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Hotpoint FDL570G

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    6 Reviews
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      26.07.2011 11:31
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A very efficient and effective dishwasher at great value for money

      As sure as the grass is green, the sky is blue and Justin Bieber is evil personified, dishes must be washed for there are sneaky microbes lurking everywhere that must be destroyed. Whilst adorning oversized rubber gloves to arm achingly scrub away at grease and grime is one option, a second, more convenient option lies with this new fangled modern contraption - the dishwasher. Now, with just the push of a button you can have all your cutlery and crockery coming out all clean and sparkly whilst you sit back and relax - at least that's the plan, but whilst all dishwashers are created equal some are more equal than others. Sorry George.

      Choosing a dishwasher isn't easy with the vast number available on the market, so picking a reputable company is a good place to start with the likes of Bosch, Whirlpool, Zanussi, Hotpoint, AEG-Electrolux all in the mix. Really it's a bit of a lottery which one you go for, and in my case Hotpoint won and not just because it is an anagram of nit photo. With the pitfalls of having a small kitchen, my previous dishwasher was slim-lined (or not large for the laypeople) and this meant it had to be run a lot in a day as it was impossible to fit a day's worth of washing up into it. Not good for the environment. So deciding to upgrade to a full-sized dishwasher 6 months ago, the dimensions (Width: 60cm x Height: 85cm x Depth: 60cm) and price of the Hotpoint FDL 570G appealed (at around £275) and so far, there have been no regrets.

      ===User Guide===

      This dishwasher does come with a fully comprehensive user guide that is very clear, easy to read and thankfully only comes in English so is not 15 times larger than it needs to be as it takes you on a tour around the world. The guide gives you a diagrammatical overview of the dishwasher as well as advice on the correct method of installation, how to load the racks properly, all the different programmes available alongside the amount of detergent etc you should be using for maximum efficiency, maintenance and safety, troubleshooting and after sales services. I'll be honest, quite a lot of the technical stuff went way over my head, but the instructions for general usage have not steered me wrong yet.


      For a person such as myself that has no clue what they're doing and who has successfully electrocuted themselves on several occasions it is best to find somebody more qualified to install the dishwasher, but if you are confident in the realms of DIY then you can follow the instructions in the manual. First are instructions on the positioning and levelling of the dishwasher, then the electrical connection and general electrical safety and finally the water supply all with ominous warnings aplenty of potential dangers. Looking at the instructions there is definitely not enough in the manual that could ever assist me in a successful installation by myself, but the instructions are very in-depth and detailed and for someone with knowledge I suspect they'd be very helpful. So, you need to bear in mind your own skill levels for DIY when it comes to the installation procedure and make plans accordingly.


      So, assuming successful installation, let's find out just how sophisticated this dishwasher really is. Compared to my last dishwasher that had 3 settings, this model has an astounding 7 settings to cover seemingly every eventuality. There seem to be quite a lot of combinations available for each setting when it comes to delayed starts, half loads and multifunctional tablets so I think to know exactly how this dishwasher works a gander at the user guide is necessary since it is definitely not intuitive.

      1. Super Wash - intended for intensely dirty and grimy dishes and pans, so I'm thinking this cycle is a force to be reckoned with therefore best not to put anything overly delicate in unless it was something hideous from an aunt. This cycle takes approx 2hrs 25mins to complete. Includes drying and the options of delayed starts, half loads and/or multifunctional tablets.

      2. Normal -intended just for your typically dirty dishes and pans on a daily basis. Takes around 1hr 50mins. Includes drying and the options of delayed starts, half loads and/or multifunctional tablets.

      3. Daily A 60 - intended for a limited quantity only, with an example of 4 place settings, 1 saucepan and 1 frying pan. Takes around 1 hr to complete. Includes the options of delayed starts, half loads and/or multifunctional tablets but no drying.

      4. Prewash - intended to prewash dishes that are otherwise going to wait around and stagnate until the next load...you could of course save on energy and just leave them soaking...Takes around 8 minutes to complete. Includes the options of delayed starts and half loads but not multifunctional tablets or drying.

      5. Eco - intended for basic pans and dishes operating on environmentally friendly low energy so perhaps may not be as effective as higher energy settings. This setting is also the longest running at 2hrs and 35mins approximately and includes drying and the options of delayed starts, half loads and/or multifunctional tablets.

