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JMB JD8020W 12 Place Setting Dishwasher

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Brand: JMB / Type: Free-Standing / Energy Efficiency Rating: A / Washing Performance: A

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2010 02:25
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      A great budget dishwasher. One of those rare products that performs as good as the bigger brands.

      A dishwasher! At last.

      My partner and I have been debating with buying a dishwasher for years but kept putting it off for one reason or another. We both hate washing up but never taken the plunge and parted with some cash to purchase this white, glossy, magical, washing device sent by God to save me from the tiresome chore of washing up. Thank you!

      Due to money needed elsewhere in the family, kid's birthdays and Christmases, a dishwasher has always been out of our reach. But with a couple of extra pennies (£200) floating around this month we saw this dishwasher made by JMB and thought, why not. JMB you might ask. I had never heard of them either. They are defiantly at the budget end of the appliance spectrum but I have been pleasantly surprised by the overall performance and quality of this product.


      What can you say for a dishwasher? Looks like any other on the market. There is a couple of red LED's to attract toddlers to it and press the power button whilst you are not looking. It has a White glossy finish that blends in with our other appliances. If you took the Logo off you would not be able to tell that it was a budget machine.


      Whilst using the dishwasher, pressing the buttons, turning the dial, operating the door latch and sliding the draws in and out, it all feels well built and smooth. As an ex mechanic I can only offer this is an example. When you get into a car, say a Lada and sit in the driver's seat you feel the hardness of the seat, steering wheel, door handles and gear stick. You operate the different components and the feel worn and sloppy. When you step into a Mercedes for example everything feels Plush and the components all work precisely and without the uncertainty that it will fall of in your hand. Well I got that Mercedes like feel whilst using this Dishwasher. Now only time will tell if the build quality I am feeling now will proceed in the future.


      The dishwasher is very light and easy to install. There is one inlet pipe to screw and turn on and a waste pipe which can be drained like your washing machine or attached to the waste pipe from the sink. The only thing left to do is put in 500g of dishwasher salt with a litre of water and away you go.


      There is a compartment for your cutlery and space for the plates to slot into. An extra piece can be folded up to cater for extra plates. There is also a use place for the larger utensils. There is space in the top draw to hold my wok. This wok is massive too yet it fits and gets cleaned perfectly fine. All in all I am yet to struggle to fit all my dishes in.


      One thing that appealed to me was this dishwasher's energy rating. Group A which I am told is very energy efficient. It must save water too. Especially because when I wash up I have the hot water running for the duration, washing and rinsing as I go. My combi-boiler working over time to heat evermore water as I plough on through my dirty pile of dishes. I just can't wash dishes in a bowl because you're cleaning in water that is always getting dirtier.
      There are several settings on the dial. Rapid will do the wash in a hurry. The dishes will not be dried though. Glass does what it says. Rinse will use no detergent just water. Economy will use around 5 litres of water less than a normal wash and will dry the dishes too. Normal will use a standard amount of water and dry too. Intensive mode is used when you have casserole dishes and heavily soiled plates and pans.
      There are two features needed on this machine which are probably the only two gripes I have. For one there is no door look when the dishwasher is running. The other thing is no child lock on the buttons. I have a little toddler who loves to operate machines he shouldn't and our washing machine has this feature preventing him starting and stopping and turning the machine off. I do feel this dishwasher would benefit from this. But this is an unfair negative because if I paid the extra I could have had these features. At the end of the day this is a budget dishwasher.


      I cannot fault the overall performance. The dishes come out sparkling, clean, bone dry and they feel super clean. Some times when done by hand, dishes have a feel to them like there is a coating on them. I am yet to be disappointed by how clean it leaves my dishes.


      To me this dishwasher is now indispensable. I could not go back to washing dishes by hand. Come to think of it, I do miss my Fairy soft hands. If you are looking for a dishwasher without spending the earth then I recommend this dishwasher. The best money I have spent in a long time. If you want to spend a bit more you can get a few extra features with other dishwashers but the overall performance and cleaning power is faultless. It's a shame it can't put the dishes away for me.


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      Short name: JMB JD8020W

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