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Dimensions: 85.0x59.8x57.0(H/W/D)cm. Energy efficiency grade B. Pre-wash.

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    1 Review
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      10.10.2006 11:56
      Very helpful



      Not as good as the slimline but still a good dishwasher.

      Proline DWP5212 Dishwasher.

      About five months ago when my mothers Dishwasher broke, it was time to buy a replacement, which she decided would be the Proline DWP5212 full size Freestanding Dishwasher. At the same time, she was looking for a new machine I decided I would finally get around to purchasing a Dishwasher to make my life a little easier. I purchased a Proline PDW080 slimline dishwasher and we had them delivered at the same time. I purchased the PDW080 at the time, as my old house did not have the room to accommodate the Proline DWP5212. Since the purchases and use of the dishwashers though I have moved to a larger property which was able to accommodate the Proline DWP5212 and my mother decide that we would swap machines as she only needed a smaller dishwasher for her and my father.

      Hence the fact that I am now able to write a review on both the Proline PDW080 and this Proline DWP5212 which I know have and I am also able to compare the two for quality and performance.

      About The Proline DWP5212.

      The Proline DWP5212 comes under the category of 'Built Under', 'Freestanding' Dishwashers and retailed in Comets.co.uk at the time for £189.99. Sadly, Comets no longer stock the particular range of Dishwasher; however, they do still stock the Proline Brand.

      The Dishwasher itself measures 85cm in height, 59.8cm width and is 57cm in depth. It is all white in colour and comes complete with Cold Water Supply Pipe, Salt and Rinse Aid measuring devices, a funnel for easy Salt filling, a cutlery tray and a lid for the cutlery tray.

      The Machine has a 12 place setting load capacity, with two sliding racks in which to store the 12 place settings, which are all white in colour. The interior of the machine is stainless steel and has both an Upper and Lower rotating spray arms. The machine has an Energy Rating category B, with a dry rating B and has a noise level of 52dB, which is quite quiet. The machine has a cleaning rating B with a four program setting which boast a water capacity maximum of 17 Litres.

      As Standard, it should come to you packed and the delivery drivers should ask you if you wish for them to remove the Wrapping. A qualified person should carry out installation of a dishwasher and Comets do offer this service at an additional price. They will also remove your old appliance for no extra charge if you so wish, please see there website for more details and delivery and installation charges.

      My Opinion.
      Now I know about the service of the delivery and other details about this dishwasher from my mother and I can tell you it was supplied in rapping and the two delivery drivers fully unwrapped the appliance for my parents. My parents did not pay for the installation of the dishwasher, but Comets did remove there old dishwasher free of charge and place the new machine in the correct position for them.

      Now I have the dishwasher and I must say I am pleased with it, the noise of the machine is very quiet in my opinion and I quite often find myself having to check to see if it is on, as I cannot here it going at some stages during the Cycle.

      The dishwasher itself has a choice of four programmes, which are numbered 1 to 4. 1 is a prewash cycle that does not require detergent, has a water consumption of 4.2 litres and lasts 14 minutes. 2 is a lightly soiled cycle, which has 11.8-litre water consumption, requires detergent, and has duration of 30 minutes and washes at 35 º C. Programme 3 is an economy wash, requires detergent, has a 17 litre water capacity, washes at 50ºC and has a duration of 150 minutes. Programme 4 is an intensive wash cycle, which requires detergent, has a water consumption of 17 litres, washes at 65ºC, and has duration of 115 mins.

      I know what you are all thinking, how can programme 3 be an economy cycle if it lasts the longest as that it was I thought, well the reason for this is due to the fact that this cycle gives a cold prewash where as the intensive wash gives a 50ºC prewash. The intensive wash also gives an additional rinse at 50ºC which the economy cycle does not it gives a longer cold water rinse, hence the longer cycle but more energy efficient.

      Now I am able due to the circumstances of me acquiring this machine to compare it to the Proline PDW080, which I purchased at the time. I have to confess given a choice from the two dishwashers I have to say that I actually did prefer the Slimline machine as in my opinion it gave a better performance.

      On the machine front, you are presented with a dial, which is numbered 1 to 4 allowing you to select your programme, and you have two buttons. The one button is situated at the top right hand side of the machine and is the on/off button. When you press this button in it will illuminate a green light above the programme dial of the machine.
      You also have a button next to the programme dial, which is to start the machine cycle, and it allows you to pause the cycle at any time and restart it when ready. The machine will light another green light next to the door handle on the top, when the cycle finishes the light underneath this light will illuminate green to tell you the cycle has finished.

      The Dishwasher comes with a full instruction manual, which tells you how to connect your machine to the water supply and how to programme your machine. It is a very thorough instruction manual which also covers matters like relocating the dishwasher, how to clean your dishwasher, Safety of use, detailed diagrams on fixtures of the dishwasher and more. The dishwasher also comes with a quick reference card for easy reference on the dishwasher and its programmes.

      The dishwasher itself is extremely easy to clean and thankfully, the instruction manual gave full detailed and diagrammed instructions on how to perform this task easily. I was extremely surprised at how easy it is to clean the appliance and I have to say that once you have done it once via the instructions there should be no need to refer to them again as it is straightforward and easy to remember as well.

      Finally, this machine was supplied with water testing strips kit, which allows you to test the hardness or softness of your water supply ready for using your dishwasher. The kit came with three strips and I have to be honest considering the dishwasher I purchased was a Proline as well it did not have this pack included like this model did.

      Altogether, this machine does give a good standard of wash to my dishes and I am overall pleased with is noise levels, ease of cleaning and performance as a whole and therefore I give this dishwasher 8/10.


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      Short name: Proline DWP5212