      6. Speed - Intended for only lightly soiled dishes and should be run immediately after use - this runs for approx 25mins and includes the options of delayed starts and the use of multifunctional tablets but not drying or half loads.

      7. Delicate - intended for use on delicate items which are sensitive to temperature - economic and reasonably fast at an approximate runtime of 1hr and 30 mins. Includes drying and the options of delayed starts, half loads and/or multifunctional tablets.

      There are also sections within the dishwasher to add your own rinse aid and salt to aid in the cleaning process if that is the methodology you use and two warning lights on the dishwasher door that flash an irritating red if these compartments fall low/empty so you get a nice reminder to fill these up.

      Also, if you wish to add in some forgotten crockery you can press the pause button and safely open the door assuming the cycle has barely started and then restart from where you left off. Later on in a cycle if you are possessed by a strange spirit and decide to just randomly open the door the system has a safety cut off which automatically stops the cycle and I'm reliably informed that as long as you don't open the door too much you shouldn't have an onrush of water flooding your kitchen floor (though I haven't put that one to the test).

      ===My Experience===

      I had many issues with my last slim-lined dishwasher from its general size, an ineffective filter, poor cleaning results to the pipes at the back constantly getting blocked causing the dishwasher to shut down. With this new dishwasher I've somehow found myself in cleaning convenience heaven. Now I'm not saying this model is perfect, but the positives of this machine more than make up for the mild sprinkling of negatives.

      So, beginning with negatives few. My biggest gripe is with the slight difficulty with filling up the salt given its awkward location inside the dishwasher requiring a bit of a physical stretch in order for the salt funnelling exercise to be a success. It's also tricky to judge when it is at the top as you can proudly finish, check the indicator light on the control panel only to be still met with a red light. So sorry it wasn't good enough for you, sheesh. Secondly, on a fair few occasions the drying procedure fails to work fully leaving the dishes a little bit damp still, especially cups which means you may have to spend a little time yourself finishing the drying off which sort of defeats the purpose. Thirdly, and this may only apply to my situation in a small kitchen, if the door is resting open, perhaps during the filling up or emptying stage of a daily clean it takes up quite a bit of space and for particularly uncoordinated people such as myself it is surprisingly easy to catch your legs on the edges as they drop out of your eye-line which let me tell you is genuinely and excruciatingly painful as there are some very hard edges indeed.

      Fourthly, and I'm sure this is an issue with dishwashers everywhere and not just this one, but poor stacking will lead to poor cleaning results. If you accidentally block either of the sprayer arms in the top or bottom racks this stops the water circulating so the cleaning power of the dishwasher is severely compromised and many items will remain tragically soiled. Likewise if you have things like baking trays laying across items these can also block the water spray having a similar effect, but if you follow their guidelines in the user guide for best stacking practices I'm sure these incidents can be avoided...if you're not lazy like me.

      So, now onto what I really like about this dishwasher. Firstly, the excellent range of functionality is extremely useful, albeit that I generally only use the normal setting, but on the odd occasion I have also used a half load, delayed start and the economy setting (though I've never had a need to try any of the other setting what with all the dinner parties I don't have requiring delicate bone china crockery I don't own being just one example of my lack of need). Unlike with my old dishwasher, I find the results from this dishwasher highly satisfying. Ignoring the few occasions when my terrible stacking has been at fault, plates, cutlery and cups come out fresh smelling and clean, and saucepans and baking trays (especially those with stuck on food) more often than not also come out food free. Sometimes a few items will fail my vigorous quality control (and quite often these items probably would have been better suited to the Super Wash setting), but that is to be expected by an automated machine which doesn't have a human eye casting judgement over its work. The delayed start is also particularly useful if you perhaps don't want to run too many electrical items at the same time and risk blowing a fuse if this is an issue, or say if you want to run it at night when electricity is cheaper for you at that time.

      I do find the normal cycle does take a lot longer than my old dishwasher by about an hour which does mean a longer wait before emptying can commence, but on the other hand, for my second positive about this dishwasher this means the amount of washing up that can fit is easily twofold more, and so less loads need to be run which is obviously much better for the environment and more importantly gives me more leisure time. There are two racks supplied on roller slides for easy access which I have yet to accidentally dislodge or damage in any way and are very sturdy, not to mention flexible. There are sections that make it easy to lay cups and glasses out, place plates at a helpful angle and to store cutlery either upright or for larger pieces like kitchen knives horizontally. It's not fun to open the door and stick your hand in only to be greeted by the sharp end of a knife so the organisation of this dishwasher is great. Parts of the racks can also be adjusted by folding the sticky up bits down thus allowing really large items to slot in much easier which is also very handy.

