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      07.01.2010 10:23
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      An efficient dishwasher with a range of programmes to suit everyone

      We have never, in 25 years of house owning had a dishwasher until the week before Christmas 2009, when our first ever new kitchen was installed, and it was my husband (who is the worlds best washer upper )who suggested that we had one. I don't know how we ever manged without one before!!

      We have the Neff Integrated Dishwasher as illustrated here - except of course ours has a wooden fascia.

      I can't tell you how easy it was to install as our kitchen fitters did that but I can tell you how easy it is to use!

      Firstly - read the instruction manual - you can't use it until you have bought the appropriate salt, washing up stuff and rinse aid (we went for sainsburys own brand but thats another review).

      Secondly - check your water softness / hardness - this is easily done by typing your postcode into your local water supplier website and it should tell you. Compare this to the table in the instruction book and then you should be all set to get the machine working. Don't under estimate this step as too much or too little of any of these washing/rinsing aids can have an effect on the proper running of the dishwasher.

      The dishwasher has two trays which can be configured in various ways as the racking for plates folds down which means that large items can easily be put in without problem.

      The upper tray has racking for glasses and mugs and a top "shelf" for long handled utensils, such as slotted spoons etc and is also useful for sharp knives - no change of stabbing your finger on them. There is also racking for small plates which can be folded down to make a space for larger items. The top shelf is also used to lean long stemmed glasses against.

      The bottom tray has a seperate cutlery holder with various depth floors in so you don't lose those little spoons. I put the cutlery in handle upwards so that the eating surface is nearer the sprays for cleaning - it also stops you piercing yourself on sharp knives when emptying it!

      The controls for the dishwasher are along the top inside edge and are purely electronic. - so no knobs to turn. There are five different wash cycles although we have found that the only we have used so far has been the quick programme which takes about 25 - 30 minutes. This doesn't dry the dishes, which apparently some of the other programmes do - although having said that by the time you open the door to put stuff away it has dried off.

      It is fairly simple to load the dishwasher with salt and an indicator light on the control bar tells you when you need to refill it. So far we haven't needed to do this and we are in a hard water area. The rinse aid goes in the door and again a indicator light tells you when this needs doing. The washing up tablets go in the door as well in a neat hole with a snap close lid.

      The filter is located in the floor of the dishwasher and it's very simple to lift this out for cleaning, which needs to be done regularly to stop a build up of all those little bits of food that lurk!

      We have found that we only use the dishwasher once a day usually first thing in the morning or last thing at night and our kitchen looks a lot tidier as everything is stacked in there as it is used rather thatn cluttering up the worktops.

      As the machine is electronically operated it remembers what the last programme was that you used so as soon as you turn the on/off switch on it is ready to go - that is as long as no-one has used the rinse or another programme in between! the machine only starts when you shut the door completely and it is quite quiet.

      A dishwasher I would recommend for its ease of use and quietness although there maybe cheaper alternatives


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    Short name: Neff S54M45X2GB

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