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Brand: Matsui / Counter Top / Wash Temperatures: 2 / No of Place Settings - 4 / Energy Efficiency: - A / Wash A Dry Efficiency: A / Water Consumption: 10.4 Litres / No of Programmes: 5

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      10.08.2009 14:09
      Very helpful



      Do Not Buy this Make & Model of Dishwasher

      We purchased this dishwasher back when our Bosch took it onto itself to refuse to fill. We tried everything to get the 'boon to household peace and prosperity' to work again, with my dear hubby trying his best to strip her down and check out all possible causes but all his valiant efforts came to nothing.

      Even giving the pump a 'seeing to' didn't improve things and so we finally came to the conclusion the gunk and pitifully low pressure and unfiltered nature of the water supply to our wee house had seen an end to what had been a true ally in the field of housework and all that entails, dishes wise that is.

      Now a dishwasher breaking down, oh all right, dying on us, was not the end of the world but, as I explained in an earlier opinion, DH was not a one to be doing the dishes. In fact that was the reasoning behind the purchase of the BOSCH...

      His stance was that the housekeeping could afford to cover the purchase of a dishwasher, no problem, as long as he did not need to take his turn at doing the dishes, ever again!

      So, this left us with something of a problem. We'd booked to go a holiday that year and as holidays are not that common an occurrence around here, we had used up almost all of our 'contingency funds' paying for the holiday leaving us with little or nothing for a new dishwasher. We most certainly dd not have enough for another Bosch. Which, as it turned out, was a great pity. Not just because the Bosch had been such a good friend to us but because the dishwasher we did purchase turned out to be anything but ...

      As with the Bosch, the new dishwasher was a manual one.
      No problem.
      We had only ever had a manual dishwasher and, as my old Gran used to say, the less there is 'fancy' in a machine, the less there is to go wrong.

      Although rated as 'Cleaning Efficiency C' it has, I'm delighted to report, turned out to be an excellent exponent of dishwashing...
      if only that was all there was to it!

      The negatives involved in purchasing this model of dishwasher began to show almost immediately when we found that, during the coldest winter months, the water refused to heat sufficiently when set on the lower of the two heat settings with this only being overcome by resetting the dishwasher to both the 'hot' and the full length cycle.

      As you can imagine, this is far from being an 'environmentally sound' setting and we also discovered to our dismay it's a rather uneconomical one with the new setting immediately starting to show up on our meter readings!

      Fifty-two centimeters in height and freestanding in construction this, as with any dishwasher we have, sits neatly on the shelf to the left of the kitchen sink. Lack of space in our 'galley kitchen' means dishwashers in our house have to be 'freestanding' and 'table top' or 'compact' in design.

      The outward appearance of this Matsui is far from attractive, but tell me you've found a dish washer that is in any way 'attractive' and I'll be thinking you've found yourself a 'Toy Boy'.

      Although there are a quite a few Internet based references to the noise levels this model of dishwasher gives off, I found that to shut door or two between it and ourselves goes a significant way towards 'dampening' its 63 decibels.

      Described as having three 'programmes, as mentioned earlier, it has a twenty-eight minute 'economy' setting and a longer one, where, being manual and not digital in nature, the longer setting time wise means a warmer wash for the dishes.

      In theory, the two settings, time wise, can be set on either a Hot or an Economy setting, water temperature wise but, as mentioned above, the setting appears only to work in the summer time, especially when we have a winter like this last one (2008/09)!

      Luckily for us, being pensioners, most of our dishes need only the lower setting so, except in circumstances, such as those described above, we tend to use the 'economy setting almost all the time.

      Now I feel we come to the single most irritating feature of this model of dishwasher. In its advertising blurbs and its user manual there are claims that this model has four place settings ...

      Well, all I can say about that is, if this is four place setting then the Bosch must have had eight!

      The layout and structure of the interior is my biggest gripe when it comes to this particular dishwasher.

      With the Bosch I immediately found I could place all our dishes wherever I wanted and they would sit and stay and not cause any problems. It even had a 'cup rack' that I never had to use. The bottom of the rack was a neatly meshed grid that held anything you wanted it to and, as it was my first dishwasher, I assumed all dishwasher would be laid out and structured in a similar manner ...

      The Matsui must have been designed by a ten year old.
      A ten year old who had been told to economise on the base grid, completely to the detriment of the overall design!

      I place full sized plates in there and they end up sitting far too low and catching on the rotating washer arm upon which the entire dishwasher depends, thus forcing me to reset the placement of every dish in the the darn thing. Cups and glasses are another bone of contention. Try placing them anywhere on the floor of the washer and they'll likely as not fall over, as the base is too widely spaced to support anything smaller in circumference than a pint glass and here was me trying to cut down my drinking!

      Then we come to the cutlery holder.
      We are advised in the 'user manual' that the 'cutlery holder' can be 'reset' position wise ...
      What they Should have said is that it Has to be reset,
      as there no supporting grid whatsoever underneath it
      (that's right, no supporting framework, simply a gap !)
      and no matter how you chose to place the cutlery holder, it can simply fall though and foul up the rotor blade in the same manner as plates that are too large or too small to fit what few placement options do exist!

      I would have though that a basic grid-work, the kind that covers the bottom of all dishwashers, would be an essential part of any dishwasher design!
      Apparently not, ... not in this model of dishwasher any way!

      Last words;
      I used to be a contented housewife... but that has all 'gone out the door'
      since we purchased this dishwasher!

      A blatant piece of bad design has lead me to;
      swear more often than I used to,
      it has me wishing for a bigger kitchen,
      wishing for a bigger house,
      and, for the purposes of this revue, most importantly of all,
      wishing for a better quality dishwasher!


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      Short name: Matsui MTT1W

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