      Now, this next point probably applies only to hopelessly lazy people like myself, but if you are not careful at removing food from your dishes before shoving it haphazardly into the dishwasher there will obviously be a build up of gunk within the dishwasher. However, the filter (which is a three tiered system) is incredibly effective and catches all of the waste and even though it needs to be changed daily, since I've been using this dishwasher I've not noticed a decline in the quality of the clean, and I attribute this partly to how good this filter is.

      One other thing that is appealing about this dishwasher is just how quiet it actually is. At worst the sound levels come up to a low hissing/bubbling sound that can only really be heard from within the room the dishwasher stands in which is so much better than my last dishwasher which could gurgle and rumble for England. However, one slight issue with this quietness is that if you press the start/pause button a little too forcefully for some reason it registers two pushes and thus pauses the cycle. Quite often I've left this dishwasher to its own devices competely unaware that nothing was happening since I can't normally hear it anyway and this situation has been the scupperer of many a plan, so it is always best to wait and make sure the chosen cycle has begun before scampering away.

      Finally, on an aesthetic point I also really like the colour of this dishwasher which is a nice, dark grey colour as oppose to a colour (or non-colour) like white which really picks up the dirt and stains more than grey and thus requires a lot more regular cleaning on the outside - a simple cloth will shift the dirt in my experience. As for cleaning the inside this isn't too bad a job either as most of it really doesn't get dirty at all. The hot spots are definitely the seals around the door that seem to pick up a little bit of food and the tablet / rinse aid dispensers which are easy to clean with sponges and cloths. The sprayer arms are also likely to pick up a bit of food residue which may potentially block their holes so these can be easily detached by either pushing against some tabs for the bottom one or unscrewing a locking ring for the top one and then giving them a quick scrub.

      So, this Hotpoint FDL 570G model is reliable and has shown no signs of falling into disrepair over 6 months of usage (I don't know if this is really a long enough time to judge the longevity of the product but so far so good), is middle of the range, leaning on the cheap side price wise starting at around the £250 mark and is very efficient producing unerringly good results with a nice range of functions to suit the most frequent cleaning requirements from delicates ranging up to very grimy dishes with the option to run the cycle both economically and in a more environmentally friendly way. It also comes with a 12 months parts and labour guarantee covering free breakdown repairs which can be upgraded to 5 years free if you register with Hotpoint and agree to use only Hotpoint engineers and parts. I can find very few faults with this model other than silly, niggly things, so it comes highly recommended from me.


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        13.06.2010 17:45
        Very helpful



        Only lasted 13 Months

        This is a free standing dishwasher that has room for 12 place settings.
        There is a height adjustable rack a rotary dial and seven wash cycles.
        Cleaning performance is class A and there is a half load option for all you lucky people who dont have 2 kids and a husband who think the cups wash themselves(oh and they put themselves back in the cupboard too)
        The machine is graphite which is more stylish looking than the bog standard silver.
        There is a removable cutlary basket.
        The machine is a standard sized free standing appliance that is 60cm deep x 60cm wide x 85cm high.
        You will use around fifteen litres of water per wash cycle.

        Right thats the specifications out of the way now I will tell you my exprience of this machine.
        I purchased this solely to match it up with the colour of my washing machine (stupid I know)
        The machine looked good enough and I assumed as it was a pretty decent make it would see us through our dirty dish days.
        Imagine our dismay when at the 13 month stage of us owning this we awoke to the electricity supply having tripped out.
        After a while we discovered it was the dishwasher and called a repair man who ran it through its cycle and said it was working OK.
        Lucky for us he didnt charge us and we heaved a sigh of relief.
        A couple of weeks later we started to notice things were still dirty after not just one but sometimes two washes.
        After reading up on the net we discovered this is a common problem in the land of dishwasher and it meant that the pump had gone.

        After much a do we decided that rather than spending £150 to repair the machine we would buy a new one.
        I would definatly not advise buying this machine as we only put it on around once a day so if you work that out it has only had around 400 washes and its up the creek without a paddle.
        But if you did wish to purchase this rip off machine you can currently get it from Hughes Direct for £249 but they do charge delivery which depends on where you live.
        If you want a good honest value for money machine then I would avoid this like the plague.


