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Proline PDW080 Slimline

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2 Reviews

Number of wash cycles: 7 cycles. Place Settings: 8. Drying performance: B rated . Washing performance: B rated. Energy efficiency: B rated.

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    2 Reviews
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      29.01.2010 12:01



      Could have been a great little machine, but it's not.

      We have had this dishwasher for about 2 years and we do use it every day. For the price it is ok, but I Would spend a bit more next time. As a slimline model it was and ideal size for us.
      For the first couple of months it worked lovely, and we were very pleased with it. Since then it's performance has deteriated. It really struggles to clean anything in the top tray, with most of the items going back in on a number of occasions. Half of the time tablets will not disolve. So although it is supposed to be energy effecient, for us this is not the case, costing us money in re-usage and tablets.
      I am forever taking the dishwasher arms off to unblock them, emptying and cleaning the filter, and putting in dishwasher cleaners. Nothing seems to make this machine work properly.
      We had to call an engineer out as it stopped working, this was just after our warranty had ran out (typical). When I moaned about the dishwasher he said the it was usually a very reliable and good machine. So we must have been just unlucky.
      As I said we use it everyday, and when it does clean it is great, I just wish that it would work fine everytime.


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        10.10.2006 11:54
        Very helpful



        Great dishwasher which I miss mvery much.

        Proline PDW080 Slimline Dishwasher.

        As I explained in my other review on the Proline DWP5212, I purchased this dishwasher about five months ago and recently swapped it with my mother for the DWP5212 therefore I am able to review both dishwashers.

        About Proline PWD080 Slimline Dishwasher.
        --------------------------------- --------------------------------------
        I purchased my Proline PWD080 from Comets.co.uk and at the time, it cost me £169.99, which it is still retailing for at the same shop. I was charged £17.95 for Comets to deliver the product to me and it was arranged that I would receive the dishwasher two days later.

        The Proline PWD080 is white in colour and is 85cms in height, 45cm in width and 58cm in depth. The Dishwasher is from the freestanding dishwasher range and is classified as Slimline due to its Width. It comes complete with the waste pipe already fully fitted and has a cold water supply pipe supplied with the dishwasher.

        This dishwasher has a stainless steel interior and has both an upper and lower sliding basket facility for placing your dirty dishes in. It is supplied with a white plastic cutlery rack with a lid as well as measuring devices for the Salt and Rinse Aids that may be required. The Dishwasher like the DWP5212 has both an Upper and Lower rotating water spray arms. The Cutlery rack is fully removable to allow you more space if required for pots and pans and the sections of the baskets drop down as well to make space adjustments that may be required.

        This Dishwasher has a Rinse Aid indicator and has the availability of seven different programmes. The energy efficiency range of this dishwasher is B and the cleaning grade B rating. Drying rating of this machine is also B and the machine boasts 13litre water consumption. Noise level on this dishwasher is 50dB, which is quiet and has the ability to hold eight place settings.

        My Opinion.

        On delivery day, two drivers arrived to deliver my dishwasher and they brought it in and unwrapped it for me. I chose not to have installation when I ordered the dishwasher as I already had the entire fitting ready for use in my property and my partner was able to install the dishwasher safely. Comets do offer an installation service but there is a charge for this service, but when ordering if you have an old dishwasher that needs to be disposed of then Comets do offer a free removal service on your old dishwasher, which you arrange when ordering.

        As you may notice this dishwasher has a noise level of 50dB and I have to be honest is an extremely quiet machine. It has a selection of seven programmes to choose from and allows you to choose from three temperature settings. The 7 programme settings include a prewash setting, a pots and pans wash, residual drying programme, glass care programme, economy wash, rinse and hold programme and of course a standard wash.

        The Top basket of this dishwasher can be height adjusted as well as the inside sections being able to be dropped to allow you to have more space of required which I have to say is a very good feature of this dishwasher. There is another great feature on this dishwasher and that is that there is a clear indictor to warn you when you need to refill your Rinse Aid compartment, which it’s larger DWP5212 model does not provide.

        When looking at the front of the dishwasher you are greeted by a dial to allow you to set the programme you require on each use. You also find three buttons in a row on the left hand side of the operator’s panel. These buttons are an on/off button, a rapid wash button and a plus button. When you use this appliance, you will need to turn the dial to the required programme for each use by turning it clockwise and then start the programme running via the on/off button. Please note the dial moves during the programme to allow you to see the stage it is at in the programme at all times.

        There is a very well detailed and very informative instruction booklet with this dishwasher that helps you on all matters such as safety, installation and detailed user instructions and programme details. The booklet also gives you an easy and detailed instruction section on how to clean the dishwasher and to be honest it is very easy to follow. Cleaning the appliance is just as easy and to be honest once you have done it once via the instructions, you will find you will not need to refer to them again as the procedure is very easy to follow and remember.

        I have to say I loved this dishwasher from the day I had it and it gave a fantastic and thorough wash even on the lighter soiled dish programme. I am happy to compare it to my current DWP5212 and say that given a choice I would choose this dishwasher every time. This dishwasher gave better performance, better programme choice, quieter washing, and more access to making room for larger items and in my opinion was an all round better dishwasher. I wish to this day I had never swapped with my mother as considering this dishwasher was slimline it had much better features and qualities.

        This dishwasher was also supplied with the salt Dispenser and measuring cups, which were all, made of solid plastic in white with easy to follow instructions and clear to see markings. The only thing this dishwasher did not have that the Proline DWP5212 had was the water testing kit but then again you don't need one as you can phone your water company for the water quality details.

        Therefore, I give the Proline PWD080 Slimline Dishwasher a great 9/10 for quality and performance.


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