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Whirlpool ADG7460

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    1 Review
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      20.06.2010 18:30
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      A pretty average dishwasher from my experience

      I am currently using this built in dishwasher in my kitchen, it was part of a kitchen which was already in the house when we moved in about 9 months ago.

      This is an integrated dishwasher for a fitted kitchen which allows you to attach the same 'door' to the front of it as the other kitchen cupboards so it blends in. No complaints there as it does fit well with the other kitchen cupboards.

      The controls are on the top of the machine once you pull the door open. These are all very intuitive, there is a rinse programme, a quick wash and a couple of more hevay duty wash cycles. There is also a half load button, handy for when you just want to wash a few cups/glasses, and finally the main on/off button. LED lights show which programme has been selected. The machine also beeps once the cycle is finished so you know when its ready to unload.

      The racking is pretty robust, has everything you would expect including support for wine glasses on the upper rack. The only thing to mention is that the area to hold the plates on the lower level doesn't cope well with square plates (which i have) they tend to fall over so you have to be a bit more creative with how you stack them, i suspect that you wouldn't have this problem with round plates looking at the racking. My only other complaint with the lower rack is the rather unstable cutlery holder. There doesn't seem to be anything to hold it in place (unless i'm missing something) and when full it can fall over (spilling all the cutlery out) unless its wedged in with some plates.

      Its easy to refill the salt, rinse aid and add the washing powder/tablet. Its also pretty straightforward to remove the filter to give it the occasional rise as well.

      The wash quality of this machine isn't the best i've seen. It cleans perfectly well on the longer and hotter wash settings but the quick wash regularly leaves residue on plates and glasses if it is run fully loaded (albeit with relatively clean dishes), the problem is uncommon if the dishwasher is only half full. No complaints about the quality of the wash on the other settings as the dishes come out pretty pristine on virtually every wash. The longer wash cyles also cope with dirty pans and casserole dishes well, for really baked on food it will need a couple of runs through the dishwasher unless it has been soaked first.

      This machine is relatively quiet, you can definately hear that its on but the noise isn't that distracting. The noise level drops significantly when its on the drying cycle.

      All in all this is a pretty good standard dishwasher. The cleaning quality isnt always perfect on the quick wash but improves alot on the higher wash settings.


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  • Product Details

    The Whirlpool ADG 7460 Built-in Dishwasher has 4 wash programms / Short name: Whirlpool ADG7460

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