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        22.02.2010 19:01
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Very pleased so far

        My dishwasher broke down and, after having a look at it my husband didn't think it was worthwhile to have it repaired. He said we could do without one for a while, but then, after nearly two weeks of washing up, I put my foot down!

        I researched dishwashers and thought the Hotpoint FDL570G looked the most suitable for me. I had recently bought an Hotpoint fridge freezer in the colour graphite so I thought it would look nice if I matched the dishwasher to the fridge freezer. I mainly chose it though for it's specifications.

        I usually buy appliances from Comet as I have an EDGE card which means if I spend a over certain amount I can have six months interest free credit and with the card it's easy. However, I couldn't get to a comet store in time and wanted to see before I bought so couldn't simply order online therefore as I have a Curry's store reasonably near we looked in here. This dishwasher was on sale in Currys for £359.99 and I knew it was on offer in Comet for only £299.99. This was pointed out to a store salesperson who agreed to do a price promise and as there was also an offer for free delivery, including removal of old appliance so I was well happy!

        A few days later my dishwasher arrived and has been used most days since.


        Dimensions- 85x60x60 (h,d,w cm)

        AAA standard

        Energy rating-A

        Noise level- 49dcb

        Number of place settings- 12

        Quick wash- 25 mins

        Programs- 7

        Number of wash temperatures- 5

        So far I am pleased with the wash quality. I mainly use the everyday wash program which performs well even after a Sunday lunch. Sometimes I use the quick wash programme and this cleans well although the drying of contents isn't as good on this cycle.

        It is very quiet when washing.

        This machine has a delay timer which I haven't used but some might find this useful.

        I like the fact that the upper basket is adjustable and I can fit wine glasses in here in an upright position.

        The cutlery basket is a little on the large side and does waste some space but the design of it is quite good.

        It has a concealed element which I prefer. It's safer.

        This dishwasher has a built in water softener.

        It has electronic controls.

        I think for the price it is well worth it. Hopefully it will last for some time, which is one of the main things we all want with appliances, along with a good performance and price.

        I hope this review helps if you are looking for a dishwasher.


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          18.09.2009 12:30
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Hands that do dishes...can simply press the button now

          If I mentioned washing the dishes most people would cringe with disgust at such a heartless and utterly dull chore, (the men folk amongst us looking over at the women in the hope of them doing the tedious task), but nether-the-less those dishes still need washing before they can be used again, (unless you use paper plates and throw away plastic cutlery). So, many years ago, someone, (probably a woman), came up with the idea of a machine which would wash those pots and pan with little effort to oneself, (possibly after a few terrible incidents using a traditional washing machine resulting in many broken plates), and the thing they came up with was the good old dishwasher, (unimaginative name me thinks).

          Anyway, I first bought a dishwasher quite a few years ago, I recall it being a rather dodgy looking Indesit of some kind, ( I forget which one exactly), which lasted quite some time, and have owned a few more since then.
          These days though there are so many brands on the market making it a little easier to chose one that will fit your everyday needs, whilst trying to match the décor of your kitchen and your own lifestyle to boot.

          But the one I am using at the moment, and have been for a while know is from the boffins at Hotpoint, which has been a bit of a godsend in the washing of the dirty dishes department.

          ** Firstly, some technical bits for the boffins out there...
          (This information comes mainly from the booklets that came with the machine).

          * Silver exterior and interior
          * LED display
          * 12 place setting...
          * 'A' ratings for 'energy', 'wash' and 'dry'
          * 16 litre water consumption
          * Low noise level (49db)
          * 7 wash programs
          * 5 temperature settings
          * 37 minute quick wash cycle
          * Half load capability
          * Adjustable racking for larger items
          * Overflow protection
          * Pre-rinse capabilities
          * Cutlery basket
          * Up to 9 hour delay timer

          (Quite a bit for the technical minded out there but there but it all goes to make a dish washer).


          In the past, before we joined the dishwasher brigade, the wife and I used to have a routine of sorts when it came to washing the pots, if I cooked then she would do the dishes and if she cooked then I would let her do the dishes, which I thought was fair, (only kidding, I would do the dishes if she cooked), and this routine went on for some time, that was until we bought our first dishwasher. (oh happy days...)
          And from that day on we never looked back, never having to wash a dish by hand again, although I do sometimes have to wash the odd pan by hand when I'm 'creating' in the kitchen, (my wife says I am one of those people who uses every pot in the house when I'm cooking).
          I think I'm drifting off the road a little here, were we not talking about dishwasher a minute ago, not about cooking?

