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Indesit IDF125 12 Place Dishwasher White, Silver

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    1 Review
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      07.07.2014 22:19
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      A good value and great dishwasher

      I remember when I first move in with my partner, he was obsessed with getting a dishwasher and after about 2 years of wearing me down, I finally gave in and we purchased one, ever since then, I have never looked back. Back in 2012, ours packed up so we had to get a new one and this is what we decided on.

      There are three colour choices available, white black or silver, with white being the cheapest. Prices start at around 249 pounds, I purchased mine online from Tesco''s as at the time, it was the cheapest and they also had free delivery (I hate paying delivery charges and will always look for somewhere that doesn''t charge me). What I liked about Indesit was that they offered a free recycle programme, so they took our old dishwasher away and not only did they deliver, but they installed it too. I opted for the white model, whilst I think that the silver and black do look nice, they would stand out again my fridge and washer.

      This is a free standing dishwasher with the following dimensions: 60cm x 60cm x 85cm (w x h x d) which is quite a standard size and according to the instruction manual it is 52decibels. I have no idea whether 52 decibels is good, what I can say is that it is quite quiet when it use, apart from the occasional sound of running water (which is when it fills up), I would not know when the dishwasher is on.

      According to the manual, the technical information is:

      Water consumption: 15litres Energy rating: AAA Energy consumption per cycle: 299kwh

      I would say that dishwasher looks quite basic with a plain door, to the top of which are two buttons (on/off and the other is start/pause), a dial where you select what cycle you would like. Along the same panel is the product brand and also a little key letting you know what number of the dial relates to which cycle. The dishwasher had 5 different cycles which are easily set by using the dial to the front.

      Intensive: This cycle will take around an hour and a half to complete and is designed really for pots that need an extra clean (such as stained pots and pans) Time for you: This cycle takes a little longer, just under two hours and is recommended for every day use. Soak: This last about an hour and a half and gives your pots a good blast of hot water for about 10minutes before the cleaning starts. This cycle is ideal for any dried on stains. Eco: Surprisingly, this is the longest cycle at just over two hours but I believe the reason it is called Eco is because less water is used and the temperature doesn''t get at hot. Although I find this cleans quite well, we don''t tend to use this cycle very often. Rapid 35: Just like is says, this is a quick wash and ideal when the dishwasher isn''t quite full and lasts for just over half and hour. Although there are only three of us, we seem to generate quite a lot of dirty pots so again, I haven''t used this one much. The only times I find this comes in handy is when we are about to go away and I want to just get a few bits cleaned before we go.

      Selecting which cycle you want to use is really easy, simply press the on/off button, turn the dial to the number corresponding to the wash you want and then press start. There are also three LED lights along the main panel, when you have pressed start, the first LED light comes to let you know it is on, when the cycle nears the end, the second light comes on and finally, when it is complete the last light comes on.

      I like that the dishwasher has a pause button, there have been times when I have come across a random plate and wanted to drop this into the cycle, there have also been times when the dishwasher is on, and I need a fork, only to realise that they are all in the dishwasher.

      The inside of the dishwasher is stainless steel, it comes with two trays which are designed to hold a place setting for 12 and it also comes with a blue cutlery tray. The cutlery tray can be positioned anywhere within the dishwasher which I really like, I also find this aspect useful when unloading the dishwasher as I can take it out with all the cutlery in and take it to my cutlery drawer to unload.

      The compartment for adding the dishwasher tablet is situated on the inside of the door, simply pop in and close the flap, during the cycle, the flap will open ready for when you next want to use. Also in this compartment is a little screw topped hole where you need to add the rinse aid.

      The salt compartment is in the base of the dishwasher and is opened by unscrewing a large cap, I like that Indesit actually provide a little funnel to help ensure that the salt gets in the hole only and not in the base of the dishwasher (I have made that mistake before and ended up with salt marked glasses and pots).

      I must admit that I am really impressed with the quality of the clean, I have never experienced any issues with pots coming out dirty, even the heavily soiled pans or the ones with the dried on stains. I also love that on some of the longer washes, there is a drying element which means when the cycle is complete, the pots can be put away immediately (although just a word of warning, they can be a little hot).

      I find that the ?sprinking arms'' turn easily to ensure even the pots in the furthest corner of the dishwasher are cleaned. These arms can be easily removed too when then need a clean. With the dishwasher being stainless steel, I find I don''t actually need to clean the inside however, once a week, I clean the filter by just rinsing under the hot tap, and also like to clean around the door seal as this too seems to get a little bit of a grime build up.

      After placing my order with Tesco, I was emailed to say that Indesit would contact me within 4 working days to arrange delivery. I ordered on a Sunday and by 9am Monday morning, they had contacted me and arranged a convenient time to deliver. They came when they said they would and installed the dishwasher within a matter of minutes. The delivery driver took all the packaging (as well as my old unit) away with him and he even offered to talk me through the instructions which I thought was excellent, I declined on this aspect but for the reason I mentioned earlier about the adjustable shelf, I wish I had said yes!

      I was going to tell you that the top shelf is quite shallow and that you cannot put pint glasses in the top rack however having just got the instruction manual out to write this review, I have realised that that top shelf can actually be lowered. To do this, just simply pull it out and then feed the runners onto the higher strips on the side of the shelf. I can''t believe that we have has this dishwasher for two years and never known this.

      Based on the fact that this was the only negative, I think the dishwasher is excellent.

      I would definitely recommend this dishwasher and it gets 5 out of 5 stars from me. Thanks for reading.


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  • Product Details

    The hardworking Indesit IDF125 dishwasher tackles any job with its impressive pans programme really letting you put your feet up.Plenty of dishwashers do a great job of your plates cups and cutlery but still leave you lots of elbow work in the sink as you deal with the pans.But the great value Indesit IDF125 dishwasher lets you relax after dinner safe in the knowledge that all the chores are being taken care of.There are five programmes to chose from in total to suit your needs including a rapid cycle thats perfect when youre in a rush and an eco option.Triple A rated for energy clean and drying this Indesit IDF125 dishwasher will give all your pots a beautiful sparkle while keeping your bills low and looking after the environmentIts simple to use via a dial operation on the dishwasher front and flood protection ensures your peace of mind by instantly detecting if theres a leak and cutting off the water.The Indesit IDF125 dishwasher is also available in Silver (PE833) and Black (KZ222).Useful info:Dimensions: H 85 W 60 D 60 cm12place setting capacityCutlery basketFive programme optionsNext day delivery and Saturday delivery availableFlood protectionIndesit IDF125 dishwasher INDESIT helpline: 0800 092 1922 / Colour: White /

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