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    3 Reviews
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      26.04.2010 21:13
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great product

      ==Indesit IDL 535S Dishwasher==

      ==My Story==

      We literally had to get a dishwasher when we moved into our flat 3 ½ years ago as the builders had made a hole in the kitchen sides ready for it to fit into and unless we filled the gap it would look silly! Luckily my parents were there to step in with a flat warmer present of, yes you guessed it, a dishwasher. I was so over the moon they decided to purchase one for us and I asked them to make sure it was silver so that it would match all the other kitchen equipment and they kindly obliged.

      The Argos book was dragged out tattered and torn due to over use and a purchase was made over the phone so that Argos could deliver it as of course, it wasn't suitable of collection from the store. I am not totally sure how much they paid for it but I think it was around £250 which was one of the cheaper priced ones but not the cheapest. It arrived within the week and Dad set it all up for me as he used to do most of the manly tasks seeing as Himself was not and still isn't good in those sorts of areas! I think however it was pretty straight forward to set up and it probably was harder getting unwrapped out of all the cellophane they have wrapped round the machine.

      I think though pretty much once the pipe was fastened correctly and the electricity plug in place and turned on, the machine was all set up and ready to go. There are things that need to be checked such as levelling but this is not something that I took an active part in. However, for a change, I have actually looked at the instruction manual and the installation section is pretty simple to follow and easy to understand that I think if I had needed to do it myself I could have easily managed it.

      ==Product Information==

      After having a look for the product information online, it seems as though Argos, where I purchased this dish washer no longer stock it which is pretty much the same with every one else. I did a little looking and it seems as though Indesit have upgraded this particular machine and with a few modifications have made it into the IDF 125S. This looks pretty much the same as do the spec's but I guess it is a little more fine tuned.

      This machine though has a capacity of 12 standard place settings which is more than enough for us and actually meant that we had to buy further cups, plates and especially cutlery in order that we didn't run out whilst waiting for the machine to be a full load.

      There are five different wash cycle programmes and they are:

      1)Intensive. This is of course for very dirty dishes but I will often run this cycle in order to give the machine a good clean inside as well. It pre-washes at 40 degrees, washes at 60 degrees and then does two separate cold rinses and a final rinse at 70 degrees before drying. This cycle takes a good 2 hours to fully run but does do the trick with dirty pots and pans.

      2)Time 4 You. This is the "Standard Daily Cycle" which gives a wash at 50 degrees,, a cold rinse, a 70 degree hot rinse then the drying process. This programme takes a total of 1 hour 28 minutes to run. As it suggests this is the programme that I tend to use most often and it does work well for me.

      3)Eco. This has got to be the second most cycle I will use because it runs with low energy consumption levels but still is suitable for a normal dirty load. There are 2 cold pre washes which I often find better as the dirt does not get baked onto the dishes as some of the other programmes may often do. The main wash is at 50 degrees and the final rinse is with 65 degree water before the drying process begins. This however is the longest programme to run lasting nearly 2 and ½ hours which can often not be convenient which is why it is not my first choice of programmes.

      4)Rapid 25. AS the name suggests this is the fastest cycle available lasting less than ½ hour and still being economic. It has a short wash at 47 degrees and a rinse with 62 degree water but there is no drying cycle. The fact there is no drying is not really a big problem as I tend to leave the dishes in the machine for a while and they tend to drip dry and never really come out of the machine to wet and only need a quick once over with the tea towel.

      5)Soak. This last cycle is more of an extra cycle as it cannot be used alone to wash all the dishes. This programme fives a short cold wash which prevents food from drying on to the plates. I find this really helpful if we have had a spaghetti bolognese as this cleans the muck off of before letting it go through a full cycle.

      These programmes are easily selected by a twistable knob and the progress of each cycle is demonstrated by a series of lights with appropriate pictures above. There are two other buttons on the main control screen and they are the main on/off button and then the start and reset button.

      The whole machine is very simple looking and simple to use. Each cycle is fairly easy to understand in the description of the name of the cycle and these are all printed on the outside of the machine.

      Inside the machine there is the standard compartments for adding the salt in the bottom of the machine and a funnel was supplied so that this can be done without much mess (although I tend not to use the funnel even though it does spill a bit - may have to consider using it next time!). The compartment to add the dishwasher powder or tablet is in the inside of the door and has a flip up lid. I always use tablets as these are far easier and cause less mess although one or two times the tablets have not come out in the quick wash as I think the clasp didn't open correctly but I just had to run the cycle again and the dishes appeared even clean than they would have.