          ** Right then, back to the dishwasher.

          It is silver in colour and looks quite stylish sat in the corner of the utility room, being of a good size, about the same a s a standard washing machine or dryer, approximately 850mm high by 600mm by 600mm, making it looks nice and neat, with all the control buttons situated along the front top of the machine with the door being shut.
          When opened there is so much room inside the unit, they say enough for 12 place settings although I have never actually had the opportunity of filling it up as yet, usually it is only just over half full when I set it running in the morning.
          The inside shelving slides out very easily, letting you load the machine to its maximum with such ease. They are also segregated very well indeed, allowing the dirty dishes to have ample room around them so the water spray can get to every inch of those dirty dishes, giving you good results every time.

          The noise levels are quite low when in use, although it is by no means silent as the water gets do work inside the machine, dragging the dirt from you dirty dishes.

          As with all new devices of this type it is advisable to read any instruction manual which comes with it, this will give you the 'pros' and 'cons' about that particular machine. But if you have had, or even just used a dishwasher before then this silver beauty will be no surprise as it works just the same as the majority on the market... Simply fill the shelves with dirty dishes, set the machine to run, empty it of the clean dishes when cycle complete...

          In all, it is a rather tasty looking machine, (in the super model scale I would have to say it is more a Claudia Schiffer than a Kate Moss), it will get your dishes cleaner than a vicars conscience and its about as noisy as a slithering snake slicing through the grass.
          As I said, I have owned several dishwashers and I have to admit that this has to be one of the best ones I have had the pleasure of loading and unloading, (one day I will have to show the wife how to use the thing).

          For some strange reason the price for this particular Hotpoint does seem to range quite dramatically, I have seen it advertised a price as low as £250 and as much as £350. If you can get it for less than the £280 region than I do advise grabbing it quicker than a chocoholic grabs a mars bar, you'll be glad you did.

          PLEASE NOTE:

          I do want to emphasise that the results of a dishwasher do depend a lot on the actual cleaning fluid/tablet you use, but this Hotpoint does go a long way in helping your chosen fluid/tablet get those dishes clean. This dishwasher seems to have a good bit of cleaning power in itself, giving some sparkling results to your dishes.


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            18.05.2009 13:28
            1 Comment


            • Reliability


            A recommended buy

            I have used this dishwasher for many months and I am pleased very with it. It cleans the dishes well and I have never had a problem with food residue left on plates or cutlery in the basket, even on the eco cycle. The collapsible rack on the bottom tray is very useful for washing pans and other larger objects although I always find it hard to find somewhere to put larger wine glasses - a problem I have had with all my dishwashers. The only niggle I have is that when you switch it on, it goes onto automatic pause and you have to 'un-pause'/ start it to set it off. If you forget to do this then you can come back hours later only to find your dishes unwashed. It runs quietly and the dial has user-friendly settings which are easy to understand. I initially purchased it because of the colour (I have grey appliances in my kitchen) and there is a limited choice of grey dishwashers out there. Many are silver or steel so I found this one aesthetically pleasing as it matches my Hotpoint fridge and has a nice sleek appearance which fits well into my kitchen.


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              13.05.2009 10:55
              1 Comment


              • Reliability


              An excellent purchase

              Having had several dishwashers in my lifetime amongst them some of the premium brands, I bought this dishwasher 6 months ago to replace another hotpoint which I had been extremely disappointed in(and therefore swearing that I would not purchase another Hotpoint!) However I was swayed by this as it was very reasonably priced and we could take it away with us (important as the old one kept flooding). Well I have been delighted with this model. It has matched all the premium brand machines I have used, it is quiet (most important as I live in a flat) very very efficient, dishes are sparkling clean and most importantly DRY. There are more than enough programmes to cater for the average household and having deliberatly tried each one I have been more than satisfied with each one. Whatever I have put in this machine be it heavily soiled or delicate or plastic (which is notorious for not drying properly) has been well finished. Options for gel, powder or tablets are an added bonus. Overall a very satisfied customer and would thoroughly recommend and fully deserving of its triple AAA rating - oh and the graphite colour is a good one too!


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            • Product Details

              Short name: Hotpoint FDL570G

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