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    1 Review
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      23.10.2013 10:07
      Very helpful


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      Very good for the price

      Hello Potential Dishwasher Purchaser!

      In summary: my preference would be for a full size, extremely quiet dishwasher, but since I was constrained by finance and space I opted for the Logik slimline dishwasher. I have some gripes, but overall I am satisfied with its performance and would consider the range again when making a future purchase.

      The best bits:
      For me the delay function is excellent. I can load the dishwasher and delay its start for up to 12 hours, though generally my delay will be for three or four hours at most. The advantages of this are three-fold: 1. I can take advantage of the cheaper night-time electricity tariff we subscribe to without having to stay up; 2. I can set the dishwasher and others ie Mr CrazyEgg can add further items to it without worrying about the settings; 3. We don't have to listen to it rumbling away since we will most likely be asleep. The alert amongst you will detect two potential negatives in the above, but WAIT! There are some more good things...

      The cleaning ability is at least good on most of the cycles I have used, this being three out of the six. It is excellent on the '3-in-1' and 'strong' cycles, and good on the 'rapid' cycle which runs for just 30 minutes. I have begun to use this more recently in a bid to cut our electricity bill. However, this rapid cycle is less reliable in cleaning so you would be well advised to check items before putting them back in cupboards, and especially cutlery as food debris is prone to clinging on. Also this cycle does not dry items, so have a tea towel handy when you unload it.

      Versatility is good with the dishwasher having adjustable height trays, and some of the internal plate racks and fittings being adjustable or removable. So, for example I can fold the plate racks on the lower tray down if I want to wash a large pan, and if Mr CrazyEgg has hosted Beer Club and there are a large number of pint glasses to wash I can remove some of the plastic bits on the top tray so more height is available. These parts are very easy to clip in and out, you won't have to read instructions, simple observation will suffice.

      Cleaning the filters: Again, these are really easy to remove and although there are instructions in the manual if you have ever owned a dishwasher you will be familiar with the method. What I liked here was that there was no gauze covering the tubular filtery bit. In previous makes of dishwasher this has been a part I have had to replace. No chance of that here. I take them out and give them a scrub once in a while, and I run the machine with a dishwasher cleaner in it occasionally and performance seems to have been well maintained over about two years I would guess.

      The gripes:

      There are a variety of settings and I believe temperatures. The settings are called: 3-in-1, Strong, Normal, Eco, Rinse, Glass and Rapid. I have no idea what temperatures these run at. As my dishwasher loads are always a jumble of items this doesn't matter, but if you are a purist running separate loads for glassware and crockery I know you are sucking your teeth right now. The other point to note is that four of these cycles take over two hours to complete, Rinsing takes 1 hour 20 minutes unbelievably, and glass 1 hour 35. Kind of slow, not great at parties. The rapid cycle is a saving grace.

      Some may find the choice of settings in themselves worrisome. Poor Mr CrazyEgg. Like I say though, the delay start function can eradicate this as an issue.

      The biggest gripe I have is the NOISE of the machine. It is not the worst I have known, but certainly it is noisy enough to be an intrusive and unpleasant background noise in our open plan kitchen diner (that sounds a lot posher than it is...). Also, after the initial warm up humming sound the machine gives a loud clonking sound. After a while this becomes reassuring.

      The on-off and settings buttons are all on the outer face of the machine. This never bothered me until Baby CrazyEgg started toddling and becoming curious about buttons. We keep the door shut to minimise risk of trapped fingers, but that means she can switch the machine on and off. She has done this, but so far has never selected a setting so has never made it run. I still feel that a child lock like that on our washing machine would be handy at this stage in our lives.

      So overall, pretty good I would say, with a few points to address for future models. Well done Mrs Logik whoever you are.


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    • Product Details

      This attractive silver Logik LD45S11 Slimline Dishwasher will will fit beautifully into your kitchen to make clean up a breeze! Perfectly suited to the average household, the Logik LDW45S11 Slimline Dishwasher has 9 place settings / Thanks to an A rating for energy usage, cleaning and drying performance, you can be assured that this is an efficient and economical machine to run / A selection of 7 programmes and 4 wash temperatures and a half load option gives you plenty of choice / And a helpful 30-minute quick wash programme is available when you're pushed for time / Tired of doing dishes manually? / Short name: Logik LDW45S11