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Hotpoint FDF784A

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    1 Review
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      15.03.2011 17:19
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      Release the wife from the kitchen sink...(only kidding, just a joke)

      After recently having a re-fit in the kitchen area my wife and I, more the wife to be honest, leaned towards the stainless steel look throughout, which did come at a bit of an extra cost in some areas.
      Anyway, as most of our larger kitchen items were white, and a little aged, we, ok she, decided to invest in newer modals so that the kitchen 'white goods' became kitchen 'stainless steel' goods, one of the items which we changed was the dishwasher, and to be honest, our old dishwasher was indeed very old, but still did it job.

      So, after a bit of a discussion, with the wife not too happy when I stated that we didn't need a new dishwasher as she did a perfectly good job with the washing up liquid and a pair of 'marrigolds', for which I did get a bit of a mouthful for, and a sore cheek, she went ahead and bought a brand new dishwasher.
      The dishwasher she chose was from the well known company called Hotpoint, with it's full name being the Hotpoint FDF784

      ** SPECS...

      * Stainless steel in colour, (although it can be bought in white)
      * 850mm high x 600mm wide x 600mm deep
      * A grading for cleaning/drying performance
      * A grading for energy efficiency
      * Space for 14 settings, (one setting is equivalent to a plate, dish, saucer, cup, cutlery, bowl).
      * 8 programs
      * 5 wash heat levels
      * Approximately 15 litres water use per full wash
      * LED display (shows timer for cycle running)
      * Delay start timer
      * Electronic controls
      * Removable cutlery tray
      * 1.08kW energy consumption
      * 49dB noise level

      ** Washing options...
      * Delicate
      * Half load
      * Pre-wash
      * Quick wash (approx. 25 minute run)

      ** Other bits...
      * Salt level indicator
      * Rinse aid level indicator
      * Cold fill only

      ** MY OPINION...

      This dishwasher has turned out to be quite a good purchase, if a little bit more than I would have liked to have paid for it, but it certainly looks the part if you are going for the stainless steal look, although I have seen in in white as well, which is a lot cheaper than the one I have.
      With the door closed you will see that controls are actually located on the door itself, these controls are easy to understand and, to be honest, if you're anything like me, you will only end up using two, maybe three of the eight setting on offer. I tend to use the quick wash/daily wash and the half load most often, using the pre-wash to make sure the dishes are cleaned properly.

      Then, with the door opened, dropping down, looking a bit like a shelf, you can then see the two racks, or shelves, both these racks are quite deep and can hold your average sized family meal plates and cutlery, together with the odd pot and pan as well.
      These racks slide out with a smooth rolling like system for that easier action.
      The top rack can be raised/ lowered so that larger items can be placed inside, those larger items fit easier on the lower shelf, this adjustment is done by fiddling with the little clip on the side and lowering/raising the shelf, simple as that really.

      The cutlery tray, which is removable and can be positioned anywhere along the lower rack, is a good size and is quite tough, so you don't have to be to gentle whilst loading your knives and forks into it.

      To be honest though I have a couple of, shall we say, larger plates than your standard ones, which are a little too big for this dishwasher, but this is not a major problem as my normal plates and the like fit into this dishwasher with ease.

      The daily wash program takes around 30 minutes to complete

      ** What about the actual cleaning then..?

      Considering that this is what this dishwasher is about, I suppose this is the most important feature, well, this is remarkably good indeed, even on a quick wash, as it does manage to spray the hot water into all those nooks and crannies, getting at all the dirty dishes and cutlery that you have put into the dishwasher.
      Although, sadly, for me it doesn't quite dry the dishes as well as my old one did, even though the old one was nearly as old as the Ark itself.

      The noise levels are pretty low, the noisiest part is when the water is being 'spun' through the dishwasher, but even this is sometimes barely audible, although you know it's working away in the background.

      And, for all those 'friends of the Earth' people out there, this has an all round 'A' grade for energy efficiency, plus 'A; grades for washing and drying too. And it also has an 'Eco' setting which, unlike some dishwasher, actually cleans the dishes very well indeed, saving you money and making you feel happy about doing your bit for the planet.

      It is also quite clever in the way it can determine the difference between you using detergents and tablets.
      And it can remember some of your previous setting so that it makes life a little bit more simple.

      Prices for the stainless steel version of this dishwasher are around £450, which is the most expensive of the bunch, (typical of my wife, going for the most expensive), the normal white one sells for less than £300 and there is a black version which sells for around the £350 region.


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