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    1 Review
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      24.01.2012 21:07
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      A great little dishwasher for singles and people looking to save space.

      I've never owned a dishwasher before, but when I moved into my new flat last year this Neff slimline one was an integrated part of the kitchen, and now I can't imagine living without one!

      As its integrated, the front of the dishwasher will match your kitchen units, so the dishwasher will always be as attractive as your kitchen and will blend in subtly rather than an ugly white fronted thing that sticks out like a sore thumb.

      This is a 'slimline' dishwasher so is narrower than a standard one and you can't fit quite as much stuff in it, however I find its more than adequate for a person living on their own, in fact it takes me a few days to fill it up. I can fit 4 big dinner plates, 4 side plates, 6 bowls, 6 mugs or glasses, as many knives and utensils as I need to and there is a cutlery tray that fits about 25 pieces of varying sizes. The only thing that can be a bit of a pain is pans and bigger dishes as you can't really fit more than one or two at a time so if you do a lot of cooking from scratch or entertaining then that might get annoying.

      The dishwasher is really simple and easy to use. You put your tablet in the slot in the door, choose from three programmes, close the door and off it goes. The programs range from a quick cool wash to a longer hotter one, this dishwasher is really efficient though and I've hardly ever had to use anything apart from the quick cool cycle and my dishes always come out gleaming. You do need to leave the door open for a bit after the cycle finishes though or they'll stay wet from the condensation, there isn't a drying cycle. The dishwasher beeps repeatedly until you open the door to let you know its finished, which is a bit annoying but is useful because it means you don't leave it closed and then have to hand dry things when you're ready to use them.

      I love this dishwasher, if I was getting a new kitchen I'd definitely go for the same one or similar again. It probably wouldn't meet the needs of a big family or a prolific experimental cook but its certainly far more useful than you'd expect such a small appliance to be. I think it would be a great choice if you were designing a kitchen in a small room and wanted to make the most of the space without losing quality.


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      Short name: Neff S5946

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