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Miele G692SC Plus

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    1 Review
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      30.05.2010 02:30
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      Indefatigable servant - Dishwashers ought to be made compulsory in newly-fitted kitchens.

      My sister-in-law calls hers 'Metal Mickey'. We don't call ours anything, but we're fond of it, nevertheless.

      30 November 2001 - my birthday, - & the day we took delivery of our new Miele G692SC Plus Dishwasher. Fast forward 8.5 years, & I've just loaded it up before writing this review.

      As its now quite a while since we bought it from Miele (rhymes with 'dealer') I'm fairly sure this model will only surface on the second-hand market these days, but I'm willing to sing the praises of this machine.

      For the technically-minded it stands 84.7cm tall, adjustable by 4cm using the threaded feet. Its a tad under 60cm wide, & is 60cm deep. If you connect to a hot water supply, it takes 0.3 - 10 bar pressure, & will need at least a 1-metre header to work properly. Mains cold water shouldn't be any problem. It weighs about 63kg, & has a cable length of 1.7m. It is commendably quiet in operation.

      This machine takes 12 place-settings & was one of the earlier machines to feature a cutlery-tray in the top, which is the reason for the "SC" in its title. This took the place of the usual basket, because, so we heard, a child was injured by falling onto a knife placed blade uppermost in one of those baskets.

      We use Finish Powerball tablets, but we don't put them into the little compartment in the door, because we found that they sometimes didn't eject into the machine. It seems that the design allows for you to place the tablet in, then switch the machine onto pre-wash before using one of the main programmes. The tablet would stay dry until the right time for use. However, we get around this by doing pre-wash cycles without a tablet, then we pop it into the very front of the cutlery tray when we put on the main wash.

      There's a filter mesh in the bottom of the cabinet, & if you clean this regularly, it gives no problems. Similarly, routine filling with salt & Rinse-Aid when the indicator lights show they're needed means operations remain smooth. Attention to keeping the door-seal clean is also advised. Every few weeks, a cycle run with a proprietary cleaner will be beneficial.

      Wash cycles go all the way from Economy to hot Intensive, with about 5 in between. The only one not to work perfectly every time has been the Economy one, which, if you load the machine to the gunnels seems unable to get all residue off the dishes, necessitating rewashing. We so seldom use that programme, preferring to delay until a full load is ready to go on one of the others, so it doesn't affect us much.

      Occasionally, knives have come out with a small amount of brown spotting, but this is easily dealt with after a swift rinse by hand.
      Once the wash/dry is ended, we pop the door open an inch & leave it for a while, which seems to allow the crocks, etc, to dry off more throughly - but there will usually be a little bit of water on the bottom of any upturned cups, so that's when the tea-towel gets used.

      All in all this machine has worked well, & shows no sign of giving up yet. The amount of money we've spent on it in repairs is precisely nil.

      Some folk don't like dishwashers, citing things like "My glassware has gone cloudy" - but that's because lead-crystal glass will go cloudy if its continually hot washed in a dishwasher. You also need to be aware that, for instance, aluminium shouldn't be dishwashed, because the salt used for water-softening in there will cause corrosion to those items.

      We've had a dishwasher for most of our married life - almost 29 years - & we wouldn't be without one. Our G692SC Plus has been superb value for money, & if the time ever comes when we do have to get another one - we'll go straight to Miele.

      Think of all the time we haven't spent washing-up!


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