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John Lewis JLBIDW1200

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Brand: John Lewis / Dishwasher Type: Built-in / Control Type: Push Button / Number of Wash Cycles: 5 Cycles / Place Settings: 12 / With Sound Insulation / Noise Level: 46 db / Anti Flooding Device: Yes / Door Integration: Fully Integrated / Adjustable Rack Height: Yes / Drying Performance: A / Washing Performance: A / Energy Efficiency Rating: A / Height: 81.8 cm / Width: 59.6 cm / Depth: 55.5 cm

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2013 14:26
      Very helpful



      A decent dishwasher, no more, no less.


      A fairly plain dishwasher in white. It has a small John Lewis logo at the top, a few settings buttons and a small time counter on the right hand side. Very simple but elegant if you are going for a white look within the kitchen.


      At very full capacity you could roughly fit in:

      30 plates (15 big, 15 small)
      12 or so Bowls
      10 Glasses/Mugs
      Max 72 bits of cutlery
      Plus a bit of other space for a couple of saucepans or frying pans, plastic containers or whatever you have to go in.

      The capacity is very good, I wouldn't recommend filling it to capacity simply because the quality of wash you get won't be as high. For a family of 4, two of which work from home, we fill approx. 3/4 of the dishwasher every day which is a decent size. I would suggest the dishwasher covers 8-10 proper meals from 1-4 people, so for a working family you could probably get away with a wash ever two days if you have enough plates etc to cover the loss.


      The dishwasher has 5 washing settings:

      Rinse hold
      50 degrees economy
      Quick wash
      70 degrees intensive

      There is a delay start button as well as a cancel function which involves pressing two of the above buttons simultaneously.


      We tend to use a 50 degree economy wash to wash a 3/4 full dishwasher. As long as there is nothing really dried out and crusty on the items within the dishwasher usually does a good job on about 90% of the items. There are always a few that need a little rinse after. The economy wash saves a huge amount on water and power.

      Although if you have filled the dishwasher or have a lot of days old dirty items then intensive might be the best option. Warning that when the intensive wash finishes let the door open and wait for at least 10 minutes as everything there will be absolutely boiling! Alternatively utilise the rinse hold function to deal with dried food on the plates to try loosen it before washing.

      We never really use the auto or quick wash function. Simply because if I needed something quickly I would wash it in the sink!


      The dishwasher has an A rating for economy which is good for the household bills! It doesn't use much more water than washing up in the traditional way over a day or so however uses a lot more electricity considering the sink uses none!


      The top and bottom shelves both slide out to make for easy loading and unloading, the cutlery "pot" is also removable which speeds up putting the cutlery away as you can place it nearer your cutlery draw. The dishwasher is fairly quite on all settings and takes very little time to heat up and get going!


      My only gripe with this dishwasher it that it never seems to clean items in the 4 corners of the dishwasher. Both top and bottom shelves have this problem. This is one of the reasons we always fill it 3/4 full, leaving the corners, especially on the top shelf. This is frustrating when you have more to put in the dishwasher but you know it'll come out dirty when placed in the corners. There is seemingly no way around this issue and you just learn the dishwashers washing parameters and deal with it.


      A decent dishwasher, capacity is good enough for a family of 4 or smaller and it washes dishes well. The economy of it is a major plus point and so it gets 4 stars from me.


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    Short name: John Lewis JLBIDW1200

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