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Hinari DW003 Table Top

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Brand: Pulse / Cleaning Efficiency: D / Energy Efficiency: D / Front Decoration: White/Coloured / Height in cm: 47 / Number of Place Settings: 4 / Number of Programmes: 3 / Start Delay Option: No / Width in cm: 57

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2011 15:51
      Very helpful



      A waste of money buying it and a waste of time loading it

      As far as dishwashers go, this was my first taste of "someone else doing the washing up." I bought it about 4 years ago and recently replaced it when doing up the kitchen. Up until this point, the machine was still working; not necessarily doing a good job but it was working nonetheless!
      I paid £56 pounds for the machine from Tesco when it was reduced in the sale from £119. At the time I thought I had received such a good deal as table top dishwashers were just as expensive as full sized ones. The reason for it being so cheap became apparent when I brought the machine home.


      The machine is white and very ugly looking. As much as it is a table top machine, it is really wide and extremely heavy. The idea of table top machines is that they are portable; this one is certainly not portable as it weighs far too much to be lugging it around. There is a window at the front of the door for you to see the items inside. At the side of the door are the buttons for turning it on and to open the door. There are indication lights for when it is on and for the salt level. At the bottom is a dial to select the cycle.
      Inside the machine is a white tray for you to load the dishes onto. This runs on runners and slides in and out. The machine advertises as a 4 place setting machine; so space inside is really tight and you need to make sure you load it correctly to get the best out of it.

      *Setting up*

      Once the machine is plugged in and plumbed in, you need to fill the water softener with specialist dishwasher salt. The plumping in is really easy and I managed to do it myself using the instructions. There is only a waste pipe and an inlet pipe that needs connecting. There is a little basket located inside the machine at the base under the spray arm. It is only necessary to do this on the first time you use the machine. The light on the machine can take a while to go out as it does not register the salt at first. As soon as the indication light lights up again you need to follow this process again. The machine needs hot water to run with and in order to run the lower cycles you need to pull the hot water through the machine in a rinse and drain cycle. You can then select any of the settings to work. This is necessary as the machine has no capacity to heat the water up so you need to make sure that it is hot before you set the cycle. If the water is not hot enough the tablets or detergent powder does not dissolve and the dishes do not wash. Once this is done, you then need to fill the machine with detergent and then you can set the cycle. Out of the three cycles the only two that I ever used were the 60 minute cycle and the intensive 90 minute cycle, anything else and the dishes did not come out clean at all.


      For best results you need to make sure you remove leftovers and soften the remnants of burnt food in pans, prior to loading dishes in the appliance.

      Cups, glasses, pans etc should all be loaded with their bases upwards, so that water does not collect inside of them. This spray arm on this machine is not very powerful so you have to leave plenty of room between items or the water does not even touch them. Effectively by stacking things this way you are significantly reducing the amount of space inside the dishwasher. I will give you an example of how inefficient space wise the machine is; when cooking a roast dinner for two people, it took three loads of the dishwasher to wash all our items and the roasting tin and pans I ended up washing by hand as the machine really could not cope with grease or mash potato.


      The machine is given a D in efficiency. This is because it wastes so much hot water in the rinse cycle to get the water hot and because the intensive wash takes 90 minutes and there is no 'quick' wash option. In order to get the most out of the machine you need to load it up leaving plenty of room inside; again making the machine less efficient.


      I often had to rewash items once they had come out of the machine. Unless the plates and pots were fully rinsed before going in the machine; then they would still come out with food particles on. Those items that didn't have food on and went in clean often came out dirtier as food often transferred onto them inside the machine!
      The most success I had with the machine is when I hosted a cocktail evening and afterwards I loaded the machine with just glasses. I made sure the water was really hot so it would dissolve the tablet and in my amazement the glasses came out really sparkling and streak free. On the whole they came out dry too. The machine definitely performs best with glassware on its own. If glasses are put in with dirty plates then they come out greasy and slimy which is not very appealing.


      The machine is inefficient and uses so much water and energy to make the plates wet. It does not clean them at all and in the end it was much more efficient in time, money and space to hand wash the pots and make the machine redundant.
      It is nice to see that technology has advanced somewhat and my new machine does not even compare with this one. I do not recommend this product at all, even if you manage to get one as cheap as we did, it really is not worth the money!


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