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Full size semi integrated dishwasher.

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    1 Review
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      02.07.2003 21:21
      Very helpful



      Having ordered the new kitchen, sink, fridge, cooker, it seemed a shame not to get a dishwasher too, go for the full hit. However I was sadly out of touch with rate of inflation, and thought I would easily find a dishwasher in the sub £300 range. I was soon to learn that there is no sub £300 range, especially as I want a semi-integrated dishwasher. I was saved by the Indesit DV62IX (stainless steel - also available in white) . It looks like its only available from Currys, but with its price tag of £279 it fitted the bill. A semi integrated dishwasher, is designed with no front panel, you have to fit a door panel, so that it matches your kitchen. The control panel is in line with the draws of adjacent units to give the finished kitchen a clean appearance. The machine stands on four spindly legs, that are independently adjustable. In my opinion these look a little feeble. However, the unit isnt meant to be dragged about on these, just stand still. I mention this because you may need to check the height of your draw line. If like us you have large draw fronts, you may have to fettle with the heights of the kitchen cupboards, not just the dishwasher to make every thing line up. ** USE ** It is a full size dishwasher so it will accommodate 12 place settings. But in practice it will manage four place settings and a couple of pots and pans. The top basket is height adjustable to allow taller glasses and or side plates to fit. The control panel is uncluttered and easy to use. An on/off power switch with led indicator, and a program dial (al la washing machine). It has three main wash programs. ** Rapid wash option, this takes just 25 minutes, but doesnt dry. ** Intensive wash option, this takes around an hour, and leaves the dishes dry. ** Rinse wash option, I havent used this option, however the book says it is used when you put dishes in during the day, waiting until it is full enough for
      a full wash. A pre wash if you like. This can then continue into the Intensive wash. It has a C Energy Rating. Which by todays standards isnt great, but its not the worst. ** Cleaning Performance ** I have been impressed so far. It has handled everything we have thrown at it. Odly the book tells you not to pre rinse your dishes, as it will have no effect on the final clean. The Dry Performance is classed as B. I dont know what this means, or how its classified, but the dishes come out dry. It is a fairly noisy dishwasher. You know when its on. During a wash there are definite clonks as it dispenses the cleaning tablet / powder and the rinse aid. ** FITTING ** Fitting the unit is straight forward it requires a waste outlet, a cold water feed and a mains socket. However lining the dishwasher up, so that it is flush is a little harder, and took a little jigging of the waste and water supply, to make enough room behind the dishwasher so that the fitted door front sat flush with the run of units. It is 60cm wide (2 foot), which is standard appliance width. Bearing in mind most cupboards are only 50cm wide, you will have to allow for this if you are designing your own kitchen, or want to add a dishwasher in place of an existing cupboard. Inside dimensions are H=82cm W=57cm D=57cm The construction does feel very flimsy, but as its designed to be screwed to adjoining cupboard carcases it feels strong enough for the job once its in place. The door is counterbalanced, and despite us having fitted a fairly heavy door panel to it, it is still a little on the strong side. This is adjustable, but we have set ours to the minimum, and it still fights back a little. The only snag we hit upon, was when fitting the door panel, the screws on the left hand side lined up exactly where the holes for the hinges had been cut into the wood. But once in place you couldn?t tell
      , and the door panel hasnt moved or come loose. The dishwasher is supplied with a Velcro strip, and the screws to fit the panel. They also include a strip of clear sticky back plastic, that they call a condensation barrier, to fit under the worktop to prevent any ingress of moisture. ** FREEBIES ** The dishwasher was supplied with a box of dishwasher salt, a squirt of rins aid, a couple of power ball tablets and a citro fresh dishwasher freshener. So once it arrived, we had it up and running within the hour. If you havent got a dishwasher (we havent had one since the 80s), and you don?t know if you should get one; I can honestly say, I don?t know how we have lived without it. It is so nice to host a dinner for family and friends and not have to worry about the washing up. But on a day to day basis, it is great to get up in the morning open the door, and find clean (and boy are they clean) dishes and cutlery waiting for you. For £279 (we actually got it for £264 delivered ? in the sale), it was worth every penny. HSIBOY


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      Short name: Indesit DV62IX

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