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Whirlpool ADG75601

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    1 Review
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      07.10.2010 18:50
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      ** My Whirlpool **

      We got this one from my parents since they got a new one and we always did our dishes by hand. I'm so glad we have this one now and wouldn't know what to do without! It is a very simple dishwasher. He is white like most dishwashers you see. You got a button top on the door and also the on / off button. On the door is also a handle so you can easily open the dishwasher. The inside is stainless steel and is silver. You have the lower and upper deck. There is a basket on the bottom and top which are also white.

      I think it's a normal size dishwasher where you can easily fit 8 plates, a few pans and glasses in. You can adjust the height of the upper deck so you can also easier fit wine glasses although we got really high ones so it's still awkward. But overall is very easy to load and unload.


      You can choose from the following programs:

      Pre-wash: This program is more to give your dishes a quick rinse. The temperature is cold. It consumes 7 liters and lasts 14 minutes.

      Fast: for very light dirty dishes, such as when you've just had a birthday and you have lots of cups and things that aren't really dirty. The dishes are being washed at 40 degrees. It consumes 13 liters of water and takes 30 minutes.

      Eco or Bio: This is the one we use the most. It is for moderately dirty items. It washes at 50 degrees, consumes 13 liters of water and takes 75 minutes.

      Normal 1: For moderately dirty dishes. I have never used this one myself, because it's similar to the Eco one, but it consumes 16 liters of water and lasts 122 minutes. I always choose the eco mode or normal 2.

      Normal 2: For moderate to heavily dirty dishes. It washes at 65 degrees, consumes 16 liters of water and takes about 90 minutes.

      Intensive: for really dirty items, such as frying pans. He washes at 70 degrees with 17 liters of water. He washes up to 140 minutes.


      Using the dishwasher is very easy. First you fill the dishwasher with the cups, plates and other dirty dishes. The instructions state how you can best fill the dishwasher for best results. You fill the dispenser with the tablet. It is clear when you open the machine where it is and it's easy to use. Choosing your program you can do that by pressing the button. Setting a program is very simple. On the one hand, you see the program which you have chosen and then press the start button next to the little light which will show you when it's finished or also when there's a default.


      I'm very satisfied with this dishwasher. It really makes the dishes clean. The dishwasher looks ok and it doesn't make too much noise. You can hear it but it's not very loud so it's ok. The main thing is that it cleans the dishes and function without any problems and neither my parents or we had any problems with it! So really recommended!


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    • Product Details

      The Whirlpool ADG7560 Built-in Dishwasher has 5 wash programs / Short name: Whirlpool ADG75601

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