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Miele Novostella

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    1 Review
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      13.11.2001 19:50
      Very helpful



      When I moved into my new home around 3 years ago, I was particually lucky to have quite a decent sized kitchen, (for a small house)so when I was offered a dishwasher from my godmother I immediatly said yes please. I was told it was a miele and hadn't been used that much, so I was delighted. One cold saturday morning I set off to my godmothers house to pick up my dishwasher, which was being stored in her garage, and once there, she opened the garage door and they it was, my dishwasher! Well I was a little surprised as it wasn't quite what I had expected, instead of a white modern looking machine, stood a quite large ugly looking machine, that had a biege coloured panel front, with a metal control panel at the top, with large push in buttons. Well I guess I felt a little dissapointed at first sights, and I thought this isn't going to last long, I thought it was on it's last legs, but I was wrong. Once I got my dishwasher home, I began to give it a nice clean, and then I opened it up, it was like new inside, all clean and sparkling, and I couldn't wait to get it connected, so with a little help from my Brother in law, who's a plumber we got it going. Luckily I got instructions with it, as not ever owned a dishwasher before, I didn't have a clue how to use it, the instructions were very clear and easy to read, which told me, how to fill the salt, how to load the dishwasher correctly, how to add the detergent, and the rinse aid, and how to clean and take care of the dishwasher. The Control panel is set out so it's easy to use, with 6 large push in buttons, a large door opening button, a water hardness swich, and the dial to indicate the different programmes. The 6 push in buttons are the program buttons are... Universal 65 C Universal 50 C Gentle 50 C Economy 55 C Cold Rinse Off To start the machine you select your programe, then turn the progra
      mme dial clockwise to start and away you go, as simple as that. After the programme has finished it is advised that you wait at least 15 minutes for the machine to cool down, before you empty it, and it is advised that you empty the bottom basket first. The machine is easy to clean, with removable filters, and I always find that a good dishwasher cleaner once a month keeps the inside sparkling clean. My dishwasher may not be anything special to look at, some might say it's ugly, but I love it, it saves me washing up, and I have now had it 2 years, so it must be at least 15 years old, and it still works like new, Miele certainly made a winner with this machine. I don't think you can still buy this model, but I would advise any one looking for a dishwasher to buy a miele.


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