It requires a slightly larger recess into which to be fitted so a couple of cm would need to be added onto those measurements. Overall it needs quite a small space to be fitted into and it looks to be approximately just over half the size of a normal dishwasher in general.

      Inside the dishwasher can reportedly accommodate ten place settings in total, I find I can fit about twenty glasses and mugs in the top part of the dishwasher while the bottom has a standard sized holder for cutlery and can then accommodate twelve plates in the front area and around sixteen plates or a small number of bowls or pans in the back area. The only thing I have noticed is that I can't fit my Marks and Spencer dinner plates into this dishwasher unless I lay them down flat (which takes us too much room) as they catch on the spinning element when the dishwasher is turned on. So just a word of warning, you'll need smaller dinner plates!

      All the buttons required to operate the dishwasher are at the top on the inside of the door and this is all you really need to know about to operate it. It has five different programmes which include pre-wash (with no heat), rapid wash (at 35 degrees), economy wash (at 50 degrees), normal wash (at 60 degrees) and intensive wash (at 70 degrees). The latter two washes are recommended when you're washing pans and plates while the former washes are recommended for more lightly soiled items such as glasses. You simply select which programme you want by pressing a button and highlighting the appropriate one, then clicking the start / stop button.

      Inside the door on the lower half is a compartment where you can put a dishwasher tablet or whatever you choose to use. This then simply clicks shut and will open once the dishwasher is turned on to release its contents. There's a further compartment where you can add rinse agent if you wish, I've not actually topped mine up for months now and all my items are still coming out clean and shining! The dishwasher is really easy to operate and it comes complete with an instructions booklet. I tend to use the rapid wash most frequently and this takes around thirty minutes, the hotter washes take a little longer while the pre-wash takes about half that time.

      I bought this dishwasher directly from the people fitting my kitchen and so can't remember exactly what I paid for it as I think I got a discount on some of my appliances. I've had a quick look online and it seems to retail for around £300 once you add on delivery costs, it can also be bought on Ebay at a similar price. I'd thoroughly recommend this dishwasher, it's really easy to operate and is an ideal size for me - it obviously wouldn't do for a large family. It also has an Energy Efficiency Rating of A suggesting it's really very efficient. If you're looking for a smaller dishwasher then the Flavel FDW45 is certainly one to consider when you're searching.

      Thanks for reading.


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      Short name: Flavel FDW45

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