      There are two levels at which the top draw can be set to and I have set mine on the lower one. This allows large glasses to be placed in the top but the dishes have to be small to go in the bottom otherwise the washer spraying arm will get caught. If I set the drawer to the higher level I cannot fit any of my wine glasses in on the top shelf but can easily get the larger plates in at the bottom. The level is easy to change so I will often switch from one to the other depending on whether I have eaten off big plates or drunk a few glasses of wine. This is no big deal and it is nice to have the option to change from one level to the other.

      ==General Use==

      The dishwasher on the whole is very simple to use and takes merely a twist of a knob and the inserting of one dishwasher tablet into the door compartment. The start button need to be pushed and then held in to start the machine off and then follows a series of beeps to indicate the machine is beginning the selected programme.

      I find there are plenty of different programmes to choose from which makes the machine really suitable for everyone. There is plenty of space for all of our dirty dishes, cups and glasses and I have encountered no problems with the machine in the whole 3 years that we have had it.

      The machine just about fit into the space that was in the kitchen but seeing as it is a full sized machine I guess the size of the space left was measured accordingly. The width of the machine is 60 cms the depth of the machine is 60 cms and the height is 85 cms so it is a good sized machine and in the silver colour that we chose does look like it was always meant to be where it is.

      ==My Opinion==

      I am very pleased with this dishwasher and really do hope that we wont need to get another one for a long time to come. The colour is a good one and the available options and programmes are more than adequate for all of our family needs.

      The machine does run very well and doesn't make too much noise at all, so much so that we often put it on before going to bed and this doesn't cause us any problems with waking up the little man and we hardly know it is on.

      It holds a lot of dirty dishes and the cutlery basket is large enough to fit more than 12 place settings in too.

      We never really have too much of a problem with things coming out of the machine dirty or needing to go in again but I always do make sure that things are relatively food free before being put into the dish washer. There is a filter at the bottom of the dishwasher which will catch any of the missed pieces of food and this is easy removed and cleaned so that the machine runs smoothly.

      So really to sum it up I don't think I could want more from a dishwasher. It was a relative good price compared to most (even though I didn't personally pay for it). It looks good and is easy to use (although Himself still hasn't mastered to art of it!). It can run on a low energy consumption if the option is selected and one dishwasher tablet really does the job it needs to do.

      I think I would award a 5 out of 5 star rating for this Indesit Dishwasher. I wouldn't ask for more although some people might want a dishwasher with more features but for me simplicity is best and this dishwasher is truly thank.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        19.11.2008 08:40
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A must for family life, reliable, quiet. It looks very neat in amongst the cupboards.

        This dishwasher is very compact, and doesn't seem to stick out beyond the kitchen cupboards like the last one I had. It is very quiet also and the only time you really notice its on, is when it gives out its final two beeps when the washing cycle completes.

        The washing of the dishes is fantastic, even the most stubborn "casserole" stains comes off 9/10 times, which again is more than I can say about my last one.

        The programme cycles work great - even the time saver one seems to do the job.

        The downside of this dishwasher is the time. It seems to take a very very long time to get through the intensive cycle wish is the one I probably use the most. I would reckon (although I have never stood with a stop watch) that the complete cycle takes around 2 hours to complete.

        I am very happy with my dishwasher the plus sides out weigh the negative ones and I would recommend it to anyone, we are a busy (messy) family of 5 and our Indesit Dishwasher has given us no problems in the last 3 months. Overall my score for this product would be 9 out 10.


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          06.11.2008 22:04



          cheapish dishwasher but is not up to scratch

          I bought this dishwasher 4 months ago from currys priced at £240 but had £100 off for recycling my old hotpoint dishwasher

          The disher washer i have is the silver model it looks good with a neat control panel

          the settings are very user friendly
          it has 5 different settings longest being 2hrs 38mins to a rinse at 8 mins i do find that i need to rinse before before washing for 2hrs 38 mins, i do not see this as very eccomonical as it requires to settings
          as for cleaning the dishes it does not all ways clean every dish especially on the top rack it very often need a second wash which i find dissapointing for a new machine

          the best feature on this dish washer is that it has a delay button greatt for setting to wash while out
          i would not recommend this machine due to its lack of reliabilaty.


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      • Product Details

        Dishwashers are available as freestanding or integrated to suit individual needs / They are available in slimline, compact and 60cm wide and various different colours / A freestanding dishwasher can simply slot into a gap in your kitchen, just remember when designing your layout, it needs to be near a water supply! / Short name: Indesit IDL535S

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