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Kenwood KDW60S12

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The Kenwood KDW60S12 is an affordable and effective dishwasher. It has a slim line look, cleans very well and has a range of different settings to suit every wash.

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    1 Review
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      02.03.2013 19:18
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      Kenwood dishwasher

      Just before Christmas my husband bought me a dishwasher, rest assured I made him swear that it was not my actual Christmas present, but bless him, he got it for me because he thought it might make my day a bit easier with two toddlers running around the house. To be honest, up to that point I didn't see not having a dishwasher as such a big problem but boy have I changed my mind now, how did I ever do without it. I really has cut down on the amount of time that I spend doing the dishes but I always have clean dishes as we make a point to put it on every night after the days useage of plates, pans and cutlery and then clean it out int he morning. The result is that my kitchen is tidier, my plates are cleaner and I have more time in the day to spend with my kids.

      This Kenwood dishwasher is silver and quite plain looking at the front which I like because it blends into the kitchen and does not become the focus of the kitchen. I actually think it looks quite thin and streamlined but it is a full 12 place setting dishwasher so I definitely think they have used the space well inside this dishwasher. The door of the dishwasher comes downwards to open and then there are two shelves with drawers on wheels that pull out so you can load it easily.

      The bottom shelf is where you put the plates and these go on the left hand side of the drawers. There are slots in which you can put the plates and they fit in well and stay put and I have never had any problems with them braking or chipping which is good. The other side of this draw can be put flat so this is where I like to put my pans as I can lay them flat. In the front of this draw there is a cutlery basket which is really handy. This can fit enough cutlery for the whole day and what I like is that its also got a plastic mesh with holes over one section of it so you can put cutlery in here and it will not drop all the way down.

      On the top shelf there is a section down the middle with upturned plastic hooks so you can put these into your upsidedown glass and it holds them here well during the wash cycle and I have never had any broken glasses which is nice. On either side of the shelf there is room to put all your tea cups and mugs and there is a cover that you put down on top of it to keep them in place.

      I can fit a whole days worth of stuff in this dishwasher which is perfect for me and I don't mind turning it on once a day. The dishwasher has an energy rating of A+ which is great a a water consumption of 12 litres per cycle so you don't feel too bad turning it on. On the front door there is the little section where you add the washing tablet. It goes into a little hole and the door closes over it and hooks shut. It then opens when the dishwasher is turned on and releases the washing tablet inside. On the outside of the dishwasher on the left hand side is the on/off button which you just press in and out and a red light comes on when its on. On the right hand side you will find the program button which allows you to choose which wash you want to put on. This dishwasher has 7 different programs which I think is great as there is always one you need that you can find. The different programs are:

      1 Hour

      You basically just push the arrow button to select and start the program. THe P button allows you to choose which program you want and there is a pause button if you need to stop. What I also like is that there is a half load function that lets you wash a smaller amount of dishes, helping to reduce water consumption. What I also like about this display is that there is a timer which counts down the wash time so you know exactly how long you have left. You can also choose if you want to do a short wash and see that it only takes 30 minutes as opposed to a more thorough wash which takes 2 hours and 45 minutes so it's nice to have the option to choose. When you first choose the machine on its a bit noisy as it starts up and gets going but then you would hardly notice that its on and near the end of the cycle I have to look at the time display to see if it is still on as sometimes its so quiet I think it has finished. When the wash has finished it lets out a few loud beeps to tell you it is done and then the time reverts back to the start again.

      I'm really impressed with the cleaning power of this washing machine. My pots and pans are literally sparkling and have never looked so clean, it's amazing, way better than I could ever do by hand. I never have to put items back because they have a bit of food on them, all the food goes, first time.

      We bought our dishwasher from Currys and it cost us £299 and it's definitely a machine I recommend.


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